Scam letter(s) from Kristina to Collov (UK)

Letter 1
thank you for writing. I understand your concerns, but I hope we continue to learn about each other and find some common values. You are my last chance. As I could see from the beginning there are a lot of fake people on Internet, the people who try to take advantage, have fun writing unserious letters or just play games. I am tired from those type of communications. I have sincere intentions to find my truly love, my future husband. I guess your goals are the same, aren't they? Hope we made right choice with each other. I want my husband and soul mate to be my best friend and my confident.
You were interested about Skype. I should warn I am new to virtual internet acquaintances. I don't have Skype since I have no friends in this virtual world. But I really need to discover the opportunities of communication via internet communicators.
To tell you truth, I don't like all those social networks (dating websites, messengers or chatting programms), because they take a lot of your life and free time. I have already recognized that I am spending a lot of time at the computer since I decided to find foreigner in Internet. I hope it will not take too long for me to take another level of relations. I mean real relations, but not virtual correspondence.
I am waiting for your next letter. I know sometimes difficult to find forces to write long letter, but I ask you to feel free sending me even small message. ok?
I wish you have a good day. Hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 2
thank you for writing back and sending photos.
Yes, I can say some more things about myself. I am ready for serious relationship, I am looking for a husband. I have had two long term committed relationships with men so far in my life. One of three years, one of 7 years. Although my relationships never ended with marriage and having kids. My last relationship has ended about 1, 5 years ago. My ex betrayed me with other girls, so I decided to break this vicious circle. I stayed along for long time already and I think I am ready for new relationship. Maybe it sounds banal, but my heart is empty and wants to love. :) There is no specific reason of why I have decided to register on Cupid. I just wanted to try something new and extend the horizon of my search. And actually I have heard a few stories of successful marriages of Russian women and men from your country.
I live alone in a rent apartment in a city called Kirov. My entire family - mother (my father has died 3 years ago), aunts, uncles, grandparents - say I was the happiest baby they ever knew, and that I brought joy to all of them every day. They all used to fight to see who would get to care for me each day! I don’t have any brothers and sisters; I am the only child in the family. Now my mom is retired and she lives in the village near to the city I live. She has small household there. I visit her every weekends. My mother is very good hospitable person and she is all I have in my life.
As to my education, I am University educated, but I think I have told about this already. I finished The Faculty of Economics 10 years ago. My specialization was Marketing. Right now I work as an advertising agent in private firm. I have 8 hours workday and I work 5 days in a week (Saturday and Sunday are days off for me). Before of present job I tried myself in writing articles for local mass media. I like both works by the way! I always try to learn different opportunities and experience new fields. I would like to try myself as writer of books one time, maybe when I become old! :) Or maybe I will become a travel guide... I don't know. I am not very ambitious and I don't have specific career plans. First I want to find a man and settle somewhere. Maybe it will change all my plans. :)
My spare time I spend in different ways. I meet my friends (I have a few good friends, but only two are the best and their names are Katya and Anna), I like to go to cinema, theater, art exhibitions. Twice in a week I go to gym and exercise. I also adore to ride bicycle, I like outdoor activities, swimming, skiing, volleyball. As all girls I like to make shopping and actually I think I have good taste in choosing clothes, makeup and mixing various styles. I am 100 woman in it! I watch my diet (I don't eat junk food) and I try to keep my body in a good shape.
I would like to think I am intelligent, respectful, responsible, less stressed, more open, I don't know if you could say grateful, we will need to explore that aspect of a relationship.
I am decent serious woman. I don't play games. If I wanted to play games, I would visit my nieces and nephews (the kids of one of my cousin). If I wanted drama, I would go to the theater, I want a mature relationship with a man, so that is why I join
If you have questions ask me please.
I await your next letter. Kristina
Letter 3
Thank you for your e-mail. How are you? I am ok, but feel lonely today...
Don't worry about my allergy, I know how to cope wuth this problem and actually I have not heavy form of allergy.
I have already told you about my past relationship. I have never been married, but had long term relations that lasted 7 years.
Why do the men ask for sexy photos? I think it is man's nature. I think men are more turned on sex than women. For women feelings are in top, but for men physical part is a base of relationship.
It is good to know we are similar in many ways. You seem as a person who can encourage me in my life aspirations. At the moment I am not doing what I love, because I have no one that I love to do anything with, I want to start enjoying life again, with that special someone. Understanding, trust and communication, are the secret to a lasting relationship. One thing left to achieve in life is a love filled relationship, then all the good things that are left to achieve would be achievable. I don't really know of any habits that are particularity important to me, other people may notice them. but they would just be part of being me. As you could read in my first letters, I have no particular interests except the basic list like doing sports ang going to theater and cinema, my ex would never allow me to do many things, but I would hope in the future that my partner would share in everything I do. The one dream I look forward to is being with a man who returns the love that I bestow on him.
What are your three inner wishes? My three wishes would be, world peace, an end to violence and cruelty to man and beast, and true love and happiness.
What is your the most adventuresome thing you have ever done in your life? As to me, the most adventuresome thing I have done is to decide to look for my soul partner in internet, instead of settling for a loveless lonely life. I never feel afraid at any time of anybody or anything, I sometimes feel afraid for others.
My simplest pleasure in life is nature, watching, the young animals and birds in the spring, sunrises and sunsets, all the natural pleasures in life, they all make me glad to be alive. Physical attraction does not play a big part for me. It may help initially, but the inner person is what really matters. Some of the most beautiful plants and animals are the most deadly to touch.
My own personal style I would describe as laid back and gentle. There is nothing special that I would do if I was given the chance, I have had the opportunity to do most things in my life , but the best things are the ones shared with your loved one, as long as you are happy and healthy. I wish I had visited my Father more in hospital before he died. I visited him two days before he died, then I was at work when he died unexpectedly two days later.
I think that the three best traits I have to offer are honesty, compassion and a caring gentle nature. Life itself looks good to me now, I just need that special someone to make it complete. Mentally I feel secure and satisfied with what I have achieved in life.
I have already told what I am looking in man and relationship, so I hope you understand my future expectations. It should be relationship with honesty, care, faithfulness, sensuality and trustworthiness. From my past relationship, I have only had one, I have learned not to let myself be treated like a doormat, but to stand up for what I believe in. My ideal man would have and live by the same values as my father, I believe I have same ones as my mother and they were perfect together. I do not have a temper and I do not get angry. I think that the only thing that I would want to change about myself if I could , would be my age, I am not getting younger with years! Other than that I feel comfortable with being as I am, not perfect by a long way but always willing to compromise.
My plans for my soulmate in the future, would be to let him to know how much I loved him daily, and for him to feel secure and protected against anything and everything that life may throw at us.
I don't have whatsapp by the way. You asked about Skype. I should tell you that I don’t have it in the computers I use. Internet communication is something new for me, so I don’t have all the devices and programs, which help people to communicate. I will try to find out about Skype and maybe I will install it, so we can chat. Right now we can try to use messenger. I have an account on yahoo messenger, so we can try to connect through this program. I just need to remind my password.
Please take care, I look forward to your reply.
Letter 4

My dear.
Thanks for writing and sending photo!
How are you today? I hope all is well with you. I am quite fine. I visited my mother in weekend, that is why I could not send a message to you yesterday. Today I am busy with work. Sometimes when I get home it seems I have no energy, work at times is very demanding and takes a lot out of you.
As I told already, I do not communicate with any other men any more, just you. After I deleted my profile and decided to concentrate on you, I understood that it is right decision. Although I still think that we should learn about each other step by step, I think this is also possible raising the feelings... As to my feelings, I do surely have something in my heart... I think about you often. I also feel close to you. I am always have been a one-man woman, I just never met him and now that I have found you I have no need to continue looking. I also do not feel so alone, the future seems much more real now with you in my life. I am happy to give you my love and have your love in my life and it makes me feel alive. Of course, we should remember that nothing happens fast. Love takes work and time to grow. But there is no term for love. It may happen any time; even at the time you don't feel you are prepared. I like your personality. I want to grow in our relations. I also look forward to having a family together. It would be wonderful moment to hold our newborn child. I have held other couples newborns in my arms; it is a very special and warm feeling. It would make me so happy to share this moment and the future with you. Yes we are probably soul mates; it must be what else it could be. I feel the same as you, we seem to somehow know each other and understand each other’s situation, life, feelings and hopes. I know you cannot just stop your life and come to me, just as I cannot. We both have responsibilities. We will both have to be patient and wait a while longer before we can meet in person. But I hope we will not wait too long and soon we can organize our first real dating!
It will be a pleasure for me to have call on Skype, but for you to know, I don't have web camera at computers I use. We can only chat there or I can use microphone to talk to you. Do you agree? If so, I can get access to Skype on this week and we will determine day and time for us to send each other instant messages or quick phone call.
I hope you are having a good day and do not let doubts take over your life. Think about your future with me and just let the problems melt away. Try to meet each difficult situation with a smile first; it tends to disarm even the most difficult person for some reason. And I know you have a nice warm smile. I look forward to your next letter to me. Yours truly, Kristina
Letter 5
Hi. I understand your readyness to take huge decision. We have had correspondence for many weeks already and we have grown in knowing of each other. I have sent you dozens of long thoughtful letters, where I tried to describe my personality, my usual life, my wishes and preferences, my interests and many other things. I tried to be open, persuasive, consistent in my writing, because there was nothing for me to hide from you. I have also sent you lots of photos of me, which show me in different occasions. I guess all those things might show that I am real person! I try to understand that you still don't believe me and you need to get additional proofs from me. Just think that I have never asked you to prove your personality. I am the kind of person who can feel people from their words. I could see you have been honest with me and the way you write me your letters was very cogent.
You want to have video conversation in Skype. Of course we can use Skype or yahoo messenger as an additional way of communication, but are you sure it will let you to trust me more than you do now? I think trust is something that you have in your heart from the beginning. And if there vibrations of doubts in your heart, I guess you will never trust me. We may have a chatting by connecting to one of those programms, but I should repeat that I don't have webcam. We can only talk and write instant messages to each other. If you agree, let's do it. For you to know, I am also honorable woman and my intentions are clear and sincere.. I don't push you to believe me if you can't do that with your heart. I never push you to have correspondence with me. You are free person and you may do anything you wish.
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