Letter(s) from Sofia Chyrchenko to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Michael!
Yesterday it became bad to my mum to do evening also doctors to her operation. During operation have casually damaged{injured} an artery. Clips medical clips have damaged{injured} an artery and after operation there was an internal haemorrhage. There was a greater{big} loss of blood. For mum the substitute of blood for injection is necessary. To her made today injection of new blood. We have decided to buy for mum created blood, we have made for her transfusion and now she to be under supervision of doctors.
At us in Ukraine blood in hospitals acts and undertakes without the analysis and it is a high probability of infection. For new injection it is necessary to buy the created blood. Today in hospital the doctor spoke me that it is necessary to make repeated operation. During inspection of the postoperative period to show that mum has again a part of a tumour Which starts to develop again. And as it is necessary to clean inside and for this purpose one more operation is necessary.
Each person is born with cancer cells{cages} and when that that happens these cells{cages} progress and it is necessary to stop.
The doctor has explained to me on consultation that in such cases apply Rityksah as the doctor has explained to me this{thus} the first monoklonaljnoe an antibody. These antibodies contact a surface of cells{cages} not - hodqikonscis limfome (a malignant tumour limfoadnois fabrics) and start immune mechanisms killing tumoral cells{cages}.
The doctor spoke that at my mum a gene C053 which is activated at presence konserogens, forces a cell{cage} to commit suicide, inducing it{her} to production of the poisonous connection named by " jet oxygen connection ". Cells{cages} in literal sense poison themselves. Probably, it is the most effective way of protection of an organism of mum from a cancer.
Many malignant tumours consist of cells{cages} with broken{disturbed} functions of a gene C053. The doctor is necessary for carrying out of this repeated operation about application of this medicine the expert from Germany.
I at once to agree on it because knew you to me in it{this} will not deny assistance me and to learn{find out} about this operation. Whether probably it{her} to lead to Kiev, or not. As it{she} would cost{stand} that we in advance to ask this money.
As today has counted and director of hospital has explained to me to lead really in Germany operation about application of treatment of medicine Rityksah the price nearby 30 000. It is the price of special transportation of the patient the patient, operation, residing, inspections and supervision.
Today director hospital to inform me on that that such operation probably to spend really in Germany, in Ukraine such opportunity while is not present. Doctors refuse to incur such responsibility for human life. In Ukraine there is no such level of experts, the medicine to not reach such preparations, we never in a life to apply them on Ukraine. One Rityksah costs{stands} nearby 4000.
Now in Moscow in hospital the Institute of Academician Burdenko works the expert from Germany Albert Fort to whom to inform on my mum which spent already some such operations on removal{distance} of a cancer tumour by means of preparation Rityksah. He/she is the expert from Germany which works in Moscow on operations with Rityksah.
In Moscow, In Russia it will be much cheaper 17 000, with a trip, with residing the patient at hospital, operation, under supervision of doctors.
To Russia as it is not necessary to do the passport for my mum. Who that of family can accompany with her as.
Because the international passport is necessary for Departure Germany for my mum. In my family as you know has nobody the international passport except for me. I very much wish to fly to America to you, now I have that the visa, I to not miss this chance when I shall be with you and we will have a wedding. It is dream and efforts of promotion made by us for my departure to America to you.
I very much wish to accompany with my mum in Germany and to support{maintain} her at this time, but even more strongly I want to you. We so long waited this moment to be together a number{line} in California. To have the happy family together with you. I wish to go already in America, all my things I have my ideas collected all on you. About my husband, about your kindness and tenderness to me.
My sister as can accompany with mum in Moscow, for this purpose the international passport is not necessary. Validity of mine the visa of the USA has already begun also I very much I want to you. I have reserved tickets the plane on Sunday on December, 19th, I to buy these tickets. That you would have an opportunity to order this translation{transfer} of the sum of Bank. And to send on treatment.
Operation should be made Usually on such level of operation there is a turn and people wait. Now there is time for December, 19th and when I shall arrive in America we can to call and learn{call and find out} as there passed{there took place} operation and about how to feel my mum.
Albert Fort, the doctor from Germany when has obtained data about my mum has told, that there is a high probability of a successful outcome of this repeated operation and fast to cure.
My sister already prepares for a trip to Moscow because I depart to you. I have now money for a trip and residing of my sister at Moscow during mum of operation and time of stay there.
We experience now such heavy period, and I so am grateful to you for that support that you render me and my family. For your help of money, for your care. I am grateful to you and I know that you will not leave me. Our love is much stronger.
I all my heart wish to be near to you. And to feel you.
With love, yours Sofia.

Letter 2

Dear Michael!
To you that I to receive thanks for that money. Today I pay hospital mum for other days of her finding hospital in Moscow.
You to call to me today and to support{maintain} me very strongly. I have heard your voice and to me became warmer on a shower{soul}. Thanks you for the help, Michael.
It is a pity, that at us bad communication{connection} of phone, and today in the morning when I to wake up I saw you tried to reach{achieve} me many times. And it is easier to me to call, than to you to call me.
THANKS you for the help, I already to pay hospital of mum. I to pay hospital to Kiev. And they to transfer money hospital Moscow. I cannot transport such greater{big} money through border Russia without special the sanction, you know about it, I wrote for you about it earlier.
I do not know now when I shall arrive in America, I hoped that it will be for Christmas, our Christmas together with you. I thought that I shall take off to you December, 30th, I to reserve this flight and I was confident that by December, 30th, that with mum everything is all right and treatment goes successfully.
Today in during ours conversation to phone I to be mistaken and not correctly to hear numbers that you spoke me., I thought that I can pay all course of treatment. I am not confident now that I can to depart to you December, 30th, and probably I am compelled{forced} to transfer{carry} flight again. I now have only 200 on tickets the plane, this all that I to have the rest from those money that you to send today.
The most necessary for me for today to continue course of treatment of mum by preparation Relaksah and to buy the ticket the plane in America.
I to worry about it, I wish to be confident that with mum everything is all right. He/she is my most close person.
And at last that to be with you I dream about this all time, each minute. I would want that my dream to be carried out. You know as strongly I you I love.
I dream about Christmas with All of you this time. The fur-tree in your house, the christmas goose which has prepared I for my small family. Candles, gifts, light of a smile, fires and a romantic supper with you.
As all is a pity that so to occur{happen}, nobody to expect such trouble. Such big misfortune. We cannot pay now due treatment for mum 16 800. And it to please that the hospital at her already to pay and her will not transport in other place as you know already that her it is impossible to transport up to the end of treatment. And she requires strongly leaving{care} doctors and 3 rates on time of preparation Relaksah.
Duration of application 1 preparation Relaksan within 3 days, and a necessary rate makes 10 days, and ourselves to postpone treatment. And when I shall in America probably it will be necessary to send still money for continuation of treatment hospital.
I in despair that treatment to not proceed, I do not know that will be further about treatment and my trip to you.
As always you my unique hope.
I love you.

Letter 3

Dear Michael!
Forgive me for that that I did not write so long. I have been compelled{forced} to leave urgently to mum in Moscow what was afraid to admit to you. It is necessary for me to be assured{confident} in that that with mine mum everything is all right. Now it is necessary for my mum to pass{take place} treatment with preparation Relaksah as soon as possible because at it{her} starts over again to develop illness. And if it to not do{make} in the near future all operation can appear vain.
The doctor is surprised why we till now have not got a preparation and we do not continue course of treatment.
I would address in bank that would give out me the credit that I could pay preparation Relaksah but to me have given up up to the end of month, results of elections will not be known yet and in the country is not normalized conditions.
As I tried to sell the car, and to me as have been given up in it{this}. On same the reason. I tried to take this credit and would search for all possible{probable} ways what to pay to my mum the further treatment.
You did not see it{her}, after operation when I have seen it{her} in Moscow. I long cried. I do not represent as my sister it was heavy when it{she} being with it{her} these days after operation.
I cannot postpone continuation treatment of my mum and leave to you. Until then while I cannot pay for its{her} further treatment.
I have been compelled{forced} to leave urgently to mum in Moscow what was afraid to admit to you. I tried to solve this question independently. As to me did not give out credits as I wrote to you. I to return tickets back cash department and as those 1400 that you to send me I have departed in Moscow and paid hospital to mum the nearest 3 days. My mum already has nothing to pay treatment more and in such condition it{she} cannot be transported and now it{she} is specialized conditions. What for it{her} to transport? It only will be worse for it{her}.
Now I again to Kiev also try to pay nevertheless the further treatment 3 220, and as for necessary medicine Relaksah.
I to get tired now very much, of these trips endlessly and these excitements. I cannot leave now mum I shall not be confident yet that she's fine and treatment proceeds. I can leave when all I will be arranged also all of us we shall be confident that each of us to use the best efforts in this the heavy period for all. Thanks you understand me. I love you.
I would want that you knew that all heart I wish to be with you. I love you.
I love you.
Your Sofia.

Letter 4

Dear Michael!
Today I talked to the doctor of mum CC+Csatisfactory and it is better. That operation has been lead successfully and it also his success. As stay in hospital still C.10 days is necessary for my mum and then there will be a repeated inspection and probably to release{let off} on on treatment in other hospital or in the house.
I am happy after that conversation, all of us we hope for the best. All family thanks the God that all so well passes{takes place}. And the greatest merit in this it you, my favourite.
I thank you my sincere love, you sacred that so help for people. Thanks you for everything, I very much to estimate{appreciate} it. And if for my mum the further treatment is required, we can send then her to Germany, and we can arrive together in Germany then with you and to be with her beside as it would be desirable me all this time. And during this moment then will be near me a number{line} two favourite persons, my mum and you. Even we can probably continue her treatment in America as in America there are the best experts and there as she can continue treatment and we can come to her more often and to see her. In 10 days we can make a decision, when results after inspection will be known.
As it is necessary to pay other 10 days of stay of mum in hospital, about Thursday December, 23rd because environment{Wednesday} is still paid. And other 10 days that would be paid also I did not experience that with mum all well and she by way of. And 10 days of stay of my mum in hospital $ 4 600 Because as I wrote to you stay of one day of My mum in hospital it make it $ 460 in day.
When time will come to make a decision together with you, I know that you accept the best variant for my mum. Therefore I love you. You the best in the world the man, therefore we to find each other. Thanks you for the help to my relatives. I to thank you very much for all. Only really favourite person can help{assist} me so during the difficult period of my life.
To you for that that you to do thanks for me.
I love you.

Letter 5

Dear Michael!
The meeting in in embassy to occur{happen} long and this time my documents were studied{investigated} and me asked about you, than I shall be engaged in America. Then I have received the passport with the visa! I love Vas Michael! I love you! I am happy, we shall be with you together!
I to remember still our kisses in hospital when you kissed me. My dear and when we shall get married in America, it will be greater{big} wedding? You will invite many people? Or on wedding there will be one salamanders? You to inform already about ours wedding of yours parents? I hope to get acquainted with your native. And as I wish to see a photo where you the little boy, probably it is an entertainment! I love you! I love you!
The visa is opened{open} for me December, 12th, probably because on a meeting I showed a reserve of tickets the plane. And it was good very much that you arrived to Kiev on interview and to worry very much for me and to help me all possible{probable}, and I to speak so in embassy. On Monday I shall buy tickets the plane and I shall arrive in America December, 16th. Now to Kiev there is my mum which to arrive early yesterday to Kiev and me now there is no necessity travel to Alexandria. Today to Kiev to arrive as my sister and Gold what to help and support{assist and support;help and maintain;assist and maintain} mum at this time. I already spoke you that my mum to fall ill with a cancer of a breast some years and has now sharp deterioration health. Yesterday and today mum passed{took place} inspection in specialized hospital " Physician " and complex{difficult} operation now is required to her, that is why I to take tickets for Wednesday on December, 15th. I wish to be assured{confident} that with my mum all will be by way of. I think simply I to have very few favourite and close people and me it is very heavy to experience it and I cannot leave when mum is ill{sick} and with her to occur{happen} which that. I to not leave never even to have a rest if my mother had problems about health.
Michael, I now very much to require you, in your help and support. I have no money now because paid for for inspection of my mum. All of our money family and the sister and mine the daddy as send away{have left} on inspection of these 3 days in hospital.
Operation is appointed{nominated} in Friday on December, 17th, I very much asked about it and spoke about you. I trust in you both your love and kindness to me, you always to help me during the heavy moments, at me all hope for you. Only On you, my favourite, my dear the man. Only you can help me and support{maintain} during the most difficult moments of a life for me. I have nobody to address except for you. My mother cannot ask the help from you, it is done{ by me. Please, promise me it! I to ask you about it!
I know it very much big money, and in Ukraine now do not give out the credit and have stopped bank operations and to close bank accounts while this problem about elections of the new president to not be solved.
Before to depart in America to you I wish to be confident my mum to be at good doctors and good supervision this hospital. One day in this hospital the price of $ 300 dollars, and it is very expensive to us. The doctor has told that operation costs $ 3800 and it is very complex{difficult} operation. Operation is appointed{nominated} to December, 18th, I I very much to experience for mine mum. During this this time I shall far. And for this moment I wish to be I shall be confident that with you and my mum will have operation and to live further. And then I only shall be quiet!
I love you, I cannot live without you and I hope for your help. I hope you will help} me to pay stay of my mum in hospital till December, 20th. When there will pass{will take place} operation and survey and supervision of my mum after operational supervision. I wish to be confident that with mum is under supervision in hospital, in fact I shall far from her, I shall be with you. Please do not refuse to me in your help! At me hope only on you! Hope and a life of my mum at you in Hands!
Please, I shall not go to Paris, I do not need wedding travel both a white dress and the big holiday! All that is necessary confidence that I with you for me is and my mum all is good also she continues to live. And you have helped to use the best efforts for her life. I never to forgive to myself that I to leave her here when she so is sick and requires.
I cannot leave her to the mercy of fate and leave hers to die, when mum so requires, knowing about that that I now with you and she so requires. I shall not forgive to myself it{this} never in a life. I hope you understand me and I would not want that our future children have acted{arrived} with us so, left to the mercy of fate.
Please help{assist} to pay these{it} 5 days of supervision up to the end of my stay in Ukraine, the sum $ 1500. I never so to not ask you, it is heavy to me to do it and I do not have other output{exit} I speak frankly. I and all my family to require your help. Please, Michael I hope for you, whether we can pay with you this operation. I know it big money, and I know as that you to help me, to the favourite person and we to support{maintain} each other, and always to help each other as the presents the husband and the wife. I shall thank YOU my sincere love all life, and to recollect all my family as what feat you would make for my mother what to keep her life. I in advance am grateful to you, because I know that you to not leave hard sick person without the attention. You have proved to me when days spent All of you at me in hospital and cared of me, you spent all the days long with me I is grateful to you for it.
Please, if it probably receive at your Bank a loan on Friday on December, 17th these $ 3800, and to send it on operation when I shall be with you. It is important to me to be assured{confident} in it{this} what to have an opportunity to leave and be with you.
All my hope only on you. With impatience I wait the answer.
Your Sofia.

Letter 6

Dear Michael!
We to speak by with you now to phone, and I hope I to understand you well.
On Monday I shall buy the ticket the plane for December, 30th, that flight that I to plan already.
Michael, whether I to ask you probably to pay even one course of treatment by preparation Relaksah and it $ 5 600, it because 4000 euro, cost one rate for 3 days. I to ask you only about it.
Mum to require now this preparation as. All my ideas only about it, and I to ask the help from you.
What for to stop course of treatment on half? What for then in general it was necessary to spend operation, and then to leave the person without a medicine?
I understand as your feelings, understand also me, to me is now more sick twice. On the one hand I have mum in Moscow, and the beloved in America in which I to require as. And which to require me.
We shall be together with you, we shall work together and together we shall send then money for Ukraine to my family. I love Vas Michael, you the best the man in my life.
When we plan to marry with you?
All my heart I wish to be with you.
I love you.