Scam letter(s) from Sara Lely Rashid to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you, my name is Sara, I am from Syria.Have you been in contact with any Syrian woman before?
Letter 2
Ok, although Syria has been in crisis for the past 5 years. My husband was murdered because of the crisis.I am planning to relocate to your country, please do you have any advice for me?
Letter 3
Please reply my email to know if you are really the person who got the message.
So I can continue to write you from here until my arrival in your country.
Please take care of yourself and reply you are the one.
Letter 4

Hello dear,
Thank you for replying my message, I am happy.
Remember I told you my name is Sara, a native of Syria. I was working in the company (Sona Soap company) of my late husband and we lived happily with my husband and two kids at the Damascus until the uprising crisis came and threw me off my feet as you can find out in this website That **** scene still stares in my face like a dragon, watching my husband lying in the pool of his blood, not only my husband, even innocent citizens of Syria are slaughtered under this government of Bashar al-Assad, i wished that day never came. I had two daughters, my first daughter Hanah, is no where to be found; everyday I pray God to keep her alive for me wherever she is. I am only left with my last child Abrar.
My major concern now is to leave this country to a better country like yours. This is why I write you, I will explain everything on my next mail so that you understand me more clearly. My life has been shattered, i don't have words to describe life here in Syria, but if there is anything worst than evil, it might be the right word to describe it. The crisis here has really made death common among us.
Life is like a bicycle, to be stable you have to keep moving on in life, this is why I have made up my mind to relocate, please can i get to know about you? Do you have kids? Please reply thanks.
Letter 5
Thank you for your reply, I want to tell you few things about me, because I can trust you alone and I am sure we can meet soon in your country. My husband was into soap and oil business here in Syria. When he considered Syria unsafe for us, he quickly sold all his properties and decided that we relocate to Turkey for safety. Because of the serious crisis, there is no working bank here, what he did was to put all the money in a box, registered the box as a confidential family valuable and sent through an International Parcel Delivery Service to Turkey and hoping that the box will arrive and wait until my husband comes to Turkey to claim the box. The painful end was he was killed few days after sending out the box to Turkey. As I write you now, my late husband left the sum of $ 3.7 m (Three Million, Seven Hundred Thousand US Dollars) at Turkish Airline Security Store Building. Please write me back so I can give you breakdown details of everything.
Letter 6
Thank you, as the box is in Turkey, no one in Turkey knows that it contains money, because my husband registered the box as an important confidential family valuable. I have written many times to the Turkish Agency to return back the box to Syria, but they refused because Syria is considered a war country and there is no guarantee that it will reach Syria safely. But they advised me if I can accept to send the box to any war free country. This is why I write you to assist me and receive the box in your country, when you get the box, you will open the box, pick some money from the box and send for me to be able to get immediate visa to your country. We have no resources to get this visa now, I only depend on the money in the box, because I lost my husband months back and all the money I have with me all finished. My last option is to trust you to receive my box so that you can send me money from the box. I lost contact with all my relatives, all I have is my only daughter, I cannot continue to risk our lives here anymore.
No one knows about this except as I told you, the box has a password lock system and nobody will open it unless you know the code. When my box reach your home and I successfully come to your home, you will receive 30% share of the money. Please, if you are willing to help me in this, I would need these information from you so that I can forward it to Turkish agency for registration of the box.
Full name,
Full address,
Direct phone number,
Occupation and
Scanned copy of any valid ID card Your information will enable me to register the box to your name and also present you before the Turkish Agency as the person to receive the box in your country. Please maintain this secret for it not to be exposed to any third party in Turkey to avoid impersonation.
Please reply me in your understanding. Thank you friend.
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