Romance scam letter(s) from Sandra Taylor to David (USA)
Letter 1
Good morning Dave
I was very busy yesterday at work and my internet was off , I am at work right now , its afternoon here and I think its morning over there and I hate it when we are both in different time zone , the time is 12 pm now,the weather is warm here now , I am having first break at work and I'm eating sandwich and you are been in my mind , I mean I have been thinking of you . I hope you slept well , how's the weather there now , I would also like to know time currently on there now .
Here's a few bible verses I want us to share together .

Look forward to hear from you soon
Letter 2
Hello good morning Dave . I hope you slept very well , I won't be working today as I told you earlier this morning my time , I am going to be at the hospital this afternoon for a check up , I am sending you this mail just to see how you feeling and want you to know how much I do think of you,I would like to know your plans the the day ,time and weathet there now also what you eating for breakfast , I am looking forward to our conversations.
Stay Blessed
Letter 3
Good evening Dave , thanks you for your response. I really had some good time reading that.
The time is exactly 12AM right now , the weather is chilly out here now , I prepared noodles with chicken for my supper ,unfortunately I couldn't eat a lot and had to take my medication after supper , I am sitting in my couch right now as I'm watching television , my pets are already sleeping , I am in my night wear and I'm hoping to be in bed soon .
You are right about the time zone , I think you are a very brilliant and kind man , Ghana is a very peaceful country and I think it's not a bad country but just a third world country and also still a developing country . Thank you for your beautiful and lovely message once more.
I am sorry to hear that you not feeling well, I keep praying for everything to get well. I hope you know that prayer works. , wishing you a speedy recovery , I understand you work a lot and might not be able to have instant conversation with me. I would love that so much?
Your breakfast really sounds and very yummy and hope you were able to finish everything in your plate ? I like bacon and egg sandwich . That sounds delicious.
well the song i sent to you is one of my favorite songs. Im very sorry about your wife.I see no reason why women of nowadays live not to stand with their men,it very disgusting and sucks so much , Like Connie not giving you sexual satisfaction for 10 years as couples is very wrong . She is totally wrong for that. Well there must be some real reason behind that. I don't think women should deny their men of sex. One reason why relationships of today don't work out . , Have you ever had a girlfriend beside your Mrs. Connie for the past 10 years ? Anyways I am very uncomfortable to hear this because a real wife shouldn't treat a husband that way. Maybe she is not getting what she needs from you too. I'm sorry to hear this one more time. Have you ever thought of moving on too and starting another family if you meet one of your choice? I'm sure you love your family so much and wouldn't want to just leave them.
I completely understand you better and have no problem with the way you feel about me. That's not a bad thing and just hope we can get to know each other better through good conversation. You sound very matured in your messages . Very Godly too and love that too about you .
I grew up in Australia but I have been here for quite sometime now. I'm just a caring ,respectful God fearing and very hard working lady . I'm just here with my uncle who also used to be my late dad's lawyer . He is a good man and he is married and blessed with a beautiful family. She is a very good and a very responsible man . He was the only ready and willing to make me his daughter and doing everything he can to help me become an independent and a great woman after I lost my dad. That was his promise to my dad and he is doing his best already. Very family oriented and very Godly too. I tell him anything and I know He is going to want to know if I'm talking or started talking to anyone cos he asks from me always. He always wants me to to find someone who is matured. Just good to be talking to you. I love your good sense of humor and everything about you already. Thank you for chatting with me too and for sharing everything with me . God bless you and I pray he grants you with everything your heart desires. I'm just looking forward to meet the right man . I can't wait to start a family. I want to find the right man and love him with all my heart and I want to be loved too . I know it takes the right people to make it happen. I'm willing to chat with you and hope to see where it's going to hold us to .
Letter 4

Hello My love ,Thanks for your email , Paypal is currently not working in Ghana . I waked up to use the washroom and decided to reply your email , I have been missing you already and my night is full of your thoughts . I do love you so much babe with my whole heart and soul and I'm Hoping to meet you soon so that we can have the fun we want from each other .
Stay blessed
Lots of love ??
Letter 5
Hello babe .
I had the invitation from a friend and decided to share with you but I am not visit that site because I already have you my world
Letter 6
I have two gmail logged on my phone .
I think its one of my uncles kids who tried sending me invitation and tried to share with you . I didnt even sign up because I already have you and I think its useless to be there .
Hope you enjoying your day my love
Letter 7
My love I wont divorce you or ever cheat on you for any one else , I love you pure with my whole heart , I am truly hoping to spend my whole life with you till death . You going to be the father of our kids , never think you going to die to leave me alone , I will like to die with you , world without you is going to be something else . I think you didnt sleep all that much today, may I know the time and weather out there now and also you can feel free to tell me your plans for the day
Look forward to hear back from you soon
Letter 8
Hi my love , I am glad to hear you have no plans leaving this world , its good to hear you want to live longer to see your kids that we will born and watch them with me raising them together . I really like your honesty my love .
I am not really enjoying your conversation today because most of your language spellings are not complete and due to that sometimes i find it difficult to understand some of your senrence .
Look forward to hear back from you soon
Letter 9
Hello My Love
I told you I'm taking care of chores for tomorrow , I wasn't close the phone. I have already tell you I don't have anyone aside you , I am never thinking to speak to anyone else aside you , your message really made me shocked and surprise because I am not expecting you to ever thing that of me . I do have you and I appreciate you and the way you are , I told you my phone doesn't support voice anf video calling on hangouts . I wasn't talking to anyone when you called .I have calling card to call you, I have 4g internet and I appreciate that , I always have stsble connection but I'm just not closer to the phone . I hope you can understand me , I love you with all my heart . look foward to hear back from you soon
Letter 10
I am here my love . I went to get the ring today . Made photos of it for you . I cant wait to show you .
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