Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Zaikonnikova to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello it's me Elena! I hope you haven't forgotten me. Sorry that I did not write you all these days!!!
I didn't go to work on, so sick, all those days I lay at home with temperature, I was very poorly I was treated.
this is all probably due to the fact that I went to the pool and there was very cold water. NowI also feel not very good.
I hope that further dialogue will not affect our???
Sorry, I was thinking all these days about you all very sorry what happened. Email me please, I'm waiting for your letter!!! For all those days he was published a lot of work for me this you need to complete today, if I don't have time to answer your letter I'll answer you tomorrow.
Letter 2
Thank you that you answered my letter! I am very pleased!
The truth is, I don't even know where to start my letter!
If you don't mind, I'll tell a little about yourself!
My name is Elena!
My growth of 169 centimeters, weight of 54 kilograms.
I was born September 20, 1986! I am 30 years old.
My Zodiac sign is Virgo.
What Zodiac sign do You have?
Can you look at my picture to see my physique.
I have many interests.
I like all new!
I have a good sense of humor.
I think that in the future you will be able to see this.
The idea of online Dating came to me suddenly.
Recently, we together with the girlfriend sat in cafe and drank tea.
We knew each other from early childhood.
My friend said, that now acquaintance on the Internet all the more popular among people she met her husband on a Dating site, her husband from Holland.
Now they are happy and live in the Netherlands!
For me they are an example of what you can find happiness on the Internet!
In truth, I am very shy and I don't know what to write.
I not when was not registered in social networks as me it never interested!
my friend suggested me to use advantage of the Dating Agency.
We went to the Agency and I took a few profiles, but I decided to write only to you.
I don't know how and where they get information! This is my first experience of acquaintance on the Internet!
If not for my friend, I would never have dared to take this step! but now we can have fellowship.
I did not know how to write you, but I decided to take this step!
Of course I'm a little confused and I don't know what to write.
I wish to tell you just what I'm looking for in a man.
I hope for your decency and respect, because I'm looking for love and sincere relationship.
For me it is important that the person was kind, attentive and responsive.
I think you have these qualities! I very much hope that we will have a lot in common!
I want to tell about yourself so we can get to know each other!
I live in Russia, town called Miass! Later I will tell about my city in more detail.
How is your city?? I can look into it on the Internet.
I am very interested to know more about you, about your life, interests and country in which you live.
I hope you correctly understand me and my English.
I started learning English in when I was in school. Now I know its at a good level.
If you don't understand me, you can use a translator!
Now I will finish my letter and hope that you will answer to me!
If you are interested in our acquaintance, that I wait your letter and photos :-)
I'd be happy to answer any questions that interest you. sincerely, Elena.
Letter 3
It's again Elena!
I was looking forward to today to see if you have written to me.
I was glad to see your letter. How today your day?
I liked your photos. You rather attractive man. You will look much younger than your age.
Please continue to send me your photos!
Last night, I wanted to see a letter from you, but my laptop at home broke!
My niece is not very gently turned around and dropped my laptop on the floor when I watched the cartoon movies! She was scared and didn't tell me!
My laptop was very old, but I was satisfied with everything!
In service they told me that l when I get paid at my job.
Now I'm at work, and I write you letters from work.
I hope this will not prevent our acquaintance and that we will find a way to continue our communication with you!
Now I will tell you about work!
I work every day except Sunday, it is only one day off a week but I am hardworking girl, I have no problem!
This I have very rarely been in a serious relationship and for this reason I never been married and do not have kids!
On Sunday, I can't see your mail, sorry...
I started working at 09:00 am.
Also I stopped working at 18:00 in the evening except Saturday. On Saturday I have a shortened working day.
I have a higher education.
I studied at the University of law and economy and graduated from the faculty of management and governance.
I work in a small state-owned insurance company that engaged in the insurance of private and public property, and life insurance people. Well, I think that you know what does insurance agent.
I usually spend my time in an office behind a computer, in the documents of the company.
Also part of my job is accepting applications from citizens and making statements.
As well as the citizens advice on the phone.
I like my job.
I think besides the money, the work should bring moral satisfaction.
I'm nice, friendly, and kind girl. I appreciate professional quality.
Communication skills, responsibility and sense of duty, is the basis of my character.
If I take something, I always try to bring it to its logical conclusion.
That is my nature and my upbringing.
And whom do you work?? Do you like your job?
I live in the town of Miass, it is located in the Chelyabinsk region in the last letter I wrote to you about it.
You can see my city on the Internet.
The capital of Russia, Moscow. And the distance to Moscow is about 1400 kilometers from my city.
Have you ever been to Russia?
I never traveled and never left my country.
When I decided to get acquainted with the man in Agency of acquaintances, I have considered many profiles of men.
But I wrote a letter just for you.
Hard for me to explain my choice because I get acquainted for the first time!
May my heart suggested that I should write a letter to you.
I used to trust the heart.
You might wonder why I write for you, and don't want to have a relationship with a man from Russia.
I just answer to you, not to think about this question.
The fact that in my life there were 2 men, and in both cases I was very disappointed.
Russian men do not appreciate women. They are very irresponsible.
Russian men are a lot of bad habits, they drink alcohol.
The last man with whom I had a relationship, love to drink a lot, and then often beat me.
I decided that no more want to experience such feelings, feelings of pain and humiliation.
I'm sure you're not a man and never will hurt a girl.
It is important that the man was kind, sympathetic, and that he knew how to treat a woman right.
As for the difference in age, I think age is very important in a relationship.
I believe that the man should be older than women.
As for me, I prefer that my future husband is older than me.
Grown men know how to treat a girl, they know what a girl wants.
It's much more interesting to talk to them. And there's another thing.
I am looking for serious relations and guys of my age they normally want just to have fun they do not have any serious intentions, they don't think about the future. I don't like it.
I'm not against fun, of course, every person needs rest, but not all the time.
You probably understand me.
in the end, age is just numbers, most importantly the human soul, his attitude and his feelings!
I would like to ask you about sincerity and respect.
I want to make our communication with you was pleasant and based on trust.
Now we just got to know you.
I hope that the trust will appear in due course between us.
In the future I can give you a mobile phone, but now I would like to get to know you better because calls will be very expensive.
I will a little tell about myself.
I like cleanliness and it is important to always be well-groomed and be in good shape.
Your life is interesting for me.
Please don't forget to answer my questions.
What do you do in your free time?
You want to cook a dish?
Today I send you photos which I made for you on my work.
I would love to see Your photos in your next letter.
You can see me at work. I asked my colleague to take this picture.
I hope you like it.
Should I continue to work now.
If you have Skype, write me it, soon I plan to buy a new laptop and make Skype.
I've never used this program, but I know that many people use it is also very convenient to chat and see each other in real time.
I hope that my letter was not boring for you and all you like!
Thank you for Your attention!
I wish you a wonderful and Sunny day! With respect, Elena!
Letter 4

Hello Jim, you have a very beautiful name!
I am very glad that you answered me!
I thank you again for your photos and it is always pleasant to me to see your photos!
I with impatience waited your letter. I'm sorry I can't write you a letter so quickly.
now I'm at work and I have a little time to write you.
I will continue to talk about life, tell me also about life, and I'm interested to meet You and all that you do in your life.
What time of year You like?
I like all the seasons because every season has its positive advantages.
In my city Miass flows a small river Miass . Also there are many lakes.
In the summer, many residents of the city and relax on the beach.
It is a pity that in Russia the summer lasts only three months.
I'm sure in your country the beach is a favorite vacation spot for many tourists.
I have many Hobbies.
I like active rest and sport. I love to swim and in free time I visit pool.
You prefer what kind of rest?
With pleasure read your letter.
When I write you a letter, I would like to tell you about everything that happens in my life.
But I'm very modest and I don't know what to ask you, tell me more about yourself.
It is a pity that the distance between us.
If we lived nearby could meet in cafe and talk endlessly.
I sincerely hope that you will support my dreams.
I hope that someday our dreams will come true.
Do you have any Hobbies??
I have Hobbies, I love dancing and regularly attend fitness classes.
I have always led a healthy lifestyle and I'm watching my figure.
I don't smoke or drink alcohol. Sporting events and a way day, gives me vitality and strength.
I am a proponent of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.
I also love to dance and I like it.
Since childhood I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother.
I learned a lot from them and now my mother and grandmother were proud of me.
But I very rarely eat sweet foods. because I try to eat healthy to maintain my figure.
In your city there are restaurants of Russian cuisine?
I will be glad to acquaint you with Russian cuisine of the future.
I'm sure You will not refuse my tasty dishes :-)
I try to check every day my email when I'm working.
Sometimes because of problems with work, I don't have time to check my email.
To be sure that I will always answer your letters as soon as possible.
Together with my letter I send you my photos and videos from workouts.
I hope these photos You like, since I'm waiting for your photos!
I with impatience will wait to read the new message.
I wish you good mood!!! Elena!
Letter 5
Hello Jim!
How are you? You have a good mood?
I like our dialogue with you.
In the mornings I drink green tea and going to work.
I can't always answer you immediately, because my house broken laptop and I have not had time to buy a new one.
I will buy the laptop when I get my wages at my work.
I write and read your letters on my work.
I hope you will understand me that I can't use Skype and other social networks as my boss is very strict woman. And I can is a pity that because of it that I use work computer for their own purposes.
Hope you understand me.
I think about you all day and waiting for your answer to my letter.
I really wonder what you are doing currently.
It is a pity that between us the big distance.
If You don't mind, I will continue to talk about life and ask about your life.
I would like to tell you about my family.
My mother is 67, she is retired. Also I have a sister, her family, her husband and adorable daughter.
My nephew!!
Unfortunately my dad is already dead. my father was a good man, I really miss him. I think you understand me.
It's been about 7 years since our family has buried the father. It was a difficult time for our family.
I love my family.. I'm trying to help my mom, since she lives alone.
We often meet the whole family at one table. we have a very friendly and nice family!!
You like to watch movies? What movies do you love?
I can not remember the great movies (Fault San Andreas), (Hatiko).
I like different genres, but mostly I like romantic movies about love, with good end the film.
I like various music sometimes when at me good mood I listen to cheerful dance music when I'm sad I like to listen to slow music.
I love to cook. What is the most popular dish in your country?
Russia is a huge country. Here is a very varied cuisine.
I think, that national dishes in Russia, it's burgers, dumplings, various soups, such as borscht.
In Russia soups are very popular. I am sure that you will enjoy the dishes of Russian cuisine.
As for my preferences in food. I like different food and I often prepare different dishes.
Importantly, the food was prepared from natural ingredients.
I love salads, vegetables and fruit salads.
I will send you a picture of the cake that I made yesterday. It is very tasty!!!
Jim, you have a phone number with which you can make international calls?
I have my mobile phone number +7(8947) 427 28 35, but I can't make and receive international calls on my cell phone that I was given at my work and at me service long distance
calls are not connected. This is a normal phone that's not smartphone...
I've never had the need for an expensive phone, since I believe that the phone need to communicate, not to show how rich or cool.
I would like to buy another phone in the future and to connect their personal mobile phone number, I hope I will buy it soon, perhaps we can have a conversation with You on the phone.
If you tell me your phone number, maybe we can have a chat with you on the phone.
When I will plan to call you, I'll let you know.
I think we will be able to understand each other in conversation on the phone.
I know that you are a good person and I really like it.
We speak different languages in everyday life.
Our countries have a different mentality..
Do you agree with me? But I'm sure we have common themes and interests to communicate.
Please tell me this is more about your life. Your life is very interesting to me.
We are all human and I understand you, but we belong to different cultures.
Some things I probably don't know. I will be very happy to hear from you.
Your letters help me to represent their world better.
Please send pictures if you can.
I'll wait for your letter! I try to check email every day.
Sometimes because of work I don't have time to check my email, I hope you understand me.
I will always answer your letters. If I have not answered Your questions
Please don't think badly of me. Maybe I don't quite understand what you mean. Or I'm very busy at my work. I'll try to answer your questions in my next letter.
At this point I think to finish the letter, and so he got a little big and I hope you're still not tired with it, now I have to get back to work.
I send you my photos and hope you like this nice.
Letter 6
Hello Jim! How are you?
I'm fine!
today, again, I enjoyed your photos and after viewing them, my spirits rose very much!
Thanks for that you make my day very good!
Today in my city the weather is nice.
I'm I love sun and warm weather.
But now I'm in a good mood because I got your letter!!
Last night my sister went to visit our mother.
We ate and talked and I played a little with my nephew..
My sister's name is Viktoriia.. My sister said that lately she began to notice changes in me.
My mother also noticed that I became cheerful and cheerful.
Jim, I told mom and sister that I communicate with you.
The name of my mother Elizaveta, she approves of our relationship and she is very happy to see my good mood.
I always share my joy and sorrows with her. She always supports me.
Yesterday before a dream have been thinking about this and realized that really, my life has changed since I started to talk with you.
I have passed melancholy and now I often smile.
Sometimes I read the letter You wrote me before and I can't believe I met you, I really like our communication.
Now I want to look into your eyes and see your mood.
You like how I write to you, and what I say about myself?
Do you believe that a look can say more.
My eyes Shine with joy when I check e-mail and see your letter.
Thank you for the happiness you bring me!!!
In one of the last letters, I told you that my mobile phone does not support international communication!
Today I learned that I need to activate the service "international calls".
Since I got my phone at work, I need to write an application addressed to the Director, asking them to activate this service! I'll try to do it soon!
I hope the Director will allow me to activate the service "international calls".
As soon as I do, I'll let you know immediately about this, I really want to hear your voice and I hope that soon we will be able to speak with You by phone. I have a dream.
I dream about romantic dinner with a beloved man.
But I have no beloved man, I would love to meet the love.
Jim, you are a romantic?
You like to surprise the girl?
I love the romance ...
I love looking at the stars, I love a light dinner by candlelight.
I would prefer to cook a delicious dinner for myself.
I like to dance a slow dance when the music sounds romantic.
I did not have for a long time anything similar!
I'll look forward to your letters and we wish You good mood and successful day. P. S. I send you a photo of my family. In these photos I'm with my mom!
Also I send you photo with my sister and my nephew!!
However these photos are not brand new, but I hope you enjoy. Sincerely, Elena!
Letter 7
As the mood of the Jim?
Today, I woke up this morning and thought about you.
I had Breakfast and continued to think about what we could have Breakfast together.
What kind of food you prefer in the morning?
In the morning I prepare a Breakfast cereal with fruit and drinking yoghurt.
I couldn't check e-mail at home, as I have already said that I have a broken laptop.
Now I'm back at work.
I write you letters in my spare time from my work.
I try to write you more often, but sometimes because of my work I have no time!
Jim, I have a lot of work today.
In my spare time at work I read every letter you sent.
Sometimes I think you're doing at any point in time.
I have an important question for you.
You write letters to other girls?
I'm writing a letter only to you and I'm not interested in other men.
Jim, you know that I am serious about meeting you and so I am interested in.
Do you prefer long relations? What don't you like in a woman?
What do you like in a woman? She needs to have an education?
Smart? Beautiful? Sincere?
I think that between a man and a woman should be understanding, there must be trust and physical attraction!
Men and women should be first and foremost friends. Love begins with friendship.
If a strong friendship and mutual love will also be pure and mutual!
I really want to love a man! I want this love to be happy!
I want to give from this love my smile to all people! First of all, my beloved man!
And I want my man was the sun, which shines for all, but warms only me !!!
I will now answer your questions that I wrote to you earlier in this letter.
I wish my husband was reliable support for me and our future family.
I want to rely on my future husband. I want my joy and his joy.
My sorrow was his sorrow.
This is my idea of my future man.
I love the comfort and cleanliness of the house. I keep my apartment clean and tidy.
You often do household chores?
Jim, you have flowers at home?
I love flowers and my house of many colors! I really like White roses, lilies and tulips.
Do you like animals?? I love animals.
In my apartment no Pets, because I don't have a lot of free time and spend all day at work.
But my mom has a dog, his name is Rex.
Now we do not have the ability to communicate via Skype, but soon I'll buy a new laptop and we can talk on Skype.
I've never tried to use this program, but I think it will be easy.
I'll let you know.
I'm waiting for your letter and your photo.
Please keep your letters and write me soon.
Letter 8
Hi Jim!
Every day I wait your letter!
Our friendship with you is very pleasant to me.
Earlier at me unto thee had a sense of curiosity.
Now I have a sense of sympathy for you.
Today I have good news.
I talked to my boss and she said that my vacation will soon.
I need to finish the job and then I can have a vacation.
When will be your break?
Jim, I look forward to their holidays, so that we can to make an appointment.
You want our meeting? You can come to Russia for our meeting?
If you want, I can plan to arrive to you.
Long time since I felt that in my heart now.
I have feelings for you sympathy...
I'm afraid to tell you because I don't know how you react to it.
but my feelings for you more than just friendship.
I with huge impatience wait for your letters.
I never imagined that feelings can cause such a
desire to wait for a letter when communicating in e-mail.
Jim, what do you feel?
I'm sincere with you and telling you about how I feel, I want to share with you all thoughts.
From the very beginning of our communication I asked you to you were sincere and now I trust you.
I was thinking about you last night.
I think You are impartial and fair to me.
You became my close friend to whom I can open heart.
I say all this sincerely, I'm not going to lie to you and
play with my feelings, and I hope that you too will be fair.
I have a feeling that we have known each other for a lifetime.
I have no secrets from you.
Please repeat your questions for me when I forget to answer your questions.
Sometimes I don't have the time to write you a letter or reply to all your questions.
But you have to keep the confidence that I always read your letters.
Please tell me, how do you see the future?
What you want in the future, and if you want me to be part of your future?
Would you like that Your future wife was your whole life?
I want to find my man whom I will love until the end of his life!
I want to marry only once and be happy.
I have a passport that allows me to travel around the world.
I really, really want to see your country and your way of life.
I have to see this through my eyes, and I think we will have a happy time together.
Today I will send a letter to my photos, you can see that
I always have a smile on your face when I think of you.
I don't know what's going on with me, everything turned upside down in me, the world changed for me.
I am increasingly beginning to understand that I'm thinking more and more about you..
I get happy when I see your letter, it brings a smile to my face! :-)
I don't want to scare you with this, but I hope you understand me...
Please don't forget to answer my questions.
I really appreciate our communication with you.
Jim, You have no idea how happy I am when I see your new letter!
I send you kisses !!!
Letter 9
Jim, How was your day?
What time is it now in your country?
I would really like to know our time difference.
Thank you for find time to write me.
Now I would like to be close to you and feel your smell.
Like any woman, I very much want attention, caress and embrace, and passion.
Lately, I have noticed that I am more interested about our meeting.
Last night I had a dream, in this dream we were together and you hugged me and stroked his hand through my hair....
I believe that soon we will meet.
All our dreams will come true when we're together.
Now I know that my vacation will soon begin.
Today boss told me that my vacation will begin in a few days.
I think next week I'll be on vacation.
This news made me very happy.
My boss allowed me to take vacation 45 days, as
I explained to her that my life is a man from another country.
I'm talking about you Jim!
Are you glad to hear about it?
Soon I will receive my salary, before leaving on vacation,
I have to pay my salary and I immediately planning to buy new laptop, laptop I will need in order to write letters to you at any time.
I hope you're happy.
I really look at things and I think we need to be prepared for it.
I will start to prepare for the trip, if you're okay with this!?
What clothes should I bring?
Should I take warm clothes?
I need to know the answers to my questions.
Jim, I will report on my preparations for the journey, would you really want our meeting?
I feel our sympathy and I'm attracted to you.
I'm sure when we see each other, our feelings will become stronger!
Please promise me that you will take care of me, I trusted you.
I refer to our relations with all our heart and soul.
The most nearest international airport is in Moscow.
It is airport Sheremetevo or Domodedovo.
Tell me, please, what international airport is closest to your house?
Which airport should I buy tickets?
I've never been in your country.
If I arrive to you, will you meet me?
I don't know anyone except you in your country.
I ask you to met me at the airport.
Jim, I'm happy to spend time with you.
The time that we will be together, will allow us to better know each other.
I start to take some steps to our meeting.
I will do everything possible that we met in the shortest possible time.
I'll try to do it all yourself, as I am an adult and responsible girl.
I want you to write me every day!
I really need your support!
In the coming days I plan to learn about what I should do for my trip to you.
I promise that I will tell you about my news..
today during the lunch break my colleague and I went to cafe to eat!
Together with the letter I give you a picture, I hope the photo you like.
I want to send you a postcard, but I don't have your address.
Write me your full address and as soon as you write me your address I just go to the post office to have my card sent to you.
When you open the envelope, take the card in hand and you'll smell my perfume, I hope you enjoy my perfume.
The name of my perfume "Obsession" by Calvin Klein.
I'm sorry that I have not written you my full name, my full name: Zaikonnikova Elena.
Also I send you my address:
Chelyabinsk oblast,
city Miass,
street Lihacheva 20,
apartment 52,
Write me your full name.
Sending you a million kisses!!!
I'm sure they reach you!!!
Always, your Elena.
Letter 10
Hey Jim!!!
What's new with you?
I have some news!
I learned the information necessary for travel to your country.
The Embassy of your country is not in my town.
The Embassy is in Moscow.
I can not apply for a visa in my town, even with my international passport.
For travel to your country I need to apply for a visa.
Employee of the travel Agency told me that I should apply in online and send to the Embassy.
Then I have to enroll in for an interview and then I have to go to Moscow to get a visa..
Jim, I hope you like the idea of you meeting.
In the travel Agency told me that not everyone can get permission to travel to your country.
I said I would travel for tourism.
Together with the staff of the travel Agency, we decided that the best Type of visa for me is the visa "Tourist".
And under this visa I can arrive to your country.
According to the visa "Tourist" I can freely move on territory of your country.
I'm going to spend in your country 30 days, what do you think about this?
I think this will be enough time so we can get to know each other.
Do you agree with me?
The employee of travel Agency has told to me that the time of visa application takes about 10 days from the date of application for a visa.
At this time I'd better live in Moscow, because at any time I can be invited to the Embassy.
I already have a list of documents that I will need to provide to the Embassy in Moscow.
I can't believe we'll be together soon.
We can refuse with you letters and infinitely to speak, looking into each other's eyes.
Jim, also an employee of the travel Agency told me that you may need a letter of invitation from thee, when I will be applying to the Embassy.
Could you send me an invitation if I want to?
I'll text you if I need your invitation.
Now I will call the Embassy to find out more and more specific.
I need to know about the cost of paperwork.
And you also need to make an appointment at the Embassy.
I hope the information I write to you now, very pleased with you.
I'm sure that nothing prevents us to meet.
Do you agree with me?
I send you a photo which I made especially for you!
I will finish the letter and I will wait for your answer.
Kisses only for you!!! Your Elena!!!
Letter 11
Hi Jim!!!
I am very glad to receive Your letter.
Jim, I await our meeting with great impatience!!!
You wait our meeting?
Today I have important news.
Please, be careful.
Yesterday I called in Embassy which is in Moscow.
Now I know all the information needed to travel to your country.
First, I was told that I should visit personally Embassy in Moscow to begin the process Check documents.
I said that this was not a problem.
Tomorrow will be the beginning of my holiday, at any time can start the paperwork.
They told me that to travel to your country I need to visit the Embassy to fill in the questionnaires.
I need to wait for approval of my travel.
I need to show a certificate of marital status, proof of employment, the Declaration on payment of all taxes, and also the passport and photos.
Today I will try to obtain all the necessary documents..
Jim, I was told that the invitations are not a must for me.
If you need an invitation, I will tell you about it.
I decided that I would live in a hotel or rent a room.
I will choose the less expensive option, when arriving in Moscow.
Will I have to pay for the visa, and so I need to pay the consular fee and additional fee registration forms.
I was allowed to travel to your country I must have medical insurance.
I asked about the cost of tickets, but the girl at the Embassy were unable to answer my question.
When I come to Moscow, I will come to the airport to find out prices.
Today after a telephone conversation with the girl from Embassy, I thought a lot about how we can meet.
We have sincere attitude, and I'm sure our relationship with you will grow.
I want to know that our mutual feelings with you.
Jim, I need to be sure you will meet me at the airport??
I'm sure you as well as I want our meeting.
I have a feeling of pleasure which has appeared since the first day we met.
My life has lost the sense of loneliness and I am pleased to know that in the world there is a man who thinks of me.
Yesterday I visited the store and bought a gift for you, but I won't tell you now what it is.
And I bought a dress for our first meeting!!! Which is put on me for my pictures.
It's a surprise. I am sure that you will like.
My dear, You have no idea how I want to see you, I would want that our meeting was memorable.
I want to be the most beautiful for you!
I have not had relations with a man for over 3 years, I couldn't find the one thing which I would prefer.
I believe that between us will be a big passion and we can build a beautiful love!
I really want this!
Our meeting is a big step in our relationship..
Second listen to my heart, and my heart tells me that together we will be happy.
I listen to heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy.
Please tell me your thoughts !!!
I told my girlfriend that I found my beloved man, that you Jim!
she was happy for me, she's my best friend and I trust her.
I don't want to lose any day from my vacation!!!
Our meeting, this is the best way to get to know each other better.
I really miss You and I think about our first meeting.
I now have the excitement as I modest girl :-)
I kiss you Jim!!!
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jim!
I just read your letter.
Today I no longer work as my holidays begin.
Now I came to work to get all documents from my Director that I'll need at the Embassy.
Director wished me a good holiday.
Colleagues joked and picked me up, we have to work very cheerful staff and they also wished me a good holiday.
I am very happy!!!
I'm glad that we'll be together soon!!!
I'm sure that these vacations are the best vacations.
Jim, I look forward to our meeting with you!!!
My mom said she will accompany me.
My mom asked me to be very careful. She worries me!
She asked me to write her a letter as soon as I come to your country.
I was promised to send to my mom ours with you joint photos.
If my father was still alive, hi I would be very happy that I met the man and I will go to him.
It's very romantic to meet in a foreign country for me with my man.
This man you are my Jim!
Jim, I trust you, I do not doubt sincerity of your feelings.
Very soon we will be together.
Tomorrow I will arrive to Moscow.
I promise I'll write you letters every day and tell you how things are going with the paperwork.
I need your support.
I'll be all alone in Moscow.
Moscow is very big city, I have no friends there!
I'm sure our feelings will help us to be together.
My dear, today I will send you a photo! I'm ready for the journey.
Yesterday before sleep I thought about you a lot!
could not sleep and made you a photo.
I have prepared all the documents.
Today I'll buy myself a new laptop, so we could write each other letters, while I will be in Moscow until the visa is issued.
I think you understand that the laptop I need, for that would I could write you letters and report all the news.
I was not able to connect to my mobile phone international connection, since this is a long process, and I haven't had time to do it.
I think that if it is necessary, I will be able to find a way to call you from Moscow.
I really hope that I will succeed.
I want to ask this information from you:
Your full name.
Your home address and city.
Phone number.
Which airport should I arrive in your country.
My dear, I accidentally deleted some of your letters and ask you to write all the information I'll put it in my notebook.
This is very important, do not forget to write that in your letter!
Now I have to leave the computer.
I'm not working today and I cannot long detain the computer.
Now I'm going to the airport to buy tickets to Moscow.
Our meeting will make us the happiest!
I want this happy moment remain forever!
I dream about our meeting! Yours, Elena!
Letter 13
Hello my love Jim! How are you my love?
I start my letter with the main news!
I have safely arrived to Moscow! Today at me was crazy day!
I rented a small room in Moscow, the mistress of a room very good woman!
I have finished all affairs and at last I can have a rest and to write you the letter!
I have good news, I successfully passed the interview at the embassy!
For reception of the visa I should give tickets in embassy and already then to me will give the visa!
This is important, because I issue a tourist visa.
I am very glad, that at me practically all has turned out!
I was faced with unforeseen difficulties!
The matter is that my expenses have appeared above my financial possibilities!
I can not afford to buy a plane ticket! My expenses have appeared above, than I counted!
To obtain a visa, you must have two tickets there and back! tickets cost 1180 dollars!
I have paid all operational expenditure, but I can not afford to buy a plane ticket! I hope you me understand!
I have to ask you to help me with the purchase of tickets!
I am ashamed to ask you for help, it is beyond my principles!!
But I passed half way, I do not wish to stop on the reached! I hope for your understanding!
We very long waited for this day, I have made everything, that was in my forces!
Our meeting in your hands, from you depends our future!
Today I was in bank, I tried to receive the credit! Alas, I have no residence permit in the city of Moscow and to me have not given credit!
in the bank, I learnt about how I can get your help!
The employee of bank has told, that by means of system of remittances "MoneyGram", I can receive your help!
You should tell only my full name: Zaikonnikova Elena and country: Russia!
I understand, our meeting takes away a lot of time and forces! I count on you!
To you I have opened my feelings! I trust you!
Now our meeting, it only a matter of time!
As soon as I will give tickets in embassy, I will receive the visa!
I hope you will help me with visa reception!
I wish to tell, that I'm fine, but I cannot tell it!
I worry from for the developed situation, time plays the important role!
i miss you! I wish, that you were near to me! Day after day, every minute i think about you!
I want, as soon as possible to be in your hands! You the man of my dream!
Words it is impossible to describe my feelings and emotions! I love you! I will wait your letter!
At that time while I searched to myself for a room for residing at Moscow, at me was a few free time to visit Red Square. I have made for you a photo and video in Moscow Kremlin, it is very beautiful!! Now I want to relax a bit.
Now I will lay my clothes out of the suitcase, after I take a bath and make a face mask. Kisses to you my dear Jim!!!
I really hope for your support and I dream about our meeting!!! With love and forever Elena!
Letter 14
Hi my dear Jim!!!
Whether I wish to ask you you have received my previous letter????
In the previous letter I have addressed to you for the help in purchase of tickets for travel to you.
I have submitted the documents to embassy for reception of the visa and have specified cost of tickets for travel to you.
On purchase of tickets I do not have not enough 1200 dollars. I have spent almost all money and at me remain only It is a little money for meal. I have rented a room in Moscow, have bought the laptop to communicate with you in Moscow Also has paid for official registration of papers in embassy. I still had only 340 dollars.
This money is necessary to me on meal and on other expenses.
In Moscow I do not have relatives and there are no acquaintances. Nobody can help me with Moscow and I need to hope Only on you!!! I hope you you understand me???
My favourite Jim with your occurrence my life was filled with sense, and I could feel, how much it It is necessary - to realise for me, that on this Earth there is you, and how much it is important - to live for me for you.
I do not wish to remember anything, that was to you in my life.
I of nothing thirst in this life, except your love, you for me as a drink of cold water in desert. There is only you And that is connected with you.
I wish to be with you only with you. I the girl which only also think of your tenderness.
With impatience I will wait from you for the answer and your help, kisses, yours Elena.
Letter 15
Jim, I have received your letter and it has very strongly upset me. I very strongly cried after Has read your letter and just now when has a little calmed down could write to you.
I have spent almost all money in Moscow, at me remain only a few money for meal.
I have rented a room, have bought the laptop that could communicate with you, have paid for official registration of papers In embassy to arrive to you. It is all I has made to be with you.
And you so arrive with me...
Jim, you have a conscience. I have passed such big way, have spent many money and forces and you simply played with me.
You at all do not represent how many to me it was necessary to spend to organise our meeting.
To me it is very sick from that as you have arrived with me. You have broken my heart. You write that she has sent to you many various photos. Including in bikini and completely the naked.
And I have not made it.
And so that I wish to tell to you. I the serious and brought up girl also wished to construct with you serious relations.
I not the girl of easy behaviour which show all the body. I not such thoughtless.
I wish to tell to you, that if you wish to be with it you should refund all my expenses.
If you the man.
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