Scam letter(s) from Veronica to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
My purposes to meet the serious man for joint the purposes in life.
My name Veronika, to me of 33 years. I not married, at me was not present children.
I live in Russia, I hope to learn each other not begins a problem.
In the letter I send you a photo, I as will wait for your photos which to allow to learn to you better.
If our purposes do not coincide, please ignore the letter.
I hope that our purposes identical and you searches of the girl, and we will continue ours of dialogue more close.
Letter 2
Hi Jim!
How was your weekend? I spent them at home.
Your photo I like! You're a handsome man!
Sorry for my late reply. I could not answer right away. Just now I found your letter.
Thank you for giving me your attention. I regard your letter as pleasant to me.
At the moment I live in Novomoskovsk. I was born right there.
It is a small town. From Moscow we are 200 kilometers away.
Tell me please about more about your place where you live.
I will be interested to know about you.
I'm 33 years old. I was born on December 1.
I think that the girl should be in good shape, and I try to support her. My weight is 49 kilograms. Height of 171 centimeters.
I will try to send you more of my photos.
I'm very interested in seeing your photos.
What else do you share, what are you interested in? ... I like to dance. But you do not think bad, I do not visit bars and various clubs. In my childhood I was fond of ballroom dances. But now I'm doing gymnastics. In addition, I like watching movies. Basically I love the genre of comedy and fantasy.
I have no bad habits, I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol.
In view of a calm, moderate life. I have a cat. The name is "Fiona".
I studied English at school and university.
My friend, I hope that our communication will be pleasant.
Write me back, please, and we'll talk.
Yours Veronika
Letter 3
Good morning Jim,
Your photos impress me!
I see that your parents called you a beautiful name.
I was pleased to see that you answered me. Thank you.
I hope that our acquaintance will continue and develop. I think that you will be interested to know more about me.
My friend, I am a religious woman. I am Orthodox Christian.
I try to attend church every Sunday. I do not disagree with another faith. I believe that every person believes in his faith.
Now I'm at work, I have free time now, and I write to you. Basically I use the internet only at work.
I do not have internet connection at home, so I always write to you from the workplace.
I work in the children's sports center.
My position as a coach, I teach children swimming.
I attached a photo. You can see my activity.
As you probably understand, I have a higher education. I studied at the Olympic Reserve School.
And now I teach speed swimming lessons.
I told you about my hobbies gymnastics. Took one photo for you.
I live in a rented apartment. One. My mother lives in a village not far from my city Novomoskovsk.
This is my moderate life here in Russia.
Jim, however, so far I am lonely.
Men with whom I know here in Russia do not attract me, they are all passionate about themselves and only like to have fun in bars and various clubs.
And do not show respect for women. I'm not interested in a night life.
Jim, I've never been married. I have no children. Of course in the past, I had a relationship with a man.
But already for a year I am alone. I got carried away with work. But I do not despond!
I'm sure that there is a man in the World for me! who appreciates and respects his woman.
Our life is not eternal! I would like to be with a reliable and kind person in the future. Who will respect me and not change.
Perhaps that's why I'm careful in my choice of men. This is the reason for the break-up of past relationships.
Yes, I found a man with another woman. He betrayed me.
Trust is the most important thing for me. Without any trust, nothing is possible: work, friendship, love, life.!
I am a true human. I hope you do too. Let's talk and learn about each other.
It is necessary to work. I'm sorry.
Sincerely, Veronika
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