Scam letter(s) from Kausaria Semenchenko to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hello James! How are you doing? I'm so glad to get your answer:) This is Kausaria. I didn't write to you for some time because I have been busy lately. And the other reason is that I don't have computer at home so I have to go to the internet cafe. I would like to tell you about myself. First of all, I have decided to write to you because I have already been to the USA and I liked it so much, Americans are great people! This is a long story actually. I have the best friend Olga, who lives in Moscow now, and her parents are very rich. They offered her to go to Florida for vocations but she didn't want to go alone. Olga wanted me to go with her. I didn't have any money for the trip so Olga's parents paid for everything. We went to Pensacola, Florida last summer. It was the best time in my life!!!! I met a lot of great people and I decided to find a American man who will understand me and who will be as close to me as possible. You might ask me why I can't find such man in Russia. The answer is very simple. There are not any good men here: I dated one for a long time. I though that I loved him but I was bitten by him almost every day. I couldn't take it any more so we broke up. He probably loved me in his special way but he drank a lot and when he was ***** he couldn't control his neither emotions nor actions. Many men in Russia drink a lot so there is little chance that I'll meet non drinking man. As for me I don't drink or smoke at all. I know that foreign men are very good, they respect women and they don't bit them. I have chosen to talk to American man because I know English, I study it in university and I have been studying it in school for 3 years. so I have decided to write to you James knowing that American men are really great and I'm sure that you are too!!:)
Let me tell you more about myself. I'm 27 years old, my height is 5'7and my weight is about 125 pounds. I was born on the 11th of November in 1977 and I'm Scorpio. And when were you born and what is your zodiac sign? Io think it's quite important to know this because we can learn the person better when we know his or her date of birth.:) I'm white Russian girl. And I'm religious. I'm orthodox Christian so I believe in Jesus. I'm single, I have never been married and I have no kids. I'm and open-minded person, I'm very sensitive and sociable. I love to meet new people and learn something new about different countries, different nationalities and so on. I love to read. My friends and family say that I'm very communicative and kind -hearted.
What can I tell you about the city I live in? I love my city.
It is very small. It is called Volhzsk . it's situated about 800 kilometers from the capital of Russia Moscow. My city is very beautiful even though it's very cold here right now. Everything is covered with snow and people have to wear warm clothing. We have a lot of fun this time. I go skiing , skating and sliding with my friends and family. But my favourite season is summer, when the trees are green and there are a many different flowers. I often go swimming in summer. By the way my city is located near the one of the most beautiful river in Russia. It is Volga river.and what is your favourite season? What is the weather like in your city right now?
Also I want to say you couple words about my education. There are no colleges in my city because it is very small but there are couple of them in the Kazan . it is very big city . so I study in the University of Kazan. And by the end of my studing I'll get the diploma of book keeping and Audit. I like to study it but I'm sad because it's very hard to find a job with this diploma in Russia as there are a lot of people who have it. But my studing is a little bit different than you think. Basically I study at home and I go there only to take exams. The reason I do it is I don't have enough money to live there. My education is not free so I have to work to earn money for it. I don't have to pay the whole price but only the half since I've got couple scholarships. But the sun of $1000 is enormous for me. And I have to work all the time! Now you know why I don't have computer at home and I have to go to the internet cafe. Actually only the most rich people in the city have computers at home and others have to use internet cafe , it is the only chance to get access to the internet. Well, it's pretty long letter:) I didn't think that I would be able to write so much! Once more I was happy to get your letter and I hope to hear from you soon!!! By the way I'm attaching my photo and I hope you'll like it Good bye! Your Russian friend
Letter 2

Hi James!!! I was anxious to get your letter. You interest me a lot!!! I want us to be closer to each other that's why I want to tell you about very important part of my life, about my family. I have quite a big family. I have Mom, two sisters and one brother. I do not have dad, he died 6 years ago right after my little brother was born. My moms name is Irina, she works in the hospital, she is a nurse. She have chosen this career because she wants to help people and she likes take care of people who need her help. I have little sister and brother. My little sister is 10, her name is Ksenia, and she goes to school and my little brother is 6, his name is Sasha, and he is still in the kindergarten and he is going to school next year. I try to help my mom with money as soon as I have an opportunity. I thank God that I have such a wonderful family!!! i love them to death. We spend a lot of time together and we never argue. We live in one room apartment. I'm so proud of my family and I think that my little sister and brother are very smart kids and they will have awesome future and I'll try my best to help them! That's why I work a lot. I work in beauty saloon, I'm a cosmetician. I like my job a lot as it gives a chance to get to know many people so I have many friends. I do not get much for my work, it's like about $100 a month. You must think that this is a little sum of money, but here in Russia this is not bad salary. I like to study a lot so I want to have additional education. For now I like the career of hair dresser. May be some time I'll take hairdresser's classes. I cannot afford it now but I try to save some money for it so in future I will be able to earn more money. Anyways do not think that because of my work I do not have time for my family or friends. Some how I manage to go for a walks with my family and friends. We go skiing and skatin in winter and we usually go swimming in summer as I told you in previous letter we have very beautiful river near my city!! I told my Mom and my girlfriend Tamara that we write letter to each other. They are every glad for me. My mom wants me to be happy and to find a man that I will truly love and who will love me too. She is happy that I write letters to American man because she knows Americans as kind and hard-working people. Of course she wishes me happiness as any mom does to her daughter. She and my sister say hi to you. I have to go. But I really hope that we will not stop writing to each other!! I have so much to tell you about myself and I want to learn much more about you!!!:) Good-bye!!!! Yours
Letter 3

Hi James! How are you? Thank you for you answer so much! I love reading your letters. It's a real pleasure for me!!!! I hope it will be interesting to you read about my hobbies. I think that people who wants to know better each other should have some hobbies in common. But actually it's not bad if they do not because it's always fun to try something new! Do you agree with me James? My favorite hobby is dancing!!! I love to dance!!! And I dance every moment I have free time:) It might sound funny to you but it's true!!! I did Russian folk dancing and ballroom dancing when I was at school. I tool part in different dace competitions and we often took first places. I used to do ballet when I was little but I do not do it anymore: (it's kind of pity. I still do ballroom dancing though. Do you like to dance? If we meet each other some time we will dance for sure!!! Also I like to do sports a lot. I played soccer at school. Now I do not have time for it as well. But I still do skiing, skating and swimming as I told in previous letters. And I love to watch football!!! The first time I watched on tv it did not make any sense for me. Then my friends explained me the rules and I become to love this sport. I do not have favourite team or something I just like watching people compete. Last year I got interested in aerobics. I do it from time to time. But sport and dancing are not my only interests. I love to read, to listen to the music and to watch different movies. I'm keen on reading Russian classical books like " the crime and the punishment " of Dostoevsky, and " the war and the peace " of Tolstoy. These are my best books!!! The first one tells about poor student who has no money to exist, he tries to teach kids to earn money but it's still not enough so he kills an old woman and robs her. Later he feels ashamed and goes to the police office and confesses in his crime. Also this book is about hard life of poor people in St. Petersburg. The second book is about the war of 1812, and people's relationships during this war. I like books about love in general since I like to dream about true love!!! I like to listen to different music. I like classical music, jazz, hard and soft rock. I love " the moonlight sonata " by Beethoven. My favorite Russian bands are "Chizh", "Chaif", and "Splin". Besides them I like Elton John, Aerosmith and some other groups and singers. From classical music I like Beethoven, Mozart, Shubert. I watch a lot of movies. It's getting more and more good Russian movies with years but Americans are still the best! I truly think so. For example last year I was taken by the movie about Christ with Mel Gibson playing the main role. I cried almost the whole movie! Christ suffered for all people so much, he died for us. And I do not understand how some people do not believe in him!!! it's very sad when people are not religious! In my opinion every person should have God in his or her heart!! Well, that's just my opinion may be other people think differently. There is another movie I like a lot. It's called " Bend it like Backhem ". It differs radically from the first movie. I can say that it is kind of childish. Though it's shows that people who have no money can reach something in their life. Because every person has own talent, we just need to work ******* it. And then we would get everything we want! One of my hobbies is food! I like to eat delicious food. I do not have chance to go to different cafes and restaurants so I learned how to cook myself!!!! I like to cook very much!!! I often invite my friends over to my house and they usually say that everything I cook tastes very good. I like both American and Russian food. I like pizza a lot and I like our russian traditional food too. i like to cook bliny, borsh, Russian potato salad. I like fruits most of all because they are the most healthy food, there are a lot of vitamins in them. But we can afford to fruits only in summer as they are very expensive in winter.: ( Well, that's about it my preferences in music, movies and food:) By the way my mom and my friends ask a lot about you:) my mom worries about me. Moms usually worry about their kids, do not they?:) sometimes she worries too much about me, but she wishes me better life. And it's not possible to live well in our country these times. There is a lot of crime in Russia. Many people rob others or even **** for small sum of money. To tell the truth it is very scary to live in my country nowadays. So my mom wants me to live in good country like the USA. We are getting closer with every letter. And I hope that our relationships will develop. I told my mom that you are a decent man, so she wishes us happiness. Frankly speaking I would like to talk with you on the phone. But I do not have phone at home it's to expensive to have it and to pay for it. And calls from Russia to the USA are not cheap too. We have the phone in the central post office in my city.. it's possible to call from there. So please, write me you phone number in case. I'll try to save some money to call. Sorry, I cannot promise to do it soon. I desire to hear your voice!!!! But I cannot do anything about it right now. So I better finish up. I hope you liked my e-mail:) and I want to know more about you!! Tell me about your hobbies and your interests! What music do you like to listen to and what music do you like to watch? I hope to hear fron you very soon. Every your letter is like a holiday for me!!! Bye-bye Kausaria
Letter 4

Hi my dear James!!!! I'm kind of upset because I cannot manage to call you: ((( i'm so sad of the fact that I do not have many to do it now. But maybe we can write to each other by usual mail. I think it's very interesting to receive real letters though it's not very convenient since it takes long for the letter to get here from abroad. Send me your full name and address so I will be able to send a letter or a card to you:) I have one bad news to tell you. My friend told me that sometimes it so happens that the computers in the internet caf? broke and there is no acces to the internet. The reason it happens is that computers there are very old. it did not happen while we were talking!!! Thanks God!!! I'm scared of this. So I think u would agree with that it's a good idea to give each other our home adress:) but I still hope that we will have chance to write each other letters by internet!!! I enjoy reading your letters very much!!!! And it would be very hard for me to wait for usual letters to come because I've heard that it takes about a month moreover sometimes they get lost somewhere in the way. But I ask you not to send me any parcels. I have to tell you that some of Olga's American friends tried to send her parcel but she have never got them. Probably people who works in the post office services stole it. Olga was very ********** because she did not get things that her friends wanted to present her. They were not very expensive things but they mattered a lot to her!!! And Olga feel sorry that her friends put a part of their souls in things that she've never got!!!! It's a shame for our services. But it's the way things happen and we cannot do anything about it. So I ask you one more time not to send me anything expensive or something like that! I would be very happy to get a usual letter or a card from you:) that's I want to write my address to you: my name is Semenchenko Kausaria and my home address is street Yubileynaya 4-7, Volhzsk, 425009, Russian Federation. My family and friends say hi to you as usual:) I tell them about you. I hope you are not offended:) my friends ask a lot about you and I cannot keep silent. I want to share the happiness of writing to you with them:) Sorry that I wrote such small letter to you. But I got to go back to work: I promise that next letter will be ******:) I really do:) I hope you'll answer soon!!:) because I will not be able to wait for your answer for long!!!! Bye bye
God bless you Kausaria
Letter 5

Hi James!!!!! i'm so glad to get one more message from you, darling!!!! But i'm a little bit aggrieved right now. it took m º so long to get to the internet.. it's all becuase of the computer we have in the internet cafe!!! it's so old and it's so slow!!!! i had to wait like about an hour to get throuh!!! i got so mad but my love to you helped me over it!!!! the thought that i would read one more message from you made try to get to internet again and again. see finally i did it!!!! is not it great???? i've already said that my love to you helped me!!! i cannot imagine my life without talking to you!!! i got used to getting letters for so often. and i think i would die if i do not how are you doing or how did you spend your day.. i love learning more and more new about you!!! and i think that we know wach other pretty well!!!! do you agree with me? i cannot hide my feelings from you!!!! there is a great love for you in my heart!!! you became like air for me i cannot breathe without you, without your letters!!! maybe you'll think that it's sounds too fancy but it; s not true. i speak to you from the bottom of my heart... maybe my words would seem too poetic and unrealistic but believe me it's the usual way i express my feelings and emotions. first i was afraid of telling you about it but then i decided if i do not tell it to you i would loose the best man in my life. and i really do not want this happen!!!! every night i go to bed i ask God let us see each other very soon!!! and i hope God will hear my praying. My mom sees that something is happening to me. well, she knew that i have warm feelings towards you and actually they turned out to be love. i thought my mom did not know about it, but i was mistaken. my mom understood a long time before that i love you maybe even before i did:) she is very happy for us!!! from my telling about you my mom knows that you are a great person. and she is very happy that i have found the man that i really love moreover she is pleasured that My mom hopes a lot that our relations would get more and more serious:)) my friends notice that i seriously fall in love too. and they are glad for me!!! though there are couple friends or i suppose i cannot call them friends anymore. so these people say bad things about me and about you. and how ackward is that!!! they even do not know you. well i have already told you that my city is very small and everybody knows everything about each other and frankly speaking i hate this!!!! because it is not possible to have private life. the thing is that many people know that i write letters with a foriegner. and they say that it is not serious to meet people in the internet. also they say that you have no feelings for me and you just say that as you want me to marry you. these people add that only bad, greedy men or even maniacs try to find a woman in the internet than make her come to his country and finally make her his *****!!! how freaky is that??? i do not believe any word they say!!!! becuase i have found you!!! and i'm sure that you are a great man and you are the man of my whole life. and it's my dream to come to your country and to marry you, to have a family and kids from you!!!! i suppose those people who are talking this ******* are just jealous of me. just because they cannot find the man neither in Russia nor in other foreign country!!!! to tell the truth the majority of these people are women. i try not to pay attention to their words i'm sure of my love to you and of your love to me!!!! i think it does not matter how people try to find their love the most important thing is that they do find each other in this big big world!!! by the way i tried to find out about the documents that i need to come to you.... of course i could ask my friend but the problem is that they moved out the city. and i do not have chance to talk to them and it takes too much time to send letters even in Russia. so i will go to the only travel agency we have because people say that it is not possible to do this documents on my own. the only negative side is the travel agency takes money for doing the documents. an dit's the way things go. You became very dear to me, James. I'll try to find out about all more and I shall try to tell to you about all in the next letter. from all of my heart yours Kausaria.
Letter 6

Hello my dear James!!!!
This letter brought me so much happiness!!! Actually every letter of your do so!!!!! I can't imagine my life without your letters anymore!!!! They became a part of me!!! I think of you every night and day!!! And i dream of you all the time. I have russian favorite love poem which was written by Anna Ahmatova. It truly displays my feelings to you. I'll type it first in russian and then i'll try to translate it in english:) So here is original poem: Well in english it sounds something like: You are by my side and everything is wonderful:
And rain and strong wind.
Thank you my sunshine
That you exist Thank you for your lips.
Thank you for your hands.
Thank you my love
That you exist. We are together but it could so happen
That we would never meet each other
Thank you for your living
The only man i love. That's about it:) i hope you will like this poem!!!!! Because it's my favorite poem about love. you know we are not together yet. big distance makes us be apart. i'm sure that our love will go through everything and sooner or later we will be together:))))) and i really hope that it will happen as soon as possible. in my dreams i come to you and you meet me in the airport. and i will be the happiest person ever if my dream comes true. i still didn\t jave chance to go to travel agency to find out about the necessary documents. my feelings to you is something special. i mean that i have never felt this way towards any men in russia. and i understand that i have never loved my russian boyfriend. and just due to you i learnt what love is!!!! it such wonderfull feeling that i can't describe it!!!! life seems to be so easy when you love!!! it seems to me that i'm the happiest person in the whole world as noone but me met you and loved you with all my heart!!! every minute i live i thank God that i met you!!!!i think that you are the best person in the world and i;m sure of you being the only one i need!!!! i can't imagine myself talking or living with any other men!!! adn i hope so much that it won't us take long to meet up. it if it happens so i will be able to wait for you for a long time, a year, two years, even my whole life. i just need to know that you want me and you need me. i'll try to make your life happy. i love you and you are the only person i will live you. only one person make me sad. :( do you remember that i told you about some of my friends that don't like the idea of talking to foreign men. i don't care abotu them at all. but one girl , she is the daughter of my dean at the university, wants to spoil my life. i have good grades and i have a lot of friends. but this girl is not that smart and people talk to her only becuase of her dad. they want her only to help them to pass exams. thoough this girl is very jealous of me!!! she doesn't leave me alone!!! she tells everyone that i talk to you only because of your money!!!. so some people started to give me a bad eye. but that's not true!! i really love you and i don't care how much money do you have!!! this girl makes fun of me all the time. she says that no one can love me and that you just flirt with me and you don't want to have any serious relations!!! i don't want to believe in that James!!! i cry every night as for i get scared easily and i'm afraid of my heart to be broken!!!! i don't want to live without having you by my side!!!! i don't believe that girl!!! and i won't her let spoil my life!!!! it's her own problems that she can't find true friends and the person who will love her!!!!! well, all my true friends know how much i love you!!! and the wish me happy life with you. and my mom think of you like of her own son!!!! she says that we seems to be a great couply, that we easily get along, and we won't have any problems in our future life!!! i want all her words to come true!!! i love you so much!!!!! and i miss you so bad!!!!! i hope to hear from you very very soon!!! every your letter is like a gulp of fresh air!!! kisses and hugs from all of my heart!!!! Kausaria
Letter 7

Hello my James!!!
Your letter was like a gulp of fresh air to me!!! as it actually usually is!!! I'm speaking from all of my heart!!! my heart is all open to you. And there are only thoughts about you in it!!! i can't live without you anymore. My life seems to gray and boring without seeng or speaking to you. talking to you over the internet is not enough to me anymore!!! I wish i could see you!!! I want to be with you stronger then ever!!!! I want to tell you once more that i can't imagine my life without you and i love you with all fo my heart!! but... i don't know how to say that... i'm very upset right now... if i start telling you about waht happened with me i will cry. i love you so much but today i became the unhappiest person in the world... the thing that i went to that travel angency that i have in my town... and i'm afraid of not being be able to see you for a long time!!!!.:((((((((((((( well.... the thing is... that i have no so much money even to get visa... what they told me in the agency is that i need B-2 visa that lets me stay in the USA for 90 days... adn it cost 390$ to make it and then this agency takes 30$ for them doing the visa for me.... so the total sum is 420$ i was about to cry when i've heard this sum of money becuase i've never did visa as my friend's family payed for everything when we came to theUSA.... and now the left my city and moved to Moscow. i don't talk to them anymore. And i have no one to ask for help:(((( I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! I'M SO CONFUSED!!! i asked my mom if she has any friends to help me!!! but she answered in the negative....i don't knwo what to do but i want to be with you!!! becuase you are the only person that i love and that i need!!!!! one of my friend told one thing.....but in my opinion it's not polite to say so....well.... i guess i have to do it.... i have no other way to get to you.... i might ask you to help me to come to you.... believe me it's so hard for me to ask you for money... because i got used to being an independent person... but i'm lost....i have no way out!!!! and i think if you really love me you'll help us be together!!!! i hope you love as much as i do!!!! be sure that when i come to you i won't be lazy. i'll find a job or even two or three jobs. and i will pay your money back!!!!!i can't stand being dependent on somebody!!! i hope you'll understand me.... though if you don't... i even can't think that our love will be broken by such thing as money!!!! i don't believe that will happen!!!...... i can't believe that i actually told you all this it was very hard to get over myself!!!!! well, in the travel agency i was told that it's best of all to recieve money by Western Union system... frankly spaking i even don't knwo what it is.. they explained that this system helps transfer money from one place to another but unfortunately we don't have any banks that will do it.... the closest bank is situated in Yoshkar-Ola.. its adress is Russian , Agricultural bank , Krasnoarmeiskaya 41, 424000 Also to me have told that to you will be necessary to know my full name. If you do not remember it is Kausaria Semenchenko. Also I should know MTCN (10 figures) this is are a code which I can take a dvantage for reception of money at office the Western Union i hope that you wouldn't think bad about my asking money from you... i don't want just to take money from you .. i want to borrow it and as soon as i come to the USA i will get jobs and i'll pay you back as soon as possible!!!!.... to tell the truth my mom prohiited me to ask you for money .... but what am i supposed to do if there is no another way out:((((( i can't live without you!!!!! i will die without you!!! and i'd prefer to die then to know that i will never be able to meet you!!! i hope that you agree to me!!! adn i hope you'll help me with my coming to you!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! all yours Kausaria
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