Scam letter(s) from Sharon Mayer to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I am lady of passion. An intelligent and strong lady...I am the type that will allow the man to be a man and strong enough not to be taken for granted. Take a look at my profile if you are interested write me at swindkind @ or text me (920) 352-2118 . I will be waiting to read from you...Sharon
Letter 2
Hello ,
Thank you for writing me
, I think I should write you and give this another try . I am single lady like I said I want to give this a try I just don't wanna get hurt so I am looking for the right man...My hope is to find a good guy with whom to share not only some interests with him or the quality I found in him, but also with whom to share the rest of my life, for keeps.There's lots more to say, and if you'd like to exchange a few emails at this point. . If anything good comes out of both of us I am ready for you to relocate .I like people who are honest, kind, enjoy life and a laugh,down to earth and have a good sense of honor,Love to laugh and have a great time and you will always see me smiling. I like the outdoors, spending time with family and friends and a true animal lover. Believe honesty is the best policy even if it hurts. I do not claim to be perfect and neither are you. I believe in mutual respect and looking for someone considerate of others and willing to give of herself. I look for the positive side of life, however, I am a realist. I like people who can laugh at themselves. I have a great sense of humor and can be corny at times, but know when to be serious. I do say "discretion is the better part of valor." I'm independent and self-sufficient but still enjoy sharing things with those I love and care about. Looking for someone fun who enjoys life and doing things, however simple it may seem. Relationships of all aspects must be mutual and cannot be forced. I am shy but once I am comfortable with someone, I become a chatty force of nature and am capable of talking the ears off of another. .Let me ask you this . Do you have a good relationship with your family? Do you have a good career and enjoy it? Do you love animals, even those in the wild? If you have a sense of humor, try to stay healthy, have a positive outlook,are giving, respect others, honest, dependable,attractive, fun to be with, like to experience new things then we might be a match.. I dislike people who are untidy, rude, selfish, greedy, argue,dishonest and those who are too serious in life.. - Do you ever find someone you have been thinking about to fall in love with or you have fall in love with.?... I am kind,well-mannered and funny, sweet and caring, God-fearing An insight to my world... For quite sometime now, I've been waiting and dreaming for someone to call my best friend, soul mate, and life-long partner. I'm a down to earth gal looking for a man who has a great outlook on life, is kind,understanding, and of course has a sense of humor.someone to laugh with, someone to share my day with,someone to share life's adventures with. always up for a good conversation, fire place on a rainy day, or a day at the beach. a lover of nature and beauty that God has created. would love to meet a man that is willing to give whatever it takes to be in a true, honest, and caring relationship, as I would also offer the same. I look forward to meeting someone who will complement my traits and values. I look forward to initially finding a good friend. you see, I believe that a great and truelove is friendship that catches fire I need someone who will be there for me and can take care of me and i will do the same i need someone who is very serious and will need a serious relationship that can lead a long term relationship.... I just want to get to know you because I have been hurt before and I don't want to be a victim again.... I am looking for a man who will be there for me, am an that is willing to accept affection, a man that isn't afraid to fall in love with me and stay there... I have been hurt before and I have let my love hurt me, I am cautious but I think that I will never love again if I do not try... Every time I have given my heart it always gets ripped out, maybe im too much of a softy. My only problem is that I have never been afraid to give my love to someone, and I always get hurt in the end... Well, if things go right between us. later on. I hope you do not intend on doing the same... Do you know how someone will feel if this happen to him\her.?..I love to write to more but I am very sorry I have to stop here... Till I read from you again take good care of yourself and stay cool Its me again.. ...Sharon
Letter 3
Hello John, How are you? I hope you are having a good time over there ? well I really do appreciate you really wanna get to know more about myself in details. In my message I will expanciate what im looking for in a man of my dreams which I hope you will at least posses 99% . I dont really know where to start maybe from my family or go strait about how I was brought up. My father was a lovely man which I love so much and happily married to my mother and the both live in peace together till I lost my mother to cancer and father to anuerism, the dealth of my parents have really been causing alot in my life and life have been treating me bad ,my dad was a business man and all his business was booming then before I lost him . . So right now I lost my folks. I don't really like to go into details about my parents cuz it makes me cry whenever I think about them. In my profile I have already told you all about myself but I will still say a little more in addition to that , I'm a touchy-feely type of woman...I like to kiss and hug, and cuddle, but I won't smother you.. I'm an honest, thoughtful, caring, clean, independent, fun, and one-man woman. Full of energy I like dancing to the oldies or country music, walking on the beach & boardwalk, going to the theatre, traveling, roller coasters, horseback riding, dining in or out, or just working around the house. I know I have said all this just reminding you about myself. I enjoy spending time with the man in my life but also allow him free time for himself. I'm in a position to go anywhere, so distance is no problem. So reel me in so I don't get away. You'll have a good catch if you do. The key to my heart will be the man who wants to be close to me, holding hands, hugging, spending OUR time together doing the things we both like to do, like seeing a good movie, working out, or just sitting at home nestled in front of a TV on a cold winter night...but right now I will like to know more about you and what you fell about this relationship...I do believe that we do want the same thing out of a relationship Now presently am all alone and it's only the almighty God that's keeping me alive.I am not "materialistic"!! I would rather have someone to respect, care for, and love from my heart & soul, then money!! Yes, money is nice, but it can't buy you real love.I just want it to be, that anything we were to "own", as "ours", not "mine" or "yours". Yes, I know that there are somethings that will be mine, and he's, but do you know what I mean? I want to be able to "spoil him" by opening a door for him, or carrying things for him, taking his shoes off when he's back from work,for no special reason, but that I care for him.I too, have been hurt by the opposite ****, but I don't hold it against other men, because they have not hurt me yet. I hope that we can get to know each other better, and see how things might go.I can not "promise" that I might say or do something that hurts you, but I can promise that if I do, it won't be on purpose, it will be on accident. See, I don't know everything about your past yet, and I don't know what upsets you right now, but hope to know you better, so I don't say or do anything to upset you, because I hate that when I upset someone special to me I Want someone to be there when I need help, when I am sick, so he can take care of me and cuddle up next to me to keep me warm... Do you think you can be my man? Do you think you are the best for me? Can you take good care of Me.?...I hope you see where I am going with this? I am not looking for one night stands, someone who cant commit, or someone who will lie to me, cheat or steal... I want a man who I can call my partner in life, who will stand by my side and we can discuss things, not fight...A man with some energy, not a couch potato. He needs to be a well groomed, thoughtful, caring, a happy with himself man, that likes to talk as well as listen, who wants a friend that leads to love, that accepts as well as gives. One who wants only one woman in his arms? I'll be faithful to you, and they?re when you need an ear that listens. Kissing you when you least expect it, that kiss goodnight and another when you wake, and the big hug when needed most. Love me for me and I'll love you thru the ups and downs, till eternity Well right now the most bad situation I am right now is that im presently not in State , I am in a hotel in SPAIN where im been held up against my will .I am in a hotel ,I really wish you can see me right now and see my eyes all full of tears im crying day and night here cuz I dont know what to do or how to meet someone who will wipe away the tears in my eyes..It will be a pleasure for me if you will help me out of this mess and wipe away the tears in my eyes ..My life has been filled with heartbreaks and failure,left to me now without a man in my life,i feel i should commit sucide.I'm just been mistreated where i'm now and i can't decide in my mind what to do next,i've made some mistakes in my life and there's no way i think i can correct it,it seems that all men are just the same,they break your heart and leave you with pains,a man has broken my heart and left me stranded and i don't think another man would make me happy but rather he would make matters worse,how am i sure you would not be like my last date,i am a very down to earth person but i just don't know how my heart should be broken,Can you take all this pains away and make me happy?Can I count and trust you with my life?.I must know this cos with the way life is going,i think i'm lockedup and can't seem to find a way to get out.I need a true relationship based on trust and affection....Sharon
Letter 4

Hello John, it's a pleasure for me to read from you today., I never believe you will reply back to me when you heard about my misfortune that shows you really do care about my present situations and wanted to help me out of this mess. Well I believe I have nothing to hide for you now than to explain in details how I got into this mess here in Spain which I believe you will not hesitate to help me out of this mess... I was once working with Klm Airline as a chef before I was fired for the case I knew nothing about, I was the most senior hostess in my cabin until this fateful day when KLM management summon me for an interrogation that I knew nothing about! I was told that a white man that is working with Chevron(An Oil Company) that board our aircraft from Nertherland to Spain died immediately he alighted from our aircraft on the 11/09/2015, The management told me that it was the food that was giving to him while he was on board that killed Him and since I am the Senior Hostess I was hold responsible. I thought this was a play not until I was summon to apply in the court of law in Spain for this case I knew nothing about, my whole life has been chattered since I got into this trouble. I have spent all I have labored for on this case, I have nothing on me as I am talking to you right now. I would have been jailed in Spain if not for the intervention of almighty God; finally I was acquitted and freed by the justice of Spain high court. I have been staying in a hotel since the beginning of this case because I have nobody in Spain; I was going to court from the hotel. I thank God the case has been settled and I was freed by the justice, I have to go back to State now and go and start a new life. I know God almighty will punish whoever that use this to set me up because I knew nothing about the is and I f it is Satan wish, I give glory to God because Satan was finally put to shame in my life. But now the hotel I'm staying siezed all of my traveling document along with my inheritance paper works because I don't have money to pay up my hotel bills... I have been stuck here and I don't have anyone to help me- My Uncle I depend on his into drugs, life and addicted to it... I tried contacting him so that he can help me outta here but I got no response from him, I think he has relocate or maybe he his in street... I just want you to know that a caring heart is all i need now and i hope that we remain together as one in true love and happiness and as best friends. I did like you to know that i'm not putting a burden on you but if you truly have a heart that is caring and loving and really want us to be together and remain as friends for starters,i pray that you would not hesitate in getting me away from this place to be with you and to get my life your words you have assured me of a good life with you and I definitely know you will take care of me just like a daughter, mother and a wife, because you have got the sense, Here is where I need your help to get all my documents back to be out here and also I don't know if you will be able to accommodate me for a while when I get back to anywhere you are in the world because I have my return ticket which can only be rerouted to anywhere in the world until I find a place for myself and start a new life all alone. You can also send the hotel management an Email at I am in room 104 registered with my full name Sharon Morgan. They do not speak English I would have appreciate you call the management , and my phone can not receives calls for now only text maybe you can try 920-352-2118 .I will be looking forward to read good news from you that you truly ready to get me out .....Thanks. Sharon
Letter 5
John I will appreciate that so much. Can you give me your phone number so we can instantly send text. I wish you can see me right now am not happy as I am still here without anyone to wipe off my tears. I will always appreciate it if you could help me out of my bills as you promised. Thanks so much looking forward to hear from you.
Letter 6
Which country number is this. Watssap not working for the phone am using is not that good to download anything
Letter 7
Thanks I appreciate your concerns about me. But what I think is important is to pay off this bills. So I don't know how you want to help me with the bills.
Letter 8
MADRID, 29021
John, Estamos utilizando esta oportunidad para hacerle saber que la senorita Sharon Morgan esta en nuestro hotel en la habitacion no, 107. La situacion ahora es que, ella nos debe facturar hotel una suma de 875EURO. En realidad, la senorita Sharon ha sido una senora muy agradable, y nos hubiera encantado ayudarla personalmente, pero la pequena ayuda que podemos hacer por ahora es ayudar en terminos de estancia en las instalaciones del hotel hasta que recibe su factura pagado a la direccion del hotel . La direccion ha decidido que hasta que ella reciba esta factura pagada no le devolvera todos sus documentos a ella .. Le asesoraremos para intentar tanto como sea posible venir a su ayuda lo mas pronto posible porque el dueno del hotel con el que trabajamos tiene muy estricto las politicas y tenemos muy poco decir sobre este tema, por lo que le asesorara a actuar tan pronto como sea posible para asegurarse de que vuelve a casa. Tambien, nos gustaria que usted sepa que estamos muy ocupados con la naturaleza de este trabajo, asi que preferimos que nos envies un correo electronico para que podamos hablar mejor de como ayudar a la senorita Sharon Morgan a volver a casa. Prefeririamos darle nuestra informacion de la cuenta enseguida pero tenemos algun problema tecnico que sera resuelto pronto, pero utilizamos para recibir dinero del extranjero a traves de nuestro agente corresponsal en Estados Unidos de America. . Le daremos la informacion que usamos para recibir dinero del extranjero ahora. Tan pronto envies el dinero. Hagase tambien Envienos la confirmacion de pago de Western Union. A continuacion se muestra la informacion del hotel correspondiente en el extranjero NAME....... ALFRED J MAYER ADDRESS......22057 BIRCHWOOD EASTPOINTE STATE... MICHIGAN COUNTRY........USA ZIP CODE.......48021 Estaremos mirando adelante para leer de usted. Envienos por correo electronico toda la informacion necesaria para tener la recogida del dinero aqui como su nombre completo y direccion junto con la confirmacion occidental # diez de la union y pregunta y respuesta de la prueba. Tambien puede hacer uso de Money Gram si no esta bien con Western Union. Gracias EL GERENTE. (BLUECOLLA HOTEL) CORREO ELECTRONICO: - BLUECOLLA HOTEL.
John, We are using this opportunity to let you know that Miss Sharon Morgan is in our hotel in room no, 107. The situation right now is that, she owing us hotel bill a sum of 875EURO. Actually Miss Sharon has been a very nice lady, and we would really have loved to help her personally but the little help we can render for now is to help in terms of staying in the Hotel premises until she gets her bill paid to the Hotel management. The management has decided that until she get this bill paid they will not release all her documents back to her.. We will advice you to try as much as possible to come to her aid soonest because the hotel owner we are working with has very strict policies and we have very little say on this issue, so we will advice you to act as soon as possible to make sure she gets back home.Also, We will like you to know that we are very busy with the nature of this job, so we prefer if you can email us, so we can talk better on how to help Miss Sharon Morgan to get back home. We would have prefer to give you our account information right away but we have some technical issue which will be resolved soon but we use to receive money from overseas through our correspondent agent in United state of America. . We will give you the information we use to receive money from overseas now. As soon you send the Money. Do Also Forward us the Western Union Payment Confirmation. Below is the Hotel correspondent information Abroad NAME....... ALFRED J MAYER ADDRESS......22057 BIRCHWOOD EASTPOINTE STATE... MICHIGAN COUNTRY........USA ZIP CODE.......48021 We will Be Looking forward to read from you. Email us all the needed information to have the money pick up here like your full name and address along with western union confirmation # ten digit and test question and answer. You can also make use of Money Gram if you are not ok with Western union. We also communicate in English. Thanks THE MANAGER. (BLUECOLLA HOTEL) EMAIL: - WEB....
Letter 9
Have been waiting to hear from you John but I understand the time differents. You and I can arrange how the money can get to me then I will pay the hotel myself. I say this because of what the hotel management told me today. They said they haven't get any message from you and beside that the management is having little issue on their bank account
Are you on yahoo messenger so we can chat often than this email. Please you the one I have been waiting all my life for. Thanks for coming to my life and I can't wait to meet you in person and see you face to face. Have you confirmed if you can get iTunes card in any store there ??? Please get back to me. Waiting. Sharon
Letter 10
Have been waiting to hear from you. Am glad you able to contact them for me. I know something good will come out of that I asked you whether you have yahoo messenger so we can chat. I also asked you to buy Itunes gift card for me today at any store close to you. Please do that for me as soon as possible. I keep waiting for your message every minutes here. Please get back to me as soon as possible. I feel so lonely here. Whatever it will cost me when I meet you in person and see you face to face I am ready. Thanks.
Letter 11
SPAIN. Sir John, We have no reason to hold Miss Sharon Mayer down here as soon as our bills is been settle on Monday as you said.. To avoid internet fraudulent is why we use our correspondent information in United State . Since we received this message from you today asking us not to allow the amount (875EURO) In question to be added up and your assurance of payment on Monday. We use this opportunity to tell you that we agree with the payment terms and conditions to pay 875EURO only. About reporting the matter to local police , we also will appreciate if you can do that as soon as possible in as much as the hotel have rules and regulations of duties which we have not breach in any way.
Sir do not forget the fact that your fiance is debtor here, and we have the right to do what we did by holding on to her documents until she pay us back. Thank you. THE MANAGER. (BLUECOLLA HOTEL) EMAIL: -
Letter 12
The manager did not say anything to me Than I can see they allow me to eat and also call my room should in care I want to use swimming pool They just told me I can have access to all have been using before. I wonder anyway.
Letter 13
You can also send the money to them through western union online on your computer. All you will do is call to confirm the payment. It's works anywhere in the world. No restrictions.
Letter 14
There are some things I asked you but you didn't reply me till now. Do you have way we can chat instantly ??? Like yahoo messenger ??? I sent you pictures I got for now. We can take more than enough when am with you.
Letter 15
Thank you. I appreciate you so much but I rather focus on me leaving here to be with you. It's late here though
Letter 16
Hello how are you. I hope you having a good day there. I really can't wait to be with you and spend the rest of my life with you
Letter 17
Hello John. Happy Sunday to you. Please can you give me your home address and the name of your close international airport so I will know where to reroute my flight Waiting to hear from you
Letter 18
Alright. Thank you. It take while before I hear from you. Are you ok. I hope the plan is it on ??
Letter 19

But still I sent one in my last message. Why do you flew up at me this way ?? I sent what I have. I don't understand what make you to send this harsh message though.
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