Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
My name is Tatyana. I am 34 years old. I'm a cheerful, sociable girl. In my spare time I go in for sports, read books, spend time in nature.
I'm looking for a serious relationship. I want to find a man with whom I could live the rest of my life.
I really liked you. It seems to me that you are the man that I was looking for. I understand that this is just my first opinion of you. I want to continue our communication and get to know each other better.
See you soon!
Letter 2
Hello my new friend
I am very pleased to see your letter! When I saw your letter, I became in a good mood!
I'm very glad that we started our acquaintance! I will be glad to continue our dialogue with you!
I'll tell you a little about myself now !!!
My name is Tatyana! I am 34 years old! My birthday is on 06/19/1983!
I live in Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan in the city of Arsk! Have you heard anything about my city? It is a small city whose population does not exceed 20,000 people. In what city do you live? Is your city big?
I've never been married! I have no children, and of course I want to have a child. At least one and not important, a boy or a girl.
My height is 168 sm, my weight is 54 kg.
I like to go in for sports and I like running around in the morning.
I really like to keep fit! Sport helps me feel great!
Can you tell me a little about yourself? Have you been married? Do you have children?
I want to learn as much as possible about you ... I do not want to waste my time on a man who writes for fun.
I take seriously my acquaintance. Men who were interested only in my photos tried to meet me, they saw in me not a woman, but only a ****** object. I do not need this!
I am looking for only serious relationship ! I hope you understand me!
I hope that we will learn about each other as much as possible! And it will be mutual!
I really want to continue to communicate with you! I hope this desire is mutual?
Please tell me more about your life and your hobbies! I will be pleased to read your interesting letters!
I will wait for your reply to my letter! Of course I will be very pleased to see your new photos!
Please send me your new photos!
I look forward to your letter! :-)
Your new friend Tatyana
Letter 3
I want to express my gratitude to you for your answer. You know, I was very much afraid that you would stop writing to me when you find out that I live in Russia. So I was really glad of your answer. Now we can start to learn about each other something new, ask questions to each other. I really want to get to know you better if you let me. Jminers, I really was very interested in you, I hope that this is mutual. This is only the second letter, I must tell you about many things. You already know that I live in a small provincial town. My city is very calm, very kind people live here. Perhaps this city is not very beautiful, but I grew up here. This is my homeland, so I love this place. My childhood has passed here and I live here still, but I am ready to radically change my life for the sake of love. I'm a romantic girl, so I still believe in romantic fairy tales. It's probably ******, but I can not change ...
I work as an assistant surgeon. in our small hospital. When the chief surgeon is not in place, I replace it. and I do not do complex operations on my own. let me work for a whole day. from 8 am to 8 am. but I love my work. I have two working days and two days off. so if I can not write these days, you do not lose me. I immediately answer as soon as the time comes.
Jminers, can you tell me about your work? What are you doing? Do you like your job?
Unfortunately I also have the loneliness in terms of my family. I'm not married. Previously, I did not want to be married, but now I think the age has come when I begin to understand that if you live on alone it's bad. Maybe I do not have a decent man with whom I could spend my entire life. I hope that my life will not be lonely. My last novel is 3 years ago. My novel lasted for half a year. My man will change me with another woman. I experienced a lot of pain. I was left alone. I do not want to talk about this now. I hope you understand me correctly. When I'm ready, I can tell you all the details, if it's interesting to you.
I live in a city in an apartment that I rent. I live alone, without neighbors. I have no children. I am a very kind and gentle woman, I can not scream. I do not like lie. I never play with human feelings, it's very mean. My most important quality is the ability to forgive. I think that this is very important in life. I'm not a model, I'm not a girl from the TV, I'm not a model, but I have a very kind heart. I hope that you will be able to see the depth of my soul in my letters.
I send you my new photos.
I wish you a good day!
Your friend, Tatyana
Letter 4

Hi Jim
I'm so happy to see your letter today and I'm very pleased that you answered my letter !!!!!
I was waiting for him and it was a great happiness for me that we started our acquaintance :)
I am grateful to the fate that the Internet allows one to get acquainted with lonely hearts. Let me call you friend, this is very important for me!
Since I think that you are a good friend with an open heart !!!!
Today I also want to tell more about myself !!! My height is about 169 centimeters! I weigh 54 kg! :-)
In life, I like to go in for sports, because I like active leisure.
I practice 2 times a week on aerobics, since you must always keep your body shape.
My favorite sports are skating or skiing in the winter in the woods with friends.
Also sometimes I like to spend my free time at home for an interesting book. Always cheers up how interesting movie on TV. I studied at the city of kazan at the state university. .
My faculty at the institute was "general surgery". It was a great student's time !!! I'm an institute finished ten years ago.
After I graduated from college I stayed to live in the city of arsk! And now I live and work here!
I hope you understand my letter and what do I want to say in it?
I studied English at school and at the university. I can speak fluent English! I've always liked English!
I think that this will be a very interesting conversation with my Russian accent !!! :-) You know, I'm very glad that I met you and now I'm not bored!
Since I know that you also want to meet me!
I hope that in the future I will be able to find my other half! I want to find a man who will love me, ready to be my whole life with me in any life difficulties.
For me, the age of a man is not important! The main thing that a man would love me! In Russia there is a proverb: Love - all ages are submissive !!!
I understand that you can love at any age! The main thing is that love was real!
I write to you about myself and about private life in detail, so that you have a real idea of ??me.
I hope that you will also write in detail about yourself !!! I want you to talk about your life!
Now that I wrote to you and opened my whole heart and soul to you, you recognized me better.
I will wait for your letter back, and I hope to get a decent answer!
I am sure that for a happy and beautiful life it is necessary to look for the second half !!!
Because I can not imagine life alone.
Your friend Tatyana !!!
Letter 5
Hi my Jim ! :-)
I'm happy to see your letter today !!! I hope you also really love my letters, as I am yours!
Tell me when you see my letter in your mailbox, what do you think? It is very interesting to me. :-)
When I see your letters I always have a good mood and I have a smile !!!
I think you are a very good and kind person, and that's why I really liked you from our first acquaintance!
At us now weather on a season stable in a city and I would like to share all my mood with you.
I want to write to you, it gives me real pleasure!
Do you have any closest friends? I have one friend from childhood Svetlana, we have known her for 20 years and all this time we are helping each other !!!
My friend has a husband and a daughter's daughter! She is a very happy mother and I'm happy for her !!!
Friends are the most important in my life, because only a friend can come to help in difficult moments !!! Jim I write you my letters from the Internet cafe. Since I do not have my own computer !!!
Now as soon as I have free time I go to the Internet cafe to check my e-mail and write you a letter! I'm very glad that now I know you!
I for a long time thought that I would live for a long time alone!
My friend convinced me to get acquainted with a man from another country, I thought for a long time.
And now I decided to get acquainted and I found you! you really liked me. I really like to communicate with you!
I do not know why, but you are in my thoughts! I wrote this to you, because you are a very interesting person, and I liked you right away! With you I do not feel lonely!
Probably we will meet or we will remain only friends, good acquaintances, but I will always remember your letters!
I'm very lonely at night, and I'm very sad when I do not see your letters, And even tonight I was lonely, and only when I write to you I'm not alone !!!!
Of course, I could find a man myself but as it often happens, it's very difficult to find a real friend!
I have a pure soul, and I always try to be cheerful and cheerful in all situations. So how to live and believe in the best!
I would like to have a long and serious relationship with a loved one.
Today I have a wonderful day. Your letter has made my mood even better and now I'm thinking of you.
When I first wrote to you, I thought that we would be good friends.
I'm looking for not only friendship, my soul and my heart want to love with all my love !!!!
Your friend Tatyana
Letter 6
Hello my friend jim !!!
I am grateful to fate that a lucky chance allowed us to find each other !!!
I am pleased to read your mail, your letters make me happy and joyful in my soul! You are much more than just a friend to me!
I want that each day we get to know each other more !!!!
Write me more about myself, about your parents, friends?
I'm happy that I know you, and I'm interested in your life and your interests! I like you and I want to know you better!
I hope you understand me! In my life, I have devoted a long period to my education, and now my thoughts are devoted to my future! My personal life!
When I was a little girl my mother could not provide me with the necessary things and she worked 16 hours a day so that I could study. just as when I was very young, my dad died in the war in Chechnya and I almost do not remember him. remained only old photographs. my mom actually brought me up alone.
And I am very grateful to my mother and I love her very much!
My mother also sometimes asks me: "Tatyana why are you so far alone", I do not know what to answer him!
You can not love a heart! I live and wait! I want only sincere love and forever!
My mother lives in the village of Murali. This village, at a distance of 160 kilometers from my city in which I live!
I can not leave for a long time from my work, I visit my mom very rarely, but I always use every opportunity to visit my parents!
I love my mother and I am always happy when I have the opportunity to see her, but my desires do not coincide with my capabilities.
My mother worked all her life at school as a teacher of literature.
Now my mother is retired, but she continues to teach literature. she
lives in a village house that she inherited from her grandmother.
house is very old and needs repair. but you can live.
Now I'll tell you where I live! As you know, I live in the city of Arsk!
I rent a room in an apartment for almost two years! In one room I live! the other room is locked.
There are only two windows in my room, and they do not even open! :-)
Sometimes I settle a woman with whom we work together! We are good friends, but our interests are very different.
I'm not interested in her, but she, like me, does not have enough money to live in a large apartment.
In the evenings, this woman leaves to meet her man!
When I'm bored I go to my friend Svetlana! We together think how cheerful and interesting to spend the evening.
Usually we like to just walk around the city park, and talk.
Quite recently a beautiful park was erected here, this park is small, but very cozy. it is located around the artificial pond. Here I always feel very good.
Sometimes we go to the theater, or to the cinema, Twice a year we go to the club for dancing.
I'm very glad that you appeared in my life, and I'm very interested in you !!! Fair!!!
I really like getting letters from you, so write more, and I will be very happy.
I would like to talk about our relationship, I want to study you better! And I want you to know me !!!
I feel that you are a faithful man, I like you very, very much! I in life and in my letters are very frank, and I'm waiting for reciprocity ...
I hope that a very long and pleasant friendship awaits us!
I send you this photo of me and my mother!
I'll be waiting for your letter!
Your Tatyana
Letter 7
Hello my dear
I'm happy to read your letter. I see and feel that with each letter we become much closer to each other!
I'm happy to have such a wonderful friend like you !!! I'm happy that I met you, I'm happy that you are in my thoughts all day.
When I told my friends about you, everyone was surprised! I decided to get acquainted with a man!
this weekend I work. so there is absolutely no time. just excuse me for not responding to you yesterday. there was a lot of work . I really like to swim. so basically in the summer I spend my holidays on the bank of the river or lake. I would like to swim in your lake, next to you.
I do not know why, but to date I have been lonely. I felt lonely!
Now, although only in the virtual world - you found me, and I found you and the meaning of life! It is very interesting and pleasant to communicate with you!
My friends have been asking me for a long time why I'm lonely! Now I'm happy, I decided to get acquainted with you and I was lucky!
I'm happy to read your letter. How are you doing? how is your mood? I think everything is fine with you. I want you to always have everything fine!
I want to tell you that my heart starts to beat more often when I think about you!
I want to feel you, your tender look, your smile, your hands. I seek pure love and romanticism in mutual relations.
I like it when it's beautiful, beautiful, gentle and romantic!
My most important desire is to have a family! My desire to have a loved one and to feel care and constant support in difficult times!
To this endeavor every man!
I am 34 years old and I want to live this life happily! As I wrote earlier, I can not be both lonely and happy at the same time!
I just want ordinary women's happiness! Female happiness is when a loved man is near!
I was close to happiness in the past, but my heart was broken! I have to trust the person with whom I will be a lifetime.
Trust each of him to the word, gesture, mind, smile. And I'm waiting for reciprocity!
There is so much meanness and deception in the world, and it is very difficult to find people who can easily be trusted with life and destiny.
If every person would do good deeds, our world would be much cleaner, lighter, kinder!
I know you not for a long time, but I can say that you are very fair and honest!
This is very attractive to me and allows you to believe that you are a very good person and you can truly love!
It is very important to love with all your heart!
Although I already thought that via the Internet this is not enough dialogue to understand each other more strongly!
I really like you, and it seems to me that I know you very, very long time!
Your letters make my mood beautiful! I become more joyful in my soul. I think someday, you and I should definitely meet.
I want you to write to me more about your life, because I'm beginning to understand that there are more between us than friendship, and it seems to me that this sense of trust is mutual!
I want to share with you joy! When we can look at each other, look into each other's eyes, touch each other.
Now it's just a dream! But maybe someday my dreams will come true!
I'm waiting for your beautiful letter, and I promise that I'll think about you every minute!
I send you my photos!
Your Tatyana
Letter 8
Hello my jim!
As always, I'm happy to see your new letter! I'm very glad that you answered me and understood my feelings.
Yes much that can happen to us, with me and with you, but we should always, in spite of everything, be friends.
We must love our neighbors, and I really like you! For a long time I did not like one of the men!
But you are some other, I want you to open up and tell you only the truth!
It seems to me that I have feelings for you! It seems to me that I fall in love with you!
I want you to be honest and frank with me.
I will be your best friend and closest person in life.
I know that you will be gentle with me, and I believe you.
I believe your words, and I want you to be always honest with me!
In our life, many things can happen, but I want you to understand and feel me.
You know what I do not like, here in our country men are very rude!
Often in families a man can, without hesitation, beat his wife, and he will consider that he is right.
I would never want to live like this. I would rather **** myself, but I would not suffer humiliation.
Answer me one question: "Could you hit a woman or a child?" Do not hurry to answer. I know that you are a very kind and sensitive man!
but suddenly something happens, and you can not control yourself ....
I have a girlfriend, she is more grown up than me and she has children! My friend lives with her husband for 10 years, and the worst thing is that he drinks a lot of alcohol!
Every day when he comes home he mocks the girl, and the worst thing is, sometimes, he beats his own children!
Think and answer me, honestly! It is very important for me!
Forgive me for writing about the sad, but it's really very important for me. Today I thought a lot about you and me!
I want to be with you now, and now I can only think about you and about our future.
If I could be next to you now, feel your touch to my body - I would be the happiest woman on the planet !!!
I hope you feel what I feel. My dear Jim , I am very afraid of deceit, I do not want you to deceive me!
I hope you will be honest with me and will only tell the truth! Maybe we can meet with you and spend time together!
We need to think about the meeting! But you must be honest with me and you must promise not to deceive me ever!
I am very glad that we correspond with you! I am very pleased that you are writing to me!
I have been lonely for a long time, but now I feel that you have me!
I will wait for your letter with impatience! And I want to see your photos.
Your Tatyana
Letter 9
Hello my dear Jim !!!
I received a lot of good emotions after reading your letter. Even at work all day I only think about you.
All my friends, even those who do not even know about you and me, say that I seemed to fall in love.
I am very happy and excited! You are the most beautiful man I've ever met!
Yes, of course, I've never seen you, but my soul is completely yours! I think only about you!
I now think about you every minute, every second, about us, about our future.
I dream of being with you, being only your woman. I want to be the only and beloved, desired!
You know, I like to watch the stars in the evening, when it's completely dark outside.
When I look at the sky at such a time, I admire his amazing beauty.
Yes, yesterday I spent the evening like this. I sat on the window, looked at the sky and imagined myself with you!
I often think how we will be together with you! I often think about us with you !!!
Oh, it's all so beautiful, in my dreams I did not notice the time, I went to bed at three o'clock in the morning.
You are a wonderful man, you are the dream of my life. I never thought that I would meet such an amazing person!
Now all my time, my whole life is busy with you. Now you are the meaning of my life, yet not a very happy life, but I am sure that soon there will always be a kind, happy smile on my face.
In the last letter, I wrote to you about the rather sad things that sometimes happen in families around the world.
I am very happy that you have understood me once again. You are the most understanding person! I know that you will never raise your hand against a woman, and no one will ever be able to change my opinion of you. For me, you are an ideal man, and believe me, I know what I'm saying. I'm very glad that you are the person whom I have always seen in my dreams.
You have already entered my life, and I will always remember you, so that it does not happen.
My dear, I really want to meet you! I can take leave at my job and we can meet with you!
Now I'm writing a semi-annual report at work, when I do this job I will be able to take a long-term vacation! My work will take 10 more days! After that, we could meet!
How do you feel about our meeting?
I want to love and be loved. It seems to me that when this is not there, a person simply exists in this world, and does not live.
The whole taste of life is felt when you love.
Now I just can not imagine my future life without you! We must not miss that chance to meet! I will be glad to meet you!
It's very important to me that you think about me! Important to me is your attitude to me!
I say this to you, my dear, my only and most kind and understanding man in the world!
Know that somewhere in the world, far away from you, in cold Russia there is a girl with an ardent heart who does not see any further life without You and loves you very much.
I kiss you!!!
Regards Tatyana
Letter 10
Hello my man Jim !!!
I have a wonderful day !!!
Every morning when I wake up, the morning sun wakes me up.
The rays of light irresistibly approach my eyes when I sleep, and makes me go upstairs, and go to work.
I am very happy to have such a good and kind friend like you !!! I feel that you are much more than a friend to me !!!
I can not even imagine my future life without you, your care, protection. I feel very confident with you!
You're the best, you're the strongest, you're the kindest!
I know that you will always help me and protect me! I want to meet you!
And I really want to share my good mood with you !!! I really want you to be always happy!
I want you to be as happy as I am! I want you to hear the beating of my heart, feel my beautiful mood and joy!
Today I made myself a little rest, spent a lot of time with my best friend Svetlana.
I left a semi-annual report for tomorrow, although I almost did everything, and soon I will have a lot of free time and probably very soon we will be able to meet with you! Today the youngest daughter Svetlana has a birthday and we want to make her a good holiday.
We make a very big cake, and even came up with a small song. Today there will be a kindergarten, because so many children will come!
I think it will be very fun.
We talked a lot with my friend Svetlana in the afternoon, and of course about you too.
I told her that we want to meet, and Svetlana was very happy, and was happy ... Dear - This is our destiny, and we were very fortunate that we found each other !!!
My girlfriend is very surprised looking at me. I am a very modest girl, and lived like all people, but now everything has changed.
Our acquaintance has changed not only my life, but also my thinking. I can not live without you. I will always love you, I will always think of you!
When I fall asleep ... I think of you, when I wake up early in the morning, I think of you!
Of course I love you, and I can not think of anything else ... Only about you!
I think we'll have a great time together when we meet. I know this, I'm sure - we will be happy!
My dear when I arrive to you, we will be the happiest friendly and beautiful couple! We will be happy!
I believe and hope that we, one day, we will walk along the coastal sand gently holding hands. We will talk with you, and admiringly look at each other !!!
Even now I imagine how we will be together!
Tomorrow my mother will come to see me. My mom rarely visits me, because she has problems with her legs.
But she is always very happy when I arrive to her, to the house in which I was born! I will talk with my mother about us and our relationship.
For me it's very interesting and very important now, I will talk with my mother about what we, I and you want to meet !!!
My opinion is very important to me! I'll tell her about you !!!
This is very important for me, and if my mother agrees I will plan a trip to you!
I'm looking forward to your letter !!!
Gently kiss you !!!
Forever is your Tatyana.
Letter 11
Hello, my beautiful Jim!
Your letters to me are like the bright rays of the sun in this gray world!
I am very happy and happy to hear from you today! Your letters always make me feel much better. I want to tell you that I really feel a very strong and serious feeling for you.
And I want to inform you that we must meet each other. Our meeting will be a very important event in our lives.
Do you agree with me? I have an irresistible desire to meet you in real life !!!
I believe that this can be possible! This is the real thing!
My mom came to me today. I am always happy and very happy with the moments when I can see my mother.
She lives far from the city, and I can see her sometimes when she comes to me or when I can visit her.
I really love my mom!
My mother always protected me from all troubles! She loves me as much as I do her!
My opinion is very important to me! Today I talked to her! We talked about our friends and acquaintances.
Of course we talked about me and my private life.
And since you are the closest person to me, although I still did not meet you, we talked about you.
I talked with my mother about our relationship. I told her that I wanted to visit you.
I asked them for advice, and they told me that it was a very good idea to meet with you!
My mother spoke with a little excitement about the upcoming trip, but she loves me very much, and she wished me and you a big success.
It's very good when parents bless children, and I'm very happy because you really liked my mom.
My mother asked me to give you her best wishes.
I consulted with my friends about how best to travel to another country, but everyone who travels tells me that traveling is very expensive!
My mother was very worried and at first categorically refused to let me go to you.
But, I know I have to visit you, because I can not live without meeting you and no one can keep me here now.
Even one day spent with you will be a paradise for me!
Dear, I am a very modest and obedient daughter, but sometimes I am unshakable in decisions.
Probably this character trait was transferred to me from my father. And she could persuade my mother, and she even encourages me now.
I will travel to you soon, because I love you, and I can not stay alone anymore.
I know that you are a wonderful man and the best man!
You conquered my heart, and now I'm only yours. In your hands, the most precious and valuable that I have is my soul !!!
I am an optimist, and I hope that we will be able to meet with you in the coming month.
I believe that our meeting will help us to know us better and much closer!
I'm sure that I want to meet you! I feel that you have become closer to me!
My dear, do I need to know the name of the nearest airport to you ???
Write me the name of the airport closest to you and its address.
I need your full address and your full name! I ask you to tell me your address.
I would also like to know your phone number! Maybe I can call you!
My love, I hope you will give me all this information!
Tomorrow I'll go to the travel agency and find out a lot more about coming to you.
I think we should meet, I know how to do it. I will think about it !
I think of you as the only man with whom my future exists. Without you, my life can not continue !!! I want to be only with you !!!
I know that we must meet and be with each other.
I've been looking for you all my life.
I am very excited and infinitely happy!
Always your domasova tatyana
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