Scam letter(s) from Diana Akosua to Alejandro (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello how are you doing my dear mauris i hope by the grace of god u are doing well as i am ,Well i think u might no no whom u just receive this mail from well i like to intro my salve its me hannah from the kismia website and i no meeting on here is going to keep as in touch with each other based on our conversations with each other as well ?i hope to hear from you back
Bast regard......
Letter 2
Here are my pictures and I hope you like them . I really want to open up with you and that is to tell you more about myself . I just want you to have a feel of how I look like and to make sure I have the email address correct . I will wait for your reply before I can write to tell you more about myself .
Again I will take my time to compose a letter to tell you more about myself soon but that will be after I get a reply from you and with some of your photos too ... I have added you to my HANGOUTS , so I will wait for you to come there so we can chat
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