Scam letter(s) from Jenice Dorente to John (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hi Max my sweet loving dear,
Hello there, i hope you doing well and having a great day.
I want to say thank you for writing to me and you inspire me and give me inspiration in my day.
Without a doubt that you are a great good loving sincere for me that i will admire and proud to have with always.You give me joy in my heart and hopes and dreams on this life. every word you say changing my world.
The weather is changing into cold the wind is blowing cooling breeze winter is coming,How nice to sleep with your sweetheart with a sweet tightly hug all through the cold night.
i know that we are two persons looking for love and happiness and i believe we can both make this through to be together, i want you to know that i am sincerely committed in building a true loving relationship and been with you is all i wish and desire now and i believe you would treat me right and shown me all the love and respect i deserve.
Love is only the gift that acceptable to give away to our special one as soon as we get it, that i would love always to give to you,one of the best gift that we can give each other is time and precious moments that we will share and to be your wife will be the greatest thing,to be a part of you will be a greatest thing on my part.
Spending time and have romantic time with you with be a nice dream to me it will be a great thing so proud to do and to have you for sure,i will always wished to have you to be beside you, I hope that destiny will bring for us and days will flew and I can get closer and closer to you.I didn't really hope for anything i only i want as to be together.
There would be nothing more beautiful than spending the entire life with your special one and have a wonderful moments with your partner for life.
A time that only you and me to share and spend the feelings of love that just like no need anyone is only our world.I don't dream a perfect man or perfect relationship because i do know it doesn't exist.
I can live simple things is simple ways,i love nature so i will love to live in a country this will be nice it is not a problem for me,
I never dream for lots of luxury, diamonds, richness on this life that a man could offer me, i only want a simple life to my partner that will never abandoned me,someone makes me laugh when i feel sad,comforts me when i am feeling down in spirits that i know i can have his arms around, someone to inspire and encourage me and someone who I can do the same for.
Someone to wake up next to in the morning and go bed at night, to share and spend the beautiful moment of our life and the wonders of life it could offer in everyday and just to be happy to love and care each other forever.
I would be more happy to have the opportunity to come and be with you in your country for us to share our life together in what life it will brings for us,So it is not a problem to me to move into your country, My dreams is to be with you and to share and spent time to each other, with so much fun, living with you in bad times, in good times, for sickness in health, for richer and poorer till death and the love will be endless. I dream to hold,to kiss to cuddle and have go shopping and holding hands and have picnic in the park, go mountains to hike and see and feel the beauty of the nature, go on the beach, have a romantic date with candle lighting with flowers inside or outside house, has a nice shower together to love to care for each other every single day and every moments of our life forever.
i am alone here and i didn't find china as a happy free country for me i do not have a lots of fun here because i only drifted here just for work, so maybe someday soon i have a new life new environment being with you being beside you. that we can celebrate all the special occasion of our life together like our anniversaries, Christmas time, new year and more.
I am very wishing for this that will happen for us to be together soon.
I am a bit lonely and sad of all this time because i dedicated myself my life working through.
About my family i can say i have a simple happy Family, i have 2sisters happily married living in my country Philippines and i brother living with my parents now. My father is a farmer and he have a small farm that he cultivating planting rice crops this is my parnets do for living my mother is a housewife helping my father.
The special wish that I have is to have you to be with you and I am the happiest woman to know that you maybe the greatest gift that I will be have on this life,I am very wishing for this that will happen.
The thoughts of being with you this will be nice really,i think nothing more to be good in feelings then spending your life with your special one and this is what i wish and want.I want you to know I am willing to come to your country.i hope we can work to be worth for each other and being together. till then and here my thoughts if for you. i always wish your total happiness and fulfillment is life in what you longed for. Stay healthy and happy for me. I am looking forward to hear from you.
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