Scam letter(s) from Kristina Ulyanova to Steve (England)

Letter 1
Hey. I decided to take the first step to get to know you. This is my first experience of dating on the Internet, I hope it will be successful. Something about me: kind and faithful, but at the same time I am quick-tempered and stubborn, because I'm not an angel. I'm lonely and I do not have any children. My hobby: walking and cycling, outdoor recreation, because I love the fresh air. I want to continue and live a happy life with my beloved man. I'm looking for a positive, kind and noble man. Age for me does not really matter. Having children will not be a hindrance to my relationship. In a relationship with a man, trust and mutual respect are important to me. I hope to meet my destiny. Your email was kindly provided by a paid bridespb marriage agency !!! I think that you will be interested in communicating with me. Getting your answer for me will be a huge pleasure. Thank you for attention. Krestina
Letter 2
I am very pleased to receive a letter from you Steve! It's nice that you did not leave me without attention. Sorry for the late reply, since I had a lot of work.I really liked your photos. You are a handsome interesting man. I know you'll be interested to know about me. After all, first acquaintance is always an intrigue, is not it? I would like to tell a little about myself. In what language are you comfortable to communicate ?? My name is Krestina. You did not forget?
I am 35 full years old. I'm not married. There are no children, either. But now it's not about that. I was born and lived in Ukraine in the city of Slavyansk. I think you've heard of such a city? in connection with the military situation in Ukraine, many residents had to move to Russia. Russia extended a helping hand and provided many refugees with housing in some cities and villages !!! If it were not for Russia, I do not know what happened to my fate! I have been living in Russia for 9 months already. Now I live in the city of Syrgut. Do you know this city? I was in this city when I got a job. In truth, I have no experience of communication and dating on the Internet. I rarely use a computer, but of course also as a modern person I still try to learn the Internet. all the same 21 century! (haha). I first decided to get acquainted in this way, and therefore do not know what they write in such cases. Hope for understanding. And you? Have you been looking for a soul mate for a long time ?? I also heard about the fact that there are all kinds of deceivers on the Internet. But I hope that we will not have to lie to each other. Do you agree ???
Therefore, please start our communication with mutual understanding and revelation. Yes, now we are far from each other and we can represent ourselves differently. But I also want to tell you that I am an open person and it is easier for me to communicate with a person when he is located towards me. And here we are already familiar! I'm even a little shy. But I'm curious to know about you. Here I live alone, I rent a house from one good woman. Here is a very beautiful nature and fresh air! I do not know the terrain well. I am most interested in learning more, so I can not you Tell a lot about Russia.
When I arrived in Russia, I immediately went to job search. Earlier I worked in a beauty salon as a hairdresser. Of course it was difficult for me at first. It was not easy, but I overcame all difficulties. I am a hardworking and purposeful person. In the future I want to open my beauty salon. I already have Business plan in thoughts. And for starters, I want to find a man who will love me for who I am! Maybe you are my fate ?? I'm not saying that I love you! This will seem easy and naive. I'd like to know you better. But I'm already glad of our communication. Let's see what happens. We will always be friends. I will look forward to your letter. If you have the opportunity, share with me your photos. I'll be happy. With respect and friendship Krestina
Letter 3
Hello my friend Steve! How are you??? I'm glad that our acquaintance continues! And you??? As I said, I have little experience in communicating with men on the Internet. Of course in my life there were cases of dating. But this is another story. men are bad to us.
mostly they are always busy with their work, friends, money and they are always interested only in ***. I'm certainly an adult girl and also understand that *** plays a big role in relationships. But also I think that in harmony the harmony of love is important. Mutual understanding and trust between people. Do you agree with me??? I want to say that age is not the main thing for me, since it seems to me that the most important thing in relationships is trust, respect and love. A person for so many years, how much he feels. If you are young at heart, then this is your present age. I want you to know about this. This should not be a problem for us. On the contrary, it even more intrigues me. They say that men are foreigners, differ from Russian men by their temperament and charisma, the ability to care for a woman, the ability to love her and make her happy !!! Now we are a little familiar and it is easier for me to communicate with you. After all, we have already passed the first stage. I'm intrigued by our acquaintance. I'm a decent and decent girl. I'm simple in communication and I try to be an optimist in life. I provide myself and earn my living. I like to be photographed very much, but unfortunately, when I came to Russia I lost all my photos that were accumulated for years (sadly). I think that if I send you photos that I have, then you will also be interested to see them ???? And what do you do ??? I'm the only child in the family. My parents separated, even when I was little. I hardly remember my father. Now I work in a beauty salon. ( the hairdresser ). I like my job. Money is certainly small. But I have enough. Especially in my position there is not much choice, because here in Russia I have few acquaintances. Of course I have friends at work. We communicate well at work and sometimes spend the evening together. My day begins with a cup of hot fruit tea. Mmm.
I love fruit tea in the morning! :) And you??? If everything is good at work, sometimes I let myself go to the shops. I like shopping, it's my weakness. (Shopping). I like to arrange for myself different entertainment. I like to go to the cinema, in a cafe. In general, I do not mind to have fun in search of new emotions! Perhaps this is the reason why I decided to write to you? :) They say the changes are for the better, and who knows how everything will develop? I'm not saying that I'm in love with you at first sight. But I'll be happy to be your friend. This makes me even more intriguing. I'm curious to know. How are you? What are your hobbies? This is very interesting for me! I'm very curious. Tell me about yourself. I hope I have not bothered you yet ??? :) I will finish writing and wish you a good day! Do not forget to give an answer to my letter, as it is really very pleasant for me to receive your letters and carefully read them. I think it will be nice to see my photos! Regards Krestina
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Steve! I'm always glad to see your new letter!
Now I'm opening my mailbox with intrigue. :) True, I'm interested in what you'll surprise me this time.It's a nice day off and I have a lot of different things to do. I will not write a big letter to you. If you have any questions, I will answer them with pleasure the next time. I did not want to write to you today so that you missed me for a bit. I did not keep up and decided to write to you, because I miss you and your letters. Our communication is always intrigue for me! I did not think that everything would spin. I always smile when I read your letters !!! It seems to me that any woman is very pleased with the attention from men, as well as nice to receive compliments and flowers. Do you agree with me??? I'm very pleased that you liked my photos. Did you like them ??? I do a lot of my appearance, because I think that any woman should look good and watch her appearance. What do you think about it??? In this letter I will also send you some pictures, I think you will be pleased. I will try to send them always, so that we feel closer, because we are separated by a huge distance, but which can be overcome at any time. We live in the modern world.
Well, we are all about me and me. How are you? What's New? What is your weather now??? Finally came autumn !! this is not the best time of the year for me. The sun does not warm at all, rains are constantly raining and very rarely the sun. In such weather, the most pleasant thing to be warm, to be next to a man with whom it would be cozy. You know that I am alone, and that's why I just share my phaniazy with you. My birthday is November 17, 1981! And when is your birthday? I like this period !!! In such moments, the mood is festive and I want some kind of miracle, is not it? I also like to actively rest! No, of course I'm not lazy. I mean having a holiday in nature with friends. I like to rest. At such moments I can relax and not think about the hectic at work and other problems. The organism needs to be given rest. So as you already understood, I'm always looking for new feelings and positive emotions. By the way! Do you watch the news?
What was happening on the territory of Syria? Of course I'm not a politician, but I'm still interested in what's happening around me in the world. How will this end? What was it for? After all, people are dying! And for what? Now everyone does not care? Well, now I'm seriously thinking about it. I'm just very impressionable. Is it good or bad, I do not know. I know that it did not make me any better. To no avail, these political wars do not exactly bring this! Do you agree with me? I guess I already flunked you with my questions? Haha (I smile). I will finish my letter. I will be happy to wait for your answer. Of course I give you my photos for memory. Happily! Your friend Krestina
Letter 5
Hi Steve! How are you? I am fine! I'm so glad that i met you. I am pleased that there is a man in the world who is interested in knowing me. It's so intriguing. Every day we learn more about each other. If we met in a cafe or park, then we could ask each other about all this in a shorter time. We communicate with you through the Internet and this gives a riddle every day more and more! I am pleased to communicate with you. Find common themes for conversation. I have never been interested in politics, but I know that men are interested in this topic. But we will not talk long about this. Let's talk about us. I do not know whether you will be interested. Just want to talk heart to heart. If you know this. Sometimes it's easier to tell someone what lies on the soul. Than to keep in it in itself. In the past, I lost my best friend and man. I had a relationship with a man.
We began spending more time in the place. We were fine and we were happy (it seemed to me). He was courting me and I thought that this is the man with whom I will spend my life. We were together for a year.
But eventually he began to give me less time. I noticed that he changed in a bad way. He began to linger more often. He hardly ate at home. I cooked every day for him a lot of delicious and healthy food.
I constantly washed his clothes and every day I cleaned at home. I did everything in order to be a good and loving girl for him. When I called him, he always said that he had no time. He told me that he was busy and engaged in working affairs. Sometimes he did not even pick up his mobile phone. I began to guess what was happening to him. Later, when the military situation in Ukraine began, he had to go to Another city "Donbass". Of course, I was very worried because of this and was afraid to lose it. You can not imagine how terrible it was to live in Ukraine recently. But he had to go along with the rest of the men to battle points. He was a former military man and it was his duty. After
4 months he wrote me a letter that he asked to forgive him and that he has another girl ... (it hurt me like a knife in the back). I was surprised and could not understand that they were together when we had a relationship. But still I did not want to believe that his love for me faded. I decided to go to his apartment, I had the keys to the apartment in which we lived together. When I came home and opened the door, I saw someone else's lingerie on a crumpled bed. I could not believe it. Like a knife in the back! For a long time I could not come to my senses. And for a long time I was very hurt. I was very hurt by this betrayal. Moreover with my friend friend !! But after a while I stopped thinking about it. I wanted to commit suicide! But I found strength in myself. Later, in connection with the military situation, I decided to go to Russia. At that time, refugees were provided with housing in Russia. And under the state program I received Russian citizenship and a passport. I did not miss this chance. I decided to change my life. And it seems to have happened. After a while I tried to find a man on the Internet. It became very difficult for me to trust people. That's why I want only sincerity in our communication.
People can hurt. But we need to move on. now I have a good friend. And this friend YOU !!!! I am pleased to talk with you and I think that maybe we will be good friends. In life, everything happens and you never know how it will turn. But I believe that change is for the better. And you ? I shared my life experience. I tell very few people about this. But since we already decided to start our communication frankly and without deceit, I think this is correct. This concludes my letter. I will look forward to your letter, which once again will bring me many smiles and a great mood. Thank you for being there !!!
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend Steve! Sorry I late write to you. I had problems with the Internet. I told you about the complexity of the 3G modem. I hope you're not mad at me for this ??? I was worried myself. How are you? Today my day was wonderful! I was always at work. Sometimes even on weekends you have to work. Thank you for support. You make my mood good for the whole day! I'm happy to reread your letters! I am pleased that we are so easy to communicate with you! I like it. I told you that I will learn to skate? I do not know why, but I've never tried it. And you? Weird question. ( I'm smiling ). With you I want to share all thoughts! You have a positive influence on me! It seems to me that I'm starting to get used to you. I do not know if it's good or bad.
But I like to talk with you, it's so simple, it's easy, as if we've known each other for several years. It's a wonderful feeling when you're hurrying home to read and respond to your letter as soon as possible. I did not think that our friendship would be fastened so fast, and now the truth is getting better. Or it seems to me? ( I'm smiling ). What do you think about it??? Today I also went shopping in search of shoes. I took my girlfriend from work Irina. At us the weather becomes colder. Somewhere I read that you have a warm autumn.
Sometimes it rains. This is true ??? Do you wear rubber boots in the winter? (I smile) Rest in winter and summer is different for you ??
But both seasons are good in their own way. What weather do you have now? I will finish my letter. I want to get yours faster. Write do not forget ! Your Krestina.
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend Steve! I am pleased to read your letter! I hope you, too? How was your day ? I had a full day today. As always, started with a cup of hot fruit tea! It feels like if tea ends in this world, I can not live without it! ( I'm smiling ). Today I spent the whole day at work. It was a busy day. They carried out an audit and made a list of the materials necessary for the work. One I could not handle. I do not like to do paper business. In general, we worked well. Not a day passes without thinking of you. 10 days ago we were not even acquainted, and now we freely communicate with you on any topic! I come home knowing that now I will open the mail, and there your name! I hope I have not bothered you yet ??? ( I'm smiling ). I do not know yet, but you are clearly different from other men!
Something pulls me to you. I want to tell you how my day went, although even some of my friends and acquaintances are not interested.
And you're interested. Are you really wondering what's going on in my life ??? Of course, all this can be due to my impressionability. In the early days, I confess, I did not think that communication would begin. All the same I did not have the experience of dating on the Internet, but you quickly helped me! What do you yourself think about our acquaintance ?? I'm at least glad that I had a friend! I will not write you a long letter. I guess I already downloaded you with my nonsense. (smiling) Have a nice day. With friendly love Krestina
Letter 8
my dear Steve! I'm good. How are you going? Can I call you my darling ??? Now you've become closer to me and I want to call you that. your letters have become very important to me. When I receive your letters, my mood becomes much better. Sometimes at work, I think about you all day and look forward to returning home. In order to quickly read your letter. But today I'm very tired and I will not write a long letter. I hope you will not be angry with me for this? How was your day? Today I went to training. I go in for sports on my own. Now it becomes fashionable to go in for sports. For me This is a very important matter! Beauty requires sacrifice! (smiling). after training I tried to go ice skating. Remember I told you about this. Darling, I wanted to take a picture, but my camera does not work, I do not know what happened to her. I think you would have laughed very much at me. I liked it! I even fell several times on the ***. (unpleasant sensation) But nothing. Whoever does not fall does not rise! My mother said so. I guess I need an instructor. Would you agree to be my instructor ??? ( I'm smiling ). As you noticed, I do not give myself sadness. Sometimes it seems to me that there is not enough time in a day. I want to tell you a little secret! After our acquaintance, I began to notice how I become more and more interesting to communicate with you. So all this is romantic. I have not had this before. Every day I look forward to your letter. Falling asleep at night, I think about the next day. I think about what you write to me! When I read your letters, I have a feeling, as if you are telling me all these words while being near.
With the help of letters, we forget about this great distance. Yet after a while I again become sad, because you are not with me. I know that we are still very new to each other. And we do not need to get used to each other, But I believe that someday in the future our meeting will take place. We will meet face to face with you. (At least in a dream)) Do not forget to send me your photo. Dear, I look forward to your reply. Your Krestina
Letter 9
Hello my dear Steve! How are you? I was glad to read your letter. Each time I understand that you are the one whom I have been waiting for in recent years. I did not think I could tell you about what was inside me. But I was able to overcome myself, and told you everything that was in my head. I expected different reactions from you. I'm telling you this honestly. But when I read your letter, I realized that I was not mistaken in you at all. I cried. Before my eyes there were tears, these were tears of joy. Do you also think of me ??? I know, you think !!! Today after work I met my friend. Her name is Irina. I have not seen her for a long time. We were sitting in one of the cafes. I still decided to tell her about our acquaintance! She says that I'm kind of weird lately. she says that my eyes "burn". Of course, I could not restrain emotions. After all, I'm so impressionable! (Smiling). When I told her about the fact that I communicate with a man from abroad. She was very surprised. She did not take me seriously. She said that I could be deceived. That this is a foreign country, I do not know whom.
She told me about the case with the girls who went on vacation in a foreign country and could not return. They met two cute men. As a result, they were deceived. Men Used their confidence that they do not understand the local foreign language. after which, they were enslaved. They began to engage in prostitution to return their passports and earn money for a ticket home. (like in a movie!) She told it with emotions and in detail. This really embarrassed me.
Everything, as in the cinema and in truth. About you I do not think so. I told her about our communication, how cute and funny you are.
That you're definitely not that villain from her story! I told her that you and I have long been acquainted and communicate well, I like you! (smiling). In general, my friend was happy for me and supported.
She is also glad that I had a friend and gave you my greetings. I was very glad that our feelings are mutual. I like you very much, and all I want to say to you right now. I very much want to see you. And I'm ready to fly to you. This is, to put it mildly, an unusual act on my part. I think that if I could survive in one country, then in your country together with you I can do more. My dear, you inspired my life. And now I want not just to live, but to rejoice in every new day. I can tell you that I fall in love with you. And I'm very happy about this feeling. And now I have one goal, this is to get to know you closer. I want to come to you, and learn you the way you are. I'm sure you like me more than you like. I understand what you really are.
You are a very good man, you are the best and reliable! And I hope that you are ready to meet me at home. Are you ready for me to come to you ??? My dear, I will try to do everything as soon as possible to fly to you. Tomorrow I will go to the tour agency and find out everything exactly at the expense of my flight to you. My dear, I will wait for your answer. I will also try to write you a letter as soon as I know everything. With love is your Krestina!
Letter 10
Hello my love! How was your day? I'm very happy to read your letters.
I'm fine too. Today began with the thought of you. As always, she made herself a morning fruit tea! I decided to clean up the house. Not that I have a constant mess at home. I just like cleanliness and order. I often do the cleaning in my apartment. By this I want to tell you that I am an economic girl! While I'm at work or in general in my absence, my dog is constantly entertaining and gradually brings my clean, neat bedroom into my wild game territory! She is still small and full of energy. Like me ! I also cooked the sweet cake myself. As I said, I love cooking myself. Like something new to come up with. I guess I have a culinary talent! I'll surprise you with my specialty! In the meantime, it will be a secret! what do you like about food? I love the sweet! Today I went to a travel agency. They told me that in order to travel to you, my prince, I must make a foreign passport, insurance, visa and other documents! I also have to undergo a medical examination! I will make a tourist visa for 60 days. This is the most convenient type of visa for me. A girl at the agency said that my visa will be ready in 5 days, after the filing of documents. I want to do everything as soon as possible. Tomorrow I will again go to the travel agency to give all the necessary documents for a visa! I'm very glad that I'm starting to take the first steps to our meeting. My heart is full of love for you, and I'm very lonely without you and your loving heart. You have no idea how much I miss you. cute Also my love so that I know you completely and could have all the information about you I ask you to send me your full personal information:
1: your exact full name and surname ???
2: Your exact address ???
3: your mobile phone number with the code ???
4: the exact name of the city in which you live ???
5: the exact name of the airport that is nearby ???
I am very lonely. But I always think about you, and that reduces my loneliness. Darling please tell me: our feelings are mutual ??? You are always in my heart and in my thoughts. My love for you all, and I love you like crazy! Our love with you is the most precious feeling for me in the world. There is no feeling stronger and more beautiful than our love. I am very glad that we find a common language with you, that we have found such a close and very sensual relationship. I thank God and other higher powers that they gave me a chance to meet you! My love, for me the communication with you is the only thing that makes me happy every day, and makes me live and beat my heart. My love, I look forward to when we are together, I dream of a strong and united family. I also believe that soon the time will come when we first meet, We will have a very strong family. Steve tell me about your plans for the future ??? We already know each other well enough, and most importantly, we should always consult each other. According to my understanding of the family, we must together make all decisions.
First of all, it is necessary, because everyone has his own opinion and must say it! Steve I really want you to be my favorite man.
Darling, since you have become very close and dear to me, I want to show you my photos taken by a professional photographer. She's a good woman and makes great photos. These photos participated in casting advertising underwear. Unfortunately, I did not go through the catelling and chose another girl, and I got the consolation prize of a big toy bear. I was very worried because of this. please tell us your opinion about these photos ?? I love you and I miss you. At the moment, I must finish my letter. With love is your Krestina
Letter 11
Hello my love! How are you? What did you do today, my prince? I am fine! I'm very glad to read your letter again! I am the happiest in the world. And all this thanks to a wonderful man, my Steve! So funny, today when I brewed my favorite tea, I wanted to make it for you, too.
I would be very pleased to take care of you, because caring for your beloved man is a very pleasant moment for any woman. Today I spent the day perfectly. At work, there were no problems. My sweet letters bring me much happiness and joy. My prince, I love you very much and can not live without you! I miss! But in my heart lives a very strong love for you, and above all, that there is hope, hope for our happiness with you. I'm very glad that you are ready to see me. I'm glad that our feelings are mutual. I think that we should be very happy. We have to take a few small steps forward for our happiness, and none of us will regret that we have met our happiness. In any case, our love with you is not a simple matter. She will always live in my heart, in my memory! Steve now you are constantly in my dreams, my thoughts, in my head. I often think about our acquaintance with you. Even so, you have a good impression on me. But I understand that you are not an ordinary person for me. Gradually, imperceptibly for myself, I began to think more of you. Not seeing your letters, I was sad, I dreamed and wait for the next letter. I thought about you and closed my eyes and saw you again - as you look at me, smiling. First we just get to know each other. I begin to solve the mystery for myself: What do you think about me, who I am for you, is this place in your heart for me? Do not you think about us with you? Do you also think that our relationship can be different? I know, probably, a ****** dream that one day you will know that I am the one who is looking for you. But for me, there is only one of you !!! Now I understand that you are the person I always dreamed of, and I always believed that I would meet you Steve.
You are the person who will be with me constantly and will support in difficult times! In life, it is important to have such a person, so that this loved one is first and foremost alongside. The rest will come with time, because love is a force that can change a lot. When two people love each other and for their love they are ready for anything, then they will be happy and will never suffer. My lord, I also believe that we will be very happy, because we love each other and above all, we are prepared for each other's sake. We will always be happy! I love you and miss you so much! I'm looking forward to the time when we can look into each other's eyes and say the most beautiful and gentle words "I love you my prince!" You are my prince, and you are everything to me! I love you and I will always love you!
With love is your Krestina.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Steve!!! How was your day? How are you, how are things at work? I'm always glad to see your name in the mailbox! :) Without you and not a day passes in my life. Today I contacted the agent, he said that I would need to wait for a call from them. He also said that he had already sent a package of documents to the Embassy. This means that soon I can get my visa! Are you happy darling ??? It means that we can finally be together as we dreamed! I'm just thinking about you and me every day. After all, this meeting means a lot to us both. We talked to a travel agent, she said how much money it would cost me, I think that my savings will be enough to fully pay for all the necessary documents and tickets. Yes, maybe it will cost me some financial costs. I am ready for this and have some savings. We are talking about us and our future. If we had a chance to change it and change it together, then why stop? After all, life is given to us alone, why not try it together, make it better? I never put the financial situation in the relationship first. After all, it is not possible to measure feelings with money. We are well together and this is important. It was not in vain that we met and our feelings turned out to be mutual. So much time I dreamed about it in my heart. But you appeared and my heart melted. Like butterflies in my stomach tickling me. (smiling). I just have a storm of emotions! I do not know how to describe all this in words! Until recently, I was even a little shy.
Now I'm only thinking about our meeting! I want you to truly take my hand! I want to feel your pulse! Feel your smell! I want to laugh with you over your jokes! I want you to be the only one I love. I want to be loved ! You give me these emotions. After all, I see that our feelings are mutual and I trust you. I can also open up for you! I'm very happy with your support! We need a little time and soon we'll meet. Only in this way we can see our true feelings and no distances should be a hindrance! Because I know if I do not try to take this step to a meeting now, I'll regret it for the rest of my life! Do you agree? I do not want to come up with obstacles. Even if they are we will overcome them together! I want to believe in fate! I believe you!
This is important. If you think so, I love you! I'm certainly a little worried before the trip, but all these excitement of joy of course !.
:) You know, for this time you have become for me a close and dear person. And I am grateful to fate for that. Yes, after all, now I have a person in my life who I care about. It's you. I am pleased to realize this. You're like a ray of light in my life. I already start to miss you my sweet, I already do not have enough of your communication. True. It is so sad that we are far apart. But you are always in my thoughts, my love. I so calm myself at once :) With each your letter my feelings only become stronger, stronger, more tender.
I'm very used to you cute. You have become a close person for me! I do not know then what it is if not love :) But these feelings overwhelm my body! And soon you will be able to feel it with me! A little more time and documents will be ready. And I'm flying to meet my love! To you my dear! :) By the way, in this letter I will show you a photograph of where I am at a friend's house. She has a wonderful warm fireplace. I drink my favorite hot fruit tea. I feel warm and well next to him. All my thoughts lately are just about you my love !!! I will not write you a long letter dear. I need to go to the store. We need to buy food. So I'll cook dinner tonight. :) Eh .. I wish I could make you something delicious. So you will not regret it. :) Good. I'll be waiting for news from you. With love. Your favorite Krestina.
Letter 13
Hello my sweet! How are you doing, my love? All is well? Dear Steve, I am very pleased with your answer. Today, my mood is excellent! It's all because of you! :) I have good news for you! Guess what? :) Today I got a call from the Embassy! I was informed that my visa is ready and I can pick it up! Are you glad of this? :) To take a visa, I need to go to the Embassy in Moscow. So my journey begins! :) I have already prepared for this. Today I was at work. At work, I'm all right. I already took a vacation at my own expense. Today on the way from work I also went to the station. I learned all the information about how to get to Moscow for 24 hours. You know, these days there are a lot of car accidents on highways. I'm worried about this. My dear, I will leave for Moscow tomorrow morning. I do not want to delay this matter for a long time. There I will be tomorrow night!
Everything is just beginning my love. In truth, I'm worried. But this is a natural excitement before the trip. All the same trip to a foreign country for me. I will have to overcome a lot. I think you understand me. We've been going to this together for so long. And now, we have a few steps left. Do you remember how we said: "We need to go to a meeting to each other!" I'm very happy that we finally came to this. My dear, I want to ask you once again to write me your exact address and phone number with the code of your country, to which I can call you. Upon arrival in Moscow, I will try to call you to let you know that I'm all right, since I will not have a permanent Internet connection there. I also need to know the name of the airport in your city to buy a ticket. Have not you changed your mind about meeting me ??? :) I'm even a little worried now :) My sweet. I'm so used to you that I can not live a day without thinking of you! You will not believe, but I count the days before our meeting! This may seem ridiculous to you :) Finally, all our desires will soon come true!
Soon we will drink my favorite tea in the morning. Mmm :) Well, again I've been dreaming. :) I will not write you a long letter dear. I will finish my letter. And then I begin to miss you my love. I hope you miss me too !!! Your love Krestina. I look forward to hearing from you! I hug and kiss you! : *
Letter 14
Hello my angel Steve! I love madly, with all my essence, with my whole being and my whole soul, every cell of my body, every atom of my brain. I adore you. I adore you. With your appearance, my life was filled with meaning, and I could feel, as far as it is necessary for me - to realize that there are you on this Earth, and how important it is for me to live for you. And how divinely beautiful, delightfully beautiful, to hear your words of love, it's so nice to read your letters full of love and happiness, when you so tenderly and so excitingly utter my name. I really love you and I want to be yours forever. I want to live with you for the rest of my life. My dream is to give you every day your love and care. I think you can help me and send your help. Once again I want to tell my beloved that this money is a mere formality and you do not need to spend it. I'll be able to get them back to you as soon as you meet me at the airport. Beloved, I'll be waiting with hope for your answer. I'm very sad now that Moscow is alone in this big city. Your forever Krestina
Letter 15
I love you, I love sincerely and openly. Thanks to you I have known love and found happiness. I want to scream about this to everyone and quietly whisper it in your ear. I love you more than life and will always love. Steve between us is love, and where there is love, then there must be trust !!! Do you agree with me my favorite ?? I'm always honest and open with you, so just ask me to help me, so I'm more likely to be around. Being near me, I can hug and kiss you. Being near, you will understand Steve, that I would never dare to deceive you, because I love you. To envy your friends we will walk, enjoy each other. What do you think about it? my love, I'm sure of you and your feelings. I believe you and I am ready to trust my feelings. I hope that at lunch you can send your help, so I went to the bank and found out how I can quickly and reliably get your help. I was told that the most reliable money transfer systems are called Money Gram or Western Union !!! they are very many of these systems, but these are recognized as the best and most reliable. They have proven themselves, because they have been working for a very long time. Favorite can you use these banking systems ??? to be honest, I really hope for your help and therefore take steps forward. As soon as I receive your help, I can pick up all the documents for the flight and send you the exact details and time of flight so that you can meet me. Can you meet me?
What is the weather like now? I will look forward to your reply. I'm very nervous, because soon we will be together. We will be all the same and this is really very important for me. I love, I wait for news. Forever is your Krestina PS Steve, I wanted to send some photos to you, but for some reason I can not upload them. Now I'm waiting for your answer, I'll post the photos.
Letter 16
My prince is so worried about everything that I even forgot in the last letter to send you my exact data ((! In order for you to have no problems with sending your help, I'll send you again my full exact
name: Krestina
Surname: Ulyanova
country Russia
Moscow city
address: Strastnoy bulvar street house 6a building 1 Darling thanks to your help, we'll be together soon. Dear, also, so as not to have problems with getting your help, attach a clear photo of the receipt from the bank to the letter !! My beloved, I'm just very worried because of our meeting.
Letter 17
My beloved was so pleased to talk to you on the phone. I was very glad to hear your strong, pleasant male voice. You are mine forever and I will not give it to you. You do not mind? Steve I love you.
Letter 18
I wait for a kiss your tender, sweet, I want to hug you soon. I love you very much, quickly, lie down, my beloved, to sleep! Darling, I can not upload a photo, because my camera does it in a different format. I for some reason can not fix it !!!! (((It's not a problem, because thanks to your help, we'll be together soon. You'll see me as I am.) We will be together in reality. I'm very tired here alone in this big city. Now I'm sure that tomorrow you send me your help and now I want to go to sleep peacefully Now I'm really calm because I'm 100% sure of you !!! I really love you and I also want to ask you my beloved so that you can send your help tomorrow, because tomorrow a day off, I want to have time to get money early to pick up all the dock and book a flight on Monday.We also have a time difference and banks tomorrow are not working full-time.Done please do it soon.Please, my dear Steve, do not worry about the photos, for soon I will have you all in a row. Okay, I'll go to bed now and see you tomorrow morning. I kiss you sweetly on the lips.
Letter 19

It's so good to just open your eyes and know what you are! Good morning! My beloved, I have already woken up and decided to wish you a good and happy day. I think that you will be pleased. How did you go out with your friends yesterday? what did you do? my beloved I look forward to receiving your information from the bank in time to get your help today. Liked also want to remind you not to send a photo of receipts from the bank about transfer of money or photo of payment receipt if you do online translation. I love you so much. I'm very tired of all this fuss, so I want to hug and kiss you sooner.
Letter 20
Loved Steve !!! Are you kidding me? which means I will not send money?
What kind of blackmail? I'm alone in a strange city, I'm very tired and do everything to make you see me ***** in my bed. Are you saying this to me that it makes me think that you're just playing games with me? I'm completely at a loss from such blackmail. I ask you not to talk like that, because it makes you angry. We have excellent relationships and which are developing much more romantically. I beg you not to vulgarize them. A woman should be ***** or be cheeky only in the bed of a beloved man. Do you agree with me? maybe you accept me for some ***** who is ready for anything for the sake of money. You think so? This money is my favorite Steve needed for our meeting so that you can have me around, and not just look at the photo. Do you understand this? When I'm together I want to take a shower with you, what do you think about it? Also, dear, I told you that even if I wanted to please you with my photos, the format of photos from the phone does not have a download. What's not understandable! Beloved, I think that you still have respect for me and will soon send your help.
I'm looking forward to it. I promise that when we are together, I will thank you for your help, you will forget about any photos at all)) Do you agree beloved? ) Waiting for an answer. Your girl Krestina
Letter 21
Beloved and in general to be honest, I do not feel very comfortable if you insist on a bare photo, since I never sent anyone such photos. I fell in love with you for the first time, therefore such requests for me are a small joke. I hope you understand this. I am an honest and decent girl and I ask you not to break me in these qualities. Good? I really love you and do not mind that you used my body, having real caresses and kissing. I love you very much.
Letter 22
My sweet Steve, I want to remind you that today is a day off and I ask you to hurry up with the sending of help, and then the banks will then be closed until Monday. I want to have time to get your help to book a ticket for you today on Monday, because I'm really very tired here alone. Steve, do you pity me? Darling, I just want to be near.
Letter 23
You have fallen in love with me, fascinated me, you have achieved it.
I fell in love, I gave myself to you. And now it's very hard for me, it's painful to wait for the meeting. Believe me, if I had this money, I would have been flying to you for a long time. I'm crying. I'm not a biscuit, I'm a living person. Lured, and now you do as you like, using money as blackmail for some kind of photo. And everything else is not interesting to you. And I'm so sad, I miss you very much. you also said that you are very bored, but still you do not do anything. I do not know what to do, you do not get out of my head. I can not look at anyone. and I do not want to meet with anyone.
Letter 24
Beloved, I'm very glad that you also try to do everything. Here are the exact details of my agent: name: Galina
Surname: Giniiatullina
country Russia
Moscow city If you send her help in dollars, then you can use her dollar bank account !!!
Beneficiary Customer:
Ms. Giniiatullina Galina Nikolaevna
Beneficiary Bank:
Alfa Bank, Moscow, Russia
40817840208530005305 Beloved Steve, the main thing do not forget to send a photo of the receipt for payment, so that there are no problems with getting your help.
Letter 25
Loved Steve !!! when you come after football, be sure to tell me. Who and with whom he played. Who has won? I'm really very interested. When we are together: will you take me with you to football? dear I will look forward to your letter. Darling do not forget sent a photo of the receipt for payment. I'm so worried, but I really love you and it warms me and gives me strength. your forever Krestina
Letter 26
I understand that the Obsession on the part of the girl, this is obviously bad, and I in no way want to impose you Steve. But there is one thing but I want to know everything about you how your day goes, how you feel, whether you've eaten, warmly dressed, what's on your mind, it is extremely important for me to know that you are alive and that everything is with you OK. I just really love you very much and worry about you. you are mine forever.
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