Letter(s) from Sofia Chyrchenko to Chris (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Chris!
Thanks you for your letter, it very much to please me. I do not know as it to happen I always answered your letters. Really I had problems with mine the Internet mail. As when I to answer you it sometimes passes{takes place}, and sometimes was not present. In Ukraine not so good connection Really. It it is interesting to write to me to you letters and to receive From you the answer. On big a planet to write to two various people each other and to wait the answer. I hope on our happy history " in letters " and then " during a life ".
Every day I dream of ours a meeting and about ours destiny. I know: on the Earth - is available my second half, it he Who waits for me, I to wait for him, my Person to find my big Love. I the lonely woman who wishes to be happy. I hope, that you understand it. I feel, that you also are ambitious, romantic also gentle. I very much wish to hear your voice. I to speak in English. I to study English language now. I was good to speak in the French language, Russian and the Ukrainian language.
You have an opportunity to call for me. At number 38(097) 797 - 60 - 90.
I with impatience wait your inquiry. I hope what a little bit to arrive more close to us to each other.
What do you like to make in your leisure still?
Mine the dream to visit the Europe. I wish to travel very much. I to not see still the world. As the world is fine.
The various countries, travel, impressions.
Now I to finish the letter for you.
Thanks you for your letters and a choice me.