Scam letter(s) from Marianna to Peter (Austria)

Letter 1
Hi!!! It seems to me remarkable that you became interested in acquaintance to me. I am very glad, what do you want to get acquainted with me. How are you? How is your mood and health? How your full name? I took your e-mail in International marriage agency "Svaha". I very much liked your questionnaire and I decided to write you the letter. I would be very glad if you could send me your photos. I hope that our acquaintance will develop further. My name is Mari (Marianna) and me now 35 years and I hope that our age difference doesn't disturb you. I hope it so? I always liked men aged because men aged respect women and pay more attention. I want to tell you a little about myself. I live alone in the own apartment. I work in flower shop. After work I spend free time of the house or from my acquaintance. I can speak fluently in English. I very much worry to write you the letter because it is my first experience of acquaintance in the Internet. But I would like to know a little more about you. I want to know what is your occupation? What you in general are engaged in? To be pleasant to you your work? I will be glad if you respond to my letter and you will tell more about itself. Now I will finish my letter to you and I hope to receive from you letters. I wait for your following letter. Marianna
Letter 2
Hi Peter!!!! I am very glad that you responded to my letter. For me to receive from you the answer very pleasant. I am so glad that you answered on my letter and it really brings a lot of joy.
To me it was sad that you didn't send me a photo. I would be very glad if you would send me your photo. For me it is very important to have a photo of the person, with which I correspond.
I want to tell you a little about myself and my life. I live in the city Tryokhgorny/Zlatoust-36 Chelyabinsk region. I Hope that you not the distance between us and an age difference frightened. It's so? My height 173 cm and my weight of 56 kg. My Fair hair, and eyes Green. I I was born on February 11, 1982 and me 35 years now. I work in flower shop. To be pleasant to me my work. It to be pleasant to me when to to me buyers come and I can help them to pick up flowers. Mine work is a part of my life and I like to do what I I am engaged. You can tell me about your work? It is interesting to me to know about your work. In 18 years when I graduated from school I went to study in institute. At institute, I studied as the philologist. But I don't work on professions. It is very difficult to find work in Russia by profession. And me to be pleasant that place where I work now. I hope that you not you thinks that for me work on the first place. I love the work, but it is only work. After work, I spend time with friends and we cheerfully we spend time. I have many friends, but I have no darling person. Peter as I already told you, it at me the first experience communication on the Internet. I hope that at me with you to turn out to construct a relationship. What do you think? I will tell you a little about mine to family. I am the only child in a family. My mother is 60 years old and she lives together with my father on other end of my city. My mother worked the tutor a destky garden and it on pension. My father on pension, to it 65 years. he was a military. For the weekend I go to my parents. I hope that my letter didn't bore you. It would be interesting to me to know about yours to family. You have brothers or sisters??? Peter as whom you studied and what education at you? To me would be very pleasant if you I told about myself a little more. So we will be able to recognize each other a little better. It is interesting to me to recognize you. Today I send you still my photos also I wish you good mood. Marianna.
Letter 3
Hi Peter!!! To me very pleasant to receive your letters. I am very glad, that we with you exchange letters and we recognize each other.
Today I have a little time to write you the letter. To to me many buyers come today and at me isn't present a lot of free time. I write you letters from the computer of my acquaintance in next shop. My acquaintance allows to use the working computer when her chief doesn't see. My acquaintance is called Ekaterina and it is very much good person. I got acquainted with Ekaterina when I began to work in shop. I work in flower shop for a long time and it to be pleasant to me to work. But when many buyers come to shop I very much am tired. My days are almost always monotonous and sometimes are even very similar, on it I feel lonely. I began search of the man on the Internet absolutely recently and you are the first person to whom I write letters. I was tired to look for and change the man in Russia because all deceive, I was tired from treacheries. Men in Russia don't respect women. There are men, which differ from all, but all this only a rare exception. To the regret, at the moment, to me didn't manage to meet the man with which I could build a relationship. Each woman looks for the man on which it is possible to rely and with which absolutely safe. When I I read your letters, it seems to me that you are a person from other planet. To me to be pleasant our communication with you. You have other outlook on life and that occurs around. I want to know your opinion on our communication. To youto be pleasant to correspond with me? It is interesting to me why you are lonely? As long ago you look for the woman on the Internet? I will wait for your following letter. Don't forget to answer my questions please. Your messages bring me a lot of joy and pleasures. Marianna.
Letter 4

Hi Peter!!!! I am very glad that you wrote me the letter. Your letters bring joy in my day. When I receive your letters mine the mood is better to become. I am grateful to you for your letters.
Today at work with me I happened interesting and at the same time offensive history. I learned that there is an interesting dialogue program which is called skype. I read much about this program. Today, I together with my familiar Ekaterina established Skype. When program already I was established and I was ready to begin registration in skype, in shop to Ekaterina the director came. He asked me to leave from a workplace Ekaterina also to go me on the workplace. When I sat on the workplace, the director shouted at Ekaterina. I very much was frightened for the acquaintance. The director shouted at Ekaterina because she was engaged another matters instead of work. He told my acquaintance that if it still time will see similar, that he will fire my acquaintance. I was very much it is frightened. After the director left, my acquaintance calmed down and I told that everything is good. You don't worry, I will be able to write you letters every day. But now I will be one many accurater. Peter I want that you told me as much as possible about yourself. It is interesting to me to recognize you it is more and more. I like to recognize you and it very much interestingly. It is my first experience of communication in the Internet and to me it is very much to be pleasant. I want that we continued our acquaintance to you and I hope that it will proceed. To be pleasant to you our communication and acquaintance? I want to explain to you what person I look for. To me it is necessary that person to whom I will be able will entrust and which me never will deceive. I don't need communication just for fun. I want that ours relationship was under construction on trust. I hope that you hide nothing from me also you tells me only the truth. It's so??? I don't want that ours with you acquaintance began with mistrust. Open acquaintance will help to us to know each other a little better. What do you think? I want to tell to you, than I do in the spare time. I like to run in the mornings in the park and me it to be pleasant to run. At first for me jog was in the way to keep a figure, then I liked to run. I leave every morning on jog before work. I like to listen to music and to look romantic comedies. I have no preference in music and on it to me to be pleasant any music. What are you doing you in free time? What music to be pleasant to you? what movies you like to watch? With everyone yours the letter, I learn you a little more and I like to learn you. It to be pleasant to me that we have no problems with understanding of each other and I can it is free to read your letters. I am happy that I understand everything that you you writes me. I wait for your following letter. Marianna
Letter 5
Hi Peter!!! How are you? how is your mood and health? I I hope that you are ok. My parents in a full order. I all also I continue to work.
Today I thought that still to tell you about myself. I thought that for will important know you about me. I decided to tell you about why I am still lonely. I will a little tell you about my last relationship. In my life there were enough men to understand mentality and outlook of most of the Russian men. I looked for the man who the best can give me something, than they can give me. I always looked for only serious relationship and trust in a relationship. Without trust it is impossible how to construct a relationship between two people. But I is constant I pushed together with identical problems of the Russian men. Since that moment, as I began to communicate with you, I begin to understand that at you absolutely other views of the world and life. To be pleasant to me yours outlook. To be pleasant to me your way of life and what do you think of to the woman. It seems to me that you are that person whom I looked for. I I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I never smoked and I don't smoke. I seldom I take alcohol. but only in small quantities and on to holidays I am able to afford a glass of wine. Despite mine the worker day I try to keep the figure. Peter, I never I told you as I like to sunbathe in the summer on the beach and to run in park. In the winter I like to ski and every weekend I go to mine to parents for this purpose. I tell you about myself much and I hope that I didn't tire you with the stories?! I try to tell you more about yourself that you could understand my way of life. I think that for you it important? what do you think? You agree with me? I want to know, why you are lonely? How long you look for the ******* the Internet? Why you decided to look for the girl by means of the Internet? To me it is important that you answered on my questions. So I will be able to know you a little better. I wish you successful day and excellent mood for all day. Marianna.
Letter 6
Hi Peter!!!! How are you??? I'm fine, my mood excellent despite bad weather.
Your letter lightened my mood and no that to me will be able to spoil mood.
Today to me for dinner there will arrive my acquaintance and my parents. It seems to me that it will be excellent evening and we will perfectly spend time. I wanted to ask you some questions, it is important for me that you answered them. I want to know, what are you doing in free time and during days off? Of what sport you are fond?
How often you see the friends? What it to be pleasant to you from food? I very much like most to cook food. I can prepare a lot of things from foreign kitchen. For me cooking is a small hobby. it has to seems to me girl to like to cook food. It seems to me that for the man very important that the girl knew how to cook different dishes.
From small age I a lot of time spent time together with my mother in kitchen. I helped my mother to prepare and itself gradually adopted skills to cook food. I very seldom buy ready food in shop as I itself not badly prepare. my favourite dish borsch. For me borsch, is favourite soup and I train him with pleasure. You tasted sometime borsch? I want to tell you that I expect from the man. I have already much been through a lot pains and sufferings. I was tired to be lonely. I want to find the person for the rest of life. I need such person who will appreciate, love and respect me. I was tired of the last relationship and I don't want to come back to the past. I am sure, what will be in the future one many better. Peter, I hope that I between us am not present and there will be no secrets. you agree with me? During our acquaintance, I began to trust you. at me isn't present from you what secrets. I hope that you hide nothing from me and you have no secrets from me? In a relationship the main trust and honesty.
Without trust and honesty it is impossible to construct a relationship. Peter how you consider? I want that you told me that you think of me? For me it is important to know your opinion on me. I hope that in the following letter you will be able to give me the answer to it. I will wait for your letter. Marianna.
Letter 7
Hi Peter!!!! How are you??? I am very glad that you wrote again to me letter. I hope that you are ok and your relatives have nothing didn't occur. It's so? It is very important for me that at you and yours relatives everything was good.
I woke up before my alarm clock this morning and I had time to lie in a bed. When I lay in a bed, I thought of you. To me it seems that it would be fine to meet you once. I wanted to see you in reality, it seems to me that it would be fine. How you consider? I try to write you letters every day without looking on my problems at work. For me it will be difficult to forget it person as you Peter! I would write you letters every day, but as you you knows, I write you from the next shop, and the chief there all the time swears. But I do everything to write you the letter. When mine the alarm clock rang out, I began to gather for jog. It to be pleasant to me to run in the morning to keep a body and muscles in a tone.)))) After jog I took a shower and sat down to breakfast. For breakfast I like to drink milkshake with fruit. Peter How your morning begins? Are you all right you does after woke up? what do you like to eat for breakfast?
Last night I invited to myself on a visit my parents and I wash acquaintance. I made a dinner and we had a good conversation after a dinner. I told my guests that I began to communicate with the man. Mine guests were very glad that I had a man. I hope that you guessed whom I told mine to guests?!))) My parents embraced me also told that we are very glad for the fact that I met you. My mother transfers to you "Hi!!!". I always tell my mother about mine lives. For me was unexpected that my mother transferred to you" Hi!!!". But me very pleasant that it so. I didn't tell long ago to my parents about the private life, also I thought that it will be for them good news. It would be interesting to me to know whether you spoke to somebody about us? what do they think of our communication? To me of course not it is important what is told by other people, but it is interesting to me to know such things. As often you listen to opinions of people? I think that I am independent the woman and for the sake of my man whom I love I is ready for any acts. I want to wish you successful day and excellent mood. And still I would like that you gave me number of your phone. To me would be it is pleasant to speak with you by phone and to hear your voice. For me our first conversation is very important. Still it is important to me to know your house the address that I could send you a small surprise for you!!! I I think that to be pleasant to you it. I with will wait very much for your following the letter to me. Marianna.
Letter 8
Hi, darling Peter!!!! How are you? How was your day? I hope that you not against that I called you by "Dear"???
Peter, I asked you a phone number. I hope that in the following letter you will give me your phone number that I could to speak with you.
Today at work there were few buyers and I had free time. I thought of you. I am grateful to destiny that she acquainted me with you. You are glad to our acquaintance? it seems to me when you think of me you have on a face a smile! It's so? it would be pleasant to me to see now your smile. I want to know that the first meeting and the first means to you kiss? It would be very interesting to me to know that the first means to you kiss? it for you just a kiss or something ******??? When I thought, I presented ours with you a meeting and our first kiss. I presented as you approached me, embraced me it is necessary also our lips adjoined. In my dreams you kissed me gently and at the same time in kiss I felt passion. I am sure that it will be most unforgettable kiss for me. Now I write you the letter and on mine person smile. It would be pleasant to me to feel feelings of your kiss now. I would like you to kiss now. You would like it? In the beginning of our correspondence I felt a heartache and thought that never I will be able to find the person to whom I will be attached. But we with you got acquainted a little better and feeling of pain in my heart was gone. It is pleasant to me to receive your letters and together with your letters I receive a part of your heat. I rejoice as the child when I receive the letter from you. Peter, don't think that I fell in love with the dreams. It is pleasant to me to receive from you letters and I know that you are real man. It is pleasant to me to realize that you think of me and me very much it is pleasant to know you. But it is a pity to me that between us huge distance. I always knew that I am romantic nature, but many men when didn't reciprocate to me. I feel that you romantic person. I would like that you told me a little about your imaginations. It would be pleasant to me to know what imaginations at you? You can tell me your imaginations? It will seems to me cheerfully. Peter, I will finish my letter and I hope to receive from you new letter. Marianna
Letter 9
Hi my Darling Peter!!! How are you? How do you feel?
I am very glad that you wrote me the letter. Your letters bring joy in my day. When I receive your letters, my day to become brighter. I always I rejoice when I see your letter. I am grateful to my destiny, because it brought together me with you. To ours with you acquaintances, I I felt lonely and to whom not necessary. But when I began to correspond with you, my days changed and your letters add paint in my day. I hope that my letters bring you joy. Dear Peter, It so? it seems to me that you became for me very important person. Reading your letters, became for me something very important and I I hope that you will always write me letters. Therefore I ask you to write me letters every day what happened to you that I not I worried!!! I can't imagine day without your letter and even I don't know as it will be if I don't receive your letter. For me very much it is important to know that you don't forget me and it is important to know that for you our communication is important. Our communication is important for you? I'm very glad, when you try to know me better, you shouldn't hesitate to ask me questions if it are not intimate questions, I will answer you on them in detail I will also tell you everything about me that to you will be interestingly. I can't answer intimate questions as I write you from my work also I don't want that someone could read it. Today mine day passes very quickly, I managed to make many cases and was even in time to make several new photos for you. Peter, On it I will finish the the letter I will also wait very much for your answer to my letter. To me would be pleasantly if you sent me your new photos. Marianna
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