Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Maksimenko to Thomas (USA)

Letter 1
Hello,Thomas! I just hope that your days are going all right and you are doing good.
How are you today? And what about your mood? Hope that you are in a nice spirit. I'm glad that you have the time to share with me your thoughts. This is so important for me. I don't know why you care about the language more than about our relations. I can learn any language for us to be together and I'm not for friendship here, I want to be your partner and lover. Just I want to share with you that our communication is of great importance and hope that for you also. I'm open to you and just how we are developing together. I think that we can be the good match in life. And we are getting closer with you when we tell about our lives and just some views on relations. I have a good feeling about you and trust. I think that this is really the most important. I had a bit busy day at work and feel tired. Just I had to practise the new kind of material. You know that I devote myself to work and how this is so important for me. Just I'm so sorry, but at the moment I can't afford the translation cost. You know that I use the services of the translation agency and there I pay 5$ per a letter to you. I don't want to loose our communication and just now when I have found you, I don't want to be alone again. I'll be grateful if you can help me with this matter.
This is so serious for us and just I rely on you in this. Our communication is the part of my life and hope that it's the same for you. My heart is completely open for you and just you always brighten my days when I get the note from you, so that I feel you so close to me and to my heart! You are like the ray of sun for my days and hope that you imagine how I feel at the moment. I think that I have hardly on my account for the next letter to you. This is making such pain for me. Take care and be all right. I'm caring a lot about you. I know that I sound so sad and just I do hope for you in this matter. Waiting for your letter and hope that you have just a minute to think about me. Katya
Letter 2
Hello,Thomas! Thank you for your letter to me. I appreciate that you are with me at this life situation and you try to support me. You know that our correspondence means a lot for me and I'm eager to continue it! I can write just a small letter to you. Especially now I realize that there is the person who cares and thinks about me! I value this greatly! I feel so attached to you through our letters and I begin to feel that I'm not alone. In this letter I leave you the information about me and do hope that you can help me. I'm Ekaterina Maksimenko. Address: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, Stolyarov Street, 56/23. Postal code: 49000. I do hope that you can help me for paying for the translation cost. I rely on you in this matter. And I think that it'll be better for you to use the services of Western Union or Money Gram departments. I do hope for you! I need you and thank you that you are with me in life. I trust your words to me and hope to continue our communication! PRICES FOR TRANSLATION SERVICES * Translation into Russian:
- one letter (any size) - 5 USD * Translation into English:
- one letter (any size) - 5 USD UNLIMITED TRANSLATIONS: 1. PER MONTH: 200 USD
2. * Special Offer PER TWO MONTHS: 360 USD you save 40 USD
3. ** Special Offer PER THREE MONTHS: 510 USD you save 90 USD * English language courses: - one month of basic English (3 times a week) 200 USD
- one month of basic English (5 times a week) 300 USD
- one month of comprehensive English (3 times a week) 400 USD Katya
Letter 3
Hello, my sweetheart Thomas! The weekend is almost here and hope that you also feel this and how maybe you'll have some time for resting. I'm with you and caring of you much! Please just don't make great stress on yourself. I'm with you! Thank you so much for the help to me. I true value this from your side to me and how you are caring about our communication and development of relations. And what do you think about English courses and my learning of the language? I would be so happy to speak with you on the phone and try to get closer and closer to each other. I need to know your opinion and if you wish for me to do so and can support me. You can send in dollars. Darling, do you remember about the Great Holiday this weekend, the Women's Day)) This day to me is always flourishing with tulips of different colours and how they are the awakening of nature) I saw so many people today in the streets hurrying all over and how men were so excited at the shops) This is so funny, my darling to look at all this from the side)) But the weather isn't like in spring at all, this is true much cold and like winter. Just I was so frozen today when I went for some food to the market. I had red nose and hands) Such a silly funny snow woman)) But I could manage to make the tasty dinner with chicken and mushrooms in the sour cream with spaghetti) By the way do you love them? I'm curious if you would be pleased when I cook them for you with Italian spices)) So you see, my honey, this weekend is going to be a Women's weekend and how we are the masters of this one day in a year)) Just I'm joking of course but maybe I made you a little bit laughing)) I also would love to have some present on this day, just something so special and tender. Maybe I would love to have that great collection of Old Detectives that I saw at the shop, the rare edition or maybe the useful things for home. Kissing you, my love and so waiting for your reply to me. Missing you a lot and worrying for you and for your good being! Yours sweet Thomas
Letter 4

My dear Thomas! Just today is Saturday, but the day before the Women's Day and I asked to send you this mail. I'm missing you and thinking of you! You are the ray of sun for me and how we are the one whole together. As for the present for tomorrow I would love to buy a dress that I saw at the shop and you know that women love this so much and I would demonstrate this to you on photos! Just maybe you would be happy to make such a present for me. I have been to the shop and I even tried it on and it fits me wonderful! Also my love I'll find time for courses and I already made my schedule due to going to courses and learning of language. I wish to speak on the phone with you and this is my greatest wish. I want to get to you closer and closer. I hope that you choose the kind of course for me. I know that you don't hide something from me. You are the man of my days and just how I wish you to be my man and to be the couple together! I want us to be the one whole together and to develop with you. My dear Thomas, I do hope for your reply to me and care. Thank you for being with me and in my life. I send you a video of me.
Kissing you Yours loving Katya
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