Scam letter(s) from Julia to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
You Jim from the dating site?
I just want to make sure that this is really you because there are a lot of spam on the Internet.
I immediately want to tell you about the main thing. I live in Russia.
Is not that a problem for you?
I'm not worried that I'll get acquainted with a man from another country. It is very interesting! This is a different culture, traditions, different views on different things. I like to learn something new! In addition, you can learn more about the Russian woman. I hope you are not afraid and we can continue :)
If this is a problem for you, that I live in Russia, maybe you are scared by the distance, or you are just looking for pleasure, just tell me about it, I will sympathize with this.
I will be very pleased if we continue our communication further.
I'm waiting for your answer.
Letter 2
Hello Jim!
I'm glad that you answered me! :) It's good that for you it is not a problem that I live in Russia.
I did not expect that you would answer me with my letter, and for this I was very surprised when I saw the letter from you.
I think that we can begin our acquaintance.
My name is Yuliya and I'm 33 years old. I hope I do not look older :)
I am a single woman, I do not have children.
Are you lonely?
I'm looking for a soul mate. With whom I will always be interested. With whom I will feel confidence, care, love and affection.
Unfortunately, I still can not find such a man.
I have many interests . I like to spend time with friends. I love active rest. Travel a lot around your country.
I send you a photo of me and I hope that you too send me your photos!
As it will be interesting for me to learn about your life, family, work and fun.
Write to me, I will wait for your letter.
I want sincere fellowship. I hope that you share my interests and goals.
I will wait for your reply.
Sincerely, Yuliya. P.S. Do not forget to send me your photos. To me they are very important and interesting.
Letter 3
Hi Jim!!!
I'm glad that you did not reject my letter.
I hope that our communication with you will continue to develop :)
Dear, I liked the photos you sent me, I'm very glad to see them in your letter, you have a very nice dog, He does not bite?
Dear Jim? I also like outdoor recreation ... Can we someday create a picnic in nature? It would be very fun and great ...
I would like to know about you as much as possible.
I will also try to tell you more about myself, about my life, and also send you my photos :)
Your photos are also very important to me. I will always be pleased to see your photos :)
I'm lonely, never married, I do not have children.
I dream of my own family and of a loving man beside me.
Unfortunately, I can not find the only one with whom I would have a really serious relationship.
So I decided to try Internet dating, I heard that it is very popular now.
And more and more people find their couple on the Internet.
I live in the city of Kazan '.
If you are interested, then you can see my city using Google map.
It is a beautiful historical city, I lived in it all my life.
I have a good job.
I work as a consultant in a home appliance store. I help people to choose the suitable household appliances for them.
I like my work and I'm good at it.
Tell me about your work. Who do you work for? Do you like your job?
I will be very interested to know about this.
I want to tell you about myself and my hobbies.
I am a versatile girl, I have many hobbies.
I like to spend time with friends, I like to play sports, I like watching movies and TV shows, listening to music.
I love walks in the woods, spending time in nature. My most favorite pastime is riding horses and horses ...
I've been doing this since childhood ... I love horses, they are very nice creatures ...
On this I want to finish my letter. I look forward to your reply.
With great respect, Yuliya.
Letter 4

Hi Jim!
How are you doing? How are you feeling?
I read your letters with great interest.
I want to know about you as much as possible. I'm very interested to know you.
I hope that you are just as interested in communicating with me?
Today I woke up earlier than usual. I needed to take my mom to the center of eye diagnostics and write it for examination.
I live with my mother. My parents divorced many years ago. I know that my dad lives in another city and he has another family.
I hardly remember my father and do not know much about him, because my parents divorced when I was a child.
I never ask or be interested in my father. He left us with his mother, so we just did not need him.
Because it's painful to think about it.
So I grew up without a father, but my mother gave me a very good upbringing and tried to give me all the love and care. I'm grateful for everything she does for me. I am grateful to my mother, she raised me and give me an education.
She always helps me. When I went to school, my mother always helped me in difficulties. After school I study in college, then at university and my mom always help me. She absolutely supports me in everything. I am very grateful for everything she gave me. She alone educates me. Our family is always quiet and peaceful. We always help each other in difficult times.
My mother works almost all his life in a bakery. She baked bread and confectionery products. She almost 5 years to work as a seller in a store when she was already retired.
Now, my mother is a housewife, and she does not work. She gets a pension from the state.
Mom keeps order in the apartment, so the house is always cozy and clean. Now she has an interesting hobby. She likes to sew and knit.
Could you tell me about your family? I'm curious to know what your family means to you. What are your relationships in the family?
I'll be waiting for your early reply.
Take care of yourself ....
Sincerely, Yuliya.
Letter 5
Hi Jim!!
How are you ?? What's New ??
Thank you for your new letter!
I really was waiting for your letter!
With each new letter, we learn more and more about each other. I think you also notice this.
Dear, I love to swim, but this summer I have not managed to do swimming once, there were very hot days ... But because of my busy schedule at my work, I could not swim in the lake, the river ....
I also want to thank you for your photos ... To be honest, I envy you, I also want to swim: (((
Tell me, how did you spend the day today ?? What new things did you have?
This morning, I woke up earlier than usual. I was woken by my dog :) He really wanted to go to the street :) I really love animals ...
In the morning we went with him for a short quick walk, and after that I immediately began to get ready for work.
The day at work as a whole went well. There were many customers and I was tired.
But today I'm planning to go to the gym in the evening. And what are your plans for the evening?
I'm wondering why you decided to use the internet for dating ?? Do not you want to waste your time looking for a girl on the street or a cafe? :)
I decided to get acquainted with a man from another country, because I think this is very interesting.
Do you know anything about Russia? Would you like to learn something about my country or culture ?? You can ask me any questions, I will gladly answer you!
Could you tell me about your education ?? How many years did you study? Does your profession correspond to your education ??
I like my work. I think that work needs to be done with pleasure, and not just for the sake of money or a career.
Of course this is also important, but the main thing is to work for your own pleasure. This is the most important when choosing a job. Work should be to your liking. You agree with me?
On this I want to finish my letter. I hope that you will be interested in reading my letter.
I'm waiting for the reply letter.
Letter 6
Hi Jim!
It's good to see your letter today. How are you?
Dear, I would like to hear from you about the breed of your pet Ginger ..
I also love nature and it would be nice to spend a couple of hours or even a couple of days with you in nature ... We could catch a lot of fish, I love fishing ...
Today, in the morning, my friend phoned me and offered to meet and eat lunch together. I was not against and told her that she would come to a cafe that is not far away where I work. We met at lunch and she was all in tears! I immediately realized that she once again quarreled with her husband. She has a very jealous husband. He always seeks reasons for jealousy.
For example, yesterday, she had to stay at work for one hour. When she came home, he again gave her a scandal and they quarreled. Today he calls her in the morning and always asks where she is and what she does?
When we sit and talk to her, he called her twice! He did not believe that she met me and we are together. He thought she was with another man :) My friend gave me a phone so I could confirm to him that at the moment she really is with me. That's just terrible! I do not understand how you can be so jealous? How can you be so not sure about the loyalty of your partner? I think this is insulting and humiliating towards my second half!
Tell me, are you jealous?
As for me, I'm somewhat jealous.
I believe that jealousy shows its indifference to man.
Fear of losing it, fear of being abandoned.
But of course jealousy must be within reason. I believe that you need to believe and trust your partner.
And excessive jealousy is not confidence in one's partner and, first of all, in oneself.
It's my opinion .
Being in a relationship, are you able to give frequent occasions for jealousy to your partner ??
I hope that I did not tire you with my questions.
I just want to get to know you deeper, because contact with me really becomes important to me.
Do you have any plans for today ??
Today I plan to go shopping and buy some things for myself and for the house.
Shopping lift my spirits, but not the way your letter does :)
I will look forward to your new letter.
I wish you a great day!
Sincerely, Yuliya!
Letter 7
Hi Jim!
How are you today? What is your weather like?
As always, I am very pleased to receive and read your letter.
Yesterday I had a lovely dinner with my mom. I as always prepare a very tasty dish, I make a stuffed pepper "Bulgarian pepper stuffed with chicken minced meat." Do you ever try stuffed peppers?
It's very simple, I can tell you how to cook it, if you want.
My mother always wondered how I could cook such delicious dishes so quickly. I myself do not understand how it works :) I just always cook with great desire and I get pleasure from what I'm cooking. Perhaps this is my secret.
During dinner, my mother and I talked a lot. I remembered that I wanted to tell her about our acquaintance. My mother became very interested and began to question me. She asked from where you are? How old are you? Do you have any children? etc. My mother is very very curious :) I will tell her everything I know about you. I said that our dialogue is developing successfully, and she is happy for us. She would like to see your photo. I hope you do not mind?
She dreams that I, at last, was not alone, and found a beloved person.
My mother often blames herself for being still alone. She thinks that this is her fault, that I am alone now. I already told you, she brought me up all alone, without a father. She believes that I lacked male attention and this affected my upbringing and therefore I can not find a man.
I always explain to her that this is not so. I just have not yet met a worthy man in my life, whom I really love and be happy with.
I so need warmth and care and I think that I do not ask so much.
I'm looking for pure love and romance in a relationship.
I love it when everything is beautiful, beautiful, gentle and romantic!
I wish to have, a loved one nearby, feeling, caring and constant support in difficult times. This is my happiness.
I want to know what to do to make you happy? How do you see your happiness in the future?
And I will try to ensure that everything I do is real happiness for my future man.
I'm waiting for your early letter.
Letter 8
Hi Jim!!
How are you ??? How is your mood ??
And what was your day like? What's new??
I'm fine and I'm glad to see your answer.
Dear, my mom does not mind that our age is different ...
On the contrary, I'm glad that you are more experienced and cultured ....
This morning in our household appliance store was a check. All the staff of our store was very nervous all this time, including me. But everything went well, they did not find any comments.
Yesterday I was in the gym. The training went well, my coach again praised me for good results.
It made me very happy :) I see that my training is not in vain.
I came home in a good mood and with pleasant fatigue after training. I'll have dinner, take a bath and go to bed. Before going to bed, I thought about you, about our acquaintance with you.
I was curious to know what you are doing at that moment. Maybe you also thought about me at that moment?
I am so pleased to share with you all that is happening to me.
And I see that our dialogue with you is developing so well.
Recently, I began to think often about our acquaintance with you. I notice that we have much in common, and above all, common goals and desires for the future.
And all this undoubtedly pleases. From the first day of our correspondence, you produced and made a good impression on me. Impression of a kind, serious and open man. It is easy and interesting for me to communicate with you. And sometimes I think it would be nice if you were next to me. It is a pity that you are far away.
But I think that in the future, if everything goes well between us, we will find a way to meet. How do you think ?
I believe that our friendship contributes to the excellent beginning of a serious relationship.
Would you like to see our friendship grow into something bigger ??
Are you ready for a more serious relationship ?? I'm very interested to hear your answer to this question.
I want to understand you and your interest in me.
I want to hear from you a sincere answer.
I hope you understand me.
I look forward to your reply.
Letter 9
Hi Jim!
I'm very glad to hear from you again.
Last night, I long to think and reflect on my last letter to you. I was even a little ashamed that I ask you such suggestive questions. I just do not want to impose or rush things. I hope that you can correctly understand me with this. I really do not want to rush you. I want this to be mutual.
I'm just tired of being alone. I want to have a more serious relationship than friendship. I want to give all my love and care to a man.
I want to feel important and necessary for a man.
I do not know if you have a feeling of loneliness. I often see young couples who spend time together. on the street and parks ...
I often watch them and even sometimes I envy .. :)
Especially I'm very pleased to see older couples who have lived together almost all their lives.
I want to have the same relationship with my future man.
Live in love, joy and sorrow until the end of life.
I still believe in true love ..
I believe that I can be happy with a man for the rest of my life.
We live, grow, learn, work, build relationships with people, somewhere we aspire and achieve something in this life. But having reached the end of life, each of us will ask ourselves about the main and, perhaps, the only one: was I happy? I am satisfied with the life I have lived? It will not be a matter of how much we earned, how much good or bad did ... This question will be on whether I was happy with all this? So we are arranged and no one will escape from this. So, this is the most important thing for which we live, the very meaning of our life.
We can make happy not only our lives, but also the lives of others. It is important to try to give your loved ones everything you can give. To every evening, closing our eyes, we asked ourselves: did I do something today for their happiness, too? Did I make their day richer and lively today? And that every evening the answer was "yes."
Could you tell me about what the word "happiness" means for you ?? What is happiness for you?
I would be interested to hear about this.
On this I finish the letter, and I will expect your answer.
I expect that you will understand my letter correctly. And you will appreciate it as friendly or maybe a little more.
I will wait for your reply.
Letter 10
Hi dear Jim!!!!!!
How are you? I hope you are doing well?
I'm glad that we are getting closer than friends.
Our correspondence means so much to me. For me it's very serious.
Yesterday I thought about you all night! I could not sleep for a long time. I thought, what if you think about me just now at this moment. I dreamed for a very long time and did not notice how I fell asleep.
I'm very glad that I visited you in your dreams, because as far as I know, that sleep is stored in the subconscious, and only good memories are stored in the subconscious ... I'm therefore a good memory, I am very happy about this ... I also hope that you will come to me in a dream, so that we could meet even though in a dream ...
I'm late for work, I woke up at 9 o'clock! When I woke up, I quickly gathered and immediately ran to work. I ran to the bus stop and waited a long time for my bus. In the morning all the people go to work and the buses are full. When my bus arrived, I was just shocked! There was absolutely no place in it! It was just packed with people! I was able to get to the very end of the bus. It was very difficult, but I had no other choice.
I went and knew that at work I would be criticized for being late. But I did not care, because I was still thinking about you. All my thoughts were about you.
I go to work and the store manager meets me.
I honestly confessed that I overslept. She reprimanded me.
My mood was spoiled from the very morning.
I quickly forget about this misunderstanding, because all my thoughts were only about you. I thought of reading your letter as soon as possible and writing you an answer.
I thought about you, you are the only person I can think of to raise my spirits.
I could not think of anything else, because you are always in my thoughts.
All my colleagues at work told me all day that I fly in the clouds :)
They say that I have become completely different, that I have become more thoughtful and happy, maybe they are right.
I realized that I can not concentrate on work. All the thoughts in my head were just about you.
Maybe it's stupid, but I've never felt this feeling before, which I now feel for you.
After our correspondence, I can not sleep for a long time every night.
I just think about you, about us.
I have a strange feeling, I myself do not understand what is happening to me .. Why do I think so much about you? After all, we know very little time.
I'm sorry that I did not know you before.
I know that maybe I'm a hopeless romantic.
But I believe that our meeting via the Internet is the best thing that could happen to us.
I wish you a wonderful day!
Letter 11
Hi dear Jim!!!
Your new letter is fine! I will always thank you for your new letter!
My dear, I'm fine ... Dear, I'm also burning with impatience to hear your voice, I'll try to do this, please leave me your phone number ... Dear, you probably know that calls abroad are very expensive, I'll let you know as soon as I have an opportunity I will immediately call you, I also want to hear your voice ... I think that our accents are very different .... I'm sure of this ....
I'm glad to understand that I'm not indifferent to you. And I am very pleased to answer your letter, but in the beginning I
Would you like to know how you are doing? How is your health? How did you sleep tonight?
Today I had a dream. You will not believe it, but you were in it. We walked along the wide shore with you and just talked. Then we stopped and watched the morning sun rise. It was very beautiful and romantic. At this beautiful moment my alarm clock rang and this beautiful dream was interrupted.
When I woke up in the morning, I looked forward to reading your letter during the day. And if you write to me, I'm very happy.
You probably already understood this. In your letters, I can see respect and interest in relation to me.
If I were not interesting to you, you would not write me such warm and caring letters.
The most important thing seems to me that you have an interest in a dialogue with me.
You want to continue to communicate with me and improve our relations with you in the future.
In life, I'm a very romantic person. I often dream about the future, because I am very pleased.
Everyone wants to improve their lives, and so he dreams about it.
It is possible that in the future everything will be fine and I will be happy.
For me, the love of my beloved is more important. I want him to love me for the rest of his life.
I'm sure that love can be for life. I would like to try to love a person for the rest of my life. Live up to old age together and take care of each other.
Maybe someday God will give me a chance to love and be loved for the rest of my life.
Now my life has changed, because I find you in this big world. You are an excellent person, you are very
please me.
Now I can freely and openly express my feelings to you. I want you to be open in your feelings.
We are good at communicating with each other and this
excellent, I'm very pleased.
I really look forward to your reply.
I always think about you.
Letter 12
Hello, my dear Jim!!!!
I'm very happy to receive your letter today.
Dear I do not use such applications, I got your number and now, I'll look for an option how to call you, I really want to compare our accents, I also think that it will be pleasant for us to talk with each other ... Dear, I ask you to clarify your contact number that you always have at hand ...
I think that for the time that we correspond with you, we are very close and between us there is something more than just friendship.
I constantly think about you, you took a place in my heart.
At work, I became a little inconsiderate and my friends say that I look very happy.
Remember when I'm late for work last time? Since then they always remind me that :)
I've never been so happy!
I completely changed, all my friends and acquaintances say this.
It's all because of you. It's like I'm flying in the sky.
I thought again yesterday about our relationship and our feelings.
I've become so attached to you that I miss every day without your letters.
And I look forward to your every letter with impatience.
I always think about you. Looks like I fell in love with you, like a little girl :)
I can not do anything with myself ... Thoughts about you do not leave my head.
I want to confess to you with my feelings. I hope that you also have feelings for me. Do you have similar feelings for me?
I talked about this with my mother, and she says it's good, she's glad that I'm happy with you. Because she trusts you.
I told my mother that you are the best person and that I completely trust you. I tell my mother a lot about you. She has very good impressions of you.
She loves Me. And he always supports me.
She wishes me much happiness and great love.
My mom wants me to be happy in the future.
I can make your life more beautiful and happy. We are very easy to communicate with each other and this
excellent, I like it.
Each person in his life meets someone special, which attracts like a magnet, without knowing it. And maybe this person does not even know how he is dear to someone.
Does not represent that someone falls asleep with the thought of him and wakes up with the same thought.
Lately in my thoughts too much of you.
You penetrate my fantasies, and, frankly, they come from me just because of you.
In my head, a lot of thoughts about you. You know, probably you settled there. Well, I do not want to get you out of there. Live there forever.
I hope that you will have pleasant moments in life when you read my letter.
I look forward to hearing from you my dear Jim.
Bye. I always think of you Yuliya.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Jim!!!!
How are you feeling ? I'm glad to see your letter. Do you miss me?
Now you are a unique person for me. You are always in my thoughts! I always think of you. After your last letter, I thought a lot about you. I really missed you. I have very strong feelings for you, I'm ready to confess to you this is my dear. I can not hide my feelings for you anymore. I tried to hide my feelings from you, I was ashamed to admit it to you. I thought that you can not understand me correctly. You are happiness for me in this life, I can not live without thoughts about you. Most free time, I think about you. I dream about the future with you. In my head all thoughts are only about you my dear Jim. I want my dreams to become real. I do not want to just dream, I wish to love you really.
And here only you can help me. If you accept my love, my life will be the happiest. And if you reject me, it will be very painful for me to accept this. I'm sure we'll all be fine with my darling. I want to call you, beloved and dear person. Perhaps in the future, life will unite us and it will be for me the happiest moment in my life. But for this purpose we should discuss with you together. For myself, I already decided that you are the person I've been looking for all my life. You are necessary for me. I fell in love with you very much. I want you to be my man, and only mine.. It's a pity that we are now very far apart from each other, because I could show you my feelings. I want to take care of you, hug and give you all my warmth and affection. This letter is a confession to you in your feelings. I'm so used to you that now I do not know how to be further. From the moment of our acquaintance, I was pleased to be in communication with you. We were just friends, I thought so. Now I have great feelings for you.
Thoughts of you are spinning in my head all day, and I can not wait for the hour when you answer me.
I'm waiting for your early reply.
Your Yuliya.
Letter 14
dear, do I miss your letters, where did you go?
What happened? I can not understand ... Jim answer me ....
Letter 15
Hello my dear Jim!!!
How are you feeling ? I'm glad to see your letter.
I begin to understand that my life does not make sense without you, because I love you.
I think about you every day more and more.
Dear, I liked all the photos you sent me, your cottage looks brilliant, I would be glad if we were sitting in front of the fire with you in an embrace ... These are my thoughts in the ear ...
Dear, I still have no plans for the weekend ... I want to talk to you, I'll look for an opportunity to find a telephone conversation with you this weekend ...
Dear tell me what is the best time for our conversation?
I did not understand when it all began, but you do not leave my head.
I think that we need each other. I think about you.
The day you write the answer to my first letter, I will always remember. I was, very glad to read it!
You are the person I've been dreaming about all my life and I've been looking for a very long time.
And I'm very glad that I was able to find you in this vast world. I'm very happy now!
Love is a gift that is made for the sake of a loved one. If a person's soul is beautiful, her weaknesses go unnoticed.
Love allows you to look at the world with a new look. Everything becomes different, everything becomes more colorful.
I can thank you, because you helped me to look at the world with completely different eyes! You are now very dear to me, and my life has changed a lot.
This changed for the better. You made my life much more interesting and happy.
Before that, my life was boring and monotonous, but now everything has changed since we found each other in this big world.
We like each other, we must try to keep our feelings!
What do you think about all this? What is love in your opinion? Our future relationship depends on your answer.
Our fates have met, I want them to unite in one single!
I hope for the fate that should help us. In the future, we must become one.
I feel a great love for you Jim! You are the best! I give you all my feelings!
I'm waiting for your letter, it's important for me
Your Yuliya.
Letter 16
My lovely Jim, I'm really glad that we were able to organize our Telephone conversation and are you happy? I've been waiting for this for a very long time. In the end, I miss you, if I could, I would spend every minute of my life with you !!!
You mean a lot to me, You're all I have! Every minute I fall in love with you more and more, I do not want it to stop!
I want to talk about our conversation. Did you like it? I want to say that from the very beginning I was very frightened by the fact that I will first hear you, but then my heart began to beat slowly, and I came to myself. I think you even noticed that I was very nervous, but it's all because I was frightened, but then everything became good, and I behaved cautiously. I really liked it! Dear, I understand that you were driving, I did not hear enthusiasm in your voice, it seemed to me that you did not care what I called you ..
I was very pleased to hear from you Jim!
Dear, I also want to ask what you think about our meeting? So my Aunt Vika, called me on a visit ....
Your Yuliya ...
Letter 17
Hi my love Jim!
My beloved, I miss you very much.
Dear what do you think about our meeting? I'm very interested in our meeting ... I want to see you with my own eyes ... I also want to hug you and feel the warmth of your body.
I constantly think about you, I imagine how we spend time together, we make love.
My beloved, I miss you ...
I thought about our meeting, it would not be bad to see each other, to look in the eyes, to communicate, to get to know each other better and share our feelings.
Because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. It's hard to convey all your emotions in a letter. It is clear that a written form of communication will never replace a real conversation and meeting. But if it were not for the letters, we could not have known each other and in general hardly found each other and began to communicate. This has its pros and cons.
Even through letters, I realized that I have feelings for you and it makes me happy. I really realized that I love you!
Love is something from above, it gives a person, in order to learn happiness in this life. You just live and suddenly it reaches you in the most unusual ways.. You do not expect this and sometimes you do not even have to think about it .... All this happens in an instant !!! Suddenly, and you are in love! And you already can not do anything about it .... because these feelings do not leave you and your mind. You start living this feeling of love for another person.
Love is an amazing feeling!!! It is a pity that not everyone can accept it.
Many men think that love is just sex, I think it's wrong. I believe that sex can not be without love! It looks like a perversion ... How can you have sex with a person who does not have feelings. What pleasure can you get from such sex?
Absolutely none!
And I hope that you agree with me.
I want to be with the only man with whom I will feel loved. I must understand that I really need a man and that he loves me.
I will give myself completely to him, both body and soul.
It is important for me to know you to share my thoughts? I want to know your opinion.
I really love you, and I can not live without you.
And I hope that one day you and I will finally be together and all our dreams and desires will become a reality.
This concludes my letter.
I wish you a successful weekend, take care of my dear Jim!
Write to me, I will look forward to hearing from you.
With love, your Yuliya.
Letter 18
Hi my love Jim!
I am very glad to receive a letter from you.
I was waiting for him with impatience, and now I'm happy to read it.
I love you!
I'll repeat this until I get tired, although I think I can hardly ever get tired of telling you this!
You are the person I dreamed of!
I always think about you, I dream about those hours when we will be together.
How I want to fall on your lips, hear you whisper soft words in my ear, embrace you and not let go, feel your heart beating, tell you that I love, without ceasing!
I want to be with you as much as possible.
I'm ready to give everything, just to be with you, look into your eyes, feel your hands, see how you smile tenderly, and smile back at you.
To give yourself, your love, and receive too, I just never imagined that someday I can so go crazy for someone!
Waking up in the morning, at dawn I think of you and in the evenings, when I go to bed.
This cold and slightly sad morning becomes the warmest and most joyful at the thought of you.
Without you it's dark and cold.
And I can not imagine my life without you.
I'm so grateful to you, what you have with me.
You are so good, you love me so much, we have not seen each other, but I am terribly bored, I can not live without you, I will be with you always, always, my good, my beloved, you are my happiness.
I'm so lonely without you in this city.
I want to quit everything and run to you.
How I would like to cuddle up to you, kissing you with warm lips.
I do not see, but every time I read your letters, my heart is ready to burst into pieces.
Every letter fills me with happiness.
Thank you beloved for these letters.
They give me tenderness and heal my spiritual wounds.
You are the man who conquered my heart. A man with whom you want to be around, when happy and when sad, who wants to hug, kiss ... .. just love. Beloved, I miss you, but love gives me strength to wait and endure all the difficulties of fate.
My dear, just be with me and I will be happy.
On this I end my letter, write to me, I will look forward to hearing from you a letter.
I love, I miss, tenderly and passionately I kiss you.
Your love is Yuliya.
Letter 19

Hi my love Jim!!!
How are you? I hope you are all right.
What is your weather like?
I waited for the moment when I will again receive a letter from you and this happy moment has come. I'm happy to see your letter!
I look forward to our meeting!
Dear, I also dream of trying your food, I do not have a certain dessert, which I adore, I really like the sweet ....
Well, since I'm a girl, I need to look after my Body, so my favorite food is a light salad.
I do not have the patience to wait for this bright moment in our life.
I want to meet you as soon as possible to hug you, kiss you, look you in the eye and tell you I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!
You are far away, I feel lonely, I need you.
Thoughts about our meeting warm my soul, they support me when I have a bad mood, and make me happy.
My friends noticed that I began to look more happy and cheerful.
They wish us only happiness!
I'm happy that I have you.
My love is boiling like a volcano, it is trying to escape, but does not find a way out in the absence of you.
I look forward to our meeting as a young schoolgirl of her first date in life.
My dear, how can I come to you and what do I need for this? I have never traveled outside my country and I do not know what is needed for this. Where should I start?
I hope to see you soon.
Looking forward to your reply .
Letter 20
Hi my love Jim!
I am very glad to receive a letter from you!
How are you ?? How are you feeling ? All is well?
I have a great mood today!
Dear, I'm not pregnant, I have not had a block of sexual partner for a long time! Where can I have children ... Dear what do you mean online?
My Jim, last night I could not sleep, because in my head there were thoughts about our relationship with you.
I always think about you and about the possibility of our meeting.
After all, the meeting is a new level in our relations.
And in order for our relations to develop, we need to meet. I'm sure you agree with me.
I wrote to you earlier that I hope to meet in the near future and now I'm constantly thinking about it.
Our meeting will be a very joyful moment, because after some time of communication in letters, I really want to see you, feel your presence side by side.
After all, it is not possible to fully convey and understand all those feelings and emotions in the letter.
This requires real contact, a real presence.
I want to meet with you and translate our relations to a new level.
There are a lot of ideas in my head about how our first meeting will be held. And I really want to meet you!
Honey, tell me, what do you think about our meeting? Do you support my idea ?? Would you like to meet with me and understand our feelings and relationships to each other in more detail ??
I want to test our feelings for each other. After all, even 100,000 letters can not replace a real meeting.
Do you agree with me?
It is important for me to hear your opinion.
I spoke with your mother yesterday about you. I visited her. She constantly asks me about you and is interested in how our meeting will be held and what we plan in the future.
Mom also fully agrees that we need to meet in order to understand our feelings.
That the Internet still will never replace a real meeting, all emotions and feelings.
And for this she will be happy if we meet with you in the near future.
But now it is very important for me to hear your opinion on this.
It is important for me to know what you think about the meeting and whether you are ready to meet in the near future.
If you are ready to meet and will be able to receive me in your home for a while, then I am ready to take leave at work and find out everything about the trip to your country.
I think it will be better to contact the tour operators' special firms so that they will explain to me in more detail what I will need to travel to you.
I am ready to meet with you now and ready to take leave from work. Are you ready to meet me ??
It is very important for me to hear your answer.
I love you, my Jim! I am waiting for your letter.
With love, your Yuliya.
Letter 21
Hello my dear Jim!
How are you? Today I had a busy day. I've done a lot of things.
I woke up very early and immediately went to work. At work was a busy day.
I did all my business at work and immediately went to a travel company. I learned all about my trip.
There is nothing complicated. I will need to issue travel documents. buy tickets to Moscow.
I also have to buy a plane ticket so that I can come to your country. I will travel to Moscow by train.
I wrote down all the prices and all the documents that I will need.
Dear, I also want to tell you that I do not know how to file documents online ... I need only a visa, I believe that the travel company will issue documents faster and more reliably ....
Dear, I'm so glad that our meeting will soon take place, I can not believe it ...
Dear, you understand that soon we will be together ... I will very hug you and kiss you, I really want to feel all the warmth of your body .....
Dear, I know the approximate amount that will be required for our meeting to come true ...
I also have some amount that I put off on vacation .... I'm ready to spend it, in order to be near you ... Dear for the realization of our meeting, I do not have enough 1700 CAD, I do not know what to do? Dear, I do not have the amount that is required. I want to hear your advice, I want you to support me ... Dear, I really want to come to you, I want you .... Your photos start me ...
Letter 22
Hi my love Jim!!!
I'm very glad that you wrote me a letter!
My beloved, I love you very much.
My beloved, every day I think about you, every day I dream about how we will live together with you.
I really need you, I have never met such a beautiful person as you.
Dear forgive, can not you hear me ??? Do not you read my letters? I told you that I do not understand, and I can not make an online visa. I believe that it will be more reliable to make the documents through tour operators. They explain everything to me, I do not know much about modern technology, this is the whole problem of Online.
Dear, I want to start preparing documents as soon as possible. Well, this requires money, I have 300 CAD. Well I'm missing another 1,400 CAD, I do not know what to do. I do not know where I can get the money.
My beloved, my mother sends you a huge greeting.
You know, we talked to my mother about you and me.
She tells me that you are a wonderful person, you are a real man, that you love me very much. I told her that I know that you love me.
And we have a mutual love.
I love you very much, and I want to be with you, and only with you.
My beloved, I'm not moving away from you.
I want to be with you as soon as possible.
If I had the opportunity, I left everything and right now I would have got on an airplane and flew to you.
I really love you, I can not live without you.
I miss you very much.
Letter 23
Dear, I miss you, I need your letters, I want you to always make me happy with your letters. Dear, I really miss and I want to be more pleased with you ... Tell me what's the matter? Why did not I see your letter?
Letter 24
dear why do not you answer my letters ??? I can not understand what happened ... I do not understand why you are with me that way .. I want everything to be all right ....
Dear, I do not want to lose you ... You have become very close to me for our communication. you have become my second half of the heart.
Because I can not read without your letters, I'm ready to cry and cry in the pillow ... Because I do not see your letters ... Dear, please, I'm asking you, answer me to my letter.
Letter 25
Dear Jim, I want to please you, that soon our meeting will take place, since my mother told my aunt that I found a person with whom I am ready to connect my remaining life. My aunt was happy for me, and agreed to help me. Give me some money. We have not seen her for a long time, she will also be glad that we came to visit her.
She is ready to give me a shortage of money.
Dear, but my aunt can not perform the act, because she can not walk due to injury ... Dear, I talked with my aunt, and asked her to transfer money to your account via online, into your bank account. Then you can withdraw this money and send it to me so that I can start preparing documents and book tickets so that our meeting will come true. Dear tell me are you happy ?? Dear, I want to tell you that emotions will overwhelm me ... I am very glad that we have found a solution to this problem, all that fate has been preparing for us these obstacles. We overcome all obstacles.
Dear now our meeting depends on you ... Dear tell me, will you help me ??? My dear aunt is very happy, just like my mother, just like me. Dear, we all trust you ...
Dear, I really miss your letters
Your Yuliya.
Letter 26
Dear we talked on the phone, I talk with you quite a lot of time ... I have feelings for you, it hurts me to hear such words from you ...
I want you to weigh the whole situation and give me the right decision.
Darling, I want everything to be all right. I myself found the money so that we were together, and you can not help me to do a couple of actions ...
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