Romance scam letter(s) from Emine to Steve (UK)
Letter 1
Hey there Iam Emine. I am in my late twenties. I have seen your profile at a wedding resource, no wonder I decided to contact you. I have seen the bulk of resources of this kind that I am not sure about its title. If you are adventurous and you are able to visit the kingdom of delight and seduction,
if you are ready to turn your usual and colorless life into a real romance, join me. Please answer right now. I would be happy to meet you in person and get closer. By the way I shall visit your country soon, it would be perfect to start sending letters to each other today. You will become my first friend in your country thena?¦ I like sex. We can send each other exciting lines and append pics, even 100% frank and naked ones. Try to appreciate one of my photographs. In the nearest future you will get hold of more of them and will have a possibility to get closer to me. I am living with a feeble hope you will react to my cry for help and will not leave my message unattended. I will be hoping to receive your message. Have a good day. Truly yours, Eminchika!
Letter 2
Hello! I'm glad you decided to write to me. Frankly, I was worried and thought that you will not answer me. I was worried because this is my first internet communication. Before, I never done it. I have no internet in my home so I am writing to you from internet cafe. On Saturday internet cafe is not working full-time and on Sunday cafe closed, so most likely I won't be able to write to you in weekend, but we will be able to communicate every day on weekdays. OK. And now I want to tell you a little more about me. As you already know my name is Emine. I'm 29 years old. I'm a Christian!
I was born on 22 June 1988 in Kirnati, Georgia. But when I was 6 years old my parents decided to move to Turkey in search of a better life.
At that time Turkey was economically developed secular country and welcomed all people regardless of their racial origin and religion.
And since 1994 I live in Artvin, Turkey. It is a small town in the same name province. The population of my town is about 23 000 people.
Mostly it turks muslims but also here live a small georgian and armenian communities who are Christians. In recent years with the election of a new president life here began to change. Turkey has embarked on the islamization of society and now life for Christians here is very hard. Many people even started to take islam to continue to live without problems. But I don't want to betray the faith of my ancestors and so I decided to emigrate for a better life. I'm single.
I was never married and I have no children. My height is 168 cm, my weight is 52 kg. I am a fitness instructor in fitness center. Since the childhood I was engaged in aerobics so I like to move for a fun incendiary music. It's great when the work is fun! Also my work has always keeps me in good shape. I have a beautiful body. And I have no bad habits. I don't smoke and almost don't drink alcohol and I had never used drugs. Of course, sometimes in the company of friends I can afford to take a little drink. But it happens not often. You - my first experience of acquaintance with the man from another country. And I hope that our acquaintance can good develop. I don't know what else to say. I send you my photo. And I hope you like this.
Also I would like to see more photos of you. And tell me about yourself. I want to know more about you. Tell me anything you see fit.
How you live. Where you work. What's your hobby. I will wait your new letter with impatience. Your new friend from Turkey, Emine!
Letter 3
Hi my friend! Thanks that you have not disregarded my message. Your email means for me that I was interesting for you. And I am very pleased to learn you closer too. As you know I am fitness instructor and I conduct a healthy way of life. Thanks to this I have achieved what I have beautiful and sexy body. I'm not ashamed of my body and my sexuality gives me confidence in myself and allows me to be uninhibited. I like to see how the men around me wanna have sex with me. However the majority of muslim men condemns the fact that I demonstrate my sexuality and I don't wear a paranja like all muslim women. But why should I do it? I have no inner complexes! I don't see the point of having a relationship with a muslim man. Most of them are strictly condemns extramarital sex because it is a big sin for them. But nobody wants to marry a Christian woman if she is not ready to accept islam. But I took a firm decision that I will never betray the Christian faith because it is the true faith of my ancestors. Therefore, almost all my relationships have been with Christian men. Mostly they are immigrants like me or the descendants of the people who lived here a hundred years ago when this land still not belonged to Turkey. Unfortunately, all my previous relationships have failed for various reasons. But mostly because now Christians have hard life here and this also affects the relations of the people. What is the future of the Christian family and their children in a muslim country? I wish myself a better fate. And I always dreamed about traveling to another country. The world is so big and I was always interested about the life and culture of other countries. But unfortunately, I never was outside of Turkey and traveling to another country that's my biggest dream in life. I hope that I can make my dream come true soon and then I'll be happy. And I will make happy the one who makes me happy! Now I shall finish my message. Again I want to send you my photo.
I hope you will like this picture. And please send me more your pictures. I will wait your reply with impatience! Your friend Emine!
Letter 4

Hi Steve! I am very pleased that you do not leave me without attention. And I'm glad that we continue to communicate and know each other better.
I like you and I like to communicate with you. I hope that this mutual feelings. I like sex. But I'm not a fan of casual sex. I always had sex only with reliable partners with whom I have had a long relationship. Now I don't have a partner. And I had no intimacy with a man for almost six months. I'm tired of being lonely. I need a man! But only worthy man will have the right to possession of me. The man who will be ready to protect me and take care about me. In the man I appreciate kindness, reliability, honesty and frankness nature. I hate liars.
For me the true man is the one who always keeps word. I think you're good man and I can trust you. But still I need to know you better.
Men often lie to me to have sex with me. I like sex. But I hate lies.
And so now I try to be cautious. I must completely trust the man before I give myself to him. Trust is very important to me. Now my feelings for you have become more than just friendship. And you will make me hurt if you will deceive me. Steve, I hope that you will always be honest with me. Can you promise me this? Well...Now you understand what I expect from you. Usually I do not speak to men about my deep ideas and opinions. But I felt an inner urge to open it for you. Always necessary to have one person whom can trust. And I hope you will not disappoint me. I want to know you better and develop our relations. And I hope you want this too. On it I shall finish my letter and I will wait your reply. Your girl from Turkey Emine!
Letter 5
Hello my sweet man Steve! I like to read your messages. It gives me great pleasure. And I want to tell I have new emotions in my soul. For me it is unusual to begin relations with the e-mail. There is a great distance between us and my thoughts for some reason pulls me to you. I have understood that if there are some difficulties to achieve the purpose - the desire to achieve this the purposes is increasing. Probably it is one of those things which forces me often to reflect about you. I think you should understand me in this case. And what feelings you have now? Steve, today I want to send you a photo of me with my best friend.
Her name is Susanna. We met almost 7 years ago and since then we are best friends. She was born and living all life in Turkey. Susanna is a descendant of those georgian Christians who originally lived in these lands before these lands became part of Turkey. She my one true friend here and we spend a lot of time together. I completely trust her. She knows all my secrets. Incidentally, Susanna seriously fond of photography and dreams of becoming a professional photographer.
Therefore, she is my personal photographer. All of my pictures that you have seen and will see made Susanna. Some of my photo-sessions are quite candid and some are really naughty. We did it for the sake of experiment and hot sensations. If someone from the muslim men would see it then we can expect strong condemnation. No one has never seen these photos! Maybe you'll be the first who will see this. But first we have to become more closer. I feel that we are very similar and there is a strong connection between us. And I hope that it will develop. Well, now I shall finish my message. Steve, I will wait your reply. Kiss you! Your girl Emine!
Letter 6
Hello my dear boyfriend Steve! I am glad to hear from you my sweet. Always when I see your messages I have some inexplicable feeling of great excitement. My heart starts to beat faster and shivers go through all the body. I can't explain it. But I feel very positive. And then the whole day I do not leave the thought of you. Now you're always in my heart and soul! Steve, we know each other not so much time but I have a feeling that I know you very long. I am very easy and pleasant to communicate with you. You understand every my word every idea. You're kind caring and affectionate with me. I see that I'm really not indifferent for you.
And I know that you'll never deceive me and I can count on you. I very appreciate that. You became really dear to me. You became part of my life. And what a pity that you're so far. I feel that I no longer enough just to get your messages. Sometimes I have an irresistible desire to see you and talk to you in real life. I am beginning to think about our meeting more and more and imagine it, including some very juicy details. I want to be with you and belong to you. But I had a lot of failures with men in the past and so inside of me is still some sense of fear. I should overstep this fear and until I will do it I wouldn't dare to come to you. But I don't know that I need for overstep my fear. Maybe I just need some time? Or maybe something has to push me to this? My mom spoke me that the woman is the lock. A lot of keys may try to open her. But only one key will do it. Steve, maybe this key is you? Open me and then I'll be your! I'm ready I want and I'm waiting for this! Your girlfriend Emine!
Letter 7
Hello my passionate boyfriend Steve! I am happy that you understood my feelings. It was very important for me. I see that we have full mutual understanding and this makes us closer to each other. Now I can confidently say that I trust you and I'm not afraid to open up to you fully. So I will continue to send you my more candid photos. I don't want to have you looked at the other girls. I want you to look only at me admired my beauty and I thought only about me. I want to be your. And you too should be mine and only mine! I think about you every day. I think about you when I wake up and I think about you when I fall asleep. This is so unusual for me. Before, I never knew that it was possible to have such strong feelings for someone whom never saw. And now I often imagine all sorts of situations when you and I together. I hope that this will become a reality soon. It would be great if we could be together. I want to be with you to see you and touch you. I'm sure when we will be together, we will deliver to each other unforgettable impressions including in bed. I very like sex. And I like to demonstrate my sexuality. I like to wear short shorts, short skirts and short dresses. I often don't wear a bra. It gives me a feeling of full freedom. Most muslim men condemn me for what I openly demonstrate my sexuality. But I feel that some of them secretly want to have sex with me. But they would never dare to do this because for muslims premarital sex is a big sin and marry a Christian woman is a disgrace. I'm like forbidden fruit to them. They want me and hate me for the fact that they can't have me.
I find it hard to find a really worthy partner here so I have not had sex for more than six months. Sex plays an important role in a relationship. Sex makes people closer to each other. But sex always should be accompanied by feelings. A real pleasure brings sex only with that man for whom have really strong feelings. And I see that between us there is such a feelings. I am a beautiful and sexy and I want to fully give myself to my man. I like to have sex all night.
And I know how to bring a man to orgasm so that he lost his mind in bed with me. I don't like the standard sex. I like to experiment.
I want to learn new things and enjoy from new emotions in sex. I like the new sensation new positions and new places for sex. I want to caress your body my tongue kiss your chest and see how your cock gets hard and then slowly down closer to him in order to give a crazy feeling. This is my little dream and such dreams is becoming more and more every day. I can't do anything with myself. I have a strong attraction to you. And I can't cope with this feeling. I want you!
And I would like to touch your intimate zones right now. What a pity that we're far apart and I can't do it. But may be it will become real soon? Steve, today I opened to you still more. You're my man and between us there should not be secrets. So share with me all your secrets and tell me about all your desires. I will wait for your answer with impatience. I miss you! You always in my thoughts! Your sexy girlfriend Emine!
Letter 8
Hello my sweet lover Steve! I'm so glad that you liked my thoughts and fantasies! For me it was important to openly share with you my innermost feelings and desires.
I really like you. I seriously considering you in the role of my man, my second half and my lover. And therefore, we must become as close as possible to each other. And what can best help us do this if not sex?
Steve, when we will be together, I want to first few days we are not ceasing to have sex in order to make our relationship still more strong! Would you like this? My sweet, I want to be close to you. You are constantly in my thoughts.
And yesterday I couldn't fall asleep for a long time because I imagined how we meet and implement all our sexual dreams. I imagined how you meet me at the airport with a big bouquet of white roses. This is my favorite flowers. A few seconds we just stand and look at each other not fully understanding that we actually met. And then when we receive the sense of reality, we rush towards each other and merge in passionate embraces and kisses. And all the people around watching us and envy our feelings. Then we go to your house for a romantic candlelight dinner. Plays romantic music, we drink a little wine and talk about everything, not taking eyes from each other. Then you invite me to slow dance. We dance but not for long as emotions overwhelm us both. You start gently and sensuously kiss me, caress my breast and I begin to slowly massage your cock. Then I'm down on my knees and take off your pants. Your cock pops out and I touch him with my lips. I see how he grows and becomes hard. I caress him my tongue along the entire length and then place him into my mouth and begin to gently suck. Then when I feel that your cock ready to enter into me, we go to the bedroom. You slowly undressing me enjoying the beauty of my body. O! It makes me hot, I go up to the window and open it. On the street already dark and empty only a fresh breeze blows on me. You come up behind me and start to caress me. First you caress my breast.
Then you lower your fingers below and begin caressing my pussy. I feel the heat that comes from you. You enter into me from behind and slowly and gently you start to move herewith you compress my breasts in your hands. We begin to move together in the same rhythm, at first slowly and then faster and faster until it comes pleasure and I feel like your nectar fills me up inside. We are moving away from the window and go to bed I caress your body and your cock my tongue. When I feel that he is again ready to enter into me, I sit down on top of him. You lie and don't move, I begin to slowly slide up and down until I catch the right rhythm of movement. Catching the rhythm, I'm starting to move faster. You begin to caress my nipples your fingers and it makes my pleasure more strong. Every minute I'm moving faster, takes a few minutes and we both feel great pleasure. Exhausted I'm falling on your chest and lay for a few minutes until I recover myself. Then we go into the shower, I wash your body and you wash me, after that we go to the bedroom and fell asleep in each others arms. That was my dream.
And I want that this dream became a reality as soon as possible! I already not enough to just think and dream about you. I want to be with you! I want you in real life! Your hot lover Emine!
Letter 9
Hi my sexy lover Steve! As always I'm very happy to see your message. You never leave my thoughts. Again I did not sleep almost all night because I thought of you. I want you my sweet! I want to feel your caress. I want to feel as you kiss me and suck my nipples and then as you kiss my pussy. I want to suck your cock until he cum in my mouth. I want to taste your nectar. But most of all I want to feel as your hard cock moving inside me. I dream about it! I want to give myself to you completely. We will use a variety of positions. We will do everything that you want. O!
I can no longer continue to tempt myself with these dreams. I have a very strong sexual arousal. I could not imagine that this is possible to achieve through ordinary emails. Now I really believe in what scientists say that the most sexual organ of a person is his brain.
We have a very strong emotional connection and I am sure that we will have a fantastic sex! Steve, I think that we should stop dreaming and it's time to start real actions so that we could make all our sexual dreams real very soon. Do you agree? I think that our meeting will be a huge step in our relations. I think that this will help us figure out those parts of our lives and our character that can't be found in our letters. I think that only one meeting and one look into the eyes of each other can replace the long months of correspondence. This will help us to know all about each other and then we can decide on our future. Maybe we will just be friends and lovers. And it's possible that between us will be really is something serious and we will stay together forever. Only meeting will determine our fate. But in any case, whatever it was I am sure that our meeting will bring us a lot of pleasure and unforgettable impressions which will remain in our memory for a lifetime. I have always dreamed of traveling to another country. And now my dream can become a reality. The thought of this makes me the happiest woman in the World. And all thanks to you. This is you making me happy. It's you my happiness! And in return I want to make you happy too. Believe me when we will be together then you will feel it. So tell me do you really want to meet me? And you are ready to take me right now?
Steve, I want to know all your thoughts on this issue. If you are really ready to take me then please tell me some information. Your full name, your full home address and phone number, city where you live and also the nearest airport where you can meet me. I think that this information I will need for prepare trip to you.
And I will begin preparation as soon as you let me know this. My sweet, now I must finish my letter. I will wait your reply with great impatience. Write to me and give me many forces and energy.
My passionate kisses for you! Your hot sexy Emine!
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