Romance scam letter(s) from Lola Roberts to Frank (USA)
Letter 1
I am single never married ,college educated and a graduate in ...Accounting and into buying and selling of art works ....Am originally from Texas,USA and i have lived here for 1 year now and it is a lovely place ..I find very much peace and tranquility there...I`m 5`7"140 with a athletic build , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening, God Fearing, and a positive person.I am real easy person to talk to and a good listener. I love to play golf and I enjoy chilling` with my friend/family , I like going to the movies or watching movies in my room , I like swimming , fishing, listening to music and dance, traveling , going bowling and etc.I am a family oriented person and I get along with everyone in my family and outside my family, and There is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself.
I am really interested in wanting to know about what makes you the special person you are today, I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, past relationships, your goals and dreams and your interests.
I look forward to hearing from you soon. I will send you some pictures later and hope to get yours in return.
Lola Cares.
Letter 2
I'm really sorry if i wanna bother you with my personal issues or problem beside i just mistakenly broke the hotel laptop cuz it fell from my hand yesterday night while i got back from work and they want me to replace it back before leaving the hotel today beside the hotel Management that wants me to get another laptop to them, It really suck and i feel frustrated right now. I went to the store very early this morning to get the price of the laptop computer and was surprise when they said its sold for $1850, after paying for my goods all i have here with me is $800 but i have given it to them nevertheless i had to exchange all my traveler check to meet up with the bogus shipping fee but after pleading with the hotel management they finally agreed that i look for another laptop or pay their money.. To be Honest with you, My CC which would have been an alternative to get money or another laptop for the hotel online is overdraft and the Credit Union company not giving me any more money.I dont know what to think right now, I have offered what i have to the hotel management, my earrings and bangus but they said they cant take it I have also been keeping other options on how to get there money for them cos i dont want to tell you about it cos its too early in our relationship and I dont want you to feel bad about me but i guess i have no other choice because every other option i have tried isn't working out. I have been crying my life out and if i refused to pay for the laptop they gonna sized my passport and document, i dont have any extra cash with me anymore. Please, i dont feel comfortable saying this but Right now but i need you as an alternative to get me out of the mess with the hotel Management, All i need here now is $1050 to meet up with the payment fee the hotel management are demanding from me of there Damaged Laptop, Please i hope you can do that for me and will definitely pay you back at my earliest convenient time when i get back. I aint forcing you to do this for me, I understand that its too early in our relationship But wholeheartedly i need your assistance about this if you dont wanna shake your feelings for me!! I dont want to have any problem in this country!I dont like it and not sure if i will come here for shopping again...They dont like whites i think You are my last and surest hope at the moment, I need to get thing's back on track for the Hotel Management..Or else i will be arrested and delayed. Let me tell you something ,I'm just thankful thankful that you are in my life right now, I know we just met and the road ahead of us is still long but i will also be always there for you. Lola.
Letter 3
I just want you to know that i don't want you to think that i want you for your money. I've had alot about some illegal act been done through the internet but i don't want you to think that am one of those people. I'm really serious and been real with you.You are the only one am counting on right now i don't have anyone else again in this world. I would really appreciate it if you can just try and send me the money . I promise to pay you back as soon as i get back and i will never ask for any more help from you after this . Lola.
Letter 4

I am presently in Lagos,Nigeria. If i may ask when axactly will you be able to have the money?
Letter 5
Am really impressed and touched with your feelings.... You know in relationship love is very powerful and am very sure that my own prince... will surely do his Prince wishes..Darling, I want you to know that this life we are is a risk... we risk to succeed, if one insisted not to risk that person is a failure and i don't want you to be a failure , because i don't want you to loose someone of my type and I personally i don't want to loose you. But all i need you to know is that i feel for you, i trust you and i want you for real.. i dont mean to hurt you, because i don't like to hurt one feelings, because it really painful. Am human being as you, i want happiness for us and to enjoy the rest of our life with happiness and have an happy home. I am so completely in feelings with you. I wake to think of you and I sleep to see you in my dreams. Your love has made me love my life. Everyday seems like a blessing since I've met you on here. I feel so lucky and honored to be in feelings with such a talented, handsome and intelligent guy as you. I care for you with all of my heart. Thank you for sharing your feelings with me. It is a truly wonderful gift. Finally, Darling, if you said your mind telling you not to send me or loan me the money , well best of luck and that shows that you don't feel for me and you only want to use me and dumb me. Then one more thing we come to this world with nothing and gonna go back with nothing... so life is a free world. Keep your money if you dont wish to send it and i want you to know that, not i don't have the money but it was only the problem i encountered right here and if you have to be sincere , the money i invested in the business is more than the money demanding from you and so one more again.. life is a free world Like i said earlier, when you going back from where you come from, you are not going to be burial in the grave with money.... Take good care of yourself. Darling this is the time i know and am going to know if you feel for me , because your prince is in problem ... as for me i help people i don't know talkless of someone i care and i feel for and ready to put anything i have in power to help that person out and i will be rewarded either directly or indirectly.... don't think you are helping me, just think you are helping yourself, because you reap what you sow. I will be waiting your positive response and with the information to be use to get the money send to me so that i can pay off the bill and get over, because i want you more than you think and if you don't do this for me, then you get me hurt and i will never be happy with you for the rest of my life. Having a blessed day out there and i care so much and cant wait to be in your arms Sad Lola.
Letter 6
How are you doing today, i hope things are taking good shape with you out there, i'm sending this email to confirm if you get my mail correctly and to confirm your email email me to discuss better.i discuss on email to email only, we can express ourselves more better, secure our private conversations and exchange pics on our email to email's very interesting.... you will love it!! Thanks for your understanding
I would love to hear from you soon.
Letter 7
Hello Master Frank,
Thanks for your email master and I was born in PERU.on a farm belonging to Mr.Robert Deakin,about a mile from Port Tobacco village there in PERU...I moved to the US when i was 20years.. ,My Height is 5'8fit, Breast Size. 34C, the length of my Virginal when inserting a Big X-mas Candel and i feel pains is 9inches,I have never worked Before cus i was with my previous Master before he relocated to Germany.. The Date of my monthly Period is always First week of every month, the first and second Day an Heavy Flows while the rest day always very little flows and Stopped, i started my First period was i Was 14yrs Old, and i used a Tampa, i got Deflowered when i was 21yrs old with my First Boy-friend, it felt so much pains with an heavy Flow of blood,He cheated on me, I caught him fucking my best Friend and i cut him off when i was 23yrs old, i have never had sex with any other man Expect my previous Master that took me as his pet and i served him for 2yrs, he never shared me with another Master though he is a Sadist Master and never allowed me to own a Phone and No freedom and any excited moment,He made me live a private life and i love it , i ended the Contract with him when he re-married and his new wife didn't like the lifestyle and he relocated to the Germany, Master Frank am I will tell you about my family and i will start with my dad, My dad is a good business man and he do help people alot in any way he can just to make them happy in life , But there is a friend of my dad who is every close to my dad and our family and this man and my dad do business together and at the end of the business things work out fine for both of them,But after some days this man send some guy's to kill my dad and that is how my dad was kill so he can has all the money and the properties my dad put in his care., this led me to this life style and i want to be Dominated by Master, Master if not that my Previous Master re-married i will never Come to ALT to search for any Master. Master am glad that you are interested in me..Master what i like most is to see my Master been sincere with me and never Disappoint Me, What i love most is a Doggy Position and i love serving my Master for real and Not Cyber.Am here in Lafayette Louisiana as i have tell you from the site before sending you looking for a real master that can relocate me asap.Hope to read back from you soon...Dorothy
Letter 8
Master Frank..Thanks for your email and i have been a slave since when i was 18years old.. Master i believe in the real BDSM becos when i was small i use to pray to be a BDSM..Becos I love the Lifestyle...i got Deflowered when i was 21yrs old with my First Boy-friend, it felt somuch pains with an heavy Flow of blood,He cheated on me, I caught him fucking my best Friend and i cut him off when i was 23yrs old, i have never had sex with any other man Expect my previous Master that took me as his pet and i served him for 2yrs, he never shraed me with another Master...What i love most is a Doggy Position and i love serving my Master for real and Not Cyber.Master the Nastiest Sexual Times we had, Master it all started when my previous Master order me to be bared Naked and stand infront of me while he watch me with another slave using a Strapon to fuck my asshole, master i felt the pains cus that was the first time i had that but i couldn't Scream cus he use a Gag to cover my Mouth and it all start when i was on all fours bent over like a Dog and the Strap on was Forcefully penetrated into my asshole, the slave was so harsh with me while master has already tied me with a rope so tight that i couldn't Move My Body, Master this went for 1hr:45mins and after that he ordered the slave not to Fuck me anymore and he took the Turn, Master he fucked the Hello out of me in my asshole as the Tempo Raises and he took the Gag off my Mouth and ordered me to Call his Name while stroking me so hard on all fours like Dog, Master i Complied with him cus he was my master and i had to Obey Him and i called his name and he continued the Fucking abfer a long while, he Ordered his slave To Get an Elephant Whip to beat me while all my back was redish, My Master loved this redish and he was so happy that i got the mark on my Back but fortunately for me it was all off my back and no Mark again,after the beaten and sex he ordered me to Drink His Pee but No Shit, I did that and he was also Pleased With me, My Master enjoyed me licking him allover and drinking his Cum with no Drop On The ground,i did that to him and he called me His Slut Fuck Whore, Master one of the Sex My Master Enjoyed Most Was A Doggy Style and a Golden Shower, This also Started a Nite when i was about To swallow Master's Cum before Going To Bed, He Saw my sweet And naked Sexy Cunts and he asked me to go and prepared Myself in the Bathroom, i Did that and the next things he did was that he asked me to bend over on a Doggy Position and Forcefully Stroke me from Behind and i screamed cus i was not wet, He fucked me so Get and my Pussy was Swollen, After he burst His Cum inside my Pussy he spanked my ass so hard and asked me to get the fuck out of his Sight Sily Whore..Master this was The nastiest Thing My Previous Master did with me Sexually ..master i can handle this, Master my duty is to please you in all ways and i must not hesitate to knee infront of you to kiss your feet while calling you My Sweet Master, Master i will never make you feel Sad and i will never Deprive you from your Pleasure, Master you are all i have and what i ever wanted, Master with you my life is Complete and my Fantasies are To Eat your Shit, tie To the eage Of Poles, Facing the North, East, West And South, while you watch me doing that and making you feel so happy and excited, Master your Joy is mine, Master i will also be a striper to work and earn money for you when i get to you and i will never have money for myself cus all i will earn will be given to you cus slave doesn't have right to earn money for herself.. Master Frank i will never Disappoint You and i will do all that you want me to do and Nave Say NO..

Your Slave Dorothy
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