Scam letter(s) from Maria Semenova to Boufi (Algeria)

Letter 1
How do you do? It's nice to get a feedback from you.
Well... What to say? I am Mariya, a single lady.
I am interested only in serious relationship.
I am sick and tired of being lonely...
So you can guess that I am Russian and live there.
If this message draw your attention, write me back please.
We will talk more. Thank you.
Letter 2
Thank you for your attention. I am flattered.
Frankly speaking I am not get used to writing to somebody whom I don't know well. Anyway I want you to know more about me.
I live in the town Polyarny. It is situated in Murmansk Oblast.
I am 30. I was born in January 29th.
My height is 168 cm. My weight is 55 kg.
I work as a coach in the gym.
My lifestyle is my work. I like what I do.
I have never been married. I had long-term relationship but it finished a year ago. Now I am open for a new man.
I want to change my life for the best as every person.
Please tell me more about your life too.
I am waiting for your reply, Mariya.
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend
You sent great photos! You look nice.
How do you feel today? When I was running in the morning I was thinking about you. I think we haven't met by chance.
Do you believe in destiny?
As for me "destiny" means what a person wants and does in this life.
Do you have a busy life? I try to plan my day.
My clients come to the gym by fixed time.
I have a schedule and try to follow it.
Sometimes it doesn't work as there are a lot of unpredictable things in life.
I try to be patient. It is important quality in my job because I work with people.
I am finishing here.
Have a good day, M.
Letter 4

How are you doing? How did you begin your day?
What to say more? May be about my family.
I am the only child in the family. But I have two cousins with whom I chat a lot.
My parents live in the village near Murmansk.
It's about 55 km from my town. My dad is retired.
He is 68. He is a former military man.
My mum is a teacher of Russian. She is 65.
She doesn't work either
but she gives private lessons to prepare students for the State exam.
I often visit them. I buy products, help them about the house, share my life.
They have been living happily for almost 35 years. It is a bright example to me.
I want to have the same warm relationship... Mariya.
Letter 5
It is not my mother on the photo. It is my cousin. We are the same age.
As for future relationship... What should I answer?
I don't know. Only time will show what we will have in future.
I would like to visit you myself.
I don't live in Murmansk. I live in Polarny.
It is pleasant to get every your letter and pick up more details about you!
What to say? Do you want to know about my education?
I graduated from the State University, the faculty of PE.
I had so many ambitious.
When I realised that life is not so easy as I thought I put other goals to achieve.
I went to work to school to train them but the salary is too small there.
To get more salary it is necessary to develop yourself.
So I tried to keep fitness more and more and then I decided to become a personal coach.
I help people to become better and more healthy.
Fitness is health and I enjoy my work a lot.
Besides I decided to enter the post-graduate course.
So I am writing the thesis now which is devoted to the health issues of a sportsman.
It's rather interesting but it gets so much time and effort.
Please tell me more about your job. What qualification do you have?
It is all interesting to me. I wish you a good day and miss you, M.
Letter 6
Sorry I was so busy at work these days.
Of course salary will be higher with higher qualification.
Again I see your letter and it raises my mood.
What to say more?) Do you have a lot of free time?
Me - don't.
I like to travel to broaden my outlook.
I visited several cities, such as Sochi, the Crimea, Moscow and St Petersburg.
I visited Turkey and Egypt - very good and warm countries.
Where have you been?
I like spending time with my friends - cafe, cinema, theatre.
I also like to stay in. I tidy up my flat and then I feel so good in my cosy room.
I can watch TV, listen to music, read a book.
I prefer different styles of music: jazz, classical music, pop-music.
It depends on my mood. I also like to go out to enjoy nature.
You can't imagine what beautiful nature we have here especially when it is summer.
Look forward to your reply. Kisses, Mariya.
Letter 7
Hello my friend
Your photos are great! Thank you for them!
Can I perceive you as my friend?
I guess I have a right to think like this now.
What is important for you in this life?
I do not want to hide anything, I am telling you the truth.
I hate lie. I feel that you are sincere to me too.
What is your favourite dish? Can you cook?
I think a woman always should think of man's meal and surprise him something delicious all the time.
Now I am alone and have nobody to cook for...
Will you be that man for whom I will cook?)
I try to keep fit and eat only fresh food.
I like chicken, fish, diary products, cereals, vegetables and fruit.
I have a weak point. I can't live without coffee.
I can drink it every time but I know it is not so good for health.
Have a good day! M.
Letter 8
Hi my darling
How are you? It has become my habit to check emails from you)
This is what I made tonight when I could fall asleep: Though we may never meet
Every night I pray
That I can contact to you forever
And that you will never go away. Your all I've ever wanted
And so much more
But you live so far away from me
I wish you were next door. I want to believe that perhaps our letters is the beginning of smth serious and long...
I was thinking what man I need in my life.
I want him to be strong mentally and very tender to me.
Now I understood that I need a man who will be older and more experienced than me, who will be able to protect me and even teach.
I will never be with a guy with the same age as me.
What qualities do you look for in a woman?
When I come home I dream that someone waits for me and I can share my impressions for the whole day.
But my flat is empty as usual and I feel a bit lonely.
I want to feel my man's strong shoulder near by.
Letter 9
Hello sweet
I would like to visit your place of course.
I want to see how you live.
I am very glad to read your letter as usual.
I thank God that we met. Do you believe God? As for me I have a faith inside of myself.
I don't show it but I believe and speak to God in my heart. I don't go to the church.
I like the way you write to me.
You seem to be tender, open and respectful.
This is what I need now.
I didn't have these things in my previous relationship.
As you know a woman simply needs tender words, hugs and understanding.
Everything should be mutual.
Only after it this relationship will be ideal and long.
I can't but say that your letters give me a force, a charge of positive emotions for the whole day!
I always wait for your answer!
I wish you an excellent mood!
Yours, M.
Letter 10
Hi my dear
Today I have an excellent mood and I want to share it with you.
Yes I like children.
I have already had my profession. I am an economist.
I see that you enjoy life and I feel optimism in every of your letter.
Our acquaintance is a new breath in my life if I can say so.
Well my be it sounds ****** as we don't know each other so well but I have thoughts about you in my mind)
I wanted to share it because it is impossible to hide it inside of me.
I told my friend about our acquaintance and she wished us good luck.
Does anyone know about our relationship?
I call it relationship because I feel that we became closer, didn't we?
I want to believe it with all my heart.
Yesterday I saw a couple walking hand in hand...
So this is a true love. I dream of this. What is love for you?
I am finishing here my sweetheart. It is time to work.
Miss you and send you thousands of kisses. Yours, Mariya.
Letter 11
Hi my man
I have the right to consider you as my man because you got a plenty room in my heart!
I work where I like more. It is simple.
I have nothing to confess about.
I work in a private gym.
It's true. I am not kidding. I fell in love the way you talk to me.
I went to dates with men but I felt nothing.
When you appear you made my heart burn from feelings of love.
I hope I am not too emotional for you.
I share my feelings. Can you understand me?
What do you feel towards to me? Please be sincere.
I dream you have the same in your heart...
I want to share with you my pleasures and disappointments because I know that any minute you will support me!
I want our relationship from letters to grow into something great and unforgettable between two hearts.
So we should decide what to do to continue and to make something to build a real family or to stop here
because it is impossible to write you and not see you, feel you and your support.
This idea came to me this morning and doesn't leave me.
I want to become a good woman for you.
I will do my best to show what woman should be and behave with her man.
Please remember I am thinking of you every second!
Forever yours, Mariya.
Letter 12
Hello my lovely man
I understand that I need you more and more.
I can't imagine life now without your words and attention!
I have something which pulls me to you. I can't explain it properly.
I want to give you all my tenderness and warmth.
This desire becomes ****** and ****** in my soul.
I guess it has the explanation. Probably I fell in love with you...
I have butterflies in my stomach. It is super. You are my life now.
I am telling you this directly but feel a little embarrassed.
I want to be your woman I dare say...
I feel that this distance makes us closer and our feeling is just stronger.
Even if we are not together the idea of our relationship makes me feel happy and cheerful.
I am afraid the only thing that it might be only a dream and one day I will come back to my ordinal and grey life.
You know I want to see you. But I will be patient.
It is not so easy I realise. But this expectation is so sweet and incredible.
Yours, Mariya.
Letter 13
Hello my sweetheart
As I told you before I prefer to visit you myself.
I don't want to spend my holidays here.
Sorry but I can't receive you here.
My parents are too strict in this question.
I want to see where you live. I want to know your habits and desires.
If we decide to build life together in future I want to see how I can be adapted to the conditions where you live.
I hope you understand me.
I'd like to talk to my boss if it is possible to take days off for me.
I hope he will let me go.
I have already written the application for holidays, I hope he will give me the answer tomorrow.
My love I don't want to give up on us.
I understand very well that you are far from me but our destiny is in our hands.
Please tell me your thoughts about it.
We must have an exact plan what steps it is necessary to take before our meeting.
I am rather determined about us and I want everything to be clear between us.
Do you want me to come to you?
I dream of it so much because I love you!
Forever yours, Mariya.
Letter 14
Hi my sweet angel
How are you today?
Heat doesn't matter for me! I will come to you not to weather.
As I mentioned before I am rather serious about us.
I don't pretend anything and never tell lies.
I want to see your eyes and hear your voice all the time.
I am glad that you support me in my intentions to arrange our meeting.
My boss told me that he can let me go for 4 weeks.
I guess I must have visa to go to your country.
I am going to the travel-agency to find out the exact information.
I hope a manager will explain to me everything I think I will go there in my lunch-break. Then I will let you know about it.
Well the only thing which frightens me is the financial question.
I have no idea how much it could cost to fly to you.
I hope everything will be ok and we will kiss each other very soon.
I want our feelings to develop into a family relationship.
Could you give me your full data about yourself and the name of the airport where I can fly to.
It is important information for the trip.
Then I will be the happiest woman in the world.
I love you with all my soul. Mariya.
Letter 15
Hello my desired
My love I have so many things to tell you.
The travel-manager told me that I must apply for visa.
She wrote me down the list of necessary documents for sending them to the embassy.
It includes the certificate from my work proving my position.
Then I need the medical certificate proving that I am a healthy person, the document about my salary and finally I must fill in the application form and sign it.
It is easy to do it so I think I will be able to gather all papers for several days.
Then I must buy insurance for my life and transfer.
The manager gave me the prices in euros because it is easier for them.
The visa and insurance together cost 150 ?.
The time of getting tourist visa is 10 working days.
I must pay for return tickets. You know I live in the town.
The nearest international airport is in Moscow.
The train tickets to Moscow and staying there before the flight cost 150 ?.
The plane tickets to Paris Charles de Gaulle will cost about 394 ?.
They must be return tickets as I will be a tourist.
So you see the whole price is 694 ?.
I am sorry to say that but it is a great amount of money for me.
I have talked to my mum about it. She is eager to help but it is difficult to save up money for her.
I don't know what to do. I don't earn so much money.
My love I am afraid to lose all the dreams which I had!
I want to be near you and I want to say with you forever!
What shall we do? How to come over this financial question?
Please don't leave me... I can't imagine life without you!
I want to believe that we can come over all the difficulties.
Letter 16
Hello my love
I am so happy that you agreed to help me.
I went to the bank and they advised me Western Union.
My love I can't give you bank account as I don't have it.
I get salary by cash. Do you know this bank Western Union?
Can you send it by this? You have ti know my full data only.
The information is the following: 1. My full first name: MARYIA
2. My full last name: SEMENOVA
3. Country: RUSSIA
4. Address: ul. Geroyev Tumana, 10, town Polyarnyy
Murmanskaya oblast', Russia, 184664 I can't receive your transfer without your details:
1. Your full first name ...
2. Your full last name ...
3. Your City (where you will make the transfer) ...
4. Your country (where you will make the transfer) ...
5. Some money transfer code (secret figures) ...
6. Amount ... You even don't know how much happy you will make me when I come to you!
I love you and I think there is nothing that can prevent us from being together very very soon.
When I pay the money I will be bale to tell you exact info about my flight to Paris.
So don't worry about this. Yours, M. P.S. You can call me on +79021072031. You'd better call at 9 pm till 12 am (Moscow time) I am at home at this time and nothing can disturb us.
Letter 17
Hello my honey
Yes I read your letter and I understood that it is hard to make it.
Can you transfer money to my friend's bank account?
She works in the bank and has it.
So there won't be any problem.
What so you think?
Kiss you a lot. M.
Letter 18
She gave me this. Beneficiary Bank:
VTB 24 (PJSC), Moscow, Russia
Address: Myasnitskaya Street, 35
Moscow, 101000, Russia
BIC: 044525716
Phone: 8 (800) 100-24-24, +7(495) 777-24-24
Fax: +7(495) 980-46-66
Web-site: Intermediary Bank:
VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG
Fr/Main, Germany
0104157391 Intermediary Bank:
Deutsche Bank AG, Fr/Main, Germany
100947525200 Beneficiary Customer:
Bazhenova Olga Vladimirovna
Account number: 40817840812090000087 To be sure how to do it you can go to the web-site: I hope it will work out.
I love you a lot. M.
Letter 19

Yes my love the 21st of August is ok for me.
I can take unpaid leave.
When can you make tranfer my love?
Kiss you a lot. M.
Letter 20
Hello my man
Yes I understand your emotions and feelings about me.
But I perceive us as a couple because I feel you are mine inside and outside.
I don't want you to suspect me in something bad.
I haven't done everything bad for you. I always behave naturally and don't dissemble. I don't wear masks and don't play roles.
I have been honest from the very beginning my love...
God is a witness.
I am what I am in my soul. I love you I can feel it inside of me.
I want to develop our relationship. Every day I think of you and won't let you go because you are my soul-mate.
You heard my voice on the phone and I am real.
Well dear I want to protect myself too.
So I am sending you my passport. It is a proof that I am real.
I am not going to send other things sorry but I respect myself.
It humiliates me. Our meeting is in your hands.
If you want this it will happen, if not.. you know the answer.
I know who I am and want to be respected.
If money question is prior than me for you, it's up to you.....
All the questions will disappear at once in this case.
So we have difficulties now but hope we can come over everything.
Love can help us in it.
If you give me a chance to fly to you, it will be perfect.
If not let it be so... I am not a criminal to prove my beloved that me is me. P.S. By the way Russian bank system doesn't have IBAN.
This is system for Europe. Russia is not Europe.
Letter 21
Thank you for your understanding...
Olga lives in Polarnyy.
In Russia IBAN is just bank account number.
I love you. M.
Letter 22
Hello, my big love
Thank you for what you are doing for us and our meeting.
I will tell Olga to check her bank account on the 2nd of July right?
In life we both received a wonderful opportunity, and that is to love.
You love people in different ways and for different reasons, depending upon how they have touched your life.
You have touched my life. I think it is the love at first sight that came to us and changed our life. I do believe in it.
My feelings for you are growing.
And sometimes I am so much afraid to lose you and miss such a great chance.
Honey, I put these thoughts away.
I know that our love keep us till the day we be together.
I do want to explore a future with you. You seem to be the man that completes me.
The man that I have been waiting for. The one that will be my friend, my partner and lover.
Letter 23
My man
I wish you a successful trip my honey. Please take care.
I remember the day we got in touch. You stole my heart, and made it skip twice.
You have been the highlight of my life. When I sleep, I dream of you, when I work, we work together, when your heart beats, mine beats with yours.
We have been friends for some time now; not one day has gone by without me thinking of you.
I think of you, and the biggest smile comes across my face, I feel warm all over and my heart still skips a beat for you.
Sweetheart, just looking into your eyes still makes me feel like the first day we met.
I have the same dream we both want, and that's to fall in love with our best friend.
I fell for you so long ago. Do you feel the same way about me?
Letter 24
My big love
I look forward our meeting and love you!
I paid the money yesterday my honey. Everything is done.
I got the letter from the travel agency.
I inform you that:
1. I booked the ticket to Paris Charles de Gaulle on the 18th of July, Sat.
Moscow (MOW) Sheremetyevo airport - Paris Charles de Gaulle
Journey duration: 3h 55m AirFrance AF1045, Economy
Departure Saturday, 18 July 2015, 3:10 PM Sheremetyevo Arpt Arrival Saturday, 18 July 2015, 6:05 PM in Paris Charles de Gaulle
2. I will have my International passport. 3. On 17.07.2015 at 10:00 I will pass the interview in Russian Department of Immigration in Moscow to get the permission to leave Russia. 4. On 17.07.2015 at 15:00 I have an interview in Moscow in the Embassy of France to get the tourist visa. You're my love, my sunshine and my air to breath.
I am the happiest woman in the world now.
I hope you're not tired too much.
I am going home now and see you in my dreams...
I prepared this picture for you and hope you will value it.
You're in my heart. Yours, M.
Letter 25
Oh yes dear I forgot about it frankly speaking...
I will connect with the manager tomorrow.
I love you so much my man.
I am always happy when you call me! Don't think negatively about it.
Take care, M.
Letter 26
Hello my baby
The manager changed the date for me.
The information is the following:
Moscow (MOW) Sheremetyevo airport - Paris Charles de Gaulle
Journey duration: 3h 55m AirFrance AF1045, Economy
Departure Saturday, 21 July 2015, 3:10 PM Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrival Saturday, 21 July 2015, 6:05 PM in Paris Charles de Gaulle The interviews will be on the 20th of July.
So now everything is perfect.
Olga says hello to you and was glad to help us.
I love you so much my dear.
Yours, M.
Letter 27
It means that it is not July????
I thought it will be July.
Letter 28
My Dearest
I am not disappointed at all. It was my fault.
I thought we talked about July but August is ok for me too.
I can still remember the first time I write to you.
But it changed my life forever, because you entered it at that moment, and I knew I never wanted you to leave.
you are the best man- I can't stop staring your beautiful photos.
You are the one - I want share my life with.
You are the same boy who makes me feel warm with your smile and kind heart.
I can't imagine my life without you without your sense of humour, your caring nature, the random information you seem to know about everything, your beauty, and above all, your love. I can imagine not having that in my life, and I never want to imagine it.
You do so much for me that I can't even begin to express how appreciative I am.
Each your letter is the blink of an eye, and I've loved and cherished every second of it.
I can't wait to build our family, to continue building our love, and to continue having you in my future, my man.
This is the information:
Moscow (MOW) Sheremetyevo airport - Paris Charles de Gaulle
Journey duration: 3h 55m Aeroflot SU4454, operated by AirFrance Economy
Departure Saturday, 21 August 2015, 15:10 Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrival Saturday, 21 August 2015, 18:05 Paris Charles de Gaulle Yours, M.
Letter 29
Hello, my sweet man
I had some problems with my email.
The letter which I sent to you came back to me.
So I made a new one. Please write me here ok?
Return date is open. It means that I will call the agency from France and tell them what date to reserve. Right now they don't do it.
Today think about the first time I realized that I love you...
It was as if my eyes took a picture at that moment and stored it in my heart.
Sometimes I think about how much my life has changed because of you.
I think about you and your happiness About us, and our life together.
and I realize that you are as much a part of me now as the air I breathe and my biggest dream.
Our relationship is so much richer and move fulfilling, and I feel a special peace and comfort when I'm with you.
I always know that you’re there for me to lean on whenever I have a problem, and knowing I can do the same for you, makes me feel incredibly lucky.
I know that not every couple feels such deep friendship for each other, and it fills my heart with even more love for you to know that we share something so special.
Do you know what loving you does for me? Do you understand what being with you has done for my soul, for my spirit? It has made me soar above the uncertainties of this world, beyond the pressures and conflicts of everyday living.
Do you know what loving you does for me?
It brings so much happiness every second Every minute Every hour of my life.
I love you very much!
Forever yours, M.
Letter 30
Hello my sweetheart
I don't like tatoos either my love.
I knew from the start that there was something
special about you; you've touched my heart and wouldn't let go.
Our relationship has given me a lot of dreams, and now I feel hope.
You entered my thoughts and magically erased all of my fears with your attention to me.
Now I look forward to each day and feel so much at ease with you.
I'm so grateful that we're able to share our problems and aspirations with each other.
It truly seems as if you're a part of me, as if our time together was
a melding of souls.
The thought of you fills me with smiles, and I can't wait to hug you each day.
What further words can describe what we have right now?
For our love to grow, I took with every beat of my heart.
Words can no longer describe it,
but rather in feeling and emotion of what we have for each other.
You have always had the key to my heart
and you inside my heart have made me more than I can ever be.
Though the sea separates us till that special day,
I know we take each breath with every beat,
and always together ... as one.
I'm ready to love you with all that I am.
Letter 31
Hello my angel
Sorry I was absent these days.
I had no inet connection at work.
Now I am writing from inet-cafe.
My mum sends her best regards to you.
Honey she is so happy that we are going to meet!
She always asks me how you are.
And she does not think that you are taking me from her!
Do not worry! She is happy for us as any mother is happy when her child is happy.
I miss you every day more and more but soon I will kiss you and hug you)
Yours, M.
Letter 32
Hello my love
You can't imagine how I miss you, darling!
At last I could find inet cafe to write you my love.
I have two news: one is perfect and the other is a kind of a problem which I think we solve.
The first is the fact that my visa is approved in the Embassy of France.
The second is I didn't get the permission to leave my country in the Russian Department of Emigration!
I passed there the interview there but I have one problem.
I must have the money in my pocket to get the permission to leave my country.
The representative of Russian Department of Emigration asked me to show if I have it.
He said that this is the proof of my creditability and to give me the permission the government must be sure that I have the money for staying in your country and all the Russians going abroad are to prove their creditability.
I am not an exception. Of course I couldn't show anything to him as I didn't know about this and he said that actually my permission is ready and I can have it when I will have this cash to show.
I was a bit worried, but then I was explained that it is not necessary to spend it, only to show.
I answered that I am going to you, but they say that no matter to whom I am going, because for the government I must do all that they demand.
So, I must have 3600 euros with me when I go to Russian Department of Emigration for the second time to collect my permission.
You know that I am getting the tourist visa, which is given for 90 days.
This sum is calculated like 40 euros for every day of staying in 3600 euros.
They need it to be sure that I will have smth to eat and will have the place to live in.
I explained then that I am going to my boyfriend and that I do not have this money, because I had to take his for the ticket and the papers.
But the representative of Russian Department for Immigration told me that there is nothing to be worried about.
I will have only to show this money and then I will give it back to my boyfriend.
Honey I was confused as I did not know about this condition :(
I myself know that I do not need any money for food and place to live, but it is a rule and I will have to have money before my flight.
I feel so ill at ease to ask you for it.
I am very confused, because I feel that it is not expected for you as well as for me.
This money is like a paper of my safe staying in France saying in another way.
I suppose that you hear of it as well.
My love, I spent a very hard day today and I have to hurry up to you my love.
Honey, I love you and all the day I imagined our meeting...
I imagined our first night and your love to me!!!
I feel not very comfortable, you wouldn't like what I look like now if you could see me!
Please, answer me asap, my love!
I kiss you softly,
Yours, Mariya. P.S. Tu me manques beaucoup...
Letter 33
I appreciate everything what you're doing to me.
You give us a chance to meet each other...
So you got my test about my friend's name right?
Albina Vihrowa, she is my good friend and work in the bank of western union.
I know that you are a very hard-working man.
And you know that I love you very much.
And how much I would like to be with you, to take care of you, to meet you when you are coming from work!
Darling, you know I am always thinking of you and I do not want you to be tired.
I will do my best to make your life easier and more comfortable.
You're my hero, my knight and my aim of life!
Thank you that you love me so much...
Letter 34

How are you? Did you connect with your friend my love?
I guess you have a lot of work.
I am sorry if I disturb you...
All my thoughts are about you as usual.
I hope you are doing well, its raining here today.
I dream of sun and hot weather.
Our conversation today made me feel so good!
Your words were so nice and I appreciate it very much.
Your are kind and caring man who soon I will meet and kiss I real life.
We have so much in common and we had a connection right away and I have such feelings of affection for you!!!
I guess no one understands but you and me.
Letter 35
Hi my angel
I am sorry about your colleague. Please accept my condolences.
Yes life is cruel... That's why we need a partner to share all the feelings, to be alone in this world is impossible.
Did you friend transfer money to Olga?
Of course my love I will let you know when the money is here.
I appreciate everything what you're doing for our meeting...
Distance is a cruel thing because I don't only miss you but I also wonder if you are doing well, if you are in good health and if your mind and soul are at peace.
I'm also curious to know if you think of me in the same way.
I think of you, which is just about every single minute and second that goes by (and the clock ticks so slowly when we're not together!).
I want to be with you and make you happy being with me.
I want kiss you and hug you in reality and I want to tell you
How much I love you in reality.
Even though I don't see you every day, I'm with you at every moment, still I miss you.
There are no words that can possibly explain how I feel right now, because in fact, I've never felt this before...
Mariya. P.S. I am with you, don't cry...
Letter 36
Oh, my love
It is good news about money issue. Say big thank you from me to your friend.
He helps us to meet. It is great.
I was so happy to receive your letter today!!!!
My dear, it is so difficult for me to describe my feelings to you!!
Darling, you know I have never cried as I cry the last time.
I have never cried of happiness but now I am about to cry. Each day :)
And these are tears of happiness!!!
My love you see, I am so happy that I am with you, that I met you.
You are really the man of my life, the man of my dream!!!
Darling it all seems to me unbelievable and I feel like a princess in a fairy-tale!
Dear, you probably think that I am crazy :)
But I am not!! I am just madly in love with you!
I cannot wait to kiss you in reality :)
But now I am sending you my virtual hot kiss, my sweet man!!!!
Yours, M. with love.
Letter 37
Oh, honey
You are really playing with my imagination!
Of course we will decide everything about our future when we are together.
My love, but you know, it will be a paradise for me not because of its sights or night clubs or restaurants!
No! Because there I will meet you, my love Stefa!
Daring and when I am thinking of it, I am so happy!!!
My mum likes you very much and tells me to take care of you because you are the best man.
And for me you are unique, I do not want or need anybody else!
I am waiting for your letter, my darling.
Yours M
Letter 38
My honey
I wrote you sms. Olga went to the bank but the money is not on the account yet.
If you can send me this proof please I will appreciate this.
How was your weekend honey?
Is it good? I miss you a lot.
Forever yours, Mariya.
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