Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Peter (Austria)

Letter 1
Hi! how are you doing?
My name is Viktoriya or Vika (so call me friends). The matter is that acquaintance on the Internet now is popular all over the world.
I liked you. I'm glad I was able to find cute and interesting man. I'm counting on the mutual sympathy.
What language do you prefer to write? I know English very well. but I hope that knowledge of the language will not be an obstacle for our acquaintance and communication.
If you too liked it I will be glad to get your letter. In the following letter I shall tell about myself more.
Please do not forget to attach some of your pictures as well, OK?
I am looking forward to getting your answer. Viktoriya.
Letter 2
Hi. I am very glad that got acquainted on with lovely and interesting man. ( I'm talking about you). ))) I hope that I also liked.
In the email I will be able to tell you more about myself.
I'll tell you a little information about yourself. And I will wait from you e-mail with a story about you.
As you already know my name is Viktoriya. Ah, Yes, I live in Russia. It's my home country. I live in a small town. It's called Tynda. Nearby is the border with Mongolia and China. I think you can find my city on the map of Russia. But my parents have Russian nationality. And the neighborhood with these countries, it only affects my character and did not affect the appearance. )))
I'm 30 (3 September 1986). But everyone says I look younger. I'm cheerful, sociable, but somehow lonely. Not that alone, I have very good friends, but I want something else.
My preferences? Variety in everything, especially in clothes and food. It depends on my mood. Today I can wear high heels and a tight elegant gown, tomorrow I change them to blue jeans and moccasins. Sneakers? They are good for my exercises in the gym.
I am always curious to try different ethnic cuisine, something new and exotic. Although I have some concerns regarding boiled snails and frogs’ legs… Just kidding )) Have you ever tried any meals of Russian cuisine? I do love cooking (hint!).
Well, I guess it’s enough for today. Ah, one more thing: I am curious to know how you spend your spare time. Do you practice any sport?
I send you a photo, so you remember how I look.
Please do not forget to attach some of your pictures as well, OK?
I am looking forward to getting your answer.
P.S. My English is not so good. But I can understand you and try to write myself.
Letter 3
Hi Peter!
I waited your letter, I'm glad you wrote to me. I have long hesitated to make the acquaintance through the Internet. For a long time I'm alone, I don't have the man she loved. So I decided to write to you. I was advised by my friends to try to have acquaintance through the Internet. It is now popular, I heard many happy stories of Dating in the Internet.
I'm in search of a man who is close to me. With whom we will have common interests and Hobbies in life. Which could become my second half with whom I can create family. Are you also looking for love?
Peter, I'm not familiar with the possibilities of the Internet. I know that you can chat online, but I prefer to write you a letter. I'm a little shy girl. But I'm not afraid of the age difference. The friendship can unite any age.
Now I will tell you more about myself and my everyday life. Of course you've already seen my photos. I have light hair, my growth of 168 centimeters, weight 50 kilograms. I have athletic figure. I have higher education. When I studied in University, I studied English language course. I hope I don't make many mistakes. ))) English is quite difficult for me.
I have a good job. I like my job. I get pleasure from their work. I think the main thing in the choice of profession is that the work brought joy. My income is not high, but I'm satisfied with this income. I can travel. Of course not often. About 1 time a year. I love to travel. It is a pity that I can't travel often. I love the outdoors.
I live alone in a small apartment. my parents live in a village not far from the city. Their village is called the Silver forest. I grew up in the village, that's why I love nature.
I'm a big girl, but still I'm alone. A lot of my girlfriends already have a family. I also dream about family. I dream to have children, so I write to you.
Peter, I hope that my letter will be just as interesting as the previous. And you want to continue our communication and friendship. I believe that you are decent and good man. I've achieved in life, I used to go to the end in achieving the goal. I have everything in this life, except family and true love. It's the love I'm looking for now. I live in Russia. But I don't want to create a family in Russia. I've always wanted to go and improve my life. I hope for you the distance is not a problem. I will wait your letter to learn more about you.
Your pictures will help me to know you better.
Waiting for your letter.
With respect Viktoriya.
Letter 4

Good afternoon, Peter!
How's it going? I'm happy today to read your letter. I am pleased that we continue our acquaintance. Thank you for writing to me. I want you wrote me only the truth. Any friendship, any relationship is built on sincerity. Do you agree with me?
I continue to tell you about themselves. As you already know I live in Russia, in the city of Tynda. Tynda is located on the Tynda river (Amur basin). The population of my city about 33 thousand people. Is a small town located in the Eastern part of Russia. (pick-up position I already wrote to you). Russia is a vast country with a rich history. Peter, you visited Russia? I love to travel, but I never visited your country. Perhaps you're wondering why I chose your country to explore with a man? In your country a warmer climate. Your country is rich in history and culture. The standard of living in your country is higher than mine.
I received higher education at the state University in the city of Tynda. my University has a very long title and maybe you won't be able to understand The Baikal-Amur railway Institute - branch of far East state transport University in Tynda. faculty of Economics and Management. I now work in their specialty accountant at JSC bamstroymekhanizatsiya. It is the largest in the far East company, it specializes in the construction of Railways and roads. I am proud that I work for this company. I like my job, it brings me a good income. I work every day except Saturday and Sunday. My working day from 10:00 to 19:00. Unfortunately, now I have no Internet at home. I live in an old house, in my house not pursuing a line of Internet, because it is not cost-effective for the provider. I'll write you letters from the workplace. I have very little free time during the working day, but I will always find time for you. Peter, I'm curious to know about your education and your work. You love your job?
I heard about Facebook was published programs and skype. These programs allow you to communicate online. The Internet at home, I have not. Unfortunately I can't use these programs with the workplace. Our boss forbids. These programs are interfering with work. I'm really sorry. I would like to see you live.
I apologize for the mistakes I made during the writing you letters. I try to write you myself, but sometimes I use translator. I hope that our communication will allow me to improve knowledge of the language. I still speak it poorly.
I love sports, I often run in the mornings. When I have a lot of free time, I visit pool, I ride a Bicycle. In my country winter lasts half a year, so in winter we can skiing, skating. It's summer, it's my favorite time. Nature comes alive after a long winter and happy colors.
You can swim and sunbathe. I love the summertime and spending time at the river, I love the sea. In the summer we with friends often go out of town, spend time in the fresh air. We fry the meat, you can enjoy a glass of good wine.
I love nature and try to spend time outdoors.
Peter, I want to know your life. What sport do you like? What are your Hobbies? By the way my religion is Christianity and yours? Should I continue to work now. I hope my letter was not boring for you.
With this letter I send you other photos.
From Russia, Viktoriya.
Letter 5
Hi honey, Peter!
How is your day? You should know that every day I wait your letter. Yesterday I had to work until night, so this morning I didn't want to Wake up. I would like to roll about longer in bed. Every morning I do exercises, it gives me energy for the whole day. Now I'm at work. I read your letter. I will always try to answer your questions. If I don't answer, then do not take it personally. Ask me this question again. I find it difficult to understand foreign speech, but I am trying.
Peter, you were wondering about my family? I have a small family, but I really love her. I value their family and loved ones. They are my family, my parents are the most important people in my life. I already wrote to you that my parents live in the village. I used to live with his parents, now I live alone. I have a good family. I can not often visit my parents, they live quite far. My mom and dad are good people. My mom Elena (53 years), my dad Nikolai (54 years old). I have an older sister. Her name is Nadezhda. I also have a cousin. We like to gather the whole family. Mom and dad have been living together for 35 years! I envy them as they love each other during this time. I want to create the same friendly and strong family. And you have a large family? Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I have a hobby. I love active rest. I love to ski. Always when I have a free weekend I ride to the slopes. Do you love active rest? Maybe you like to go to the mountains or to travel n the outdoors with a tent? you probably have a lot of beautiful places to go.
I like horses. I love to ride. I really like to dance. Before I attended dance school when I was little.
I also like to read books. My favorite writer Lermontov and Dostoevsky. This Russian classics. also, I like foreign literature.
I will finish now my letter. I need to work. You should know that when I write you a letter, I want to tell you everything. It is a pity that between us the big distance. Maybe someday my dreams will come true and we can have a meeting. We will be able to converse. I'll wait for your letter with great impatience.
I thank you for the photos, I really liked it.
Kiss, Viktoriya.
Letter 6
Good afternoon, Peter! How is your mood today?
I used to get your letters. I come to work, the first thing I do is turn on the computer and check my email. When I see your letter, I feel a lot of joy. Not always I can answer your letter.
I have a good, although today I had trouble. Early this morning at home I had a nasty accident. I have a burst cold water pipe in the bathroom. A lot of the time I spent at home, I waited for a locksmith. Then the specialist long was fixing a pipe in the bathroom. I washed the floors, almost flooded neighborhood. I later came to work. You wait my letters? Peter, how did you spend yesterday?
Yesterday was a wonderful evening for me. I was at the birthday party of my good friend. We are a big company went to a cafe. We had a good time, danced a lot and laughed. In a cafe playing good music. I love music, I often listen to their favorite artists (Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Robbie Williams). Music to me is always uplifting. The name of my best girlfriend Olga. We couldn't talk much because at the birthday party was a lot of people. We agreed that tonight we will visit the cinema. We will spend the evening together and discuss our lives. Do you like to visit the cinema or watch movies at home? I love to watch movies on the big screen. Of the latter, I liked the movies "Black Swan" and "the x-men movies ".
We were in an Italian cafe. We ordered pizza and pasta. The food was very tasty. But I also know how to cook at home. Peter, you like to cook? I have a large collection of recipes. I'm a good cook thanks to my mom. She taught me a lot. I try to eat healthy foods. I like rice, vegetables, meat, fish, potatoes, bread. I did try the cuisine of different countries. I want someday to visit your country. I'm sure you have many delicious dishes.. someday I will be happy to prepare for you Russian dish. Are you familiar with Russian cuisine? Soup, pancakes, dumplings are the most popular.
I will wait your new letter! I wish you a good day!
I'm waiting for your new photos.
Kiss. Viktoriya.
Letter 7
Hello, dear Peter!
Today I have a good day! The weather here in Russia is beautiful! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I want to relax. Today I woke up pretty early. I had to arrive to work early. At work today I was doing a report for my boss. He asked me to prepare a financial statement for the last month. I'm good at my job, so I coped well with the task. My boss was pleased that he has good experts!
I visited the cinema, go out with my friend Olga. The movie we watched is called "planet of the apes ". We liked this movie. It is very interesting and exciting. It has beautiful graphics. After the movie we talked a lot with my friend Olga. She said that I've changed lately. I look more happy and cheerful. She asked me if there are any in my life man. I said that is not going to say anything. I only said that he met online with a man and we communicate well. I didn't say that you're from another country. Let's be our secret.
Peter, I like you. Sometimes I imagine your voice. It seems to me that you have a beautiful voice. I think I would like to speak with you by phone sometime. I believe that it is important to talk on the phone and hear the voice. I have the phone, but I'm not going to give you my phone number. I'm not used to giving a lot of personal information about me when I don't know much about the man. Must be a mystery. I think we have to communicate through letters before I'll give you my phone number. In your letters I read many pleasant words. I open to you now. I think my life is starting to make sense. I always speak you only the truth. I'm asking you to be sincere with me.
Today my letter to you is short. Because I need to work a lot. I'm waiting for an answer from you. And as always I will be glad to read it.
Kiss. Viktoriya.
Letter 8
Hi dear. When I read your letters it seems to me that you are near me.
Your letter brought me a smile. I'm glad that we continue our communication. I think that look can say more than a million words! My eyes sparkle with joy when I see your new letter. Thank you for the happiness you bring me. I trust you, although we never saw each other. Do you trust me? In relations very important trust. Now I'm worried. I'm afraid one day to check the mail and not see your letter. Your letters are very dear to me your letters bring me much joy. Peter, I like you very much.
Peter, you're a romantic? I like romance. I like watching stars, I like dinner by candlelight. I love night walks. It's like all the girls. However, for a very long time I had this. I want to walk the streets at night with my beloved man. I want to feel the warmth of his body. I want to feel protected. What holiday do you prefer? Earlier I was very fond of noisy company. Now there have been some changes in my life. This is because I became an adult. I'm much nicer now to have a rest in a small company of my close friends in a cozy cafe. I dream about romantic evening with the beloved man, in candle light.
Today I send you other photos.
You often do the housework? You have flowers at home? I love flowers in my home many colors! I love daisies, I love wildflowers. I will finish my letter. Write to me!
Peter, my kisses for you.
Hugs, Viktoriya.
Letter 9
Good day honey, Peter!
How are you doing? I'm good. I am happy again to receive from you news. Now I have some free time. I want to dedicate this time to you. I often think about you during the day. At work they tell me I was dreaming. I feel good when I introduce you. Your letters very much like me.
I'm interested in everything about you. Please write to me as much as possible. Write to me what you do, what you eat. Today I visited the cafe with his friends at work. My colleagues told me that he had noticed the change in me lately. I began early to come to work. I was told recently I look very happy. I often ask myself will we ever meet? Would you like our meeting?
I had a trip to Turkey and Thailand. So I was in Belarus and Kazakhstan. And of course I traveled to Russia. I love to travel to different countries. In previous letters I wrote to you about it. I love to travel, learn new city and country. To get acquainted with architecture, traditions and peculiarities of different cities. Because every city is unique. Even in Russia, each city has its own characteristics. And its unique charm. Always something remains in memory and heart. And the cities of other countries filled with pleasant suspense. And I want to visit tourist places that are all similar. And I want to know and see the real essence of the city.
I'm sending you pictures of my vacation. I wish you a good day! Remember that you have me in Russia.
Hugs, Viktoriya.
Letter 10
Good afternoon, Peter!
How is your mood? What's your weather? I just read your lines. Thoughts of you bring me a good mood. When I can't see your letters, I think of you, and I have a good mood. Today I was in a hurry to work, to soon to read your letter.
Honey, today I want to ask you some questions. If you don't want to answer me, I understand you. do you think of our relations as about friendship? I need to know. I had serious relations twice in my life. I want to be honest with you, I don't want to hide it from you. I very trustful girl. I suffered from men in the past because of this! I don't want the experience of unsuccessful relations has repeated for me. Sometimes I think I'm unlucky in love. I am very gullible and very quickly fall in love. I give myself completely to her beloved man and expect him to do the same. I do not understand why men tend to change their girlfriends. I don't want to reminisce about the past. I live in the present and the future. I hope you're not.
You write letters to other girls? It's important to me to know! You are the only man to whom I write my letters. Long ago, I don't have a profile on the Internet. I'm not interested in other men. I like you. Tell me please as you consider your future? You want me to be a part of your future? Do you want your future wife was till the end of your life? I want to marry once and be happy. I want to have children from the man she loved. You can (want) to arrive to Russia? I have a passport that allows me to travel all over the world. I want to have a trip to you. I've never been in your country I want to visit your country. I want to see you.
Peter, our friendship is really like. Earlier I to you had a sense of curiosity. Now I have had a feeling of sympathy for you. I'm waiting for your letters with great impatience. Your letters became an important part of my life. I haven't felt that in my heart now. I have feelings for you. I'm afraid to tell you this, but my feelings for you are greater than sympathy. I with huge impatience wait for your letters. I go to bed and think about you and me. Throughout the day you are in my thoughts. I never imagined that feelings can arise at dialogue in e-mail. Tell me what you feel? I'm sincere with you and telling you how you feel. From the very beginning of our dialogue we have agreed about sincerity. I was always honest with you. I trust you now. I have a feeling that we have known each other for very long. I have no secrets from you. I always try to answer you. Please repeat your question for me when I didn't answer. Okay?
Peter, please don't forget to answer my questions. I really appreciate our communication with you. I'm afraid to check the mail and see your letter. Please don't leave me without your letters. Today I'm going to leave early from work. My mom is coming into town to visit the shops. Then mom comes to visit me. We have not seen, we have lots of news for each other. I guess I'll tell mom about you. She's my best friend, I'll ask her opinion.
I send you a photo. I hope that you will go as much as you do me!
I'm waiting for your new letter. your baby!
Kisses. Viktoriya.
Letter 11
Hi honey, Peter!
How's it going? How is your day? Today, I again hurried to work. I waited your letter! Lately I like to be alone. I like to think about you and me. Now I see on the streets many couples. I see couples hugging and kissing. They look very happy. I just think about you and me. I want one moment to be with you. It's only a dream. I am grateful to God and the Internet that we met you.
Remember I wrote you about my mother? My mom was at my house. My mom stayed the night with me. We long did not sleep. My mother made cherry pie. We ate cake, we talked a lot. My mother and I are very good friends. I have no secrets from my mom. I'm an adult, but my mom always helps me wise advice. I told my mom that I have a friend abroad. Mom was very surprised. I said we met on the Internet. Mom approved our communication with you. Also mom said I have to be careful. My mother is a wise woman, she to aspire to warn me from bad. Mom says that Russian girls are selected documents in another country. They can not go back. I told my mom that you're a good man, and maybe soon we will have a meeting. Mom is happy for me. I consider it my duty to consult with parents, they are the closest people for me. My parents always will help correct Council. It's hard for me to imagine how my father will react that I have a friend abroad. I he has not yet spoken. Mom promised that we stand together and tell my dad about it. Today we are going to call my dad, he's in another city. My mom said "Hello" to you!
I'm ready to change my life for the better. I want to start building my happiness. Maybe we can be together very happy. I think my family wishes me only happiness and they will not be against we met.
Peter, thanks for that answer my questions. In my letters I told you about my feelings for you. Do you trust me? In letters it is difficult to talk about feelings. I believe, we will meet with you and we'll be able to talk without end. Every word that I say to you, I say realized! Love unites such feelings, as friendship, respect, trust, sincerity, mutual understanding, affection and tenderness. I believe that in love you need to admit looking into the eyes of your loved one. The feelings in my heart now very new to me. When I read your letters, I feel very good inside me. I don't think it's love. But this is a very big sympathy. What feelings do you have for me? Do you think of our meeting seriously? I really want to spend our vacation together. I hope that in the next few days, my boss will tell exact dates of my vacation. And we can arrange a meeting. Even if you're busy day, I don't want to refuse travel to your country. I promise I'll be patient. I'll wait for you every night. I can cook us dinner. I can help you with your work home and can do the order if you want!
I really do not want to end my letter to you now. I think that I can write to you infinite letters. However, I have to work now. I send you a kiss!
Send you some of my photos.
Thank you for the pictures that you sent me. they I'm really enjoying.
Please, write me the letter faster.
Sincerely, your Viktoriya.
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