Scam letter(s) from Tawanda Philips to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I love the beach, water and weather . I play a lot of Tennis, (mostly doubles), and work as an hairstylist. I deeply love my family and friends. Love getting together for BBQ's, beach time, vacations, live music , drinks etc though am a light drinker. I am told i have a great sense of humor and not afraid to use it ! You've been warned!! lol. I am totally new at this. I am hoping there are still nice guys out there with the high level of integrity and ethics that is most important to me. Looking for someone that is fun to do things with.For the records guy, am only into older men..I prefer older men as older men know's how to spoil their girl..And like the old saying, the older the wine the sweeter then vintage..
Letter 2
Hi John, Thank you so much for all the compliments you rained on me..You sure do know how to put a smile on a lady face... You are sweet and fine yourself as i really adore your smile..You seems like an interesting man and i would like to get to know more about you.. But since am not always going to be on this site, i would appreciate you contact me via my personal email add which is ..This way we can talk more and get to know more about each other more... Have a great evening my sweet frank.. Tawanda..
Letter 3
Hey John, Thank you so much for writing me and also for your sweet wishes..You sure do seems like a very nice guy and i would like for us to communicate, get to know more about each other.. create a great friendship and then plan on meeting in future..Tell me, have you visited the US before?I just love the way you smile.. Tell me more about yourself and please feel free to ask me anything...If you have a gmail email then you can add me on what we call ** , meaning hangout.. That way we can instant chat.. I am going to send you some of my pics that way you can be able to add a face to this letter...It's 4:42 AM am already awake cos am a morning birth...Need to take my coffee right now and then get ready to go to the salon..If you must know am an hairstylist.. I will have to stop here for now John, but will be looking forward to hear back from you soon..Have a great day ahead...
Your new friend,
Letter 4

Hey John, am truly sorry about the passing away of your girlfriend, may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.. Like my mom used to say, the dead are in a better place than this wicked and cruel world.. I have been on that road before and i know how it feels to lose someone you love.. I felt that when my dad passed away 5 yrs ago.. He was in a car accident.. I still have my mom but she still lives in Georgia..I just moved down to Florida because of my past relationship as he still lives in the same city with me back in Georgia..He is a cheater and a lair and i can't stand seeing him around so i decided to move down here to start up a new life..I love the beach so much as it helps me relax ..I love kids but that's not my number one priority in life right now.. As of this stage in life, i want to find that special man with a good and big heart to spend the rest of my life with...Heard about a place called Rio in Brazil and would love to visit someday.. Well, maybe you will take me there when we finally meet in person..It's almost 8:AM were you are so you are kind of 3 hours ahead of me.. You can email me anytime John and i promise to always find time to respond even when am busy..Need to start of my day for now sweet john..But will be looking forward to hear from you soon.. sending a pic of me along with this email...Have a great morning.. Tawanda..
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