Scam letter(s) from Anna Terekhova to Gary (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend.
It is a pity to me, but I have not a lot of time that write to you.
May be I have tired you with the big letters?
I do it only because I miss you and I want to speak more often with you!
It is a pity to me that it is not always turns out at me!
I shall write the big letter later if I do not disturb you letters?
Well, I so hasten, because my day on work very borrowed,
and it demands from me many forces!
I should be on work at 8:30, my work to be in 30 minutes movements by the bus from my house to be on work.
Therefore, I should wake up at 7:00, I drink tea, have a little gymnastics to wake up completely, and then I go to work!
I work as the trading agent and the purpose of my work to suggest food stuffs in various shops and bars.
My company gives me the list of food stuffs, And I visit shops and all places where food stuffs within day are sold.
And I accept their orders!
I have dinner c 13:00 till 14:30 this time I try to spend in Internet-cafe. I am reading your letters and after that, I am waited again with work,
I stop to work about 18:00.
I get tired on the work and after that I want to have a rest, therefore I not always can write to you after work. because I very much get tired to write to you the letter!
Well I hope that now you know all about my daily routine!
I shall write to you as soon, as I shall be free from work.
But I ask you, if you have not received the letter from me in time,
It means, that I have no a free time to write,
I ask to not hold evil on me, and not to be angry on this!
I ask that you have written to me as soon as you will have time!
Well I am already late for work!
I miss you!
Your Anna!!!
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