Scam letter(s) from Anna Ryeztsova to Graham (England)

Letter 1
Hello Graham!!! How wonderful that you reacted on my letter and wrote to me back. I know that the site is overfilled with the women and probably you are getting a lot of messages with the requests to talk. I also know that the people are using the dating site in order to do some bad things. I have got already the offer to join another site and one person sent to me the ads.. I find it so frustrating as to me the dating site is the place where I want to find a real man with the real, serious intentions. I have the feeling that you also want to find the woman who would make you happy. I think that there is nothing more important that the inner feeling of peace of harmony. Probably that is what I am trying to find here. Graham, thank you for sending me your photo. I really like you. You know, the photos give me the chance to look at your life with my own eyes. It is so wonderful. I am very appreciated for that. In fact, I liked the way you were photographed. Please, feel free to send me photos of yourself. They will always be appreciated. I am living in Ukraine. I have been traveling with my parents all my childhood as my father was in the army and accordingly I saw the life of the soldiers and the families who never know where they are going to live tomorrow. I am the only kid in the family. My mother wanted to have more kids but somehow her health did not allow her to do that.
Pity as I always dreamt of having a sister with whom I would change the clothes and with whom I would share all my sacred secrets :) Pity but it did not happen. Now my best friend is mother. Her name is Alla.
My father's name is Yuriy. They are 60 and 62 years accordingly. And yeah, I was born on the 14th of July 1988. So, I am Cancer. I do not know if I should trust the horoscopes, but a lot of things which I have read about Cancers can be applied to me :) Do you believe in horoscopes? I am 165 cm and I am 53 kg. I am trying to keep myself in the good shape, go to the gym, like fitness as it helps me to get rid of the stress and all the negative emotions. I am fond of swimming, playing bowling, I like aero hockey (do you know what it is?) If we meet I would love to play this game with you :) I promise to win :) I am very competitive :) What about you? I am living in the town which is called Schast'ye which is translated from Russian as "happiness". I cannot say that this town can be considered to be happy as I am living actually in the war zone and the life here since the beginning 2014 has changed significantly. I was studying at the university of Lugansk (it is the city which is situated in 20 km from Schast'ye) in the Agricultural university. I wanted to become a specialist in landscape design. Unfortunately the war has ruined all the plans of mine and instead of trying to find the job according my direct specialization I had to find something to survive. So, I am working as a seller in the grocery shop and I cannot say that I am enjoying this job. I do that as I have to survive and pay my bills. My parents live in another town which is actually also in the war zone. They are living in Donetsk region, in a small town Yasinovataya. I am sorry I know that it sounds very boring and all these strange Russian names of the cities and towns definitely make you confused. I think that you will be happy if I finish this boring paragraph :) I am full of life (I think I mentioned that in my previous letter), I like to have fun and I like to joke. I am ******, sensual and very tender. For sure I am eager to find the man who would differ from my previous choice :) No, he was a good man but after living with him for 4 years and after trying to fight with his addiction to gambling and alcohol drinks I decided to leave and start thinking about my needs and desires. I want to have a family and I want to be loved. I do not want to worry about my man when he leaves the house. I do not want to worry if he goes to the closest bar or casino. So, probably I just want to feel stability and I want to be assured in tomorrow :) And believe me, if I am in the arms of the right man, I am in bloom like a flower :) I am not the one who wants to get all the time. I am a giver. I love to please my man and I like to show him all my love and care. Sure, I am not perfect and for sure I have my vices. If you do not mind I will tell you about them in my next letter :) I do not want to ruin the good image which I have (hopefully) created in this letter :) So, I do not know if this letter was nice or not. I hope you were not bored.. :) I truly hope that we can continue talking and let us hope that we will find a lot in common :) All the questions (if you have them) I will answer with pleasure :) There is no topic which I would not discuss :) I want to be like an open book though as every woman I will always have my own feminine secrets :) They say that there should be a mystery in the woman, do you agree with that? Friendly hugs and one kiss in your forehead (haha)
Anya PS Along with the photos I am sending you a short video in order to remove possible doubts that I am fake. I am sorry that partially it is in Russian. It is much easier to express thoughts in my native language. I say "Hello, I am Anna. I wanted to record this video for you. I really want to get to know you better. Who knows, maybe we will become a nice couple. Have a nice day. Greetings from Ukraine".
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