Scam letter(s) from Oksana Krip to Thaddeus (USA)

Letter 1
I am busy with gathering documents for visa right now. I prepare everything for it.
I have to book a hotel in advance and to have booking reference for visa.
Can you help me to choose the hotel?
I think I need a hotel which is situated not far from your home.
I want to meet you and to know you closer.
It will be very convenient to live not far from your apartment.
Can you advise me something?
Maybe you'll write me names of the hotels which you know close to you?
I have a strong desire to meet you and to know you better.
Could you please send me your photos?
I'd like to see you in reality.
After I finish writing a letter to you I'll go for a walk.
It'd be great if I could walk with you together.
I like walking; it is very pleasant and healthy.
I am a follower of healthy style of living.
Today I'll walk and find cozy cafe to drink there tasty cup of coffee.
You know I always try to walk more. I don't have a car, it is very expensive.
But I have a driving license. When my friends have time we can walk together.
But most of them have their own families and they are busy.
I don't want to bother them and walk alone very often.
My religion is Christian. I believe in God.
I believe in God in my heart and seldom visit Church.
I really want to meet a man of my life and spend my free time with him.
I'd like to drink coffee together, to walk around the city or just sitting on the grass having picnic.
I want to fall in love with a kind man who wants to have family and stable life.
I am sure everything will be fine.
What kind of city do you live in? Do you like your place of living?
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