Scam letter(s) from Irina Saulyak to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Good day Mr.
Thank you for using our service. We are doing all the best to make our customers satisfied! As we understood, you are from Ms. Irina. We confirm that we can provide full support in travel arrangements with the all-inclusive "Travel Package" to Peru. Our travel packet includes: 1. Air-plane tickets from Kiev to Lima and back to Kiev. 1638 USD. 2. Hotel reservation. 150 USD. 3. Medical insurance for $40 000. 45 USD. Also Travel Package includes such documents as:
- police report;
- airport fee and council fee;
- consultations document preparation and filing procedure;
- support to submit documents.
35 USD. Total cost: 1868 USD.*
Preparation time: 3-5 work days.**
* Price still to be actual during one week.
** Preparation period will start at once after that as client will do a payment. Travel Package option gives you following advantages:
• Short preparation time.
• High level of security.
• Total flexibility.
• Broaden possibilities.
• Guaranties to get all necessary papers in time. We provide our customers one variant of payment via:
• Instant money transfer system, such as Money Gram. Payment can be done either by credit card in online mode. • Money Gram
ADDRESS: Ukraine, Kiev region, city Rzhyshchiv, street Sadovaya, house 3. * beneficiary is a top-manager of AroundTheWorld company.
IMPORTANT: Documents preparing depends on customer's abilities when they can do a payment. By this reason period of preparation can vary. We hope we have answered on all your question completely.
Thank you for using our service! If you have any question or requests, we will be glad to answer them and help you!
Manager, Yuriy. Around The World!
Oae: +38 (050) 193 84 98
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