Letter(s) from Anna Terekhova to Jan (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello, dear Jan,
How is your day?
I hope successful and that everything is fine with you.
It's the same with me also Jan I feel more balanced and calm now after meeting you. I look very much forward to the day I can see you in your eyes and then we will have all the answers. I really hope that the chemistry between us will be good and that we can start to build an everlasting relationship. I like you very much. You are fine serious and have a good shine in your eyes. But we must be prepared that it will take some time to adapt to each other and to find out because we are from different cultures and have different traditions and values. But our platform are common and we both want to find the great love in our life so I am optimistic Jan. At least that is my hope, that we will match each other. By nature I am optimistic and I believe that there is something in the air between us. So let's wait and see and until we meet+ Dear Jan, you asked where I d like to meet first. I think, in Russia will be better, because first of all I don t have money for trip (visa and tickets), yes I understood you agree to help me with it. of course thanks for it, dear Jan, but anyway may be it ll be better to meet at first in Russia. Please let me know what is best for you!
If we meet in Russia- may be some first days, we can meet not in Gelendzhik, but in Moscow or SP (in the neutral place) to see if we like each other, and if yes then we can go together in Gelendzhk to meet my parents+
If after our first meet we ll live in Russia or in your country. I can t answer now. Because first of all we need to meet and to see if we really want to stay together! Jan, about invitation letter. Yes of course I know what is OVIR (i have got my passport there) I have called them. to make official invitation in OVIR cost 50 euro and it ll take 1 month or 1,5 month.
Also it s possible to make invitation letter in the travel agency. It s 50 euro and it ll take 2 weeks. (but 50 euro it s my salary in month, so if you help me to pay if then I can make the invitation for you) and if you re agree, then I need to know your date of birth, your full name, your full address, your phone number, your address of job, the phone number of your job. Dates when you think you d visit Russia. Cities what you think to visit in Russia (even if it s for one day- you need to write about the name of the city) and number of your foreign passport. Dear Jan, it s questions not from me. It s questions- what I need to know to fill in the form for invitation letter.
But then if you come in my city, you need to stay only in very expensive hotel (about 100 or 200 euro for night) in this hotel they make your registration in my city. Because you can t stay in Russia without registration, otherwise you can have problems to fly back. Of course you can stay in the cheap hotel too. But then we need to go with your passport together to OVIR and to make your registration our self, it ll take whole day or half day. because it s always turn and too much people to OVIR.
Also I was told, if you stay in Moscow in the hotel, then they will make your registration automatically, because they make it for everybody in all hotels)
Dear Jan, so now I wrote you all information what I got about invitation. Please let me know your opinion and your thought- what do you think. And then may be we can begin to arrange our meet+ And o course if you have any questions-let me know.
Have a nice day. kiss. Andrea.

Letter 2

Dear Jan, Thank you for your sincere letter and so fast answer.
There is great distance between us, we have never seen each other, we don t know each other and that is why i hope, that you ll continue to tell about yourself.
I know, that men afraid to tell about himself. But we aspire to know each other and i want very much to know, how you spend your days, how it s beginning and how it s usually finishing. I want very much to know, what thoughts worry you.
I want to know, what feels your heart+
Jan, i want very much to feel, what is your character.
What woman is your ideal, what you wish to find in the life
Jan, about our meet:
1. yes I know that Moscow has 4 or even 5 airports.
2. today I have called to the air office. yes there are a lot of flies to Sheremetjevo. (only I ll arrive in sector 1 and you ll arrive in 2) these sectors are in some km far from each other. But it s not a problem. I think, will be better, if I come to your airport and we ll meet there. Because it ll be easer for me- I m in my country, I know language and so on. What do you think about it?
3. only I ll need to know the time of your arriving. The number of fly and name of air company.
4. my fly: fly Krasnodar- Moscow- Krasnodar. Will be 220euro to both sides. And the lady told me, that it s better to buy tickets in advance. Because she told that all flies almost always are full+
5. about hotel. When you book hotel, can you let me know the name and may be the address of the hotel.
6. and I d like to live not in separate rooms. I d like to have one room, but with two beds. Because we re in separate rooms- then we ll be too much separate. But I d like to use our meet to know better and to spend all this time with you. Jan, what do you think about?
7. and about dates. Yes January is good for me. But I ll nee to write official paper for my vacation. And it s better to do in advance. So please when you ll know exactly dates of your vacation and dates of our meet. Let me know! Ok?
Dear Jan, i m waiting very much your letter. and then i ll happy and my mood will be fine.
My tender feels for you. sincere Andrea

Letter 3

Dear Jan, it was nice to hear from you again and with every letter we get to know each other better and better. I think when we will see each other we will be like people who knows each other for ages. I have read your beautiful letter hundred times. I could not even imagine that people can be so close to each other spiritual and so far in a distance at the same time. I wish I could fly to you, to feel you near me. I have seen a dream, that we are together and we walked on the beach , the sea is beautiful and then we went into the water and swam. The water gently carries us , we float with ecstasy lolling in waves. It was so beautiful, that I did not want to wake up. But unfortunately I had to . All my thoughts are about you, I try to imagine what you do now, where you sit, what is in your hands, I wish I were.
Dear Jan, from your letter I undertood that you have nice Christmas and plane to have interesting weekend. Here in really it's not so special, because it's just normal days+ So I prefer to work these weekend- then I have more free days during New Year+
Dear Jan, I wish you very very good weekend and of course I'll wait for your answer. Kiss. Andrea.

Letter 4

Dear my JAn
Like always it is a fantastic, good and wonderful feeling, if I can read some lines from you .sorry that I didn't write you for some day, but there were holidays and internet café didn't work! You know, dear Jan, It is the only exception from the normal day goes by, which I have now in my life. To think at you give me such a wonderful warmness, energy and power in my body back, which it can exist no better medicine for me. It is simple your love, which have changed such a lot of things in my life since some weeks in a possitive way. But what is love ? Love is a great area in our life, but nobody knows exactly and can descreibe it, what it is. Love is the first experience, which a baby get from the parents and is so important for the further development. Love is a base and theme for songs, books, movies and for telling. Love influence our life in a bad or in a good way and we depend on the person, which we love. Love comes in different ways to the people, but you must be only able to see and to catch it. I think our love is based on our mutual understanding, our same views of life and what is love for us and how should be a happy relation. Our love leads simple two persons together, which belong to each other. Dear Jan, I'am really glad, that the fate gives us this great chance in our life !! I think it is better now to stop here, because I see my romantic side speaks out of me and I begin to speak in a to phylosophical way !!
Have a nice time and I hope, to hear from you soon. Kiss. Andrea
P.S. and something practical, Jan, I have been in the bank and I have got a official paper what I need to give to you and you need to go to your bank with this information. (I made a scanner from it, and now I send it to you)

Letter 5

Hi dear Jan
your words always touch my heart and they make to feel to me the heat of your tender feeling.
When I read these words I am afraid that this is only a dream... a too much beautiful dream to be real.
Is it right to believe in the dreams? too times I have seen my dreams die and too times I have believed to die with them.... but I am still here ... again to dream!
How not to dream when I can read so much tenderness in your words? How not to dream when can I imagine your lips to open as a precious flower to give himself to mine?
I dream .. I dream ... I dream ... I dream .. I dream ... I dream ... I dream .. I dream ... I dream ...about you and me about our soon meet.
Jan, you asked about my New Year. I think it was good enough and only it's very pity, that all holidays are already over+
I spend some time of New Year eve with my parents (during day and a little bit in the evening) and then I still went to spend the ret of New Year party with my friends+ But it was ok for my parents. Because they still wanted to visit somebody too and to have a fun with their friends+By the way Jan, you're right I was a little bit surprise about your full name (of course I understand that each country has difference in names and so on+) but just I always thought that Anne it's only for girl. But I see how much can be difference in names in different courtiers. And now I believe that if one ay I'll live in other country-I'll have much more surprises about customs traditions and so on+
Dear Jan, I'll stop fro now and I would like to hug you and to feel you (I hope soon) in Russia. I hope that everything will be with your visa and tickets+ My dear, when you'll have news please let me know.
your Andrea