Scam letter(s) from Valerie Dumoine to Peter (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my love how are you? I just hope you had a good night? As for me this has not been the case I only think of the two of us because I want to live with you forever and I do not want money to be an obstacle to our relationship because I really love you even if you doubt a little bit of everything but I just want to make you understand that you're the man of my heart, the man who filled my life with happiness and joy and all I wish for you to see you happy because you deserve it, you are the only person who gives me a smile and the person who supports me D Years all then I would never dare to hurt you believe me my love for you is so great that it will hurt me to see you suffer I love you and I love you all my life. Good day, I'll try to get some sleep.
I'd just like to talk to you about my life spending with my ex-boyfriend I've lived so much with him that it hurts me often but hey all this is part of the pass we spent more than 8 years together both, but after I noticed that his behavior to Change every time I talk with him he was just answering me wrong where often there is no hand to me, he did not sleep at home he spent all his time outside with these friends, he often sends even girls into the house where we live all Both but I did not speak every time it repeats so I made my decision to leave it not to suffer even more, since I have no one left where to stay so I contacted my best friend who to spend her life here in Africa so it is she who Inviting me to come and spend some time here to be able to forget everything and also my father has already worked in this country so I wanted to see what this country looks like to tell you it was my disappointment that pushed me to come to this country so I hope you understand cel Has.
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