Scam letter(s) from Jessica Haward to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
What a lovely profile you got, how about we get to know each other better and see how things goes. i don't usually come on this site much so is better you text or email me to my personal email , ( or text me 253-254-6502
Letter 2
Hi, How are you doing? I am glad to read from you, I'm Jessica ,38 years old , from Lakewood Washington , I'm divorced with no kids, i'm into business am a middleman between two oil firm that what i do for a living. It's good we get it started with some introduction so as to know who and what we want in relationship.As you know that its myriads that someone has lots of interested men in here but it's my choice to choose one,the one my heart goes for,someone i can lean on,to give me the love i have always wanted to have.Here`s a little info about me I like to go out to dinner, go dancing, go to the movies, workout, travel, see new things. I enjoy the simple things like the ocean, cuddling at home watching a movie with someone special, I`m a extremely romantic, passionate and affectionate woman. My personality,interests and hobbies.Personality: I am an open minded person,trustworthy,cool,loving,caring,understanding,down to earth.I been straight and want same in return cos i wont treat people the way i don't want to be treated.As you know that Greatness lies in Simplicity,don't you think so?Interests and hobbies: i like playing squash,listening to music,like traveling,dining out,love attending live jazz concerts.I like reading poetry,novels,arts and crafts.My favorites are:Mexican food,french toast and red wine,favorite actor: Will Smith,Likes:I like people been honest,truthful cos trust is a vital phenomenon.i like people with intelligence and a good sense of humor. Dislikes:I get pissed off easily at people not trying to be real,i hate pretense and i feel trust should be the foundation of any good relationship.I am a lips and eyes person... I heard them say that eyes is the window of our soul... I love to gazed at those eyes that speaks to my heart without saying a word...There is nothing in this world that can recreate the touch and the feeling of a long passionate kiss that would melt your heart......I also enjoy lots of Hugs, talking, laughing, Holding hand finding out that we have a lot of things in common.........I am a quality woman who is confident, honest, kind, smart, fun, trustworthy, supportive, loving, loves kids, outgoing, friendly, great sense of humor, sociable, respectful. I have good morals, traditional values, I`m a lady who is a very good listener and someone that you could talk too about anything. I`m looking for a long term relationship and a life long lover. I also want someone that is honest with me at all times.I Look forward to hearing from you very soon Hope your having a wonderful day? So tell me about yourself,what you do and everything you need to tell me about yourself...and lets see how it goes from.
Letter 3
Hello, Good morning , How are you and i hope all is well with you?,thanks for your message and i really appreciate it,Age is just a number love is all that matters and Distance doesn't count in a relationship because love knows no boundaries. i prefer meeting to talk one on one than talking Via e-mail..But i think we need to get to know more about each other before we can jump into any relationship so that there wont be any mixed up in future if you quiet understand me ..i think i should tell you more about me as i understand that telling you about me will make you know me more.I am a very active and out going Lady in good shape, honest and trustworthy. I am easy to get along and have a lot to offer that special someone. I believe in virtue (always doing the right thing). I'm not into one night stands or multiple dating. I am looking for a partner in life. Someone to share my life with and is willing to do the same. Sharing on all levels and willing to give 100% to the relationship is very important. The relationship to me is more important and hopefully you feel the same. Family and Friends are important but a soul mate in life is most important. I like to spend as much time with my Man . I like doing anything outdoors. Lets make wonderful memories together. If you like the same things, I am looking forward to hearing from you.I am happy within, pleasant and easy-going. Experience has taught me that happiness dwells within. After discovering this first, only then can you fully give to another Seeking happiness from outside yourself makes you potentially unbalanced. If your outer source of happiness disappears, you'll fall into sadness, this would not do. Simple pleasures are the best. Soul to soul conversations with a compatible partner are fulfilling. The cute of nature inspires and accentuates your inner peace. Good company complements and adds to the joy you already posses as a self-actualized human being. I am single. love and family is very important to me. I like more quiet activities, such as nature, reading, travel and such. I think my friends would say that I am successful, kind and gentle What am I looking for? Looks, background and age are not as important as finding someone who is honest, kind and tender, who is full of life and loves to smile and laugh. I am looking for someone who can be an equal partner in my life.
Letter 4

Hello, You melt my heart with your word and making me want to run and wrap myself around your arms . you are such an handsome man and i will really like to keep talking and get to know you better...we both sound very much alike i see we are both looking for the same thing .I just want a serious man that will love me and i will also love back with respect to each other. I like to go out to dinner, go dancing, go to the movies, workout, travel, see new things. I enjoy the simple things like the ocean, cuddling at home watching a movie with someone special, I`m a extremely romantic, passionate and affectionate woman.I like to be me and not someone to tell me or teach me what to do Although i will respect my man and respect his decision but Relationship is about give and take and both parties have to understand each other and come together as one. the pictures i sent you are very recent of me about 2 weeks ago so that should tell i very much still look the way i look, i do exercise 4 to 5 times a week to keep myself fit you know when a lady is over 30 you need to watch your self so you can keep fit and you are a very handsome man too the pictures of you tell much about you ..i see love affection and passion in your face. I would like to know more about your family and any thing else you wish to tell me , you are a very nice man and i will like to take my chance and get to know you better and see where it will takes us to .when i love i love to the fullest i'm not ready to get divorce or seperated again in my life i just want the man that we will spend the rest of our life together ..I have many hobbies and interests that never let me bore. I like art very much and it inspires me much. Tell me about your family and work i will wait to read back from you soon.
Letter 5
Hello, What a good story you got and a good family background i wish i had a large and happy family like that but some times it makes me feel so sad about my story but life is like that some times. well let me start like this according to the story i hear my real parents are Jamaican they died when i was 1 year old and i was taking to the motherless baby since they can't find any of my family member after my real parent died five year later i was adopted by a good man which his wife died about 10 years ago from breast cancer ever since then we have been living together but i never see him with any family i keep asking him where are your family all he can say his they are German native and he never ever want to return there again because his family are evil so that is how have been living my life with my dad but sadly he died 3 years ago that was when i think my world was over and nothing left for me it was a very terrible moment for me but i stay strong that what keeps me alive till today. Am new to this online dating have meet few fake guys on here we just have to be careful that all because i have had bad experience so far but i still stay strong and i believe some day i will find the love of my life and we will live happy life ..Some time ago i meet a guy online and we chat for few days i already started liking him and he ask me to help him with some money because his son was sick so i sent him some money Although like a week later he sent me back my money i guess he finally work things out with his Ex that why we stop talking. What i do for a living ? well my late dad use to work in Oil and gas firm so i have some knowledge and some contact so i work as a middle man between oil firm and am also into selling of international Art and sculptures .. for my Educational background well i was able to get a Degree in banking and finance , i live and grew up in Lakewood Washington, oh well let be straight i kind of like sex especially i like it from the back (Doggie) and also love oral sex taking and given !!! Shy ! well what more can i say ? I look forward to read back from you.
Letter 6
Hello, Thanks for the mail , i'm so happy for your response because that is what i want to hear from you . i just want a man that i will spend the rest of my life with and you sound like a man that i will like to spend the rest of my life with ..i just want to make sure you are the right man for me before i commit myself to you. what are your plans if things work out for both of us. and i'm a jealous woman i don't like to share my man. i'm a one man woman and i want to be a one woman man i hope you understand what i mean? Well am sure you already know all about me but here we go again I'm Jessica ,38 years old , from Lakewood Washington , I'm divorced with no kids, i'm into business am a middleman between two oil firm and am also into selling international Art and Sculptures let say am a business woman what ever comes i do,that what i do for a living. My favorite colors are, Green, Blue and Red, my favorite beach is Miami beach, my favorite song is LIONEL RICHIE : i call it love and AKON : Be with you, my favorite drink is any thing cocktail or Red wine. From the first time I laid eyes on you on that site, I knew that you would be someone that would make me smile again You had such a warm, soft look on your face that I knew there was comfort and friendship in your heart. We started out as friends and you were the rock I needed in my life. I soon began to realize that what I was feeling for you was more than a friendship... something so overwhelming and wonderful that I couldn't even believe it myself. You opened my heart to new and wonderful things! You showed me what love really is and showed me that I was worth loving I look forward to hear back from you soon.
Letter 7
Attn: Mr John,

Thanks for the mail.We would like to let you know that your request would be acted on,but there are certain procedures you need to follow.

1.We need name,passport or Drivers license for the recipient that would be receiving the boxes as proof of identity so there wont be mix up with the delivery.

2.Name and address of the recipient should be given to us,so we have the correct address of where the consignment would be shipped to.

3.We hope you understand that a security/clearance fee of $650 is needed to be paid before consignment can be shipped.The form of payment is Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram Money Transfer,other form of transfer is not allowed.

4.If there is any changes to be made in the delivering address,we should be contacted so we make changes before shipment so there wont be any alteration about delivery.

5. Consignment would be scheduled for shipment within 24 hours as soon as payment is been received.The shipment details would be given to you,so you know the status of your consignment and note that it would be delivered to you in 3 days after payment has been received...
This procedures are needed to be strictly followed,so there wont be any alteration about shipment the payment is to be sent to the headquarter.

Payment Information

State: QUITO
Country Code: 05939
Country: ECUADOR

Get back to us with the necessary information when payment is made.I.E. The Mtcn Number and scan the payment receipt with Your Full Name.
(Custodian Manager)
Letter 8
Hi, Ahhhh you're so don't need to worry about the blow job i will blow your mind with blow job all yours .and thanks so much for helping me out of my situation ..lot of kisses for you , am glad you've contact the company let me know once they reply you back.and here is some more pictures for you Ex took my phone so i don't have phone to snap more pictures again.
Letter 9
Hello, Thanks for your message i want you to know that i'm truly honest with you and i want you to know that you will never regret helping me in any way and i swear to you so give me a try and a chance. this is all you needed done to get my boxes to you,you will need to contact the insurance security company to their e-mail and tell them you are my foreign partner or my Fiance and you want them to send you my boxes to your home address.Their is a clearance fee that needed to be paid which is $650 ,i will want you to assist me to pay them the clearance fee for them to be able to ship my boxes to you,Right now i don't have any penny on me because my Ex and his Gang robbed me two weeks ago with the 30,000$ i keep on me for me to survive till i get myself settle down so now am left with nothing everything else i have is inside the boxes now am owing the hotel am staying and have not even eating since yesterday afternoon because i don't have cash on me, i got(13,500.000 Million USD) worth of Gold inside the boxes. and also 500,000$ in cash, I will give you the unlocking codes as soon as the boxes gets to you. I will be very glad to hear that you want to help me out in getting my boxes to your home address.I am also very happy to hear that you that you can be trusted and i will be very happy if you don't disappoint me.I still will give you the 30% i promised you in the other mail because i will use that to show appreciation to you to what you have done to me.You are about doing something that will change my life entirely,you want to get me out of hell.I am going through hell here . I don't have a single penny on me right here but got lots in my boxes,you will take the 30% from the boxes when it gets to you and you will also take some money from one of the boxes and send it to me for me to buy myself a plane ticket and to clear my debt here.i cant get out of here to go to the insurance security company and take my money because of the Ecuador guy,he works in hand with the police and some other gang.They will kill me and get the money from me if i try to get the money myself,that why i want it sent and transfer to you so that there wont be any trouble with me here. There is no problem with the shipping of the boxes to you,The insurance security company render Diplomat Home Delivery,they will deliver the boxes to your door step and give you all the necessary document to back it up,you wont have problem with the custom or something.Everything will be taken care by the company. This is the information you needed for them to contact the company,please make sure you send them my deposit details for them to know which luggage you are talking about. MY DEPOSIT DETAILS:
Depositor: Miss Jessica Haward
Boxes Description : 2 TRUNK BOXES
CONTACT HEAD OFFICE: San Salvador E7-80 Y Pradera,Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador
CONTACT : MR. DENNIS MAGNUS let me know what they said as soon as you email them
Letter 10
Hello , Thanks for the mail , i understand the way you feel toward me and i also feel the same way i know we are meant to be that why we fund each other and i pray every thing works perfect for us because at this point have break down my walls for you and am ready to trust you with every thing in me.I really need your trust and help to get me out of this trouble i am into and i promise i will not get you disappointed.I will really appreciate your help towards this. I met an Ecuador guy online there who promised heaven and earth that he wants to marry me and make me happy in life "I never knew I was going to have my greatest night mare.He made use of the advantage knowing that i am lonely and i needed someone so close to make me happy in life as my dad is the only one i had is dead.The Ecuador guy told me of an investment opportunities in Ecuador and he convinced me to come along with lots of money while coming down, which I did. On getting here, all his intention was to take away the money from me, play me and leave me alone. I came from the states with all the money i realized from my Dad's business and contracts remuneration, and i also sell the big house my dad left me because the Ecuador guy told me of an idea to investment in Ecuador Sculptures which i feel its a good investment. When i got here, he tried all possible means to get the money from me and get away with my money.When i noticed this, i left his apartment and meet a lady which her father has a land and they discover raw gold on it so i invested my money on it and they are able to mime the gold after every thing i got my share out of the gold, but am too scared because it about 150 bars of gold which is worth about (13.5 million dollars) at the international gold market value due to the panic i had to put the gold in two boxes with security lock code and deposited it with a Security/Insurance Company here in Ecuador in order to save myself and my assets. you know i'm a foreigner here and it is absolute danger for me here, so that is why i need your kind assistance. How i want you to help me? The Security and Insurance Company render private diplomatic delivery service and i told them that the boxes is my traveling luggage, which i want to send forth to my partner because I'm returning home, then i paid them up their custody and security fee, but i did not tell them that the boxes contains gold i only told them it family value which is worth 13.5million dollars in order to make everything secure and safe.I want the boxes sent to you while i catch up with you as soon as it is been delivered to you. Every arrangement for the delivery is perfect,i have obtained customs papers for private freight and there are seals on the boxes showing that it is a private delivery and check performed, it is free from customs check, it will be delivered at your door step by the diplomats of the security company, you do not need to burn out to receive it.
The box has security lock code only me can open the boxes, except if i tell anyone the Code, so the box cannot be opened on the way for delivery to you.Therefore,i want you to contact me as soon as possible, so that i can give you all my deposit details and information for you to make the Clearance from the Security Company as my partner who is to receive my boxes for me, So they can be rest assured that the boxes are safe for delivery since my partner will be receiving them for me . And once the box gets to you,i will let you know the lock codes to open one of the box and the instructions, then you can open the box in order to have some money sent to me for my flight and also my hotel bills. Once i get there, we shall invest the money together or if you decide to do your business on your own, provided you will not disappoint neither take advantage of me.I hereby promise 30% of the total fund for you to meet any personal needs and i can get something done with the balance.I am counting on you with trust and i will appreciate your trust towards this and hoping to hear from you and to meet you in person. Let me hear from you as soon as possible, so that i can give you the deposit details and the contact of the security company to arrange the shipment asap. Best Regards
Letter 11
Hi Hun, okay i hope you know about Western Union or money gram ? and please don't tell your bank or anybody about this because you know it huge amount of money so i don't want people to know about it for us to be on a safe side because i don't want people to come and rub you after you get the boxes Lol , i don't want you to loose your Dick because that is where i will give you Blow Job on ahahahhaa. Kisses
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