Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Flori to Melvin (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Mel.
I thank you for your letter. I am very pleased to read your letters.
With each new letter we more and more know each other. It is very like me, and you are more and more attracting me like a man. I'm glad this event. I think we should start more and more to trust each other. I think it will be a big step in our relationship. Because lies can't be to build relationships. Do you agree? I understand that there are small differences between us, but it doesn't scare me. I am not afraid no distance between us, not the age difference. In this letter I will tell you a little bit about their city, and want to give presentations about our future relations.
My city Kanash is a very small town. As I said it is Chuvash republic in Russia. The population of our city is very small and is approximately equal to 50000. But despite the fact that my town is small, there are a lot of beautiful places. It's beautiful streets, squares, parks, gardens and much more. Also, there are churches, museums, theaters. I can be very long to tell about sights of my city, but it's time to move on to our relationship. As this is the most important thing. My city is very good, but there are no decent men.
The majority of Russian men do not respect women and consider that woman has no right, and Russian men are mostly alcoholics. I don't want my husband drank a lot. I need a man who will love and respect me. That is why I decided to look for a man in another country. I'm really glad to have met you, and I think that you are just such a man.
Because men from abroad respect women. Am I right? You? You respect women? I'm 31 and I'm very tired to live alone! I want to be loved and to have my family. Even a small, but family. I have long saved the money and now I have enough to arrive to you in the future. I don't want to rush things, but I think to get to know each other better, we must meet face to face. But this will happen only when we want it! Do you agree? If we decide then I will come to you or you can come to Russia. This is a very serious step in our relationship. But while this is only a guess. I believe that in relations is important not only love but trust and understanding. The head of the family should stand the man, but he needs to consult with a woman, to accept her councils, criticism to discuss problems together. I can totally take all the work on the house itself. I can cook, clean and wash. I like to do myself. So am I going to work to bring money into the family. I hope I didn't scare you by saying all this? I don't know how in your country but in Russia most women do it. I was raised and I'm so used to. I'm sure you're the man for me. I hope for reciprocity. But of course this is just my opinion about you. All will show time. We have a lot of time to get to know each other in our letters. On this I finish my letter and will wait for the answer with great impatience! I send in this letter my friendly kisses.
P.S. I ask you not to lose me. I won't be able to write you during the weekend. Internet cafe from where I write to you, will be closed. I will write to you on monday. I hope you enjoy the weekend. Tell me what you gonna do? I would be interested to read.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Mel.
The first thing I want to start this letter is to apologize for something that was not written for a few days. I hope you didn't lose me and remember that I can't write at the weekend. My weekends were very boring. I did household chores and nothing much happened. All weekend it rained hard. The street is already autumn and very cold and damp.
Finally I have the opportunity to write you a letter. I am very pleased to read your letters which cheer me up. We know very little, but I'm already very much attached to you. It simultaneously scares me and pleases me at the same time. It's really a mixture of sense and I still can't understand what I feel. But one thing I can say for sure.
When I receive your letter, my heart starts beating stronger. I rejoice like a child when gets a candy ))) Now for me the days became more interesting. I often think about you, waiting for your letters. I am very interested to receive your letters, to learn a lot. I am very glad that I found you in this world! You are very close to me spiritually. I find it very easy to communicate with you. Lately, I glow like the sun. It is with happiness that I found you. And it is certainly noticed by my friends and my parents. I did not hide the cause and told you about your parents. Them a little frightened that you are a foreigner. But I told them, you wonderful man. What do you think of me very seriously. Only then my parents were able to calm down a little. They transferred you greetings.
Mel, I have a dream that I want to implement. I want to spend with you my vacation. At my work I get a vacation at the end of the month. I think we are better to meet than to exchange many letters. So we can understand our feelings to the end. You agree with me? I really like to correspond with you, but I will not be able to fully understand their feelings. Just looking into your eyes and holding you hand, I will be able to understand my feelings is deceptive or real. I hope you are not afraid of their determination. And you want to meet?
If I'm going to you to arrive, I decided to buy a computer for my parents. It will be the best way to communicate with them via the Internet. I will do everything that depends on me. I will make all documents for a trip to the fastest terms only to be with you! But again, I look too far. I love to dream. First you have to give your consent to my arrival. Remember that I have the money for your trip. I don't need your help. I will finish my short letter. I'll wait for your speedy response. I love reading everything you write. How are you doing? What do you do in your spare time? How is your mood? And so on.
I hope you are fine, and you often think of me!? I think about you all the time. I did not notice how time flew, I gotta go. And when I get home, I'll try to fall asleep quickly to see you in my dreams.
Your Tanya... This is my email. Write me here
Letter 3
Hello my dear Mel.
I'm sorry I wrote you a few days. I told you I couldn't write at the weekend.
How are you doing today? This letter I want to start with a question.
"Are you happy with your life"? This is a question which answer can sometimes be very difficult. Happiness for each is expressed in different ways: for someone happiness in money, others want fame, and some simply quite the most ordinary of love and attention! It's just that sometimes happiness is not enough, or it is not as you wish.
Honey, I consider myself very lucky because I have the most expensive for me man and it's YOU! Even though we're not seen each other but I feel you are my happiness. I don't think I'll be able to find such a wonderful man! I am very thankful that she gave me you.
Honey, I want to talk to you about our meeting. As you know, I want to visit your country and spend time with you. I decided to start to do my documents for visiting your country. It will take some time. Now not very easy to obtain the documents. It is associated with terrorism all over the world. Now to leave Russia became more difficult.
Required more documents. But that does not stop me. While my documents will be done, we will know each other better! Do you agree? Today I took a day off from work to go to travel Agency to learn what documents I need to prepare. The agent said that it would be better to obtain work visas for your country. To obtain this visa I will be much easier. Due to the fact that the world is now a difficult situation.
It happens many terrorist attacks and many more. This tourist visa, was much more difficult. I decided to try to make work visas for your country. I will do all documents through a travel Agency. It will be faster and easier for me. I can get a visa from 3 to 12 months. I don't know what kind of visa I will approve. You know that I work at the hospital. There is a special program for the exchange of experience between countries in the field of medicine. I can send to work in your country. I have a recommendation. I can work in my profession.
Mel, what have you been doing in the past few days? Yesterday I had a good night. Came to our house guests. It was my mother's childhood friend. My mom said that I found you and we have a serious relationship. My mother's friend was asking me about you. I said that you are the best man I've ever met. I said that I want to visit your country and meet you. For my parents it was a big surprise. They didn't even know what to answer. They told me that it may not need to make such quick decisions? I can understand them because they are worried about me. My parents don't know you personally and I'm afraid that I can fall into the wrong hands and that you will only use me.
But I was able to convince my parents that you're not a man, as men in Russia. Now my parents really hope that you will be able to make me happy. Over all I was very happy. Because everyone, wish me luck. I didn't have to sit with them at the table because I was very tired at work. I went into the room and watched TV. On TV there was a program about animals. You are watching a program? This is such a wonderful program. I love animals and I like to watch the channel Animalplanet.
I think you've got it too. I have at home is a wonderful kitten. His name is "Pushok". And my grandmother in the village, there is a dog. I always play with her when they come to visit grandma. Do you have Pets? You love animals? Mel, I'll finish this my letter. As always, I did not notice how quickly time passed. It's late and I need to go home. I hope that you enjoy getting my letters. Forgive me if I sometimes forget to answer your questions. Sometimes my emotions overwhelm me and I write too much about myself, but I will definitely pay more attention to your emails. I'm always happy to read your letter, your letters give me the greatest joy. I'll wait for your response. I wish you well to spend your day. I hope that my letters also give you a big smile on your face.
Your Tanya... This is my email. Write me here
Letter 4

Hello my dear Mel.
I'm sorry I wrote you a few days. I told you I couldn't write at the weekend.
Thank you for your letter. Your letters, give me confidence in the development of our relations. And I more and more want to write to you. But most of all I look forward to our reunion, when I will be able to see, pressed against his chest, to feel your gentle kisses and the warmth of your body! Yeah, I really want this. We waited a very long time, and the time has come when we can begin to take the first step to our further future, new life where it's just you and me! I want to tell you that I have submitted all the required documents to obtain a passport. I was told that I can get it in a few days. So I submitted all the documents for a visa. I've been waiting for the moment when we make the first steps to our meeting. I'm asking you not to worry. I have my own money to do all the paperwork and pay for the trip to you. I knew that going in and I knew I was going to need money.
Mel, so we don't have any secrets, I want to tell you about their past relationships. First, i didn't have a lot of men. I had 2 men. But with all I was unable to build a family. My first male I had when I was 25 years old. We were all good and I thought he was my destiny. We dated for one year and wanted to get married. But then I caught him cheating on me. He cheated on me with another woman.
Despite the fact that I loved him, I couldn't forgive the betrayal.
For me the most important thing in a relationship is trust and loyalty. I'll stick with my beloved for a lifetime. My second relationship ended a year ago. I thought I found a good man. First, I really liked it and seemed so kind and sweet. He began to invite me to the movies, cafe, theatre, walk in the Park. Thus passed away one month. He is very well cared for. Then we tried to live together. You lived half of the year. But I had new friends who abused alcohol and Smoking. I constantly told him that he didn't contact them. But they got him involved in all this evil. After a while we broke up because he became a completely different person, he became angry, taciturn, cranky. He became a lot of and often drink. He began to insult me. And once, he almost got me hit. I managed to run away from home. More I it has not returned. Thus ended my second relationship. Despite all this, I still felt. My heart was broken and I wanted to die. But my parents supported me, I calmed down and started life anew. I ask you to promise me that you'll never leave me and will love me my whole life.
I don't want to feel again my heart broke. I have for some time ceased to believe in true love. But after I met you, the feeling called love, come back to me! I thank you for it. After arrival to you, we get to know each other if we decide on a serious relationship, then we will collect all the documents for permanent residence , then I can stay with you forever. If all goes as planned, we will contact you very soon will together! This is my biggest dream! I'll give you all my love! It will be the best time of my life, and I think in yours, too!
What do you think about this?
I know that you want to know how I feel about sex! I have not had sex since ending my last relationship. Specifically a year ago. But I'll do for you anything you want, ' cause a woman should do everything for their man. I love to have sex, but for me most importantly, I loved my partner. And if I don't love the person, then I won't have sex with him. Maybe that's why I haven't had sex in over a year because I never loved anyone. My dear, I hope I haven't shocked you with his letter. I just want to let my secrets. I'll leave it at that. I'll wait for your Show original message Your Tanya... This is my email. Write me here
Letter 5
Hello my dear Mel.
How are you? I hope all is well. Today I will write a short letter because I write to you at lunchtime from my work. I have 45 minutes I want to tell you only good news.
First, I love you, I can feel it, I can't explain it, because I never even met you. But it's true. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!
Secondly, I would like to inform you that my passport is ready, it will remain at the Agency until I make visa. The Agency told me that left quite a bit of time before I get a working visa. This news greatly pleased me. Since becoming less time before we can be together. After I get visa, I will report it. I will need to go to Moscow in order to get to the interview, where they will decide to give me a visa or not. The Agency told me no need to worry. Visa I will be issued without problems. I thought about it and I suggest you the following – after getting the visa I will not go back home. I want to stay in Moscow, to order tickets, and the earliest flight to fly to you! What do you think about this? I hope you are as happy as I am? We will enjoy with you every moment of our lives. We will take walks together, holding each other's hands. I'll cook you dinner on the table will be the candles. After dinner we will not forget the night.
I can dream about it for a long time, but I have to run to work. I love you and hope you're not offended that I sometimes do not have time to answer all your questions. Soon I will arrive to you and we will have much more time to get to know each other. I believe that it is better to meet, than to write many letters for a long time. The only way we will be able to learn about their feelings. I wait the letter from you. I send you one million the most gentle kisses! In this letter I want to give you my home address because I want to be more open in front of you. I was told that it is better not to give information in the Internet. But I trust you and I have nothing to hide from you. I would love to give you my phone number, but as I said I don't have it. I was thinking to buy a new phone, but it is very expensive for me. Now I have a lot of expenses, so I can arrive to you. I hope you understand me.
Your Tanya...
Country: Russia
City: Kanash
Street: Lenina
House: 12
Apartment: 8
Postal code: 429330 This is my email. Write me here
Letter 6
Hello my dear Mel.
I'm so happy that finally can write you a letter. Each your letter for me as a breath of fresh air. People can't live without air as I can't live without You! With me everything is in order. How is your mood? I hope you are really looking forward to the moment when our hearts connect. I think about the day when we will be together every minute.
It adds me energy, and I would like to do everything quickly as possible! I love you with all my heart! I very much want to start a new life with you. Where will be only love, understanding and respect.
I'm really looking forward to the moment when I can see you. It will be the most beautiful moment in my life. I thought and dreamed how it all happens? I have a lot of dreams when we spend time together, and it will be perfect!
Mel, today I went to Agency and learned how to prepare my documents. Agency managers said just a few days, I have to go to Moscow for visa. When I heard the news, my mood has improved dramatically. I began to go tears of happiness. I was told that I should pass interview at the Embassy, which will determine possible or impossible, give me a visa. I can get a visa from 3 months to 1 year.
I don't know how long I will be able to get a visa. I am very much worried about this. But I think all will be well. The Manager of the Agency said that it is only a formality. I will ask some questions about your country and what purpose I want to arrive to your country.
In the end they will check the questionnaire and if all is well, then I will issue a visa. And that means we're one step away from each other! After I approve the visa, I shall buy tickets to You. I do not think that the documents will go so quickly. The Agency explained to me that it works on a direct line with the Embassy in Moscow. And all the documents are very fast. But that's because I paid for Express training. I was waiting for my turn, and my papers began to make first. Darling, when I arrive to you, I'd be the happiest woman in the world. Mel, I love you, despite the fact that he had not even seen in person. But I know in my heart that you are exactly that man whom I searched for all my life. You are in another country, but I feel that you are my other half and I have to be with you for the rest of his life. I felt it as soon as we met. In me as if something turned over. I thought you were my other half. I know that the first impression may be cheating. But in our case, it was true. You really turned out to be the man who is my great pleasure to give all my love and affection! I'm really glad I found you. As soon as I get off the plane and see you, I run to meet you and I will hug and kiss you. I'm sure it will be a very passionate kiss and he will remain in our memory forever, because it will be our first kiss. Then we'll go to your home to I was able to relax a bit from the road. After dinner, we will be able to make love to you. I will kiss your body. I'll give you all my tenderness, which for so long kept me. I can dream for a very long time about our first meeting, but I have to go. I will finish my letter. I love you! I'll wait for your letter! I think about you! I ask you not to lose me and not be offended at me, but I can't write you every day. Now I have to decide a lot of things. I hope you understand me.
With love, Tanya...
Letter 7
Hello my favorite Mel.
I very much missed you. It's so nice to read your letters, I feel your heart and your soul in each letter. I don't know how to explain, but such feelings in me! I couldn't believe that I leave work, friends, family, and just for you and our future. I went to the computer company and bought a computer. I do not understand in the specifications, but when we arrived at the store we were approached by the store Manager and began to explain all about computers. I bought my parents a computer for their money. I'm so happy that now at my parents ' house is the computer. After the store I went to write a letter to telephone company to our home installed a telephone, and Internet. My application was accepted and said that within a month will be installed dedicated Internet and phone. I asked why wait so long? I was told that now a lot of statements, and the person who performs this job is busy. As soon as possible, within a month at my parents ' house is Internet and telephone. But I hope that we will spend the Internet before. My parents were very happy that I care about them. It will be very nice for me, I can email and call at any time from You to my parents. My parents are also very happy. I am the luckiest woman in the world! I also have more good news for you. I went to the Agency that help me with the visa and told me that tomorrow I have to go to Moscow. I'm a little afraid. I heard that Moscow is not friendly city, and there is a lot of crime. These are all very scary. But You know that You are very important to me and I'm willing to do everything for You, and our future! When I will arrive to Moscow, I will immediately look for an Internet cafe and tell you.
Then I'll go to the Embassy for an interview. I'm so excited! Although I was told in Agency, that's just a formality, and not be so scared and worried, I still suffer a great deal and I'm scared. If all goes well, I will be very happy! After I get the visa I'm not going to go back home. I'll just buy tickets to you in your country! It is so beautiful. I didn't think it would go so fast. But still, the visa process probably will take a long time. When I arrive to your country, then You will meet me? I'm so happy that I won't be able to sleep tonight. I have great emotion. I can't believe I'm going to leave my job, my family and my friends. It's all for you my love, I'm ready for anything. I will go to You, that we with You were happy all our life.
My mom gives me gift to You when I will come to you, you will be surprised with this gift. She wants to save us from all obstacles that may happen to us in our lives. At me such strange feeling inside.
Tomorrow starts a new life. Which you, my beloved and very dear to my heart. Now I will live for You. I'll meet you from work and will care about the comfort of our homes. I will love You. I will live for You.
When I will arrive to you, You'll know how much I feel for You. Love, I must go to prepare for my trip to Moscow. I'll take the train and move to Moscow. I don't have time to write you a letter tomorrow, because my train leaves at 8 o'clock in the morning, and the Internet cafe is still not open. Now I'm going to say goodbye to her friends and to collect my suitcase. I love you and sending you a kiss. I ask you not to worry if I am not able to write you. My train to Moscow will go about 12 hours. He does a lot of long stops. I will write you as soon as I arrive. I hope I'll find your letter in my mailbox.
Your Tanya... This is my email. Write me here
Letter 8
Hello my favorite Mel.
How are you doing? With me it's all right, my mood is just wonderful.
Today I passed interview in Embassy. I was very worried. I asked a lot of questions about your country. But I was well prepared and was able to answer all the questions. I think I'm well passed the interview. I hope that will give me the visa. But we'll only know tomorrow.
Mel, today I filled a lot of documents. I filled out a very important questionnaire for visa. It was one item. It's called "Host".
I'm asking you to fill in this item. The more I have ties in your country, the more likely that I will be given a visa. I hope that you will it is not difficult. It is very hard to help me. I can take some information from your letters. But I'm asking you to spend a little time and write all over again. I want it to be right. I'm afraid that that to confuse. It is very important to me. I'll text you the questions at the end of the letter. Just give answers instead of skipping. Okay? Tomorrow I have to provide this information to the Embassy. And tomorrow I will give the answer. To give me a visa. I am now very much worried. I can't find a place. I did everything that was required of me and more. Usually the consideration of the issuance of the visa takes 1-2 weeks. But it does me no good. This is a very long time. I know that there is an accelerated procedure of consideration.
Of course she paid. But it is cheaper to pay for an accelerated procedure than to wait 1-2 weeks. I will spend more money on housing in Moscow. Coming home is also very expensive. So this is a good option.
As soon as my visa is ready, I will book a ticket to airport. I am so happy that already very soon we with you will together. Every day I just dream about this. When I'm with you, my heart will burn with the fire of love, and I'll be the happiest woman in the world. We will realize all our dreams my favorite Mel. Sweetie, now finish your letter. I'll wait for your answer. You simply do not represent as me now hard without you. I think about you 24 hours a day. I still can't believe I've gone through the whole world. But for you, my love, I'm ready to go all out. I will fight for my happiness and I can't stop. I send you my millions of the most tender kisses. Let my kisses caress your body. Soon, you will not have to submit to my kisses because I can make them real! So you will be able to feel them on their skin.
Today, I want to see the city. There are so many beautiful places that you can visit. It is a pity that I can't make new pictures for you. Of course I want to visit Red square. This is the main attraction in Moscow. I'll leave it at that. Kiss, hug and love very much.
Your Tanya... Please give me the answers to these questions:
"Information on the host side"
1. Contact person:
Name ____________________________________________________________________ Surname _________________________________________________________________ Date of birth ___________________________________________________________ Marital status __________________________________________________________ 2. Relationship to You (please select):
Business partner
The employer
More 4. Address and phone of the contact person:
Postcode_______________________________________________________________ State/Province/Republic________________________________________________ City___________________________________________________________________ Street_________________________________________________________________ House__________________________________________________________________ Phone__________________________________________________________________ E-mail address_________________________________________________________ 5. Place of work:
The name of the organization:___________________________________________ The post at work:_______________________________________________________ Salary per year:________________________________________________________ Also I need the exact name of the international airport where you will be able to meet me. This is my email. Write me here
Letter 9
Hello my favorite Mel.
I don't even know how to begin my letter. I was just traumatized. I will now tell you my love everything as it is! I already told you in my last letter that I have to do their own insurance. This insurance is necessary on that case if with me that be happen in your country.
If anything happens to me then the insurance company will pay me the money brought injury. This insurance is every person who goes to another country. My insurance is ready! After I did the insurance, I immediately went to the Embassy to go to the manager of the embassy to the airport to buy tickets for me in your country. Is the Manager of the Embassy was a beautiful woman. First of all she started to ask ready my documents. I said that all my documents are ready and I only have to buy a ticket. We talked about a lot and all went well, but when the conversation happened a big problem, which I did not know before and could not even imagine that. I was told by the Manager that I must have in a pocket necessarily 1500 dollars, so I could leave Russia. If I went to another country on a visa tourist, then I would not have to have cash money. but I have a trial work visa. With such visa I need to have in a pocket necessarily cash. These are the rules.
She explained to me that I have work visas. Each visa has its own rules. People who leave Russia on a visa for work must have the necessary cash money. When I go through customs at the airport and do the check, then I need to be sure to show the cash. This money will confirm that I will be able to provide for themselves for the first time in your country. The Agency through which I made my documents should inform me. But they didn't tell me anything. I didn't know before that I will have to have the money! Do I need to have 1500 dollars necessarily. If I don't have the money in my pocket, I will not allow to leave Russia. The money I will not have to pay anyone. I have only to show them to customs at the airport. When I learned all this, I was shocked. I asked the manager to contact the Agency that I did paperwork. I asked why they didn't warn me about what I'm going to need cash to leave the country? The agent said that they warned, because it was specified in my contract that I signed. Perhaps I did not carefully read the contract and rules. I checked the contract and saw that at one point there is a footnote text which is located at the bottom. It was written in very small print. I think they did it on purpose. There really was written that I should have money in his pocket.
I don't know what to do? But I beg you not to think that I play games with you. All my intentions to you serious. Before ask you for help and write you a letter, I asked the help from my parents, from my grandmother. But now I got back the letter. My parents are very upset that they can't help because it is very big money, and they don't have them! After I received a letter from my parent and I saw no good news, I started crying and my tears dripped very badly. I screamed, but why in the world are all cruel! I don't know what to do. I just don't want to live anymore in this world, now my heart is injured again. I don't want to live in this world again with a broken heart. But why I began to have a problem half way to you? I just had to buy tickets and get on a plane! Actually, I wondered why my ticket cost so much. I was told that I would have to buy two tickets there and back, because I have a visa with a limited validity period.
I told the manager that I don't need to have this money because I fly to her beloved. This beloved man – You. The manager of the embassy said that I have no options. I can't break the law. I already signed the contract! Even if I'll get the tickets to you, the customs in Moscow airport will not allow me to leave Russia until I show cash. I really love you and I want to be with you. I want to start a new life as we planned with you. We have many dreams for our future. My heart belongs only to you alone. I say all this from the heart. I've spent my life looking for honest and faithful man. I just found you in this big world and I don't want to lose you. I was very happy that we'll be together soon, but now I don't know if we would last. Now there's only one problem. This is cash. Our happiness and our future now shares only the money. We can't be together until I have the money in your pocket. I don't know what to do. I can't live without you. My documents are fully in order and I can come to you. I hate to ask you for help. I understand that more I do not have any options. I understand that this is a very large amount of money. I know that you are worthy man and I'll be happy. In each your letter I feel your soul and heart. Dear you could help me or not? The money I need to show at customs when I Board the plane. I don't have to pay the money anyone.
I'm not going to spend the money. In this you can be sure. I promise it to you. Don't get me wrong! I saved money for more than one year to find an honest man. I found you and I promised to come for their money, but I didn't know that I will have to have cash money. if I knew that, I wouldn't look for a man 1 more year and I would continue to save money. but now I found you and I already can't live without you. I understand that 1500 dollars is a lot of money, but I can not find such a large sum of money, I had to ask your help. I ask from the heart to help me. I understand that it is very big money, but now the money interfere with our meeting. If you can give me the money that I could arrive to you on the earliest flight of the plane and as soon as I will arrive to you, I could immediately at the airport to give you money. You have no idea how I wish to arrive to you my love Mel.
I have shed many tears that night. I found you and I would always cherish you. I'm afraid to lose you. I love you Mel and I only want to be with you. Now I don't know what to do, because all our future depends only on you, if you help me I will be grateful to you with all my heart and I will arrive the earliest flight of the plane.
I have enough money for tickets. But I honestly didn't know what I will need in cash in your pocket. I am unable to find the money. I will hope only for your help. I'm writing a letter and from my eyes the tears flow. My heart is broken and I don't know what to do. I understand that this letter also injure your heart, but I told you the truth! in this letter I want to send you my gentle kisses. Let my kisses caress your body. I don't know if I'll be able to do when or whether their first kisses. I with the big impatience will wait for your answer, I ask you to think well about my problem. We have what may be a way to solve this problem.
P.S. I understand that in the Internet there are a lot of scams. But please don't think I want to steal your money. It is not so! I am not that! I'm really a real woman and all my intentions to you serious, I'm not playing games with you. I'm not 20 years playing games. If you want to check my reality, I can make you a copy of my documents. I'm asking you to trust me. I hope you will believe me and help. I will wait for a response. I beg you, do not be silent, do not leave me in difficult times. I now very hard.
With much love, your Tanya...
Letter 10
Hello my favorite Mel.
I am very upset. I have not heard back from you. I understand that in shock from my bad news. But I'm asking you not to be silent! I hope you won't abandon me? Now it is hard for me. Especially when I don't get from you support. Reading your letter, me it becomes easier. I feel that I am not alone and that you will be able to support me.
Yesterday I cried alot and could not get any sleep. But today I calmed down a bit. But still very hard for me. You have no idea how bad I feel. I understand what you are thinking why I did not get a tourist visa? But I told you why. Cute, I did not receive the visa of the tourist, because it was more difficult to obtain and most importantly we had to wait a few months. I really wanted to arrive to you as quickly as possible and that's why, began to obtain work visas. To obtain a tourist visa more difficult, because Russia has restricted the exit of tourists. The world is full of terrorism and to go to another country you have to go through many checks. This is a special domestic law in Russia. I'm sorry, but I can't change my visa. But I hope that we can overcome this problem together. We'll still be together. I am sorry that I did not carefully read the terms of the contract. I didn't know that I need to have money. I'm not trying you to steal your money. I need them only to show them at customs. Do you understand? I need only to prove that I have money and I can live in your country. It is a condition of my visa. Explained to me at the Embassy. There is a law in Russia. For the government of the country was calm for the citizens leaving the country. This money will confirm that I will be able to provide themselves with housing, food and will be able to arrive back. Since I want to arrive to you, I'm not going to spend the money! As soon as I will arrive to you, I'll give you your money. I know that now a lot of girls are simply deceiving men and once they get the money, then they disappear. But I'm not! I am an honest man and never cheat people. I understand that you probably difficult for me to believe and you need proof that I am not a crook.
I don't know what to do? Say what you want to see my reality? Sweetie, I tried to ask money from my parents and friends. But they can't help me. They have no such sum. This is a very big amount for Russia. We have in the city people get very little money. And to have such amount of money need to save them for very long. You know that I saved money during the year. I feel very bad. I'm writing you a letter, and my eyes shed tears. I don't know what to do? I went more than half way, has overcome many difficulties. I spent all of my savings. I left the money on the ticket to you. I was sure I'd be able to come to you and won't ask you about anything. But unfortunately I was wrong.
Mel, if you are not able to help me, then I don't know what to do? I very strongly love you. I can't live without you. The world without you to me seems quiet and grey. I only got a taste of a new life. That life which is love is you are my favorite person. And now my life has lost paint. I don't know what to do if I lose you? You stole my heart. And now it belongs only to you. Mel, I ask you to trust me. I'm not like many girls from Russia. I don't want to deceive you. I hate these people who cheat. Indeed, because of them, people no longer trust each other! I want to have with you happy family. The only thing I can do is sell my jewelry. But they don't cost much. I would get them for a small sum of money. But I'm willing to do it if you want. I reread all your letters. I remembered how beautiful you wrote to me. Then I was in heaven from happiness that I found you. And now I can't believe what happened to me. After all, it was all ready for my arrival to you. I was so happy. I beg you help me. I will ask God to help us. So we were together. I am very ashamed to ask you for help. I never asked for help. I have always tried to solve its problems by itself. But now I'm powerless. I'm just not able to solve the problem yourself. I can't find the same amount of money.
I know that for you this is a lot of money, but I ask you to ask the money borrowed from your relatives or friends. You can also take a quick loan in the Bank for a few days. I tried to take the money in the Bank, but I refused. As you know I lost my job. And now not one Bank will not give me credit. I hope you will believe me and send me money. I know that you are very good man. And you'll never leave his beloved in trouble. I send you the gentle kisses. I hug and big kiss.
I will wait for your quick response.
Your Tanya...
P.S. We need to solve this problem as soon as possible. Because if I'm not leaving my country soon, that my visa will block the terms of the contract. I can't get a new one for 2 years, since I violate the terms of the contract. I hope you understand this and will not allow it. I love you very much.
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