Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Zaikonnikova to Paul (Switzerland)
Letter 1
Hello my darling, How is your day?
What time is it in your country?
I would really like to know our time difference.
Thank you that you find time to write me.
Now I would like to be close to you and feel your smell.
Like any woman, I really want attention, affection and hugs, as well as passion. Lately, I have noticed for myself that I feel more and more interest for our meeting. Last night, I had a dream, in this dream we were together, and you hugged me and stroked his hand through my hair....
I believe that soon we will meet. All our dreams will come true when we're together. Now I know, When will my vacation. Today, the chief told me that my vacation starts in a few days.
I think next week I will be on vacation.
This news is very pleased me.
My boss has allowed me to take a vacation of 45 days, as I explained to her that appeared in my life a man from another country, you're cute Paul!
Are you glad to know about it?
Soon I get my salary, before leaving on vacation, I have to pay my salary and I just plan to buy a new laptop, the laptop I would be required for that to write you letters at any time, as well as to make Skype. I hope that you are pleased. I really look at things, and I think, that we should be well prepared for this.
I will start to prepare for the trip, if you agree with that!?
What clothes should I bring? I have to take warm clothes?
I need to know the answers to my questions.
Paul, I will provide information about my preparation for the trip, you really would like our meeting?
I feel our sympathy and I am drawn to you. I'm sure that when we meet again, with you our feelings become stronger! Please promise me that you'll take care of me, I trusted you.
I take our relationship with all my heart and soul.
The most nearest international airport is in the city of Moscow.
It Sheremetevo airport or Domodedovo.
Tell me, please, what the international airport closest to your house?
Which airport should I buy tickets?
I've never been in your country. If I arrive to you, you meet me?
I do not know anyone except you in your country. I ask you that you met me at the airport.
Paul, I'll be happy to spend time with you.
The time we spend with you, help us get to know each other better.
I begin to take some steps to our meeting. I will do everything possible, that you and I met in the shortest possible time. I will do everything myself, because I'm an adult and responsible girl. I want you to write to me every day!
I really need your support!
In the coming days I plan to learn about what I should do for my trip to you.
I promise that I will inform you of my news.
Together with the letter I give you photos, I hope you like my photo.
I want to send you a postcard, but I do not have your address.
Write me your full address and as soon as you write me your address, I immediately go the post office, what would my card sent to you. When you open the envelope, Take a postcard in your hands and you will feel the smell of my perfume, I hope you like my perfume.
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