Scam letter(s) from Alexandra to Raul (Portugal)

Letter 1
Hello Raul .
I am glad that you gave me your email and now I can write to you privately. Frankly speaking I did not enjoy talking on the dating site as I had the unpleasant feeling that I had to trade myself to the men and I need to offer myself and try to look better than others. So better to talk like that and feel as if I am the only one you are talking to though I know that it is not so :)) Maybe if you know me better, you will consider me as your favorite :) or maybe the only one :)
My official name is Aleksandra though nobody call me like that. Everybody calls me Alex :) The tender version is Sasha :? There is an old song about my name. Maybe I will sing it for you one day. Are you ready?
I am here with the only desire ? to find the man with the right values and the man who is ready for the serious relationship. No games and no time wasting. I swear! I am funny and open?minded. I love the life and I want to take everything from it. Are you with me? I am not talking about something crazy. I am just talking about the positivity and optimism which makes the life brighter and easier :) I want to hold the hand of my partner and know that in any situation he will be with me. I think as a man you also want to find a reliable partner, am I right?
I do not want to talk too much and overload you with the information about myself. It is just a Hello letter and a kind of reminder that I am here and I am interested in you :)
If you have time, please, tell me a bit about yourself and about your plans for the future I wish you a very pleasant day :)
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