Scam letter(s) from Lina to Eddy (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, dear Eddy! ) I am very pleased to receive your letter today :-) :-) :-)
:-) :-) What girl are you searching for in Internet? Tell me please! I am searching for honest and truly relations..What about you? How are you today? Do you have a good mood? I hope yes :-) It is so pleasant that you visited Donetsk! It was so nice city before this war( By the way, I want to tell you about my work! To tell the truth I do not work in a profession. I am marketer! And have a high education. I was finished Donetsk National Univercity. But did not find this work very interesting. I am working in call center of Internet-shop! I adore our people!! Even if a war, every woman wants to be beautiful!! So our shop has great demand for dresses and **** costumes))) I am also like it very much! What do you do on your work? Maybe you can tell me your usual working day!!! I am very very interested in details!! When I have day off, I like to spend it at a gym!! I adore sport, I can not imagine my life without it. I try to begin my day from charging or body-flex! It is makes my day full of energy and pleasure! What about your? How does it usually starts? What do you like to eat in the morning? Maybe eggs or toast with jam?
I Would like to know a cuisine of your country! After work I like to meet with my parents or with friends.
It is the best moments with closest people near!! As I said I am Family-oriented woman, and like my father says, have a right priorities!! Do you like football? or prefer another sport? I know most of men like to watch football game with ****! At least in the Ukraine is traditionally!! I hope you do not get bored reading my letter :-) I'll wait for a letter from you impatiently))) I wish you only the best day today!! Your Lina
Letter 2
Hello, inimitable man Eddy! : - ) : -) : - ) Thanks for your answer!!! We have a mutually interests, it is very pleasant! How are you today?? Do you have a good mood, dear? Thanks for your nice letter! I like to see that you eating healthy food! This is nice. I also like eggs! I have a good mood today. I am working now and have free few minutes as my boss went to shop of our company! Today there is a huge supply of cocktail dresses for women. What do I do for work? Well, I accept orders for women's clothes, I form orders and compose overhead at the end of the working day) I love my work, because I am sociable and like to communicate with new people ? I live with my parents at the flat. Tell me where do you live? At house of at flat? Do you have pets? How do you treat pets? Do they live in your house? :-) :-) :-) I have a dog! It is pit bull terrier named Lucky!! I love him a lot!!
And my morning starting not with Coffee, but with walking with Lucky at the park located not far from me :-) I have no brothers, no sisters! Only many cusines and friends! And what about you? Tell me about
Your family please! I adore my granny. When I have vacation, I like to come to her and to help her in a vegetable garden and the garden. She has the most beautiful cherry trees, apple trees and peach! It is my favorite fruits! I will not bored you with many information about me..i am expecting for your letter back with your photos))) I am exciting to see more about you!! I wish you only nice day! Sincerely your's, Lina
Letter 3
Good day, my dear Eddy! I have to say THANK YOU for your letter! It is very pleasant to receive it! How are you, Eddy ? Thanks so much for your photo, honey! You are so attractive!! I am on my work! I am wondering..what kind of rest do you prefer?
Active sport? Romantic dinner with canndels? Or wild *** during weekend?
What about me, I can
Be different!!! I like also beach rest! To lay under the sun! Do you like girls on the swim suits? Are you a romantic person? Do you like walking in the moonlight, poetry reading and crazy things? ;-) ;-) ;-) : P I am loyal person, and do not have any radical thought never. Despite the war in my native town! I try to be positive every day and it is my life style! As I told you before, I am family-oriented! I helped with upbringing of my little nice. My cuisine in divorce with her husband. He raised his hand on her and it is terrible!!! I think woman has to be wise, but domestic violence is unacceptable!! What do
You thinking about it? What qualities do you think is the best in you? What kind of woman you'd like to see next to you? :-);-) I am very interested to know) I think I am not a demanding girl! My man should be loving and caring for me! I like also to visit gym 3 times a week! It is my hobby!!
What hobbies do you have? I send you few my photos! One of them are dear to me - is from my childhood with my father!!!! Oh honey Eddy !!!! I have to back to work now!! Love speaking to you!!! Have a nice day! Sincerely your's, Lina
Letter 4

Hello-hello my dear Eddy! Such a wonderful day today!! I am thinking of you! I missed you and your letters! ;-) What's news do you have? How's your day? I am so glad that you are intelligent man! I respect nice families, and want to create my own perfect family! I am on my work, the weather is so sunny today! So I want to come outside and
To walk! But today will be here till 8 p.m!! Very long working day!
How many hours
Do you work usually? Birds are singing in my soul!! I imagine our first meeting :-) :-) :-) We would have walked tenderly holding hands. You would have told me the story of your life, and I like to share with you mine. Honey, do you imagine our meeting? Do you want to meet me? I think it is great to meet
In real life! I think that only real meet can show real attitude! I never wanted to have only
Virtual relations. What do you think about it? I imagine our first meet like this..we meet at airport, our eyes met, I feel fire at my body, chemistry, and an overwhelming desire to kiss you..Then we come to walk, we laughing, talking about everything..we are so happy! Then we will visit restaurant, nice dinner and we are) Nice, right? You inspire confidence, I think you're a very reliable person)) I would love to meet you and to build a serious relationship. I'll look forward to your response :-) kiss you a thousand times: - *: - *: - * Sincerely your's, Lina
Letter 5
Hello, sweetie Eddy !!!! I was very glad to receive your letter) WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad that you want to meet with me! When can you come to Ukraine? Do you have all the necessary documents? In Kiev it will be so nice to have wonderful time together! I have never been in Kiev! But I know that there are a lot of beautiful places! Or you prefer another city? I live in a war zone, and it is impossible to come here. It is very dangerous even is near. So I think Kiev is the best option for us! Well, I starting to think.hmmmm, what I will wear on our first date!!
I know it will be dress, do you like girls in dresses? Anyway, you have to take vacation, and please inform me how much days you can spend in Ukraine with me! I will ask my boss about free days then.. We will walking parks together, visit restaurants, maybe interesting exhibitions and museums! Also I like sinema) Do not worry, I will try to show you the best side of Ukraine, you will be not
Disappointed! Honey, I wish you nice day and wait news from you!! Let's discuss it more closer!! Sincerely your's, Lina
Letter 6
Hello, my sunshine man Eddy!! I am very happy to find your letter today!! You seems to be perfect man for me! You become closer and closer to me! Do you feel this honey? I want to share with you with tell you all about me! For example do you love ***? Usually I do not talk with men, just when I am in relations) I like to satisfy my man! When you love, you want to make a pleasure every day! To care of
Your soulmate! Are you agree with me? Yesterday after work I came to my girlfriend Oksana. She is manicurist. We had a great time together! Drank coffee, talked about everything and of course, nails!
It is nice time when you spend it with
Friends. But unfortunately as I leave in war zone, I lost many of them. Most of my classmates relocated
To another cities, countries. SO my life changed totally. I am not upset! Because when you lost something,
You will get more and more! I found you, I got new friends, co-workers. I cherish of you and our fellowship! I feel I am not mistaken in my choice! Your thoughts is the similar to my own and it is the most important! Eddy, I really want to meet with you! It is my biggest wish!! What do you prefer? To come to Ukraine? Or
To meet me in airport of your city? I like both options!!
But we have to decide, mindful of our work. Today is a hard working day, and long. Many calles from women, because our boss returned from China, so
We have new dresses and costumes. Look, I bought this **** costume! Do you like such clothe for passion night? Do you think it is ****? Honey, you are in my thoughts!! I kiss you so many times!! Sincerely your's, Lina
Letter 7
Hello-hello, my sweetheart Eddy!! How are you, my dear?? How is your Sunday? Here it is rainy days now. And the weather became more colder! The summer was gone! But at the sea side i know now it is the Velvet season there! It will be soo nice to meet soon, honey! Sweetie, i want to know everything about you! WHat are you doing this moment? Today in the morning i came to the market and bought some products. I want to make baked patties with potatoes and liver by the recipe of my grandmother. I will do this first time, and want to taste a result, if it is good, so i will cook for you! Now i am preparing to be a good woman for you, and have great desire to care of you every day! You are very gentle and understanding man. I appreciate these qualities. You're a wonderful man, I could understand it. I really want to meet you and understand that you're the person I was looking for. I trust you on 1000%. I know we will never do painful things towards each other. Because i cherish you and our relations! And grateful that i met you on these site. I dream about vacation, my dear man Eddy! It would be great to hold it together, alone with nature. What is a perfect vacation for you?)))) the perfect vacation for me - it's you and only you, nature or a wild beach and a couple of delicious cocktails and sunblock! We will realize it soon! Sweetie, i wish you the best weekends! Love you and thinking of you always! Your Lina
Letter 8
Good evening, my honey Eddy! How are you today? Is everything good? My week was started with a lot of problems and activities.
From the morning i got calles from my ex-work and my ex-boss called me to return to that work! Maybe i did not tell you this, but i worked senior seller in a clothing store. It was a terrible work. I consider my former boss is a ****** and unjust man, who always tried to cheated on the issue of wages. ANd he always humiliated his employees at his friends. I am so happy that i do not work there anymore. I think every boss has to respect all his co-workers, and in this case every person will try to do his work perfectly. I had not any desire to do my work nice, because i felt bad attitude. I spoke with girls, they worked with me at the same time. and they are very oppressed and upset. Sweetie, thanks for all your warm words! Of course i wil be so happy to cook for you soon and to see you in real life! I am not a model, i just have few photoshoots, that i made on studio! Now i have to clean my flat, and to cook this evening. I miss you so much! I need you and soon i will hug you with my hands, kiss with my lips and caress your body with a big pleasure! You are the love of my life and the life of my love. You are and forever will be part of my life. If it will be some difficulties on our way, we will overcome it together! Sweetie, please tell me how was your weekends? What did you do ? I wish you nice evening and hope to hear from you soon! Your Lina
Letter 9
Hello, my sweetheart Eddy!! How are you? Are you good? I finish my work right now, and will go home! How was your dAy today? I plan to finish everything now, and to come home to relax!
Tomorrow will be my day off, and from Monday again new week! What plans do you have for tomorrow? I will be with my niece again! It will be nice evening with her) Cousine will
Bring some games, maybe Tvister or something like this) And what about you? What are you doing now? Sweetie, i want to meet with you in real life! I am sorry that you feel bad yourself now! How i wish to be with you now!!! I missing you, my honey!!! Now is autumn, when feelings is blooming, when you do not want to be lonely anymore! I don't think I ever tell you how much I really love you or how deep my feelings are for you. Maybe because I feel the same strength of love from you which I have never felt from anyone else before. I can't describe what I am feeling right now but I know it is a good feeling and one I want to feel all of my life. I was in relations in the past, but I did not feel that I am loved by my partner. Maybe it was game from his side to use me in his goals. And I sincere believed in all fairy tailes! I know it will never happens again! Because I feel we are thinking the same and see in one side! I wish you nice evening and hope to hear from you soon! Lina
Letter 10
Hello, my sunshine Eddy!!! How are you today?? Are you good?? I miss you so much!!! Today is Tuesday, i am working as always and thinking of you!! Now it is very very warm weather, it seems to be that Indian summer was began! I like such weather so much, and now i prefer to be with you and spend all my days and nights together! Honey, i would never send you photos of another woman! All photos is mine! How was your weekends? I worked at Saturday, it was full day and i was so tired! Sunday i met with my relatives! My parents again visited me, and all morning i cooked for them! I cooked pilaf and salad with vegetables! They came to me around 11 a.m, we talked a lot! We had to discuss much things. We talked about granny, she is ill now, and we worry about her. My father plan to come to her soon and help with her big garden, as the yard is already overgrown with weeds. When my father went to shop, we talked with my mother about my private life. She asked me about you, how are you, how is your life and what we are planning with you! I told her, that our plans is to meet with each other, and we want this so much!!! My mother answered me, she is so happy to see her own daughter so shining, so smiling always!! Yes, autumn depress bypasses me, and this is so nice! After this i came to met with my girls, we went to the lake side, and fed ducks there. They love buns a lot! Then we drank coffee at the park and enjoyed sunny day!
Honey, how i wish to spend with you my life! I live with this thoughts and always send you my positive energy and love! I kiss you everywhere! I miss you!!!!! Lina
Letter 11
Hello, my sweetie Eddy!! How are you this Wednesday? Are you good?? I miss you so much, my dearest!! It is hot days again, and i enjoy it as i can! Now i am working, today will be so long day, till 10 p.m my time.
Sweetie, what do you do today? This evening i have not much plans. I will be at home very late, and probably will go sleep! My dear Eddy, i want to have our common future with you! Can yu help me financially to get my International passport? And i will be able to come or to make fast decisions! What do you think? Today before my work i engaged in jogging in the park! It gave me a lot of energy and forces! I like to do sport in the morning, because in the evening i have a lot of another activities what i need to do. For example, i am cooking and cleaning flat. I have unfriendly owner of the apartment where am i live, he always looking carefully everywhere. Of course for me it is uncomfortable despite of I'm very neat and not slovenly at all. Honey, my dream is to live with you in cozy home together, working.
Spend evenings together, travel together, choose very interesting and romantic places with great history! Visiting caffee houses and restaurant from time to time. I like to rent a hotel room with you sometimes) To imagine we met only...and i am I'm a young inexperienced student who first visited the city. and you are my mature teacher! mmmm, it is very nice))) It is only one of million ideas and plans! And it is give me a lot of happiness and motivation! Sweetie, i wish you nice day and hope to hear from you soon! Lina
Letter 12
Hello, my sweetie Eddy!! How are you today? Is everything good? It is day time now! How are you?? I have nothing intetesting this day! Just too much work! Now I wil have Brain explosion!!! I need vacation!! Beach!! You!! And fresh cocktail! You are the most important for me!! We can be happy and without all this things! Now is the beginning of autumn, but weather is so unexpected all the time. It can be cold and rain, but next
Day it is hot. In my city there is no sea, but there is a lake and a beautiful embankment. Many of people are
Laying under the sun on little beach here. Honey, can yo send me funds with MoneyGram or RIA or i have a bank account, and you can send there! What do you think??? I want to come to you so much! It is my biggest wish! I missing you so much! I just want you to know that I saw you in my dreams. And we with you together. And to us very good together. I hug you strongly-strongly.
I consider that sincere embraces should be strong... As well as my feelings... Those pure feelings which I test to you. As to me it is pleasant that you with me in my dreams! In them we don't leave. Also we do not gather! Because we lead the most fantastic and unforgettable minutes together!! Honey, tell me your thoughts please! You change me for better side. I became kind, and patient! All the same in fairy tales the main idea is absolutely truthful, good always wins evil! What do I mean by the word "good"? It is very capacious. Kindness, for me, it's an attempt to understand someone other than yourself, it's not criticism, but indulgence, it's to notice everything, but pay attention to the main thing, it's to be magnanimous ...
if you have good, you will always see the best in people! Are you agree? I wish you a really nice day today! I am thinking of you always! Wait for your letter! Lina
Letter 13
Hello, my honey Eddy!!! Thanks for your answer!!!!! Sweetie, can you use RIA or MOneyGram to send me funds? You do not need to have accounts or something to do this!!!! I know you have their offices in your town! I rely on your help and wish you nice day! Lina
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