Letter(s) from Kausaria Semenchenko to Robert (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Robert! I so am happy, that you understand me and accept all my undertakings! It is very important for me. Without understanding and trust in a life it is very hard, but I know, that you always will understand me, support and will trust me the same as I trust you, my love! I informed Olga about amount of money. She has told, that will try to receive them tomorrow. Dear Robert how it is soon necessary to receive money in bank? I suffer, that Olga can not be in time and money will burn down... It would be so not pleasantly because you do for me so much! My love! I very much want to hear your voice and very much I hope that it will take place as soon as possible! Dear Robert! My heart is all open to you. And there are only thoughts about you in it!!! i can't live without you anymore. My life seems to gray and boring without seeng or speaking to you. talking to you over the internet is not enough to me anymore!!! I wish i could see you!!! I want to be with you stronger then ever!!!! I want to tell you once more that i can't imagine my life without you and i love you with all fo my heart!! but... i don't know how to say that... i'm very upset right now... if i start telling you about waht happened with me i will cry. i love you so much but today i became the unhappiest person in the world... the thing that i went to that travel angency that i have in my town... and i'm afraid of not being be able to see you for a long time!!!!.:((((((((((((( well.... the thing is... that i have no so much money even to get visa... what they told me in the agency is that B-2 visa that lets me stay in the USA for 90 days... and it cost 390$ to make it and then this agency takes 30$ for them doing the visa for me.... so the total sum is 420$ i was about to cry when i've heard this sum of money becuase i've never did visa as my friend's family payed for everything when we came to the USA.... and now the left my city and moved to Moscow. i don't talk to them anymore. And i have no one to ask for help:(((( I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! I'M SO CONFUSED!!! i asked my mom if she has any friends to help me!!! but she answered in the negative....i don't knwo what to do but i want to be with you!!! becuase you are the only person that i love and that i need!!!!! one of my friend told one thing.....but in my opinion it's not polite to say so....well.... i guess i have to do it.... i have no other way to get to you.... i might ask you to help me to come to you.... believe me it's so hard for me to ask you for money... because i got used to being an independent person... but i'm lost....i have no way out!!!! and i think if you really love me you'll help us be together!!!! i hope you love as much as i do!!!! be sure that when i come to you i won't be lazy. i'll find a job or even two or three jobs. and i will pay your money back!!!!!i can't stand being dependent on somebody!!! i hope you'll understand me.... though if you don't... i even can't think that our love will be broken by such thing as money!!!! i don't believe that will happen!!!...... i can't believe that i actually told you all this it was very hard to get over myself!!!!! i can't live without you!!!!! i will die without you!!! and i'd prefer to die then to know that i will never be able to meet you!!! i hope that you agree to me!!! adn i hope you'll help me with my coming to you!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

all yours Kausaria

Letter 2

Hello, my love! I am very happy to read your letters again. When I read their my mood at once rises. Feelings overwhelm me and are already splashed out from me! I so want to appear in your embraces, my Robert! Dear Robert, you have told to me, that the visa can be received for 69 dollars. I today have called in travel agency and to me have told, that cost of the visa makes 150 dollars, but thus consular gathering are obligatory at a rate of 120 dollars which I should pay without dependence from that, will give me the visa in a result whether or not, obligatory insurance and physical examination will cost in 100 dollars, plus any sum on taxes and 30 dollars takes travel agency for the services. To me have told, that I can make sure of it on a site www.us-visa.ru. I have loaded this site. There the same has been written. I think, that it needs to be made through travel agency because it would be very difficult for me to understand with all papers. All should be good, necessary only to start to move to the treasured purpose and all will turn out, I believe in it, my love! Tomorrow weekend and I wish you, dear Robert, to lead it wounderful! I very much hope, that all will be good. I very much miss on you and every day, every minute, every second I dream of you! Dear Robert, I love you!!! I am happy how never was earlier, because you are in my life now! My love, Olga tomorrow will come home and will bring money which you have sent me and I can call you! I shall try to make it on Sunday to not disturb you during your rest. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

With much love to you