Scam letter(s) from Esther Mufasi to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
i am a very honest and respectful younglady who like share time with friends not all that out going i like going to occean veiws, recreational centre, watching movies & reading mag n nove at my lesure time
Ideal Date: some one who live with out any form of discrimation, with good senceof hummor and accomodating will do for me we will know more when we know our self better
First Date: i lost out of my firt dat because of crisi that lead the the death of my first date and since then i have been looking forward to enable i deserve and who deserve me too and together we can move on and and have the best of our life time.
Ideal Person: some one who dont discriminate,human being cos i can not leave with some one who discrimination it will make me feel retated when i leave with people like that no matter the love he show to me since he dont show it to other bcos of color or race that alone can make me be unconfortable in my relationship cos life is all about love care lending a helping hands to people in need when you are capable cos i like some one need to show love to his fellow human, i came to understand that the love some people show to the pets like dogs, cat, and opther pets can not be compard to that you show to a fellow human beein and out of all God creation human being since to be the greatest in creation so pls show some love rebecca says so and with that the world will be a better place even if you think you can not do it all but i belive we are moving forward, and the life of our unborn kids will be more polished....hope for the babies
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