Scam letter(s) from Edith Victoria Adewale to Peter (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi... How are you nice to hear from you
Letter 2
Good morning nice to hear from self employed I'm into buying and selling of raw gold and at the moment am in Nigeria on a business trip firstly I hope you don't mind the distance between us.
Letter 3
Good morning how are you and how was your night I hope you had a nice night, I just wake up here and I saw your mail I think we can get to know each other better and see what will happen in future just feel free to ask me any questions and I promise to answer you with pleasure.
Letter 4

Good evening how are you today and how as been your day... Am here 3 weeks go now this is my first time of coming here to Nigeria for the business and am happy everything is working fine for me I live in Scotland when I don't work but my plan is to move to anywhere I find the right man of my life after my business here that's why am here maybe I can find my man.
Letter 5
Good morning how was your night hope you had snuck night I just wake up now and am taking a coffee... Yes Scotland is also a cold place and it's very nice I know when we meet we can both visit Scotland together and look around the cities. Am so much happy to meet you and am already having feelings for you I hope things goes well for us and we match each other. I will be happy if things work out fine for us because I like you and I wish to spend the rest of my life with you.
Letter 6
Good evening how are you an sorry for late response to your mail.. It's raining all day today and the internet was down it just come up now and am happy that I saw a mail from you because I think so much about you and I hope things work well for us in future.i will be so much happy to meet you in future and have a great life together with you because Now you are the first person I think of when am going to bed and first thing I think of when I wake up am on bed now about to sleep and I think lot about you I hope you also have the same feelings for me
Letter 7
Good evening how are you I hope you are doing fine I really miss you so much since I don't hear from you.
Letter 8
Good morning yes you told me that you start night work hope is not much stressful... I just get to work now and am happy to read from you.. Have a nice sleep write me when you wake up.
Letter 9
Good evening how are you and how is work hope everything is fine with you.... Have been at home since morning i don't work today I had a little problem with those that are working for me here, I want to pay them some amount of money so that they can complete my work for me here and come back home but today when I get to work they stopped working and they said they are not going to work until am able to get the money for them at the moment i don't have enough money with me and i don't have anybody to help me out just thinking so sad here and I feel sad on this... I need to pay them 850? so that they can complete the work I don't know am sorry to ask you can you please help me with some money please I promise to return the money back in double for you and I promise I will never let you down because when I finish the work I will have enough profit and am ready to share everything I have with you.
Letter 10
My plan is to go back to Scotland in less than a week if I get the money to pay the workers I want to pay 850? foe the workers so they can complete my work and I go back to Scotland so we can meet each other and have much time for each other. I will be happy if you can help me out and I promise I will never let you down I will have profit worth 1.4million Euro after I finish my work here and am ready to share everything I have with you.... I need 850? Now to pay the workers.
Letter 11
Thanks so much darling I really appreciate you so much and am happy to hear that you will help me and I promise I will always stand beside you. Full name .... Edith Victoria Adewale
Country.... Nigeria
City.... Ile ife I don't use phone number here since am here for business not staying long here, I think with this information you will send it. Thanks.
Letter 12
Name... Edith Victoria Adewale
Country.... Nigeria
City.... Ile ife
Address... No, 24 mining road ilode.
Amount..... 850?
Letter 13
Oh I really understand you very well... You are right it's a lot of money but believe me am honest with you and I cross my heart for you I will never let you down... I kept my passport In a security company so that it can be safe and also my gold for safety keeping you know I have for be very careful with the gold abs my passport... I hope you understand me my passport is not with me now is in security company with my gold I will collect it when am about to leave this country.
Letter 14
Can you see the certificate that's what I use to get the money out in western union as a gold business... I understand what you mean am just telling you that the passport is not with me at the moment.
Letter 15
Good morning darling how was your night... Well no problem I will go to security company today to collect the ID and passport I will send it immediately am back from the security company..i will do as you said because I don't have anyone to help me out only you. Thanks so much.
Letter 16
Good evening darling how are you and how as been your day, hope you are doing good... The internet was down since morning it just come up now.. Have get the passport from the security company and have scan it.
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