Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Mokina to Fekri (USA)

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My honey Victor! Every your letter make me closer to you as I know more and more about you. I enjoy our communication and each your letter open the nice world of your soul to me. There are so many people on this planet yet with all of the I have met you and believe me I think you are truly special. I believe that the chances of two people randomly meeting on this planet are very low. Taking into the account that we are both on the Internet and both on the same site you have better chances but still I believe the Fates have something to do with it. I hope I can continue telling you about myself now. I have finished hairdresser`s courses about 3 years ago and now I am working as a hairdresser in beauty saloon. I do like my profession as it is very creative and I can help women get rid of their bad mood and become more beautiful. You asked me to tell you about my city. So it is not very big, its population is about 500 000 people. But it is nice It is not like cities in America I saw a lot of movies and I want to say that our is more quite, nice, old-fashioned. I don't want to say that all city in USA a not nice but as I see NYC it is terrible! It is too busy! We have not so many toll buildings they all are about 5-9 floors. If you live in such building you know your neighbors. It is nice! You'll like it! It also has a lot of negative sides but they are imperceptible for me maybe because I grown up with all this and now I don't mention it. I don't know what else to say you may ask me what you want. Deal? But my wish to know you better is insatiable and I still have a lot of questions to you I hope you do not answering at least some of them: 1. Imagine that today is our first date. What place will we go? What will we do? 2. What is your opinion about marriage? Is it necessary to get officially married? Or people just can live together without any obligations? Do you think it is necessary to have wedding in the church or official wedding is pretty enough? 3. what is more important love or friendship and why? I want to trust you everything and I am not going to deceive any fact of my biography from you. I must tell you that I do not know any foreign language, I just speak Ukrainian. I missed the opportunity to learn a foreign language at school, I regret about this now but nothing can be changed. I do want to speak one language with you and I also want to find my half in this world that is why I decided to use the services of the translational firm. I was looking for suitable one for a long time but then I realized that this one is the best and the most reliable in our city. I have very good recommendations from many people about the firm and I trust them completely. I hope you will forgive me the fact as I do want to learn English in future it will be the next step of mine into your direction. I hope for your understanding and I will be waiting for your next letter with impatience. I wish you to have a nice day, yours Nastya.

Letter 2


translational firm


Dear Sir We apologize for disturbing you but the thing is that our client Anastasia Mokina is very frustrated by the fact of impossibility to correspond with you she comes to our office every day and she asks about you but we do not know what to reply, please, notify us about this.. With hope for our fruitful cooperation.

Respectfully Yours
Director of "XXI century"
Marina Pavlova



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