Scam letter(s) from Raluca Ioana Dumitru to Holly (USA)

Letter 1
Hi,nice to meet you.
My name is Raluca,I live in Romania...never I travel in another country.
Letter 2
Hi...thank you for your look so cute and sweet!!!!
What to say much more about me my sweet??? In my ad I say all about me and my stupid life :((
Everyday only needs and worries...everyday only hungry and crying...In last 4-5 weeks I eat with my mom only empty bread and sometimes few potatoes....I cant handle anymore....I cant.....
Never I dont do nothing wrong in my entire life,to deserve so much pain :(((
kiss you
Letter 3
Hi...and sorry because I answer so hard...but me with my mom we remaining few days without electricity,company cut our electricity,because we dont pay our bills,already we have debts :(((
I live in a commune,beside a very small city,called Valenii De Munte,county Prahova ,country Romania.
I was alone at parents..I live only with my mom,my dad died 5 years ago.
Me too I read very much about scammers and cheaters from this internet,from nigeria...But I am very real and honest,me I want only a better life and luck...without needs and worries...without hungry and crying.
And I can proof in many ways....First of all I will send you here,in this with me and my mom....and pictures with my ID and even with my mom ID .
Yes,I have an old computer..and I have a phone,but is not very smart and good.
Kiss you.
Letter 4

Hi my sweet,and thank you so much for your beautiful too look so cute and sweet!
So...english I learn from school,and from internet,from movies...I write good,but I dont speak very well...I have a bad and ugly accent :))
Your words about my mom are really will be so nice to have my mom beside us least I will know that I dont leave her alone here!
I wish to have a sweet familly,with 2-3 kids :)) I like very much kids...I wish to have 2 boys and 1 girl :P
I wiro in a chicken slaughterhouse..I have only 140 euros per month salary :(( and with these money I can pay only rent,some bills and a little food...and I have to buy pills and medicine for my mom,she have some health problems :(( so,everyday only needs and worries..everyday starving and hungry....
I like very much your project,and I know and I understand you when you say that is hard....when I will be there,I will help you in your work,I will cooking for you.....I like to work,Im not scared to work...I am learn from little.....I wish to have my animals in the have my garden for vegetables,for flowers....
Sweet sweet kisses my the way,you still dont tell me your write only a simple ** A. ** :)))
You can call me my sweet,to hearing our voices....but you have to send me first a email here,because I dont answer at unknown numbers.... Area code for Romania is 0040 and my number is 0733127471 .Or you can put simple +40733127471
Hugs and kisses my sweet!
And I will make pictures in house and send to you my sweet!
Letter 5
Hi my sweet..
So,my email adress is
I live in a commune beside a very small city called Valenii De Munte,county far away from Bucharest.
I am a country women...I like to work in my yard,to have animals,to work in my vegetables garden....
Many mans answer at my ad....but all was only sick and pervert peoples!!! Speaking only about sex,and want only naked pictures!!! LoL !!!! Even I am poor,I dont sell my body and soul!!!! I am very loyal,honest and seriously women!!!!! I dont like liers or cheaters!!!! I wish to have a simple,sweet and beautiful life...beside a simple,sweet and beautiful familly!!!!
I make pictures that you ask,and I will send you anothers pictures with me in house and in the yard!!! Sweet kisses my sweet Aero,and hi from my mom !!!
Letter 6
Hi my sweet Aero...sorry because I answer so hard,but internet dont works very well,sometimes failed :(((
Thank you so much for your pictures,I like them so see you and new things...really thank you...I am so glad when I read your emails,your words....
Never I was on the beach :(( You have to learn me to swim,and show me the beach and the sea :))
And yes,you are the only who I call ** my sweet**,I lie..sometimes I call my mom **my sweet** :)))
And I call you like that because I like you,I like your pictures,your words....You look so honest,so seriously!!!!
And I dont receive any emails from other peoples...right now I dont care anymore....lets see these days how can I delete my ad from craiglist....
And yes,already I start to dream about day when we will be together,working together...beeing beside you everyday....sweet and amazing dreams for me!!!
Here right now is 17:40 pm ,Saturday ,almost evening....
A commune is something a little bigger that a village...I dont know how to explain much better,I hope you will understand me....We live in our house,but is very old and little ,only with 3 small rooms.....Our bad life start when my dad died,5 years ago......So,now,our lifes is bad and ugly...everyday needs and worries...everyday starving and hungry...everyday crying....Sometimes I go at work without any power in my body,because I am too hungry......Me with my mom we are happy if we have to eat empty bread and sometimes potatoes :((((
So many bills to many debts...I have to buy my mom pills and medicine....I really cant handle anymore,sometimes in the morning I dont want to woke up anymore :(((
I learn to be strong,and I am strong...but really I cant handle anymore..I cant.....
In few days I guess I will remaining without electricity and internet....we have to many bills and debts to pay....I dont know how we can speak anymore......
What to say much more my sweet Aero???? Me and even my mom,we have to thank you for your beautiful words,because sometimes we start to dream,and imagine a better life..a more beautiful and amazing life...whitout crying and starving everyday!!!
Sweet sweet kisses for you,and big hugs ,my sweet Aero...have a wonderful I thinking everyday about you!!! And Saturday and Sunday I dont go to work!!!!
Letter 7
Hi my sweet love...I am so glad to read your words..... I read my love about boxing match,mayweather wins,no??!!
My mom wish the best for me my sweet...I speak with her before...and she told me that it will be a good thing for me to come there,beside you...and after,if we can to take her there,it will be nice!!!
I really wish to come there my sweet,to be together there,hand by hand in life!!!!!
And yes my love,my mom told me that we have Western Union office will need my details,name and country...but you have to write well and correct..because if is a little mistake at my name,or something like that...I cannot receive money from you...... my mom when hear that you will send us money,she start to cry,she still dont believe that....You have to understand both my sweet...if never,nobody help us :((
So,I will give you my details my sweet...
Surname : raluca ioana
Name : dumitru
Country : romania
And you have even picture with my ID my sweet Aero!!!!!
Sweet sweet kisses my love,have a wonderful Sunday !!!!!
HUGS my sweet Aero
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