Scam letter(s) from Alena Babenko to Tony (England)

Letter 1
did you get my letters? sorry once again - how old are you?
and where are you from? I will tell you about myself later. p.s. do you like my pics? ---
Letter 2
have a good weekend!!! I am 28yo, live in Ukraine. ---
Letter 3
My name is Olena again :--)))
I hope you remember me as I've sent you a letter not long ago. Now I am sending you my e-mail where you can write me.
I am sure you've got a lot of questions to me and you want to know more about myself. I am going to tell you about myself.
I'm pleased to get acquainted with you. I am 28 years old and I am a single girl without husband and children.
How do I look like? You can see my photo at the attached file; I am 5.5(170cm) height and 110(51kg) weight.
What kind of woman am I? I am a tender and sensitive girl who believes in love and wants to meet a man of my life.
I want to find a serious man who wants serious relations too.
It is very important for me to know what a person has inside of him in his heart, appearance is not important for me at all.
I want to meet a kind and honest man.
I want to be loved and to fall in love with a man, whom I can take care about, spend time together talking, walking or doing nothing.
I live in Kiev; it is the capital of Ukraine. Do you know this country?
I have a very nice work; I work in a beautiful shop of women clothes as an assistant.
Everything is okay in my life except the country of living. I don't like Ukraine at all.
I don't feel stability here and I want to life abroad.
I am sure that I can find a good job abroad and earn enough money for living as I can do everything and I like to work.
Life in my country is very difficult and life abroad is different. I know that I'll be more protected if I live in any foreign country.
Every person needs support and I want to have a person whom I can rely on.
My heart wound is already healed and I am ready for new relations with my one and only man.
I really want to meet a serious man whom I can give all my feelings and emotions.
I am a common woman with normal wishes and I want to have a full life. I am very honest to you and I hope you'll answer me soon and you understand me right!
I am sorry but now I have to go as I am writing you from internet cafe.
But sometimes I can use my boss computer. Hope I will not lost a job because we are not allowed to use internet or games and etc. at work.
Hope you understand me...
Hope I'll find your letter next time at my e-mail!!! ---
Letter 4

I was very glad to get an answer from you!
You know my close friends call me not by my name, they usually call me 'KVITKA' in Ukrainian.
Only very close friends can call me 'Kvitka'. I'll be happy if you call me 'Kvitka' too.
This name is translated 'flower' into English.
I want to describe you my life in Ukraine. I am living in a small rented apartment.
I live alone and I don't need a big flat.
Moreover the rent payment in our country is very high.
But I like my apartment, it is very nice and cozy, everything is very comfortable here for pleasant life.
If I want to talk to my friends I use cell phone as there is no phone in apartment.
Unfortunately international calls are restricted at my cell phone.
My self-depended life started very early when I was 19.
That time I made a decision to start a life without parents in a new big city and left there.
From that time I've seen my parents not very often as we all live in different countries.
I am grown-up person now. I am 28 and I am ready for a new stage in my life.
I want to have my own family, my beloved husband and have a normal life as many people do.
I don't like men in Ukraine I am disappointed with them.
I like you. Maybe you'll tell me more about yourself. I am interested to know more about your real life.
Do you have a wife? Or had before? Have you ever loved any woman?
You know that first of all I am going to visit your country as a tourist and that will be great for us to meet and see one another and to get acquainted closer.
I don't want to live in Ukraine; this country has too many disadvantages for me to stay here any longer.
Life here is terrible.
Once I worked as a nurse in a family with small children. The family was very kind and pleasant.
My employer, the family helped me a lot with my speaking languages and now I can communicate without problems thanks to them.
My native language is Ukraine.
OH! I am going to tell you about my hobbies but in the next letter. I am writing from internet-cafe and my time is over now, I have to go.
Waiting for you reply!
Best regards! P.S. I'll write in a day and you can see my photo attached. Please tell me more about yourself. ---
Letter 5
have a good weekend!
any special plans? ---
Letter 6
Is everything fine with you? Did you get my letters?
It would be great if you send me an answer! Hello!
It is very pleasant to get your letter and to find out you more and more.
Of course I shall tell you about myself in every letter.
I told you in my last letter that I'd tell you about my hobbies.
I have some hobbies. My favourite one is cooking.
As I started my self-depended life very early I had no choice and I had to study cooking.
I liked doing it from the very beginning.
I like the process of cooking.
During preparing a dish I am supposing what taste it will have at the end. I can cook everything.
I try to cook different dished from every cuisine of the world.
I can cook first and main dishes, meat and fish, vegetables and sweets, I like trying to cook something new.
When I have a chance to visit a restaurant I always order a new dish which I've never tried before.
I am guessing what is inside of dish to retry cooking it at home.
Unfortunately I have no financial possibility to eat at restaurants and it happens not very often, only when my friends invite me.
My other hobbies are bowling and billiard.
My favourite colours are black and red.
I also like to watch movies on TV or in cinema halls.
I like different genre: comedies or melodramas and others.
Now it is your turn to share your hobbies with me)))
Please tell me your favourite dishes and games, and everything about you.
Do you like watch movies on TV? Do you watch TV at home at your days-off?
On my days-off I try to watch my favourite program Animal Planet.
Have your seen this program? Do you have animals at home?
From time to time we meet with friends at home to watch any new film together in a good and funny company especially in winter when the weather is bad outside.
I don't have bad habits, I don't smoke.
I can drink a glass of wine or a bottle of **** very seldom on holidays.
By the way I forget to tell about my other hobbies. It is reading and sports.
The last book I read was 'Loneliness in the internet' written by Vishnevskiy.
Concerning sports: I go to the swimming-pool and fitness club.
And when the weather is good outside I try to rent a bicycle and ride it outside.
When I am doing my hobbies music is always surrounds me.
I prefer listen Adele or Enrique Iglesias, ACDC, Metallica while I am cooking or riding a bike.
But of course my choice of music depends on my mood)).
What do you like to do most of all? What kind of music do you like?
I decided to start preparing for travel to your country.
I'll gather the entire documents for visa and I hope than in a month I'll get the visa.
For pity I have to go now.
I hope to get an answer from you next time when I come to check my e-mail. ---
Letter 7
Hi, dear!
For sure I understand that you want to talk to me on-line.
It is normal desire! To tell you the truth I want to chat on-line with you too.
But it is a problem for me.
I don't have computer with internet at home.
I have to visit internet cafe where I'm using computer to write you're a letter and sometimes
I use my boss laptop at the work but if she know about it I will lose my job...
We have a real queue of my colleagues here who need to use internet while our boss doesn't see it ? )))
I have a little time here only for writing one letter and that is it.
I am sending you my photo in every letter, and I'll do it in the future.
I can give you my post address and you are able to send me a card if you'd like. Name of the street - Simirenko 2/19
Number of the apartment - 311
City - Kiev,
Region (state) - Kiev,
Zip code - 03134
Country - Ukraine I am busy with gathering documents for visa right now. I prepare everything for it.
I have to book a hotel in advance and to have booking reference for visa.
Can you help me to choose the hotel?
I think I need a hotel which is situated not far from your home.
I want to meet you and to know you closer.
It will be very convenient to live not far from your apartment.
Can you advise me something?
Maybe you'll write me names of the hotels which you know close to you?
I have a strong desire to meet you and to know you better.
Could you please send me your photos?
I'd like to see you in reality.
After I finish writing a letter to you I'll go for a walk.
It'd be great if I could walk with you together.
I like walking; it is very pleasant and healthy.
I am a follower of healthy style of living.
Today I'll walk and find cozy cafe to drink there tasty cup of coffee.
You know I always try to walk more. I don't have a car, it is very expensive.
But I have a driving license. When my friends have time we can walk together.
But most of them have their own families and they are busy.
I don't want to bother them and walk alone very often.
My religion is Christian. I believe in God.
I believe in God in my heart and seldom visit Church.
I really want to meet a man of my life and spend my free time with him.
I'd like to drink coffee together, to walk around the city or just sitting on the grass having picnic.
I want to fall in love with a kind man who wants to have family and stable life.
I am sure everything will be fine.
What kind of city do you live in? Do you like your place of living? ---
Letter 8
Here is my new photo for you attached, as I've promised before.
You'll get my new photo in every letter.
My stepsister Olga is a photographer; she makes the best photos of me I've ever seen.
I am doing all the documents to get visa to your country as far as possible and to have a tour to you.
After all I need for about a month to finish everything and get visa in my passport and I can fly to you.
I'll tell you about my parents and family.
My parents divorced long time ago.
My mother and father have their own lives in different countries of the world.
My parents don't live in Kiev anymore.
My mother was already married twice after she divorced with my father.
I have a lot of stepsisters and stepbrothers who live in Ukraine and Russia.
We have very friendly relations and love one another.
My mother's last husband is a Russian by his nationality.
We have very good relations with every member of our big family.
We send letters to each other from time to time.
I go to internet cafe to write e-mails to my parents, stepsisters and stepbrother.
But mostly I try to write them from the laptop of my boss at work when she is absent.
I am a teacher by my education.
I started to work with children in kindergarten.
I liked my work but unfortunately I had to leave it.
Salaries for teachers are so small that it is not enough for normal living.
I have noone here who helps me and I have to take care of myself alone, as my parents don't live near to me and seldom help me with money.
Even when I meet with a man I prefer to be independent.
I am interested in a man but not in his money.
It is very important for me to have mutual feelings in relations.
I am very devoted to my man and when I have relation with a man try to do everything that he feels comfortable and satisfied close to me.
Not every man can appreciate this.
I am not that kind of women who can have *** for one night.
I need to know a man close, to have feeling and to understand his character.
I met a man before who could easily have 2 women at the same time: a wife and a lover.
It is not my case of course.
I can be only with one beloved man and I can't separate myself between two.
My rule is only one beloved man in my life!
I had relations with a man two years ago.
The relations finished as I understood that a man preferred to spend time with his friends but not with me.
He took me to the parties to show what a beautiful doll he had.
It was very unpleasant feeling to me and I had to stop our relations.
Let's stop talking about *** too, because I am not ready yet to discuss such an intimate topic right now.
I hope you understand me correct. Moreover there are my colleagues around me.
I don't want that someone read my e-mail to you by chance.
I am sorry but I have to go now. My time limit is only 15 minutes today (I use boss laptop).
Do you know how internet cafe works?
It is a kind of premises where there are a lot of PCs. People can come here and use PC for payment.
Dear, I want to know more about you!
Could you tell me about your family? Maybe your parents and relations with them?
Waiting for your reply soon! P.S. Please, find attached my photo and please send me your post address to get a post-card from me there. ---
Letter 9
How are you?
It is magnificent that we've met one another in such a big world with the help of internet.
I am not in a good mood today as I don't have good news to tell.
I've got some problems at my work.
The client (woman) came to our shop to buy clothes, but she was so rude!
She talked to me very haughty.
I am a common shop-assistant and not the owner of the shop.
I really tried to help her to choose good clothes.
But she didn't like anything.
It is really terrible but people in my country are sure if they have money they are allowed everything.
This is one of the reasons I want to leave Ukraine.
This country can't give me anything and normal, stable life too.
I can't earn enough money for living, renting good apartment or have many other important things.
Prices in shops are high even for the most necessary products.
My salary is only 300 USD, half of it I spend for renting apartment.
The rest 150 USD is for living.
How can I live if milk costs 2 USD???
We have very hard lives here.
We have war at the east of our country and nobody understands when it comes to the end.
People have become aggressive, many companies have to stop their activity because of the situation on the East… it is terrible!
Sometimes my parents send me money but it is not enough.
They work hard but they don't earn much too and it is not easy for them.
I want to leave Ukraine and to start my life in normal developed country.
I am saving money to my trip for a long period already and I'll make my dream come true.
Soon I'll get visa and I can come to your country to meet you and to get acquainted with you.
I am going to work for sure as I have to earn for leaving and provide myself with everything.
We need time to become closer. I hope in a month I'll have visa and we'll meet.
When I come to your country I am going to live in the hotel which is situated close to your place of living.
It'll be comfortable for you and we'll be able to meet any time we want.
I have common wished as many people do.
I desire about stable life in normal country, I want family and beloved husband.
I am so tired to live alone without family and support.
I am saving money for my future stable life.
I hope you understand me right that I've written to you.
I want to share with you my life. And maybe to hear some words of support from you.
Now l'll go home to have bath and to relax.
Do you think that if a woman and a man take bath together it is romantic?
What do you think about taking bath with me? Any dreams about it?
Have a nice day, dear! ---
Letter 10
You understand that it is very lonely here without you…
Especially it is very sad when I don't receive any letter from you…
You letters are so kind and sensible that I begin to feel affection in my body when I read them…
I want to be close to you and your letters are a kind of your part.
If I receive your answer soon my life will go on brighter and happier.
We have to talk about some important things and I need your help here.
Hope to get your answer soon.
I miss you, my dear! ---
Letter 11
Hello darling!
I am so ashamed of my previous letter to you.
I have no rights to write such unpleasant things.
Please, forgive me.
I couldn't put that bad news into your head.
My problem is only mine, and it is my task to solve it.
Especially, when it concerns money.
I hope you'll understand me. Every person can have problems.
I'll never tell you such unpleasant things any more.
It is so good when you have a friend with whom you can share your news and any moment of your life.
I want to be your friend.
You can tell me everything and you can be sure that I am ready to help you with any problem just tell me what you want.
I have very strong desire to meet you in real life, to see and to talk to you.
You know that I am busy with my visa to your country now.
All documents are in the process and I hope that in a month my visa will be ready and we will be able to meet.
Do you think of our possible meeting? How do you imagine it?
Where shall we meet first? Do we like being together?
Please tell me what you think about it.
I want to know your opinion very much. Shall we be happy together?
You know that I want to leave Ukraine,
of course it is very serious decision to change the country of living, but I want it very much.
I have no reason to stay here anymore.
My friends have their families; my parents live separate in other countries.
I know that I'll miss my friends, but I want to have normal life in developed country.
There is no possibility to earn enough for living in Ukraine.
My work doesn't make me happy both financially and morally.
I know that in developed country I'll have a lot of new possibilities.
I will be able to find good job where I'll earn enough for living and enjoying my life.
I am normal woman and my first and main desire is to have strong family and beloved husband.
It seems to me that you are a good man and understanding person.
I am sure that you take my words right.
Oh, you've written me some questions about myself but unfortunately I have only 15 minutes today for writing.
I use the laptop of my boss and I have to stop. If she catches me I'll lose my job.
I have to go now. I am sorry and please don't be offended with me.
I am always waiting for your reply with impatience.
Have a good day! ---
Letter 12
have a good weekend! spring here!! hope you like the pic! ---
Letter 13
How are you today?
I want to share with you my personal feelings today.
I am alone here and there is noone close to me.
I don't have any close man.
I am very disappointed with men in my country.
The men in Ukraine don't appreciate women;
they only use women as beautiful dolls without interesting in feelings and female qualities.
After some period of communicating with you I realize that you are a different man.
You are interested in my feelings and you care of what I say to you.
I appreciate your attitude to me very much.
I like to read and reread your nice letters to me.
I feel that we have a lot of commons.
I am doing a lot of work for getting visa to your country and it has turned out not easy.
I have to prepare many documents.
I am sure I'll do everything very soon.
I like to imagine our first meeting.
Do you think about it too? How will it go?
I have feelings for you and I hope that you have feeling to me too.
We have a lot of thing to discuss and to find out about one another.
I think we'll have enough time to speak.
I am interested in you and I like you a lot.
I am so happy that there is such thing like internet where people can meet.
And we can know each other better before we have possibility to meet.
It is very important I think.
After it we'll meet and we can do everything.
We'll go for a walk along the streets or I'll cook you something tasty at home what you like.
Maybe you want just to sit beside me in silence or we'll watch something interesting on TV.
I'd like to do everything with you.
I am sure that two people can understand their real feeling only when they are
together and there is no distance between them.
You've become my close friend and I am ready for another step of our relations.
What do you think about this?
Do you want to become closer?
I want to see you and to look into your eyes, touch your hands and body.
I hate lie and I am always honest to you.
You can trust me in any case.
You look like a strong man and a person who I can rely on.
You know my stepsister Olga, whose hobby is photo.
She likes to make my photo and she says that she likes how my body is reflected on photos.
I like to pose her and she likes to make my photo.
We spend great time together walking and making photos.
Our working places are situated not far from one another and sometimes we meet before or after work.
Olga works as a shop-assistant too.
Today she made two great photos of me and my passport.
I'll send you them in the next e-mail.
Tomorrow I also have a very important meeting with my travel agent concerning my visa.
I hope my agent has good news for me.
In an hour I'll understand real posture about my visa. P.S. When is your birthday? My birthday is at the 30 of June 1988. ---
Letter 14
I've met my travel agent today and I've got the full information about documents for visa: 1. Foreign passport which is valid not less than 3 months after the end of the trip (if a person has 2 passports he/she has to present both);
2. Colour photos - 2pcs, size 3,5 a 4,5 cm without angles and ovals on the light background, made on mat paper,
with a large face on it, which takes 70-80% of a photo;
3. Reference from work (made on company's letter-head with director and chief accountant signs and stamp) where my position,
salary, work experience and company's contacts are indicated;
4. While presenting all above-mentioned documents a person has to pay consular fees.;
5. Confirmation of financial resources for a trip: extract from bank account;
6. Copies of national passport (all pages). This service can be done in the office;
7. Translation of all the documents into English;
8. Certificate from the police;
9. Medical certificate;
10. Payment of taxes;
11. Personal presents of all the documents - main and important condition;
12. Personal data; As you see I have to do many documents for getting visa.
It is very important and all documents must be prepared ideal.
I am a little bit surprised as I don't expect such a big list.
Now I am thinking what I can do with all this.
I have to go to work and do the documents correct parallel.
I'll think out something of course.
Because I should prepare and present documents for visa personally.
I want to meet you very much and there'll be no problems with getting visa.
All I need is time to make the documents.
But I'll do everything for our meeting.
I already miss you and I wish to see you as soon as possible.
I hope you understand that I need more time for all this paper-work.
I can't leave my work now as I still need to earn for living.
Please, wait a little bit more.
I've already have foreign passport, that is the first step closer to you ))
Soon I'll be next to you and I am sure we'll feel comfortable and fine together.
Have a nice day, dear! P.S. here is a my pic with ID.
Hope you like it:---)))) ---
Letter 15
The first day we allowed our true feelings to come out about each other, we feel asleep in each other's arms ...
I never wanted it to be morning, where we would go our separate ways.
I don't know how to describe my feelings, but all I know is I don't want them to go away.
We both have been hurt in the past but maybe in our future we can be the ones who are faithful to each other.
It has been 1 day since I've seen you and I can't stand being away this long ... I feel like I known you forever.
Things are so good even though we are both shy about things, you make me feel so good and now I wear a smile on the inside and outside,
because I know you are mine. 'Til tomorrow ... I miss you, Sweetheart. P.S. I will have full info about the visa and docs on Monday and I will write it asap!!! ---
Letter 16
Finally I know the entire information about getting visa. I'll do everything for having it.
I am so happy that soon we'll be together and I can see you and touch you in reality.
I can't stop waiting for this moment.
Please, don't laugh at me and at my strong desire to see you.
I'll gather all the documents and bring everything personally to the Embassy.
At the Embassy I have to show documents and to pay for visa.
I don't know what to do with this and hope you'd help me with it.
I've told you that I've been saving money for the trip to you.
But unfortunately my sum of money is not enough for paying and I don't know where I can get it right now.
I don't want to wait for our meeting any more.
I was sure that I should pay for visa at the end of procedure and hope to save money to that moment.
Maybe you could help me with my problem?
I'll prepare next documents: - Travel passport;
- Police report;
- Medical certificate,
- Documents from the bank and from my work and others All the documents in the list will cost 500 USD.
I'll get everything on hand and the visa in my passport.
I know that it is very big sum of money.
Money which I saved before, I spent for making foreign passport.
The rest of my saved money is not enough.
If I stop the procedure of getting visa now, I would have problems with getting visa later.
They say me this at the Embassy.
You see the copy of my passport at your e-mail and you know that I am a real woman from Ukraine.
You can trust me because you know me enough and I never lie to you.
I have only 10 days to pay for visa.
As soon as I pay for it I'll get it and have the possibility to fly to you country.
My visa lasts 3 months.
And I'm going to find a job during this period and earn for myself.
I want to be independent.
I want to assure you that after I get a job at your country I'll give back this money.
When I get the job I will prolong my visa for unlimited period and we have a lot of time for meeting and having fun together.
I am asking you to borrow me 500 USD; certainly I'll give you back my debt. I know several ways of sending money to other country.
My mother, father and stepsisters sometimes send me money with such systems.
They are very convenient and popular in my country. For example: Western Union or Money Gram.
They are the quickest way of sending money.
Will it be convenient for you to use any system for sending money?
You need my address and full name. Olena Babenko Name of the street - Simirenko 2/19
Number of the apartment - 311
City - Kiev,
Region (state) - Kiev,
Zip code - 03134
Country - Ukraine You can find the detailed information in the following sites: You can find all the information about offices on site or send money direct from the site.
I really need your help and hope for your understanding.
I don't want to put off getting my visa or have any risk in the future.
Could you send me 500 USD as a loan?
Please, give me your answer about your decision. P.S. Here is more additional important information for you:
They will ask for the purpose and destination of a transfer you are sending.
If you want to send money without a delay of transfer procedure you should say that the money is for your relative.
I had a negative experience when I received money from my mother and father.
When I tried to get money from the bank they just blocked it until I told that ****** clerk that the money was from my parents.
I've tried to borrow money for several times but no one believes that I'll ever give it back.
Just imagine yourself on the place of any person I've asked!
I'm going to leave abroad and it is possible that I'll never come back.
My parents and relatives are poor like me and their average salary is about 300$ (like mine).
Banks have refused me to give a loan at the same reason as I'm going to leave the country and will never return the money.
It is a vicious circle for me and I am asking you to understand me right!
I need your help very much. Give me your answer as soon as possible!
Have a nice day! ---
Letter 17
I want to know more about you and of course I know that you are very interested to know everything about me.
Please, don't be angry with me that sometimes I don't answer your questions.
I've told you that I write all my letters to you from internet cafe as I don't have my own computer at home.
And when I come to internet cafe I want to write you as much as possible but of course I start from the most important things.
And while I am writing to you my time here passes very fast.
When I look at my watch I already have to leave my rented computer.
Please, understand me. I am very sorry and I'll answer to all your questions.
Maybe you'll write them again as a list by points like:
and etc... And when I come next time to internet-cafe I'll try to answer all of them one by one.
Maybe I will not have much time but I try to answer because I don't want to make you upset.
If you write your questions as a list it would be easier for me to reply.
I hope everything is all right with you.
Have a nice day! ---
Letter 18
I can't stop thinking about our future meeting! It makes me very happy!
Now I am starting to gather all the documents for visa. I'll try to gather them as fast as possible.
I hope I'll prepare everything in a week or a little bit more.
Please tell me when you are able to help me with the money for that.
I am thinking about our future days, which we spend together.
We will be able to spend together the whole three months! It's wonderful!
We will be able to have great time together, discuss everything and get to know one another.
I want to be with you and I hope you'll like time which we spend together.
Maybe you'll ask to stay with you more time.
You've become very close to me. I like you very much! ---
Letter 19

have a good weekend!!
please give me a dates, I need to plan million things.. the process of getting visa and all docs not easy... ---
Letter 20
maybe you will reply my letters??? === I am already did big step for our meet, because I really feel chemistry in our "virtual relations", and I know that we I will have serious relation's in real life.
I know that this sounds silly, but I really feel so, I am just lonely not young woman who wants to have a person like you, as friend and husband. If you do not feel the same, forgive me please.
we have only week to finish all arrangements..
I know you are very smart man and you see the difference between truth and lies, I hope you will make the right choice.
It will be amazing to share my birthday (30 of June) and next holidays with you!!!
We can make happy each other and know each other really good!!!
I am waiting your reply with impatiens, answer to me as soon as possible...
because we should be in a hurry if we want to meet on my birthday!!!
I do not rush the things. But I have a very good chance now to get visa without any problems.
But I don't have enough money for this that's why I ask you to help me.
This visa is valid for 3 months.
This time is enough to get to know each other.
That is why I ask you to send me 500 US dollars for visa and all docs.
And if you want I can prolong the visa without any problems.. ---
Letter 21
when you will help me to come?
Letter 22
how could you think that I am a scammer???? Its not my blame that Internet, my country, world and real life are full of it???
I only want to find a right man for me but you blame me in all...
Letter 23
do you ever read my first letters???? my salary is 300$ per month..
I am poor and live in a poor country...
All my relatives have the same salary -... This is a normal things for our country..
And I cant borrow the money this way.. Hope you understand :-((
Letter 24
All my life is devoted to you, honey.
I want to know you and to be close to you most of all in my life.
I want to touch you, feel you and to look into your eyes, and it'll make me the happiest woman in the world.
I want to feel your body and to see how you stare at me with passion.
I want to kiss you to have happiness in my heart.
I have a strong desire to lie next to you and hug you.
I want to spend all my life with you, to have fun together, to discuss different interesting things.
You are always in my mind and I want to meet you very much. P.S. What have you decided about the money, your help is needed this week??
Letter 25
have a good weekend.. why you dont want to help me?
or you dont want to be with me????
Letter 26
My dearest man!
I feel with my heart that you are having blue mood now.
I don't know how but I can clearly understand it.
I want to give you my love to bring you joy and you can give me your love. Is it true???
I will make your life bright and happy!
You can tell me everything.
False words can do much harm to strong relations.
I'll go to the church today and pray for you and me.
I'll pray for your health and a good soul.
Don't forget that I'm thinking of you every moment of my life.
Faithfulness and care are necessary things, aren't they?
They say that a person who is in love doesn't see disadvantages of beloved.
I know that every person has disadvantages and if you can accept them you'll live happy life.
I am dreaming about our evenings when we will be sitting in a cozy sofa and speaking about different interesting things, about people, about our day, which has passed.
I'm looking for your reply!
Missing you! Honey, you've wrote that I can count on you. That is why I am asking you to help with money for visa.
The best time to start the procedure of getting visa is this week.
Would you help me??? ---
Letter 27
you will help me after I will call you???
Letter 28
You are too far from me but I feel you close in my mind and in my heart.
I am thinking of you all the time.
If you are not close to me that doesn't mean that we are not together!
We are like twin souls. I'll do my best and solve all the problems to be with you.
I always want to kiss you.
I want to discontinue our nights without each other and to feel our jointed love!
I need your help in being together!
Now I am able to get visa easily and in short period of time we'll have many holidays one by one and a lot of people start to fly to your country... ---
Letter 29
I want to know more about you and of course I know that you are very interested to know everything about me.
Please, don't be angry with me that sometimes I don't answer your questions.
I've told you that I write all my letters to you from internet cafe as I don't have my own computer at home.
And when I come to internet cafe I want to write you as much as possible but of course I start from the most important things.
And while I am writing to you my time here passes very fast.
When I look at my watch I already have to leave my rented computer.
Please, understand me. I am very sorry and I'll answer to all your questions.
Maybe you'll write them again as a list by points like:
and etc... And when I come next time to internet-cafe I'll try to answer all of them one by one.
Maybe I will not have much time but I try to answer because I don't want to make you upset.
If you write your questions as a list it would be easier for me to reply.
I hope everything is all right with you.
Have a nice day! ---
Letter 30
I want to be with you... ---
Letter 31
I don't want to push anyone. It's really best time to get visa easily now.
I am lack of money for visa and I need your help.
The validity period of visa is 3 months (I can prolong it with you without any problems)
I hope this is enough for us to know one another.
I wish you could help me with money for visa and all documents connected to. ---
Letter 32
do you EVER read my first letters????
Letter 33
Everything is fine with me and in general my life is much better from the time of our meeting!!!
I appreciate your kindness to me and that you've asked me to visit you!!!
I desire that we can share our love:can touch each other:
I desire to spend nights and days with you!!!
I am eager to meet you, to sit next to you and touch you!
I have imagined our meeting in my mind:our first kiss:first touches:
Love you very much!!! ---
Letter 34

I can't stop waiting for our meeting with impatience.
I suppose we are drawn to each other because a spark has lit between us from
the first second of our acquaintance:
I've felt this spark and understood that you are the one for me.
After some period of time our talks has confirmed me that you are my man.
That is why we should be together and
I want to be close to you and need your help in this problem!!!
Do you want to be together?
I hope when I get money from you for visa the moment of our meeting will be much closer!!!!
I love you my dear!
Hugs and kisses to you!!! ---
Letter 35
so you dont want to help me right?
you care only about the money not me?
so sad.. I dont know what to say...
I will lost the chance to get the visa this week (if you ever remember I told you about 10-14 days before) ---
Letter 36
Well, I have just read your letter and I do not know what to say.
I couldn't realize that I could hear that from you.
I am shamed and offended.
You are so cruel to me.
You were just the only hope for me.
I trusted you and believed in you.
Ok, one more time I understand now that I could rely only on myself always.
So don't worry.
I will find money somewhere any way.
I will come to your country by all means.
I have decided it already and I am not going to give up.
Of course, it is very unpleasant to see that you do not trust me.
Whether I do not know I can find money. But I shall try.
I can understand you. You have never seen me in real life.
And of course, it is very hard to believe the person you have never met in real life.
But any way, it was very offensive to hear that from you.
Well, life is going on and now I have to manage something not to miss the chance to get to your country.
I want you to know that I still like you very much. And I would like to continue our relations.
I will not ask you for anything any more.
If you still want to continue our correspondence and meet me one
day, let me know, please.
I am waiting for your reply. ---
Letter 37
I've been thinking a lot about us yesterday. I have so many feelings and they are so different.
My heart aches when I understand that you are far from me.
I wish I could lessen the distance between us. I know that I have to be patient and wait.
Perhaps, you will think that I am silly but I don't want to hold it all inside and I want to share my feelings with you.
I am emotional person and I want you to see my feelings.
Please, understand me. I want to share this with you. I think I am in love with you.
Of course, I have to see you in real life and talk to you to be sure.
But I have so many emotions about you and I miss you so much. I think about you all the time.
I get up with the thoughts about you and I go to bed thinking of you too.
I feel that I want to take care of you, I want to give you all my love.
Please, don't think I am weird. But this is what I feel about you.
And I want you to know this.
Life goes one. Nothing new happens. I go to work, do different things at home, meet my friends.
But any way I do something I think of you.
Please, tell me what you think and feel about me.
It is really very important for me and I need to know this. ---
Letter 38
I want to start that I got used a lot to you during our correspondence.
I want to meet you very much. I asked you for help but you didn't believe me and refused me.
It is so offensive. But I understand that it is very difficult to tust the person you have never seen.
I just want to tell you that sometimes it is necessary to trust people.
There are many honest people in the world. And it was very offensive when you refused to help me.
But I have good news now. I have found money for my trip. I am going to come approximately in 1 week.
I have sold my fur coat. I have already paid for visa and now all I need is to wait when I get it.
I have money for the ticket. They promised me it would be in approximately in 2 or 3 weeks.
I do not know exact dates but I will let you know as soon as I know.
I will get visa for 3 months. Are you happy to hear this? We will be able to meet but not only communicate through the letters.
Perhaps, our relations will grow into more close.
Please, write me your thoughts. I want to know that you still want me to come to your place.
I will be waiting for your reply. ---
Letter 39
I have paid for visa. It is going to be ready approximately in 1 or 2 weeks.
Yes, I have money for the ticket. I shall not your financial help to get to your country.
I don't have an exact information now. I only know that I am going to have a visa approximately in 1 or 2 weeks.
I will let you know all the details about my coming in approximately in 1 or 2 weeks.
Are yo happy to hear that? Would you like that to happen?
I've got up today with the thoughts about you and it is such a happiness to know that I have a close person in my life and
I hope you feel the same about me.
My friends are really very good people.
Perhaps, their life is not really good and comfortable as you know the situation in Georgia, I already told you about this several times.
Salaries are too small here. And many people have to save every rouble to buy a washing machine or a fridge.
And my friends too have such difficulties.
But I am proud of them. They overcome all the difficulties together and they still love each other.
This is what I want to. I want to be together in joy and sorrows, to love each other even if the life is not really comfortable,
help each other, understand each other.
I think that every person needs such a place where he feels comfortable and safe.
Especially, it is important for a woman.
We now have to be strong. But I want to feel myself a little girl with the strong man near.
I want to be weak sometimes and let someone take care of me.
Enjoy your day and think of me. ---
Letter 40
I had a bad day yesterday. I went to a book store.
I went there bought the book. It is a love story.
And every time I read it, I think of us.
We had the big rain outside today and it took me about two hours
to get back home.
I decided not to use the public transport and just walked back
I still feel a little sad and lonely. And I wish you to be here
right now. You would share wine
with me and we would talk till morning... There is so much I want
to tell you always and every day I start writing I lose all my
thoughts. As my only thought is always about you.
You are such a dear and close person to me. And I feel a little
sad as you are far from me. But soon, very soon, everything will
be over at last and I will see you.
It is worse to wait and I am patient enough as I know the miracle
is waiting for me – meeting with you.
Perhaps this letter is a little bit sad. But I just wanted to talk
to you and to share my thoughts with you. Forgive me for being
sad with you. ---
Letter 41
I can't stop telling you about my feelings, my love.
What is love to your mind?
I consider that first of all love is devotion.
I am ready to devote myself to beloved person, to do everything to help him in his life problems, to cheer him and to give him everything he needs from me.
When you love a person you can feel what he feels even on the distance.
And you try to help him with his words, letters…
Also for me love is faith. I can't betray a loved man; I can't even understand how it might happen.
I am sure I can't be with a man who has betrayed me it's very hard to forgive this.
A loved couple should have mutual understanding then their relation will be really happy!
All questions and problems should be discussed with each other. Nothing can be hold back.
Of course we don't see each other but we are acquainted for a long time and can easily understand one another.
I am sure when we will meet and be together our mutual understanding will continue and it'll make our relations even stronger.
Loving family is a desire of my life!
Family helps everyone in his life. Love and understanding live in true family!
These are my values. And what about you? What do think of a family?
I am waiting for your reply with impatience.
Have a nice day, honey!
With love! ---
Letter 42
How are you today?
It is so good to finish work at last and being able to talk to you again. You are my dearest one and I think about you all the time.
It is a bit cool outside. And do you know what I would like to do now. To make a fireplace, take some good wine, a warm blanket, burn some candles and just sit there for hours with you. Feeling you are close to me, feel the warmth of your body, a strong man near me. Feel you breathing close to me.
What do you think of this? Would you share my dream? After having some wine our imagination could get wild and we could find so many interesting things to do.
Do you know what I would do to you…I would just tear your clothes into pieces.
And would lick every part of your strong body Well, it is getting to exciting to write such things and I better stop as my face is getting read from these thoughts. And I am afraid that people around me would not understand me.
They are looking at me already with a great interest.
And what are your dreams my dear? And am I involved into them?
Hope you think of me the same way I think of you.
I miss you a lot and need you so much. ---
Letter 43
tomorrow will be my birthday...
and I will have the visa soon
Letter 44
I have very good news!!!
You have to tell me the international airport close to you, that you have met me.
You will not believe me….but I have just got an invitation for the interview. It means that very soon I will get my visa.
The only thing I need to do now is to pass the interview and then I will just buy tickets, take my passport with the visa and will just leave for you. How do you like it? I think it is just great.
I am a little bit nervous about the interview but I think everything will be just fine. Please, think of me during the interview and cross your fingers for us. As soon as I get my visa, I will be able to see you.
What do you feel? I am just happy. I am flying. It is great.
I still can't believe this happened.
As soon as I have all the information and the results, I will immediately let you know, Ok?
I will do my best for a good result.
I need to repeat again. I have to know the name of the airport where to go and where you will meet me. You have to meet me there by all means. Also I should take care of the tickets in advance if I get visa. Till soon. P.S. it's very important - please send the name of the closest international airport to you. ---
Letter 45
this flowers is from my boss:-)))
sometimes she is so sweet:-))) miss you.. please tell me again the name of the closest International airport to you?
Letter 46
How are you, my sweetheart?
I am OK, just a little bit tired.
I have very good news for you. I've got my visa at last.
So this is done now. I have my passport for going abroad with the visa inside.
The only thing left is a ticket. I already know the airport I should go to.
And I even went to the cash department of the airport to check about the ticket.
They offered me the ticket on 7 of July from my city (airport code IEV)
And the price is rather reasonable. It will cost $600.
Unfortunately, there is a problem. I have only $100 and I still need about $500.
I really don't know what to do. I have to pay for it soon not to be sold to someone else.
So I have to ask you if you can help me with this. Will you be able to send me $500?
I told you that I sold my fur coat to pay for visa and ticket.
But the money was not enough. I sold my fur tree.
That is why I ask you to help me and send me $500.
As soon as I buy the ticket I will immediately leave for you.
And in some days I will be in your arms already. Think on this.
Dear, I really have no one to rely on and I have only you who could help me in this situation.
You know I will give you the money back as soon as I will be able to work in your country.
So this is no going to be a problem. I will give it back to you by all means.
This is the only thing left now before we could be together.
I really hope that you will help me and we will be together at last.
I am sure you want it the same way I do.
So, please, write me your thoughts on this and when you will be able to send the money.
Also the ticket could be sold to another person if I don't pay for it shortly.
You can send money to my name by any office Western Union
or Money Gram (I was told that MoneyGram is much cheaper to send)
and I will get it without any problems here.
My sweetheart, I need you and I hope you too need me.
I love you very much.
And I miss you badly. P.S. I am so sorry but if you can please send some extra money for travel...
prices are really high at the airports for example a launch costs here
60$, bottle of the water 10$... ---
Letter 47
do you EVER read my first letters????
Letter 48
I love you my angel. I am very happy that we have got acquainted. I am happy that you call me YOURS: it so wonderful when feelings are mutual: I love you very very much: I am looking for you in every rain-drop, in every sun-light as you are not close to me. I miss you. I am sad. It is incredibly cold.
Please, stay with me!
Letter 49

My lovely!
You are so far from me! I want to meet you very soon. Thats my biggest desire.
I count every day before our meeting.
I need you very much. I want to feel you close to me to show how deep my feelings to you are.
We would be happy together and could have wonderful time.
My love to you is very hot and strong, I hope you can feel it even at the distance.
If I were close to I would be very tender and passionate to you at the same time.
I want to kiss you, to touch your body, to look into your eyes and to feel your heart beating.
Ive already told you that your help is very necessary to me.
It is hard for me to ask you about this, but you are so close to me if you send me the money it would help us to see each other very soon.
I cannot wait for our meeting. I want it to occur faster.
Help me in this situation please. I hope you want to see me too.
Love you with all my heart and soul!!!
I am waiting for your reply about help!
I send you many kisses, my Love!
Letter 50
My dear, I am afraid that soon I will have problems...
please give the exact dates when you will help me with the money
differently they will close the visa...
the best way if you can do it this week...
I spent already more than 1500$ for coming but you dont care about it...
this is so sad to me...
Please don't give me heartbreak ---
Letter 51
Hi darling!
The weather is so strange today at my country.
Sometimes it is sunny, sometimes is windy. Everything is changing each moment.
But I am happy that everything is stable in my life because I have you.
From that moment we've acquainted to each other
I've understood that you are a good person and I'll be happy with you.
Dear I want to meet you sooner; it is the right time to meet.
Please think about how you could help me to come to you.
Do you want to meet me? Do you want to touch me, hug and kiss?
I want to be closer to you! I hope we'll meet in the nearest future.
See you soon!
Letter 52
I was absolutely honest with you...
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