Scam Letter(s) from Anna Bayandina to Alfredo (Italy)

Letter 1

dear Dominique
Thanks for your message on the site , i am Anna and i live in Perm in Russia , and i have always wanted to visite your country and have a holiday in summer .
I would love to meet you but i dont have money to do this trip , i was at an agency in my town to inform me of the costs of this holidays and i woul need these money
VISA 210 eurO
Air tichets 630 euro
Hotel for a weeck 520 euro
totale 1.360 euro
You could send me this money and i promise you we colud make a wonderful holiday together and sleep together which much sex.
This is my numbero f phoneo f vibers o you can contact me more easily +79824903954
expect your answer and i kiss you very much
vour Anna