Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Eddy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello again, dear Eddy :) I'm glad that you still have interest in me and my writing :) And I really hope that my every letter will bring you many positive emotions and that with every letter we will know a little more about each other. It's so great to feel that someone likes you and wants to talk to you again and again :) And I hope so much that you will never be bored with me :) Eddy, I think you want to learn something more about me and my family :) Well, I'll start with the fact that I live with my mother and with a couple of reliable and loyal friends (our dogs Baks and Bulya) :) All our family members you can see on my photo :) We live in a small town called Avdeevka, located near Donetsk. And I'm sure you heard a lot about Ukraine and maybe even about what is happening here. Of course, I do not want to talk about war and other difficulties. I wish all people to live in peace and love ;) Dear, I am 33 years old and I have never been married. I don't have children.
And perhaps you will be surprised that I am still single, but I know that I have not met the right man for me yet, to whom I can give my heart. I appreciate many qualities in a man. But if you have a good heart and a great sense of humor, then you are on the right way to winning my heart :) But what qualities do you appreciate in a woman? :) Hope I have a chance to win your heart :) Now I work as a nurse. I do work and I put people to IV as an additional work, lots of elderly people hire me from time to time, so I have to go to their home to do the IV, it helps. The payment of all of it is of course not too good, Ukraine does not really care of people who work for government, but here in Avdeevka it's all even worse. But what about you? What is your job? Eddy, I think you want to know if I can speak with you freely. So I must say that my knowledge of English pretty good and I'm trying hard to learn more :) I hope you have finished reading my letter now :) I hope that you didn't fall asleep after reading my words :) And I hope that in spite of my babbling you still want to continue our dialogue and soon I'll see a new letter from you ;) Have a nice day! Tatiana
Letter 2
Hello Eddy :) If I see your new letter, it means that you want to continue our communication and to know a little bit more about me today :) And of course I want to know more about you and your life :) So who are you Mr. Eddy? :) Are you ready to reveal all your secrets to me? :) When have you been in Avdeevka? :)) Did you like it? Tell me more Eddy, you know, I always considered myself as a very sociable and positive person :) I like to laugh and I do it very loud sometimes :) And I know that just one smile can completely change your life :) Do you agree with me? :) You know, many people say women can not be friends to each other. But also no one believes that a woman can just be a friend for a man. So I have only one question: who can be a friend for a woman? :) What do you think? :) Do you have female friends? :) Or you also do not believe in such friendship? :) Well, I believe that female friendship exists, because I have a best friend :)We are friends for a long time, since our school days. And we always support each other :) And of course I cannot deny the fact that the most loyal friend is a dog :) My dogs always make my day so positive, because even in the morning, when I just open my eyes, they're rushing into my room and pull my blanket : ) I say to them "good morning" and then together we go for a walk :) Then we come back home and have a breakfast :) And what about your mornings? :) Maybe you also have someone who loves to pull your blanket and tells you that a new day has come :) But better you pull my blanket and gave me a kiss with a hairy face and not my fluffy dogs ;) Eddy, I hope that this letter will bring you a good mood :) Also I hope that some of my lines will make you smile, because your letters always make me feel a little bit happier :) I'm waiting for new letters from you. Have a nice day and don't forget to think about me :) Kisses :*
Letter 3
Hello my dearest Eddy :) I know that we have some time difference between our countries and I'd love to wish you a good day or a good night :) But unfortunately, I do not know what time is in your city. But I hope that very soon we will live in one time zone and sleep in one bed :) I think such mornings will be the most wonderful :) Eddy, you know I used to start my day with a cup of strong and tasty coffee:) I love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee :)I had to drop such habit a while ago but you can be sure, I can make a good cup of coffee for you :) I can add some milk and sugar :) And I'm sure that your day will become a little bit nicer and sweeter. And please, tell me, how do you start your morning? :) Or maybe after my words you are dreaming about me bringing you a cup of coffee in our bed? :) Yes? :) Also I want to tell you that I like to cook and I often like to experiment and try something new. My mother has an old book with many recipes :) She got that cookbook from her mother and now it has become our family heirloom :) Sometimes my mother and I love to open a random page and choose a recipe and then start to cook :) And I can tell you that it is always delicious :) Do not worry, in this book you can find only recipes :) No magic or love spells :) What do you like to do in your free time, Eddy?
Maybe you also like to cook? :) Or maybe you prefer to go to the gym and burn calories after your dinner? :) Eddy, I hope I will not scare you if I tell you that I like boxing :)
Of course I can protect myself :) And I'm ready to protect you from all criminals and other ladies :) I'm sure such a handsome man like you have a lot of girls who wants to be your girlfriend :) I would like to be your body guard, like Kevin Costner in the movie "The Bodyguard" :) This is one of my favorite movies :) And what kind of movies do you like to watch? :) Of course, my dear Eddy, I want to know more about your hobbies. I think it's always interesting and fun to learn something new about each other, to try something new together, to share our interests and do everything together :) Because when we have some feelings about someone, we want to spend more and more time with him :) Do you agree? :) Eddy, I wish you to have a good mood and a nice day. Miss you... Kisses :***
Letter 4

Hello my sweetie Eddy! It is always such a great joy to see a new letter from you. And you know, it seems to me that in spite of such a short time I have a lot of feelings to you. I really think about you all the time, I miss you and your letters. I hope that this is only the beginning of something really incredible ;) And I want so much to develop our feelings and move forward step by step :) Are you with me? :) It's amazing you are in China now, how do you like it there? :) I won't hit you, don't worry;) I am still a weak woman who needs protection, it's just I know a little about fighting:) Eddy, in my previous letter I told you that I love to cook :) I think you already know that my mother and I live in our own house and we have a small garden, where we like to grow vegetables and fruit :) And of course, we just love to can it all :) I love pickled cucumbers and tomatoes :) Also I like strawberry, raspberry and cherry jam. You should try our masterpieces :) Before we loved to invite friends for a dinner and our house was always full of good and positive emotions :)
But unfortunately now everything has changed and of course I miss those times. Maybe you also like inviting guests to your home and making noisy parties? Or you prefer a quiet company with your loved one? :) Maybe you like to cuddle on the sofa and watch some romantic movies? :) Eddy, I have always dreamt that one day I will live with my man, that I'll take care of him, cook delicious dinners for him, do the household chores and keep comfort in our home.
So maybe you also dream about the same things? :) Do you dream about your soul-mate who will always be next to you, support you and give you happiness and love every day?
:) Maybe it's time to make this dream come true? :)
Maybe we both are ready for this? :) I really want to believe that our meeting is not accidental and that we should use this chance :) I am sure that you feel that with every letter we get closer and closer to each other :) And maybe now we are ready to make the next step and find a way to look into each other's eyes and feel the chemistry between us in real life? :) What do you think? :) Of course I want to see your answer as soon as possible. And I want to know that my thoughts and my desires coincide with yours :) I miss you, my honey Eddy!
Letter 5
Hi, my honey Eddy. Wow! Your last letter gave me a huge hope that we are moving in the right direction and that my heart gives me only right pieces of advice :) Of course, I understand that sometimes I need to follow my head.
But sometimes my heart wins over my mind and my feelings overwhelm me and I'm ready to explode like a volcano :) But not from the hot lava, but from my strong emotions :) Maybe sometimes you feel the same? :) Eddy, I told you, I want to move forward.
My head is always full of ideas ;) I do not want to lose you, and I really want to be next to you. Of course, I do not want to write endless letters :) I want to know that you also want to be sure in our relations and plan our
meeting ;)

My love, i am thinking about meeting you more and more, and I think we should look in that direction already, because you know, neither of us is getting younger and I know for sure that if we find this "comfort zone" in our letters, when we are happy just getting the letters, we won't move forward ever, and sending letters for years is definitely something you are not interested in, me too... let's see if tehre is any way we can arrange a meeting. Yes, I understand that we don't have a long-term relationship and maybe you're not ready to take such important decisions.
I can not rush you. You know that I have feelings about you and, of course, the more we communicate, the more I want to touch you, hug you and kiss you. And I understand that our first meeting will be the most unforgettable moment in my life. I imagine how I will see you for the first time and we won't be willing and able to say anything.
Our lips will just merge in a long and passionate kiss. I imagine how we feel love with every cell of our bodies. It's a nice feeling and we will be unable to restrain our emotions.
And people around us will say that we need to rent a room :) :) Eddy, this is an important decision for me and I want to know if you are ready to take my hand and never let me go. I need you <3
Letter 6
Hello my dear, I understand you well, but please understand me as well, that even t ocome to Kiev, I will need you to help me by sending money, I will need to pay for taxi:( Tatiana
Letter 7
but maybe you'd try to find some? Dear, I promise that I would pay you back once I earn it, I can't promise on time frames, but I promise I will get it all back to you... Tatiana
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