Scam letter(s) from Kathy Crawford Perry to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
hi dearest, am Katy . i saw your profile and took the interest to contact you. i wish to meet a honest person for friendship and partnership. if you are interested, please reply me via my private email so we can have a better conversation. i am online at my email. your response will be appreciated, thanks. []
Letter 2
Hello, I appreciate your response to my mail and I hope to build a trusted friendship with you. My name is Katy Crawford Perry, I am from United States but I live in Ukraine where I was hired as a purchase manager in a Ukrainian ceramics firm. I contacted you because I need a partner who will assist me to execute a transaction and I hope you will be interested. Like i said above, I am a purchase manager in a Ukrainian ceramics firm and my duty is to purchase needed products for my company especially gold dust which is used for the production of deluxe tiles, plates, cups and so on. Initially, We used to buy the gold dust from Russia at $23,000 for 1kg until the recent crises between both countries which has placed an embargo on goods importation from Russia unless huge taxes is paid. Now, My company wants to buy 200kg worth of gold dust and we has budgeted $4.6 million USD to purchase the 200kg at the rate of $23,000 (1kg) but my boss doesn't want to pay huge taxes for importing it from Russia to Ukraine. So he suggested that we search other countries where we could buy it. During my research, I found some gold miners in Senegal and they are selling the same quality of gold dust at $15,000 (1kg). So I traveled down to Senegal to inspect and buy it. Recently I have visited the gold mining site in Senegal and the vendor have agreed to sell 1kg of gold dust for $15,000 and the price for 200kg was quoted at $3 million USD. However I don't want to tell my boss that the price is cheap in Senegal because I want to make profit in this transaction since we have already budgeted $4.6 million USD to buy 200kg of gold dust. Hence I need your assistance to execute this deal and we can share the benefit 50/50 equal. I have already informed my director that 200kg of gold dust is costing at $4.6 million USD in Senegal and He has agreed to buy it. But He demanded to make direct contact with the gold vendor for confirmation before transferring the amount for me to purchase the 200kg. The main reason why i contacted you is because I don't want him to know the real vendors in Senegal so that he will not know that I am buying the gold dust for $15,000 (1kg) only. In this regard, I want you to communicate with my director as the vendor/seller and you will tell him that the price for 1kg of gold dust is $23,000 USD and the price for 200kg is $4.6 million USD because that is the amount which he has budgeted to send to me after confirming the price from you. I know you don't live in Senegal but your country location doesn't matter because you will tell him that you are currently on a business trip outside senegal but your team in Senegal will sell it to me. As soon as my director confirm the price from you, He will be convinced to transfer the amount $4.6 million USD to me and then I will use $3million USD to buy the 200kg and The remaining $1.6 million USD will be set aside as our benefit which we will share 50/50 equal. Your share will be $800,000 and I will transfer it to you after the transaction. So please reply quickly to confirm your interest before we can proceed. Thanks Best regards
Letter 3
Hello, Thanks for responding to my business proposal. First of all, I want you to know that this transaction is 100% safe and you will not invest your money on it because it doesn't require any form of payment. The only thing you will do is to make contact with my boss as the Gold vendor and You will tell him that you are selling 1kg of gold dust for $23,000 USD only. My director is only interested in confirming the product price from you, Then he will transfer the amount $4.6 million USD for me to buy the 200kg of gold dust. But I will buy the 200kg at the cost of $3 million USD and It will remain $1.6 million which will be set aside for us to share in equal portion. There is no risk in this transaction and I can also assure you that this transaction will be successful as long as we work with honesty and trust. To proceed in this transaction, You have to send your details before I will forward your email to my director so that he will contact you. Please send these detail e.g (Name, Country, Job, Age, Phone number). Once I receive your details, I will forward your email to my boss so that he will contact you. My Ukraine mobile sim card is not working here in Senegal, But you can reach me via the phone number of the hotel management where I lodged in Senegal. I will send you their phone number if you would like to call me to discuss about this deal. Meanwhile, Please send details so we can proceed and I will also give you guidelines on what to do until we conclude this deal. Kind regards
Letter 4

To proceed in this transaction, You have to send your details before I will forward your email to my director so that he will contact you. Please send these detail e.g (Name, Country, Job, Age, Phone number). Once I receive your details, I will forward your email to my boss so that he will contact you.
Letter 5
Hello, I am pleased to received your contact details which proved that you are ready to participate in the transaction. So I will forward your email address to my director and I will also inform him that you are the vendors leader so he can contact you immediately. The name of my director is IVAN YAROSLAV, He might contact you today or tomorrow because he urgently want to communicate with you so that he will transfer payment to me. Please don't forget to tell him that you are selling the gold dust for $23,000 USD per kilogram and 200kg for $4.6 million USD because that's the price which i told him that they are selling it in Senegal and he agreed to buy it. In case my director is requesting for a price discount, Please insist on the fixed price of $23,000 per kilo and do not give him any discount so that you wont complicate this transaction. Always check your mailbox and Junk folders and forward any message which you receive from my boss to me, so i can review it and advice you on what to do because i don't want you to make any mistake OK. Now, I am going to forward your contact details to my director in Ukraine and I hope to hear from you when he contacts you. Best regards
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