Scam letter(s) from Maria Knieb to Peter (Sweden)

Letter 1
hello is me Gloria on are you doing hope all is well with you .....can you send me more of your photos
Letter 2
Hello My Dear One Peter,
I am more than happy in your respond to my mail. How are you today? l hope fine, Mine is not too good due to my suffering condition here in German. My name is Gloria, I am 29 years old, single and never married, 5ft 3 inches Tall, 55kg weight, black hair and brown eyes,l am from Liberia and presently l am residing in a Berlin here in Germany as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country some years ago. I lost my Parents during this deadly Political War that Damaged thousands of innocent Souls in Liberia. My family was among the first target of the rebels because my Late father was a Successful business man and also a politician supporting the Present Government when the problems was about to start. Due to this all the members of my family was Murdered in a cold Blood and our family house was set blazed. I was Lucky and escaped death because i was in bordering (School) when this deadly incident took place.
It is only myself who is alive and one of my brother but i have not hear from him now and l managed to make my way to a nearby country Senegal where i try to did stowaway to Germany by ocean, l am staying now and never pray or think to step my legs in that ****** country called Liberia.
I would like to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently. I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Attached here is my picture.Hoping to hear from you soonest.
Yours Forever,????????????
Letter 3
Hi Peter,
Just thought I'd write you a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed being with you. I can't recall when I had a more pleasant time. Everything felt so natural, and you were very easy to talk to. It's hard for me to identify what it is about you that attracts me so. I suppose it might be the combination of your great sense of humor, your charming personality and your good-looks. Whatever it is, I can sense it's presence. You could call it chemistry, or better yet, the possibility that we are on the same wavelength.
Peter i really hope that our first time was not our last because I felt very special when I was with you. I truly want to give our friendship a chance to grow.
Well, I guess I've said enough for the time being.Peter, have a wonderful day and, hopefully, I'll see you again real soon. If you get a chance, write and tell me your thoughts.
Until I hear from you, take care of yourself.
Letter 4

i ask you to send me your photos
why don't you want to send me more of your photo
i have remove my profile from the send me more of your photo
i was born in Liberia because of war i move to germany
i came by ship
i'm living at the refugees camp house
my father was a minister before he was killed
Letter 5
i am living at the camp house in germany
can you send me more of your photo and create gmail hangout
so that we can chat and get to know each other well
hello dear
are you there
Letter 6
listen to me very careful
when i text you need to ready it well my dear love
i told you i was born in Liberia
because of the war in my country i came by oceans ..i did stowaway to Germany and i am living at the refugees camp house
i need to get my passport before i can move out from here
can you help me get my passport?
Letter 7
honey i need to get the passport first before you come ..if care will not be talking i will be deported from here..many of my friends who don;'t have passport are been deported.....i want you to help me get thew passport before you come over here you..the agent said 350$
Letter 8
let me tell don't need to be thinking bad need to open your heart just the way i have open my heart for you
i have been hurt before and i need someone who understand the meaning of love ...let me tell you father was a minister before the rebels killed him i know what i want..i need very good man like you ..don't think that after i get my passport i will not meet you again ..unless you tell me you don;t love me ..i love you and i want to be with you i have told you ..let me get it first when i get my passport can let me come to you or you will come to me ..i will love it to meet you in person..
my love after i get my passport ..who do you stay with..are you still on the site..i have remove my account from the site i want you to cancel your account from
love you and waiting to hear from you soon Peter
Letter 9
Hi Peter,
I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we are together, and the hours we are apart. i need you to be with me all the time 10:54 AM
Letter 10
It takes just one second to think about you in the morning, but the smile on my face lasts throughout the day. Good morning.
Letter 11
hello my love this is the information you will use to send the money Name :MARIA KNIEB
Amount 310 euros thanks very much
i don't have phone number
Letter 12
hello my love good evening are you awake
hello are you there
hoping to hear from you
Letter 13
Hello my love peter, i don't know what you think about me or you are talking to many women..i don;'t get you well you need to trust me don't think am bad or that i believable in the power of love ..who do you think that i will run away..i need a man who will love me for who i am ..have you been hate before ?trust in me It is considered as an allegiance, duty or loyalty to one person or being. It can also refer to believing in something or something, even if no proof exists. For example: I have complete faith in God. This statement suggests that the person believes in God and is a loyal in serving the great
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