Scam letter(s) from Nailya Musaeva to Jim (Brazil)

Letter 1
Greetings. What's up. I'd like to write you a few lines. I always wanted to communicate with a nice and trustworthy man so I decided to start a conversation with you. I know you are the one I'm looking for! I'm nice girl, and I hope you like my pics :) Do you want to chat with me? How old are you? Where are you from? Tell me about your hobbies! I'm looking forward to know as much as possible about you. Don't you mind it? I'll be happy to hear from you soon! Write me please to my online mail: Your new mate;-)
Letter 2
Wow ... you have written to me ... I am very happy) LOL
Frankly speaking, I did not expect to receive a reply from you
not many people respond to strangers, but you responded to my letter and I am very pleased
Please do not be angry with me and let me write a few words
I am very serious and I do not want to play with you in a sense, I'm just a lonely woman who is looking to meet
your e-mail I found through a search engine google. It was pure coincidence ... I was just looking for a friend for correspondence and wrote a letter to the first e-mail that gave me google. so it is pure coincidence that I first wrote to you
I myself do not believe in casual dating
But my friend told me to do so ... she found a husband through casual acquaintance and now advised me
I will not write much about myself, because I do not know if you agree to have conversation with me but if you want to know me, just write to me again, ok?
my name is Nailia and I live in the city of Bratislava, Slovakia. I am 27 years old
I was married once, but now I'm divorced, and the last 3 years living alone
we have here in Bratislava many beautiful women and so divorced women find it difficult to find a partner for life
Perhaps that is why I decided to look for a partner through the Internet
what else to tell you about myself ... I am not a rich woman, but not poor. I have a small business in sales
I work a lot and I like what I'm doing. If you want to know more about me, I'll tell you about my work, but the next time, ok?
about their search for ... I would like to find a man who also is serious about finding a partner for life
I have no specific categories of his age, more important to me that it was just a good and caring person
So, here I stop. Now it's your turn. if I have interesting to you, then I'll look forward to your reply
I was very sincere in this letter, I hope you will not laugh at me
and yes, I will send you more of my photos. I would hope that you just send me your photos
looking forward to your reply.
Regards Nailia.
Letter 3
Hi Jim!!
You can not imagine how glad I am to see again your message in my inbox.
What is your opinion of me?
I promised you to tell about myself in more detail.
If you've been here, I'm sure you would have liked my city.
I was married once, but three years ago I divorced my husband.
The reasons for divorce, we had a lot and to be honest, I do not want to write to you about it.
This divorce is for me a black page of my past life and I do not like to think about it.
But maybe if you would be interested, I ever tell you, ok?
I love sport. I like doing a little aerobics and yoga. Although in recent years due to my work, I did not go to the gym.
By profession I am a manager in the field of trade. I have higher education.
I worked in my profession, but now I have a small business of buying and selling gold jewelry.
Now, you probably think I'm a rich woman because I was dealing with gold?
I wish that were true, but unfortunately it is not.
I am not a rich woman, my income is about 3000 euros per month ..
It is not bad money for me
My hobbies ... I love movies, music, as I like belly dancing.
I'm fond of belly dance before the divorce, but after the divorce, I did not spare time and I threw this hobby.
So now my hobby - it's my job
Now I live alone, I have my own two-bedroom apartment.
I was married, but children have not.
To be honest, I love children. I would like to one day become a mother, but unfortunately it is probably time for me has not yet come.
My parents died.
I was an only child, so that the brothers and sisters I never had.
So you probably already tired to read my letter? I wrote a lot, but I hope you're not tired of reading
You are very interesting to me, I would like to know more about you, but right now I would like you to know about only through letters.
You excuse me, but you should understand me. I do not give you a phone number now, because at first I need to have more confidence in you, you understand me?
I think we have a lot ahead of time, the time will come and I myself call you, ok?
I am very tired today, especially my letter get long, so maybe it's time to stop.
Today I told you a lot about myself and now I just have to wait for your answer.
I do not want to ask you many questions about your life ... yes, I want to know more about you, but I think we can get to know each other, and no questions asked.
Just write about what you're interested in telling me about you
I'll wait for your answer, and I will expect to see your letter soon.
Regards Nailia
Letter 4

Hi Jim!!!
What mood at you today? I hope everything well?
If it is honest, I very much waited for your letter.
I not to joke, I seriously waited for your letter... and I wanted to write rather the answer to you, but unfortunately by me it was necessary to go on a business meeting to Zagreb and therefore I had no time to check my mail earlier.
I had to go to Zagreb to sign the contract with mine the partner about purchase of jewelry.
But on the other hand, this boring trip was successful for me.
I could agree with it about the high price so now after sale of jewelry to it I will be able to get good profit.
I afflicted you? Please forgive me if I really afflicted you.
I promise you, what next time I will warn you if again I am not able to write to you in time, ok?
I don't want to be imposed to you with questions, but I so know about you a little.
I have many questions to you, but I to hesitate to set them a little...
First, I would like to learn about your ideal of the woman... interesting what it has to be for you?
To me it was would like to know about its high qualities... and of course about its shortcomings.
As for my ideal man... it shouldn't be too rich because it seems to me that all rich people are spoiled by money.
And it shouldn't be too beautiful because at such men the self-assessment is overestimated.
My ideal is an ordinary man who lives not only for the sake of himself.
He has to be a few knight in himself to make feats for the sake of the beloved.
I don't speak about feats which would be threat for life... I mean for example to present flowers for the beloved - I think that it too a feat because flowers always please the woman's heart.
I not to look for the man who would be beautiful externally.
To me it is more important that my man was beautiful in himself.
I am the fragile woman, I to need care and my ideal is that man who could show care.
I don't know if it is interesting to you to read that I write you, but I wanted that did you know that I in yourself.
Maybe you will think that I romantic or can be on the contrary you will think that I am a silly woman... I don't know that you think of me now.
I it is simple to try to be sincere with you and I hope that you like to recognize me from within.
This my letter again turns out long... probably you were already tired to read but if you not against, I still want to drop you a line about myself and about my business.
I already wrote you about my business, but is now a little more detailed.
As I already wrote you, I am engaged in purchase and sale of gold jewelry. But I am not a jeweler.
My business differs from work of the jeweler. The jeweler sells gold jewelry in the shop, my work slightly another.
I don't sell gold jewelry units.
I sign contracts for jewelers for wholesale purchase and sale of gold jewelry. My profit depends on a difference of the buying prices and sale and this difference in the price is my income.
I not to smoke a cigarette, but sometimes I am able to afford to smoke a hookah. As for alcohol, I love red wine...
I like to travel.
To my shortcomings I consider that I like to eat.
I love sweet, I love chocolate and it probably my most important shortcoming now.
So, once again forgive me that late I respond to your letter.
I hope, you don't become angry about me.
I will look forward to hearing from you.
It is a lot of kisses.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jim!!!!
Jeilerson my sweet, very important for me see you online.
I want to see your face through a webcam, so in reality speak to you through skype.
I did not tell you about it, because I was afraid to startle you. But I really had was the first experience with the man over the Internet.
It was over a year ago. I met one man and through the Internet.
He asked my naked pictures and videos.
Do you understand me?
Therefore, the first chat by skype is very important to me. Of course I'll give you my phone number, but let me do it after our communication via skype, ok? I hope you do not mind?
Tomorrow I'll have to go to Zagreb to meet with a new client business.
I do not know this man, and tomorrow I will meet him for the first time.
But one my colleague has already worked with him and told me that he was from Poland and he cheap gold prices.
So tomorrow's meeting with him is very beneficial for my business.
Tomorrow for me will be a great day when we could chat with you in skype.
Do you have plans? You'll be busy or not?
Maybe we could meet you online in skype at any time?
I am now planning my vacation.
I like to travel on a vacation, but I have not yet decided where to go.
And right now I'm thinking about you, and in my mind came the idea to come to you on my vacation.
What do you think about it?
I understand that it is my quick decision and to be honest, it's not my decision.
I can change my mind ... but if I still dare to come to you for the first meeting, you will agree to meet with me?
You can not answer that question right now.
It's just my thought, which I wanted to know your opinion.
You do not have to worry about how I come to you, and about where I will live with you.
I can pay all my own expenses for travel and accommodation in a hotel, we can talk about it in skype.
A gentle hug and many kisses for you.
Yours Nailia.
Letter 6
Oh my dear Jim,
my sweet heart, finally I have time to write you more.
My dear, please forgive me once again that I am not able to go online to talk with you.
In my last letter I forgot to give my Skype, my Skype
Tell me honestly, you really do not take offense at me?
Today I have the whole night could not save safely, because worried about you.
I'm afraid to hurt you, because you really become close to me and I do not want to lose the correspondence with you.
Please tell me honestly, you're not really mad at me? My dear, I'm serious ...
It is very important to know your feeling of me and so I ask you to tell me honestly. I do not forgive myself if I hurt you.
I explain my situation because I was not able to go online.
And the most important reason for this - is that I was in the city of Gdansk, which is Poland.
I met with a Polish businessman in Zagreb to talk about our joint cooperation, and after talking to him, we on the same day came to a mutual agreement and signed an agreement on our cooperation.
I myself had not planned to go to Poland, but the businessman from Poland put such conditions, I could not give up this trip.
He suggested that I buy wholesale gold jewelry it is almost twice cheaper than market value, and I just could not refuse such an offer.
So I had to urgently go with him in his office in Gdansk, soon to buy his gold jewelry and arrange delivery of their emergency.
You know, in my life for me it is the first time that I buy in bulk so many ornaments and the most important thing for such a low price.
It costs almost twice cheaper than market value, so that after the sale of jewelers I can get a very good profit.
I'm talking now about the tens of thousands of euros.
I never before have I earned so much and it is just possible to go mad.
Please just do not think that I'm a greedy woman can go crazy with money.
No, it is not.
Yes, I agree that money has an important role in our lives, but simple human factors such as honesty, compassion, love, are for me the other value that can not be measured by money.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you?
To say in other words, I just wanted to say that I'm not sick money.
If I had a choice, I would choose a poor but happy life than the rich life in misery.
To be honest, I made a deal with the businessman from Poland for you.
I want to meet you in real life and so I decided to visit you on my vacation.
To come you need money now because of this businessman from Poland I have the opportunity to earn money so that I could plan my trip to you.
Now I have to go. I need more time to meet with Polish businessmen to negotiate with them for the supply of bought me jewelry.
I would greatly miss you and your writing.
Gently kiss you on your cheek, your Nailia
Letter 7
Hello my love Jim
Damn it, I'm not even know how to write to you about this ...
Please forgive me if my letter asking to hurt you.
Oh my god, how could this happen to me.
I'm very very angry at herself.
Jeilerson I excuse me for my request, but I got in trouble and I need help.
God knows, I do not want to ask you for help, but right now I do not know what to do.
I am depressed, my shock and right now I do not even know who I still have to ask for help but you.
I know that we are not so much close to you.
And I also know that we know each other only through correspondence ...
Damn it, damn it, damn it, I'm ashamed to ask you for help, but if I'm even a little way to you, I implore you to help me.
I'll be at the airport in Kaliningrad. This city is not in Poland, it is the territory of Russia.
I came here today to get bought me jewelry.
My dear, I remember in my last letter I wrote to you was that I was on the same day to return home, but the businessman from Poland deceived me and so I could not go home.
Oh my God, it's just a nightmare.
And right now I do not even know how to explain to you about my situation, which I got.
Damn it, why is this happening to me?
And why I agreed to the deal with a businessman from Poland?
I hate myself because of the fact that she agreed to the deal.
Office of the Polish businessman located in the city of Gdansk. This is the territory of Poland.
It was here I came to conclude a contract with him. But after signing the contract turned out that all his gold ornaments are not in Poland, and his Russian partners in the neighboring city of Kaliningrad, which is located on the territory of Russia.
I myself was shocked when she found out about it.
I was very angry and I was about to terminate the contract, but to terminate the contract with him I could not because my money had been transferred to his account.
I was supposed to fly home that day, when they signed the contract, but when I learned that the gold jewelry are in Kaliningrad, I had to cancel my flight.
Today I came to Kaliningrad to meet with Russian partners to have them
agree on the delivery of jewelry in Bratislava.
But they told me that they do not ship to other countries.
Damn it, it's just some kind of crazy.
They are simply given into my hands all bought me jewelry and wished me successfully get home.
After that I immediately went to the airport to soon buy a plane ticket.
I hid the jewelry in my luggage and I thought that I myself can take them home, but it was not so simple.
I was registered at the airport, but then Russian customs stopped me when boarding the plane.
They arrested my luggage and told me that for the removal of such a large number of gold jewelry I need to have a specific permit, which is issued by their government.
Damn it, at first I could not understand at all, about what resolution they told me.
I'm not doing this for the first year of business, but about such approval yesterday I heard for the first time.
But then the customs officer told me that for them the law I need to have a document procurement certificate that would allow me to carry the jewelry purchased through their border.
He also told me that this certification is required because of their law without these certificates they can not get from me the assurance that these are my gold jewelry is not stolen.
I told the officer that I did not steal the jewelry.
I told him that I bought these ornaments have in Kaliningrad.
I even showed him the receipt that was given to me when buying gold jewelry, but in return he told me that no official certification of gold jewelry he has no right to let me through their border.
Oh my God, it's just some kind of a lunatic asylum.
The first time I faced with such laws and, therefore, I feel confused.
And I do not even know what I do now.
The officer told me that the certificate authorizing the export of jewelry through their border, can be done in the office of customs control.
Today I was in their office.
I wrote the application for the certificate, but it turned out that the certificate you have to pay money.
The customs office I was told that the certificate is issued for each product and the cost of certification for one product is 250 Russian rubles.
In my luggage is now 140 articles totaling nearly 30,000 euros.
I spent all my money to buy the gold jewelry and if I do not get this certificate, I run the risk of losing all the money.
Damn it, I do not really know what to do now.
I am writing this letter to you from an internet cafe at the airport and at the same time I cry.
I really need your help ... I am very ashamed to ask you for money, but if I'm really the way to you, I ask you to help me.
I spent all my savings to buy gold jewelry, and these are now my pockets are empty.
I am ashamed to ask you for money, but maybe you can lend me 1000 euros, so I can get these certificates for my jewelry?
I'm afraid to hurt you with his request, but on the other hand, I very much hope that you can understand what I'm feeling right now.I really need your help, and if I really even a little way to you, I implore you to help me.I'm not asking you to give me the money.I ask you to lend me this amount of money for a couple of days. And I give you back the money immediately, as soon go home.I do not know, but I am very afraid of how you will now think of me.But I hope with all my heart that you believe and help me.Unfortunately, I have only five days to get these certifications. If I do not get hold of these certificates, I could not take my luggage with customs.A customs officer told me that every Monday all arrested luggages taken away from the airport in some luggage.So I was left with very little time.And right now I do not even know to whom I still have to ask for help but you.So I hope very much for your confidence and for your help.I'll wait for your answer.Your Nailia
Letter 8
Hello my love Jim
For today's night I shed many tears.
My eyes still red and hurt from tears a little.
There is no mood and I now constantly think only that happened to me.
It is similar to a nightmare. I don't want to think of it, but I can't differently.
I still see faces of those robbers before eyes and to me it becomes terrible.
I to be afraid of everything and I have now still a state of shock.
I now write this letter to you and tears again drip from my eyes.
Maybe you will be able to send me your money through Western Union or MoneyGram systems?
For me now it is only option to receive your money.
So it will be better if you send me your money through these systems.
Here my information that you could send me your help:
name Nailia
surname Musaeva
Address Western Union and MoneyGram: EVROSYTYBANK
Schiller St.7. Kaliningrad, Russia
I need 1000 euros
Write me all information which will be required to me for receiving a money transfer.
I now need your help that I could come back home back.
I promise you that I to return you money at once as soon as I arrive to myself home.
So you won't lose any cent.
I will return you all expenses for a transfer, write me what sum I have to return to you.
I ask you to trust in me and to try the help to me today with money.
I now have nobody to hope except you.
I will be the whole day waiting for your letter tomorrow and I hope that you will help me.
Well, I to hurry to send you this letter. I hope that you receive my letter today and you will at once answer me.
I ask you to try the help to me, ok.
I will look forward to hearing from you.
Your woman Nailia
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