Scam letter(s) from Ami Loe to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I love ****** pop music because it's catchy not because it's good. I like listening to music (r&b, rock, jazz and some hip hop, Blues, Disco, Hard Rock & Metal, Jazz, Soul/R&B)
I watch some tv but mainly enjoy listening to music. It's more relaxing to me and I tend to get more things accomplished when listening to music.
I am a pretty easy going type of person. I'm very outspoken and love to have fun. I try not to let things bother me much because we only live once. I'm looking for someone that knows how to treat a lady and can treat me as an equal to them. I want someone that will support my dreams and goals for my future and I will support theirs as well. I want someone that is honest because honesty is what makes a relationship true and real. I'm not looking for causal dating, I'm looking for the real deal and someone to spend my life with... I feel I am a woman of integrity and a family provider. I think I am kind in heart and tender of soul. I am proud in the quality of what I do and responsible. I believe in taking care of a man and treating him as a gift that God meant him to be.
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