Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Rusinova to Bruce (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend bruce! I hope you are not against that i call you so.
Thank you for your letter.
Everyday that ifeel thati want to get your letter more and more.
My mood rises up when i receive your mails.
And when i am in a good mood my little patients shout less:)
That's why healthe teeth of the children now depends on your letters :) bruce, by the way, when i came to work today i was in a very bad mood, because my friend became ill and was taken to the hospital.
She cought a flue and her temperature is very hight- 39.
It's rather dangerous, but i hope that everything will be fine. Unfortunately she has a birthday today, she is 36 and she has to bring this day at the hospital.
Itold with the doctor and i was let to spend evening with her.
In the evening i will bake a cake and buy some baloons and will go to visit her. I want her to be happy at her birtyday.
This is my best friend she works with me at the polyclinic.
I have only 2 friends-Ekaterina and Veronika. Ekaterina is in the hospital and Veronika flies to the North to visit her grandmother.
They are not married and we like to go for a walk all together.
Usually we walk at the park,but we also like to spend time at Ekaterina's garden. Her grandmother left her an old wooden house.
Earlier Ekaterina used to live at the common flat.
In such flats there are no private kitchen,bathroom and wc. All people who live there use them.
Ekaterina was very happy to move into the house. We like to spend time at her garden. Potatos, tomatoses and cucumbers are grown there. I am sorry, dear... but i must finish my letter here. I would like to wright you more, but i dont have time. I will say hello to Ekaterina from you, ok?
I want to ask what makes you happy bruce? As for me my friends and now also your letters make me very happy!
At me mp3 a player
With best wishes, sincerely yours Elena.
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