Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kiseleva to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi Jim. How are you? My name is Anastasiya. I am 28 years old. I live in Russia. I want to start communicating with you, to get to know you better. I am looking for only serious relationship. I want mutual love. I send you my photo. I hope that you like. I will send more photos and talk about myself, I hope that you You too will do so.
I look forward to your reply. Have a nice day. On my email came from you advertising, that you are looking for a relationship. I'm a lonely girl, I was interested. I decided to answer you. I will be happy to see your photo. I want to see how you look.
Letter 2
Hi Jim. I am pleased to see from you a message. My mood is good. What is your mood? Thank you for sending me your photos. You are a handsome man. I like your kind words. I understand that there is a lot of deception on the Internet, people do not trust each other.. For me, money and age are not the main thing, money is a paper. For me the main life, love, mutual feelings. I want to tell a little about myself. I live in the city of Kazan. Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Do you know anything about our city? We have a very beautiful city, have you ever been to Russia? I work in a hairdresser. I live with my mother. Father unfortunately died, more than 6 years have already passed. I want to find a man like my father, he always loved my mother, appreciated, was always with her side, was true. I had a relationship, but unfortunately nothing good happened.
There were failure, disappointment. But I'm a strong girl and coped with all the difficulties. I want to meet a man who really with all my heart and sincerity will be happy with me and with whom I will be happy. All I want is love, affection, tenderness, passion. I honestly do not like dating on the Internet, because you need to know a person personally. I do not know what will happen, but I'm interested in trying it. Jim write please what do you appreciate in a girl? What should it be? I would really like to know this. What character, what looks? What should she be able to do? I'm sending you my new photo and I hope you like it. In the photo, I and my mother, my mother's name is Olya. Jim i am waiting for your letter!!!! Have a good day.
Letter 3
Hello Jim, how are you? Hows your day? All is well? I hope that you have everything excellent. I am pleased to write you a new letter.
Thank you for your kind words, beautiful photos. I appreciate you. You have a kind heart. I have been working in a hairdresser for about 5 years. I like working, I also like to cook different dishes very much.
Especially on holidays. Would you like to try my dishes? I think you would have liked it. Jim i do not smoke, I drink, rarely. My friends and I like to go to the movies. And when was the last time you went to the movies? Tell me about yourself, ask everything you want from me, Im with joy to answer all your questions. I really like when you You are interested in me. Tell me about your family? What brings you joy and a smile? Im looking forward to your letter. I will be happy to see your photos. My friend had a birthday. I took these photos for my birthday. I wish you a wonderful day and a good mood.
Letter 4

Hi Jim. I m glad you answered me. I worked all day and tired. I am happy to write you a message. This weekend was quiet. How was your weekend? I like soup, dumplings, potatoes. Tell me more about your friends. what you do together? Do you think you have a lot of real friends who will always help you? Do you often relax with them together? What do you like to do most of all? Jim i send you a photo, in the photo I and my aunt, with red hair. The second photo with my friend. I hope that you liked it? I am looking forward to your letter.
Letter 5
Hi Jim. How is your mood? Today I woke up with a good mood, my state of health is good. How's your day? With what thoughts did you wake up?
With what do you fall asleep? Jim i like to swim in the lake, I also like to sunbathe and eat shish kebabs in the nature. Jim i said my friend Kseniya that I met on the Internet with you. She was surprised and does not believe in love on the Internet. However, she was pleased with this news. I told her little about us, because I do not want to tell a lot to my friends. The most important thing for us is to write letters to each other, to recognize each other.. This makes me happy. I send you a photo on which I and my friends Marina and Kseniya. I want to ask you about your work day. Do you like your work? What is good about it? Or you do not like it at all? Jim i love my work. I am pleased to learn more and more of you. I hope that you write to me soon. I'm waiting for your letter. Anastasiya
Letter 6
Hi Jim. I am fine. Good mood. Jim i do not even know what words describe what happens to me when I receive messages from you. Im very glad that you have me. Im happy that you do not forget about me. I want to learn more about what you like to do? Than was engaged earlier and why has ceased? I used to do dances and for a very long time, but then I did not have much time and I did not have time. We have to work hard. Sometimes my friends and I go to the movies. Jim which films do you like the most? I like comedies, drama, or youth stories. I love action movies, but not terrible. I like to watch interesting programs on TV, sports competition. I like when people achieve such success.
Jim and what do you like? tell me. What did you eat today? I wanted to would you be that I cooked you food? When you go to bed, what do you think? It is very interesting to me. I look forward to your letter with impatience and I hope that tomorrow will be a beautiful day and I will receive your letter.
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend Jim! I do not know why, but many of my friends say that I has changed. Changed in the sense that in my eyes there was desire to live and it is good for them simply because they see my happy face. Mom, friends, and at work colleagues tell me this! A you have changed? Do you often think of me? Jim tell me??? I want to tell you why im in a good mood today. I woke up, cooked breakfast and went to work. From work I was able to leave earlier. Today is a shorter working day. I am very glad that I received your letter. Jim and what happened in your day? What did you do? I want so much that you smile, that you would be in a good mood. Whatever you can do. I think that it will be fine if it is so. What do you think? It is assured or confident that yes. I am waiting for your letter. I am already missing you.. you like me ..... I think about you .... You make my heart happy.
Letter 8
Hello, my darling Jim !!! My mood is good. I am very glad to see a letter from you. Hows your day? I always expect a letter from you. Its like the rays of the sun that warms me. And my letters? Do they keep you warm? What do you feel when you get them? Jim i want to seriously talk to you. I really like you, i want to know more about you. About how you feel? I write to you all about myself. I know that you understand me and this feeling makes me very happy.. Jim i thought several years ago that I understood what love is. I met a guy who took care of me. We walked around the park, walked and enjoyed life. Over time, i learned that he does not only meet with me. He also meets other girls. He tells me that i have his only one. When i found out that he was cheating on me, i lost faith, hope for love. I do not have any secrets from you. Jim communication with you brings me a lot of joy, emotion. Thank you for making me happy and do not let me be bored. I hope that you too do not have secrets from me. I really look forward to your letter. Your tender and loving Anastasiya
Letter 9
Hello, my darling Jim! Can i write you "love"? Jim , you do not mind?
I hope that you will not be against. I feel your sincerity, warm. How is your mood? Thank you for telling me about your past relationship. I am glad that you sincere with me. Jim you asked me do I have children?
I have no children. I like kids. Im glad to know more about you. Jim i am very pleased to communicate with you. We know each other very closely. And we still do not know much. True Jim ? What do you think?
I already wrote to you and once again i will say that i do not have any secrets from you and a secret. Yesterday I went to my grandmother, she is very glad that i communicate with you. He says that a woman can not be without a man, and a man can not be without a woman. I agree with my grandmother, and you Jim? I think about us with you. What awaits us? Happiness, love, tenderness, passion, affection? Or disappointment? The more i recognize you the more i understand that we will be happy if we are true to each other. My grandmother gave me presents. Its cakes, grandmother usually cook them for easter. She made an exception for me. I love her so much. Do you like it? I have a kind heart, i feel that your heart is also kind. Jim sorry if I ask a lot of questions. I send you my kisses. If you go to the bathtub today when you go and you are there, they will surround you, they will everywhere. Everywhere around you. I miss you without your letter and im waiting.... Thank you for being there, Jim i feel your warmth.
Thank you. I miss and im waiting for your new letter. Your Anastasiya
Letter 10
Hello my love Jim !!!! I read your letter and im glad that you write to me. I am fine. How do you? How is your mood? Jim i have such feelings for you because i am very pleased to communicate with you, is not it pleasant for you to communicate with me? I feel your warmth.
You have a good heart. Jim, today i worked very hard and tired. But when i read yours letter, fatigue has passed, i feel better. Thank you Jim. Last night i went to my friend Kseniya. We drank tea and talked.
She asks about us. I said that everything is fine. Jim i would be pleased to give you a massage. I do massage to my mother sometimes.
Would you like me to be did you massage? I think you would have liked it. Imagine, you you come home tired. I ll cook dinner, we eat and then i make you a massage all the fatigue passes. I would gladly do you have a massage, you would have liked and you would have enjoyed it. What do you think Jim? Would it be good? I feel that you are a good man and i really like you. I want everything more and more to you.. I send you my kisses, i want my kisses to come to you. I miss and im waiting for your letter. Your caring Anastasiya
Letter 11
Hello my lovely Jim ! I love getting your letters. Thank you very much for your concern, sincerity. My mood is good, it can not be bad, because im reading your letter. How are you? I would be pleased if you waved me a hand. I ll try to call you. Write your phone number. I want to hear your voice. I have very warm, sincere feelings for you. I fall in love more and more with you. I am very pleased to talk with you, i want that we have ever met, i want to enjoy our love, to cook wonderful dishes for you and me, to meet your relatives. I want to hug you, feel your warmth, kisses, tenderness. I feel that you are a very caring person. Jim and what happens in your heart? What do you feel?
Tell me. I really want to know this. Do you want what I want? Tell me Jim. It is necessary for me to understand whether we can be happy or not. I will look forward to your letter with impatience. I hope that you can open my heart completely for me. I would be pleased to reciprocate you. Im in love with you. I know for sure that im happy to read your messages and communicate with you. I am waiting for your letter. Jim write me. I miss you. Yours and only your Anastasiya
Letter 12
Hello my love Jim. I am glad to receive your letter. My mood is good.
How is your mood? Im glad that our feeling is mutual, i would like to give you my warmth. I have a lot of warmth for you. Jim i am very glad that you are in my life. I am very pleased to learn more and more about you, feel your warm feelings for me. I talked with my mother.
Shes glad that i know you. My mother says that you are a wonderful man. She will be very pleased to know you. Jim i hope that your day is fine. I am sure that all wonderful dreams will become a reality and very soon. I believe in this. I really miss you. When i go to bed, i think about you very much. I want to hug you, kiss you and say thank you that you came into my life. I send you my photos, i hope you like my photos. We yesterday with my friend Kseniya ate rolls and pizza. Do you like rolls, pizza? Your gentle and affectionate Anastasiya
Letter 13
Hello my love Jim ! Im glad to see a letter from you again. My mood is good. Jim, sorry that i could not write to you. I did not have the Internet. For technical reasons, it was turned off. Tonight he was turned on. How was your weekend? I miss you. This weekend, i was sad.
I was without the internet. I feel like youre keeping me warm. Do you often think you would hug me, kiss me? Make me a happy girl? I really miss you. You are in my heart. Jim did you have a dream or not? If you had a dream, tell me what you dreamed? What kind of dream would you like to see, would you like to see me in your dream? I am very happy to communicate with you. You have decorated my life with hope and faith in love. Jim, im very glad. I really look forward to your letter. I send you photos and videos. In the video, i sang the song Lauren Christy. The Color Of The Night. It was 11 class. I sang a song in front of small school children. Do you like how I sing? I think she will decorate your day and night? What do you think? As you understand, i have known English for a very long time, we will not have problems in communicating with you. I miss and wait for your letter. Jim i kiss and hug you strongly, strongly. Gentle embrace of your Anastasiya
Letter 14
Hello my love Jim.. Im very happy to see a letter from you. I am happy that we have mutual, sincere, warm feelings. How is your day going today? Jim, do you think we will be happy together? Im sure that if our meeting with you happens, its a big step towards each other. We can enjoy the fact that we will make all our dreams come true. I understand that if you stop writing to me, i will suffer and very much. Im already used to your gentle, pleasant letters. You are a sincere person, i am glad that in your letters I feel your sincerity.
I ll worry and wait for your letter every day. Because youre loved man for me. I know now how wonderful the feeling is when you know what makes you happy. I feel like a happy girl. I want us to build happiness together with you. I want that i had wings, i can fly to you. Would you like that? Imagine my beloved Jim, you sleep and i fly like an angel to you. I want our fairy tale to come true. I want to see you, hug, kiss and tell you in a low voice, my beloved Jim, im close. I want to hold your hand, we go together happy, we walk around your city. Im crazy about these thoughts in my head. I know that i will be happy that I can make you happy. I can make every your day beautiful, you will rejoice and smile. We will enjoy our love. We will create our world in which will not be anything wrong. I want you to love me sincerely, i will warm you with my warmth. Jim, my dear, tell me what you think? This is very it is important for me. I know that you will be happy with me and i will happy with you. Jim i am waiting for your letter. I hope the photo im sending you today brings you happiness and smile on your face. I do not want our mutual feelings to fade. I want that we feel mutual happiness with you. Love at a distance, this is a very difficult test and will sustain it only the most serious relationship. If true love, it will pass all the trials of fate. Love at a distance is just the time you need to overcome with you. We have a romantic love, which we pass on to each other in letters. Jim the distance between us is like a thin needle that goes deep in the heart and hurts. Jim, im right? I want our meeting to take place in the near future. I miss so much. Only when we meet face to face our pain goes away, happiness comes. Your sweet Anastasiya
Letter 15
Hello my love Jim. Sorry i could not write to you quickly.
Unfortunately my internet did not work. How are your days off? Im extremely happy to receive your letter. My heart is calm because you wrote to me. I missed you and could not sleep at night because all the time i was thinking only of you. I want you to hug me and give me your sweet kiss. Jim my heart is happy, it is in the most tender hands and loves clean, bright, love. My heart does not need anything except the opportunity to be near you. I want to feel the warmth of your body, the tenderness of your hands. I want to relax in your hands and give love. I love you Jim. Your Anastasiya
Letter 16
Hello my love Jim. I am very glad to receive your letter. I miss you and want to be with you. I really do not know what to do. Im probably going to go crazy soon. It would be much easier for me if you were with me. I love you very much and i want to be with you. My love, when will we be together? When do you plan to realize our meeting with you?
Do you want to realize our meeting with you? I will have a vacation on 23 october. I would really like to be with you, to know you personally.
I miss you. I love you Jim. Yours and only your Anastasiya.
Letter 17
Hello my love Jim, how are your days? How did you spend the weekend? My love, I do not have a passport, I need to prepare all the documents. I have a vacation today. I think than to occupy myself. My vacation will last 30 days. It is a great pity that we are still not together with you. My love, i was given a salary today. I have 21.000 rubles, which is about 370 dollars. What do you think about the meeting? Do you need a meeting with me, or do you just want to communicate. I am very lonely without you. We have known you for a long time already. I want you and me to decide which direction to move on. What kind of relationship do you want with me? Will we realize our meeting with you? I can not insist on our meeting with you, but still i need to know that we both think about it? I want to see you next to me. I want to feel your warmth. I love you.
Anastasiya Kiseleva
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