Scam letter(s) from Sanya David to Marcel (Netherlands)

Letter 1
hi Marcel, thanks for replying. I wish i can write the way you do. I feel so embarrassed because i can't. but i hope i can improve.
how was your day ?, I understand your job is tasking , how do you combine job and relationship together ?,
Yes I have plans of going back home and resuming work as an RN.I specialize in Pediatrics.
I would like a live a wonderful life with my husband and kids always having fun together and being happy.
how do you mean i stole your heart ??
what do you want from me Marcel ?
hey you are writing so well , expressing your self with English language even though is not your first language.
what is your first Language ??
well honestly I understand you have been on badoo for years and never had time for anything. does it mean you have not dated any one online ??
I want to say more by writing and expressing my self to you. but the problem is writing it down.
I hope i can change and write more longer mails to you.
thank you for your quick response.
hug and kisses
Letter 2
hi Marcel, how are you?, thanks for the music I love it.
Yes i love massaging a lot and i would love you to massage me with the herbal oil. Anything herbal is good and essential for the body.
yes is is better to find out if your partner loves ***, so it won't be a problem in the relationship.
I am a passionate woman and I love and adore ***.
well am surprised that Badoo does not show birthdays.
Marcel the organization can't help with what am doing for the kids because I am doing that solely on my own.
I made the commitment without knowing it will be expensive.
Please i know you don't know me enough OK?, I assure you that am honest , I am not here to hurt you or for your money or wealth.
all i need is your help so i can meet up my commitment to the kids, so they can be happy and i will be happy too.
I am a Christian Marcel , I am not a Christian because i go to church, I am a Christian because am honest , faithful to my fellow beings , respectful , truthful , and having the fear of God in me.
here is my ID card details here.and attached here is copy of my passport. NAME - DERECK V. JARED
COUNTRY - NIGERIA please am counting on your help. warmest Regards to your kids.
Letter 3
hi Marcel ,
how are you ?, how are the children ?, hope you are having a good time ?, I missed you and thanks for calling me honey , It been a while i was called that, thank you.
Yes i have thought about waking up beside you several times , and I know i will some day.
Today has been a wonderful day , the Children sang birthday song for me , It was wonderful and touching.
We went to the hospital to Vaccine children against Malaria and Polio.
And i went home to rest, I promise the kids that i will give them their gifts on Wednesday.
Honestly dear life here has not been a pleasant one. because the hardship and suffering is too much.
Yes I live in a kind of compound , fenced round.
I plan to buy them toys , Clothing and shoe , depending on their age and what i can get.
Well ... I am looking at 45 children or more.
thanks for finding the MoneyGram store , I equally did my reseach and found one here. I was told i need your contact details before i can pick the money. your Full Name ?
Home Address ?
City ?
Country ?
Zip code ? I was told i need a security question and answer too , so you can decide that when sending the money.
I have an International Passport, i will use that to get it.
here is my ID details ok ?, in case you need it again. NAME - DERECK V. JARED
ZIPCODE - +2341 thank you for all you are doing , hope to hear from you. Vanessa
Letter 4

marcel , I understand how you feel about me now , I am not a fraud , neither have i thought of doing that to you.
I promised i was going to send you a video of my work place. but it seems you don't believe in me any more, and you are not ready to listen to me either.
there are things i hate so much and that is , Criticizing, Condemning, and Comparing.
I feel you are prioritizing this whole thing and don't want to give it a try.
I want to be out of the so i can send you all necessary documents you need , then you can decide either you still want me or not.
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