Romance scam letter(s) from Dorothy Taylor to Frank (USA)
Letter 1
How are you today? I hope things are good with you there. I am sending this email to confirm your email address..
I don't chat until I get to know more about you,because I really take my time. I communicate email to email only. We thus express ourselves easily. We make our private conversations here secure.We can exchange pictures which makes it interesting, I hope you will love it. Thank you for your understanding. I would love to hear from you again soon!!!! P.s. Please don't start email and at the end of the day you wont talk again, because i get that all the time anyway just saying!!!!!
Letter 2
How are you doing ? Hope you are okay, Sir it's a great pleasure to message you sir.....I got your email from the website, Well i will like to tell you more about myself......My name is Dorothy i was born in 1984,I'm 5'6 ft inches and I weight 126 Lbs. I have Blondie hair,I was born and brought up in Ontario Canada....But i live here in the the USA for past 13 years currently in Lafayette Louisiana.... I'm looking for a LTR or No string Attach kind off relationship depends on the one you wanted of a very passionate and sexually perverted kind. I seek a Master to serve till dead will depart us or for the main time depends on kind off one you seek for which am ready to commit into... I'm looking for a Master to live with and be both my sexually perverted Master,but also my companion and love. to my best Knowledge slavery is defined as work for no pay under the threat of violence and I realize that my true life destiny is to serve a true and caring Master.I'm looking for a honest, Faithful,Warm, Passionate very caring Master. Master and slave dynamics to my mind is a Master who doesn't respect her slave who thinks her as dirty and treats her accordingly is cheating himself devaluing her own property.What's the joy in owning someone who's worthless? Moreover a Master who is too full of himself who forgets how much he owes to her slave's efforts and devotion is riding for a fall. A Master without a slave is like a rider without a horse but a slave without a Master is like a jewel without a setting .I hope you will found this letter to be interesting and will write me back...More about me below
Height: 5'6 ft
Favorite thing to wear: Jeans , T-shirts ,comfortable clothes as well as sexy lingerie
Favorite Color: Pink and blue?
Favorite Movie: Requiem For A Dream?
Favorite Food: oh… I am very picky about food, because I want to stay fit, so I love eating salads, but I LOVE pizza and spaghetti too…grr, so bad that I can't eat it too often..
Favorite Book: Too many to name just one. I love serious books, the ones that make me think a lot after I finished them.
Turn-ons: Dirty talk during sex. The more vulgar the better. Good kissers.
Turn-offs: Guys that don't have any respect for women. That's all I can think about now
Sexual Orientation: straight
I enjoy Modeling,camping,traveling,da ncing,reading,listening,music, watch
movie and going to beach, I've experienced both in my childhood I'm fully healthy,i don't use drug and am disease free,but right now,I like to laugh and is easily amused, and distracted, I had car accident in middle of last year which is very hard for me to hear somethings is long distance and by phone for long time that why i do text a lot on my phone....but doctor said very soon it will be okay and enjoy my life back,(hope it not bother you,
I'm looking for someone special. A rare find on this website..Well am kind of new to all this but am willing to do my best to make any man that comes my way a great and better person if he is gonna take me for whom i am.....There's only one way u can pass through in achieving your goals,don't ever accept anything the way life brings it..sometimes, there's a difference between what u want and what life offers.. Stick around for what you want,Don't push it,but in the end your happiness matters because it's the only things that can affect others positively...Guess that what took me to the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Till I hear from you back....Pet Dorothy!!!!!
Letter 3
Hello Good day Master FRANK or JOHN DOE and how you doing, Well thanks alot for reaching out and believing all i said to you? Well i wont stop you not seeing your daughter or so, But am just a private person with private stuff alot, I prefer i should come down there while you sent for me please..... I have my reason that i want to come down to your place and meet you? This place is never ok for me to see anyone or else i take my stuff and car and leave Louisiana completely, Atimes i just get tired of life and everything around me alot and full of hate and all that i dont even bother touching my phone or check maybe i got some message and all....The truth is that am just tired alot of life and been push around like am not human and all, But at the same time i feel depression is real alot, meeting someone and you feel like BOOM this will be the last guy you will meet on here and then things change and all you become strangers to each other again....I have meet some amazing men on here alot and i cant blame them for there decision or been harsh on someone else them meet i feel a times you should just give someone a try just to feel maybe they deserve another change or give love a try instead of dwelling in the past and hold on too it. I have never ever taught i will ever be in this situation in my life, I have only deal with 3 man in my life, First guy was an Australia base guy and we lost contact till date, Second guy was a military who got kill in iraq, And the last guy i spent 6 years with and was suppose to married too 3 years ago was the one i caught sleeping with my bestfriend just 3 month to our wedding And you have no idea or depression i see daily living with 5 different ladies including the one that slept with my ex with different characters and we end up doing our stuff differently, I feel sad for past 3 years now but my pic might deceive you that am happy but inside me i know its terrible alot with sadness I meet you couple of days ago and things is great and fine between us and you talk about meeting each other and BOOOOM i respond that this might be a breakthrough for me and at the end of the day same thing i face over and over doubt from good men I know its hard of me to proud or live fake life out here thats why am always truthful that which ever man that will want me will definitely want me for whom i am, Am broke not that am lazy, I work but little i make i use it to sustain myself and pay my bills. Thats why i ask for your help and support in gas fees to come down to your place maybe for days or you want me to stay by anyone you want am ready for it, Just one try only and if i never ever show up please don't ever listen to any bullshit i ever say to you and if i didn't convince you with my past and stories well i just don't know what to do about all this again. P.s...Meanwhile i cant receive money from this company again every way to receive money here is been block by Western union, Money gram and walmart has block ways of me receiving my business money now? So all i told my cake customer now is that they should send me iTune gift card?
which is sold everywhere in walmart store while i sold it at blackmarket in any PAWN SHOP for people who use it for there iphone X upgrade? And get paid instantly after confirmation? So thats the only way i receive money here? And if i can get that i can meet you at anywhere you want us to meet, Moreover most people dont use all this company anymore most people invest there money on Bitcoin and iTunes and so many stuff now instead of western union or money gram blocking people transaction and business payment!!!!!
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