Scam Letter(s) from Julia Tokareva to Jan (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hello Anders!

I am very glad I found the site and met with you. Thank you for your e-mail, I'm happy to begin our conversation. I am in search of a true real love with a person from abroad because I'm tired of looking at what is happening in my country. My dream is to have a relationship with an adequate and serious man. I think people are going slowly crazy here. I dream of a serious relationship that will develop with each passing day. I want to be strong and full relations with foreign men to be confident and will have a well-established principles of life. Tell me about yourself, about your life, about your intentions on your desires and goals. I hope you have the same interest in me, as I did to you, so I'll wait for your answer).
Take care of yourself, bye-bye! Julia)
ife, about your intentions on your desires and goals. I hope you have the same interest in me, as I did to you, so I'll wait for your answer).
Take care of yourself, bye-bye! Julia)

Letter 2

Good day, Anders!) How are you? Thank you for your message.

So, I'm 32 years old, I have no children, and I have never been married. I have no brothers and sisters. I do not have a boyfriend, so I'm absolutely free girl;) I was born in Ukraine, in the city of Gorlovka, it was Donetsk region, but now it's under control of separatists (3 years ago in my country the war began, which continues to this day. Now the situation has somewhat "calmed down," but the military conflict is still unresolved). Usually we have hostilities near my city, but now it's pretty quiet. Perhaps you yourself have heard about the situation in my country with the help of the mass media, so I do not want to fill my letter with "negative" and talk about sad events.

I started looking for my love just now. Unfortunately, I had a little free time because of my work. I work in a pharmacy. But even the lack of medicines because of military action does not reduce the volume of my work - I have a lot of things that I need to perform, while at the workplace. I have the education of the Lugansk Medical University. I always dreamed of becoming a pharmacist, so my job is the fulfillment of my childhood's dream. I am grateful to my parents for supporting me in choosing a profession and always helping me. I work very hard, and I give all my strength to my work. That's why I did not have the opportunity to start building my personal life earlier. I am a responsible and serious employee, but now, I understand, work can never make a person happy if he is alone. Work can never give those emotions that a person receives from his partner. And I understand, my heart is ready to love and give tenderness and love to my man.

I live with my good friend Anna, we rent an apartment together, and when I am looking at her relationship with her boyfriend, I understand every woman needs love! I see how her eyes glow with happiness when she comes back after a date. I love to watch with what love and trepidation she cooks for her boyfriend. And I understand that everyone has the right to be happy, and it is love that makes it possible to have "wings" and "fly" from happiness. That's why I want to meet a man who will become a reliable "shoulder" for me and the support, and I will be a loving and caring inspiration for him.

Before we continue, let me confess. I really infinitely happy to meet and chat with you, my friend. I hope my feeling is mutual. For me, the dating site - is something new. I'm a first time here, and I hope to arrange my private life with it's help. And what do you dream about?

I need to stop, but I promise to tell you much more interesting about myself in the next letters :) Also, I hope to find more information about you in your letters. I'm glad to be acquainted with you. Julia)

Letter 3

Hello, my dear friend Anders! I will be very happy if you call me Yulichka))). It is very cute!)

I have a nice day, because I got a letter from you! I am eternally grateful to you for your time to write a response to my letter - I am very happy. Moreover, I am really looking forward your letter. I think about the fact that I would like to communicate with you not only with the help of e-mails, but, perhaps, even in real life. But while I will not rush things , I think we will understand when the time is right for this). Do you agree with me? What do you think about it? My heart tells me that you're a good man, and I hope my heart will not fail me).

Let me continue my story in order for us to become even closer. I live in the city of Gorlovka, this is the Donetsk region and the zone of military conflict. I live here now. In my first letter, I did not write absolutely everything about myself, but in this letter, I decided to continue the story. My most important hobby is drawing. My close people are confident, I'm a talented artist). When I have the opportunity to draw, and I take the brush in hand, I think I "plunge" in my world, in its atmosphere. Unfortunately, at the moment my paintings are not in demand, because the unstable martial law in the city brings its "adjustments". I think you understand that when shoot near the city, few people want to buy a picture at that moment (((But still, sometimes I manage to sell what I draw and this is a small extra income for me (but Honestly, it hardly covers the costs of the material). I like to cook. Cooking for me is very interesting occupation. I love to cook a variety of unusual, but very tasty meals.
My favorite dishes - spaghetti. I really like to cook pies, cakes, muffins and other sweets. I love sports and have a healthy lifestyle.
I do not drink alcohol, do not smoke cigarettes, and of course do not use drugs. A little bit about my personal life.. I told to you that I have never been married, I do not have children, but I had a relationship before. It was a long time ago, and did not last long. I do not want to remember this relationship due to the lack of mutual love. I loved this man, he did not loved me. Nonreciprocal love... He treated me like a toy, and not as a woman. This is my past, which can not be changed. But I hope for a good future.

For the future, I am ready to do everything. I want to love and be loving. I want to have a relationship with a good man. If necessary, I am ready to move to live in another country. I'm ready to compromise, but the most important thing is that my man is also open to me. I want to believe, that you want to be happy, as I am, having a relationship with a reliable, self-confident and serious partner in life.

I check my email at work, use a working computer. This is prohibited, so I have some risks))). The director prohibits the use of a working computer for personal purposes, so if the director finds out about this, I will receive a fine. That's why I can not use Skype. I do not have an internet at home, so a video conference is not yet possible for me. But I'll try to come up with something and organize our video meeting, it would be very cool!)

Now I need to go. I'll wait for your response letter. Take care! My hugs:) Your, Julia).

Letter 4

Hello my angel, I'm so happy to see your message. I want to call you gently, tenderly loving. Do you mind? I want to give you my tenderness even in a letter, because it is the only opportunity now to share our feelings with each other. And I'm glad that I have at least such an opportunity now.

My Sweetheart Anders, I decided to send you more of my photos in my letter, I hope you like them. Every man dreams to see his woman, to admire her, to look at her ... So laid by nature - "a man love with their eyes," and therefore I want you to have the opportunity to see me now, at least on the photos.

You know, I had a dream today. This dream was full of love, romance and passion. It was an amazing, wonderful and unforgettable dream. The dream was like a reality. When we met in real life, the impression that we have known each other for eternity! We talked about different topics. And we realized, we have much in common! It was very interesting, we were a couple - just you and me. I had the opportunity to ask you everything I was interested in. I could touch you and feel the warmth of your skin. I could hug and kiss you. It was very cool and unforgettable!

My Dear Anders, I am glad that with each new letter we get to know each other better, we are getting closer and the connection between us is getting stronger. I hope you can feel it, too. Moreover, I hope this can grow into something more. For example, love ... But I do not want to rush things now. I'm glad that my feelings are growing, our relations are developing now, and I hope this will continue. I believe we are on the right track ... Anyway, I want to believe in it, because I've never felt such feelings for a man in so short a time. This is the first time with me, so I'm a bit confused.

I have a phone, but this is an old model, so I can not use viber, whatsApp or Skype. You can call me with the help of mobile communication, but there is no other option, because my phone does not have internet. I was forced to sell my smartphone during the war, because I needed money, and, unfortunately, until now I did not have the opportunity to buy a good and functional phone.

Can I do to call you "my sun"? :) I believe life is too short,so we should not waste time. We need to take the best in life! I am strong woman, so I was not afraid of any difficulties. What do you say?

I look forward to your letter. Take care! Hug you. Kiss, kiss, kiss.
Your Julia)

Letter 5

Good morning, my darling, my sweet, my beloved Anders! Thank you for a new letter) I want to confess to you, acquaintance with you - this is the best moment of my life. I would like to continue our dialogue, and to implement it in real life! I want to meet with you, I dream to spend at least a couple of days with you: admire you after you wake up and fall asleep in your hugs ...

In January, I will celebrate the birthday, I will turn 33 years old.
I'm quite an adult and a wise girl, and I know what I need in this life. I believe that after 30 years each person should already understand what he wants and what kind of life he represents.
Therefore, I know for sure that I need a family and a reliable partner in life. I never thought that the age difference could be a problem.
What does it matter how old I am and how much difference, how old are you, if we get together and want to be together. Is not it?

I am very interested in you, so I want more and more to know you. I'm interested to read your letters. I think when we meet, we talk non-stop, because we are interested together. We could learn new details about each other, to make any joint actions that bring us together and gave us a lot of positive and memorable emotions and impressions. I really want to be closer to you ... When I read your letter - my skin becomes shivered, and it gives me incredible strength! I really want to be with you, and most importantly - I feel your interest in me and your desire to see me! I think we have every chance to have a full and serious relationship in real life.

I am pleased that you want to take care of me and give me tenderness!
It's so cute! Honestly, when you wrote about the bouquet of flowers that you want to send for me - my heart was beating at a frantic pace.
It's so sweet and cute. BUT, maybe you forgot, I live in a zone of military conflict. Therefore, the post office does not work for us - there are difficulties with this (this, of course, brings inconvenience, but it's not the greatest trouble.) Of course, I can give you my details: my full name is Shevchenko Julia, address: Gorlovka, Rudakova street 35 / 3, Ukraine, ZIP 84600.

My honey Anders, I'm happy that you are ready to meet in real life! I also dream about it. I want to learn about how best to organize our meeting. Tell me, how much time will we have to spend together? When can you accept me as a guest? We must discuss all details of the organization of our meeting, and we will begin to prepare for this!

My dear Anders, I'll wait for your answer. I want to hug you right now ... I give you my gentle kiss ... take care of yourself. Only yours, Julia:)

Letter 6

Good afternoon, my dear Anders!

How are you? Thank you very much for your letters, I'm very glad to receive them. Sorry for the delay in my reply - I did not have the opportunity to answer you earlier, because there were problems with the Internet connection. But I really missed you, and the thought of you was always in my head! I am very happy that today I have the opportunity to read your letter and answer it! And now the smile is on my heart).

My honey Ante, when I read your letter - my heart is beating at a frantic pace, because when I start dreaming about our meeting - feelings of joy overflow me! You can not even imagine how happy I am!
I wanna be with you! I dream to meet you in real life, and this will be a new stage for our relations! because that's what we've been dreaming about for so long and that's what we're waiting for! I dream of you all the time - in the morning when I wake up my first thought of you, in the evening when I fall asleep I also think about you! and I'm sure we were able to use our acquaintance with the benefits, because we learned each other, there was a connection between us and feelings, and every day we develop what was given to us by destiny. I really want to hurry to be in your arms, because I will be the happiest girl on earth! I need you, my sweet Ante!

My beloved Anders, I understand, first of all, I have to resolve all issues with documents that will allow me to travel outside of my country. I got information about how I can get a passport - for 1 month, the cost is $ 97. Also I can get a passport in a shorter time: within 10-14 days, the cost is $ 160 or for 3 days - $ 220. As soon as I receive my passport, then I can book a ticket. So far I have no information on how to do it better, but tomorrow I will definitely find out about this and we will solve this issue with you.

My darling Anders, we must be patient now, so we should not be upset that there is still a distance between us. The most important thing is that we have feelings for each other, and we will do our best to see you as soon as possible). After all, this is true and true happiness.
Is not it so?) I miss you, my sweet Ante!

I wish you a good day and a good mood. please take care of yourself.
I'm looking forward to the opportunity to kiss you in real life and very soon I will be able to do it!) I'm waiting for your answer. Best wishes, your Julia)

Letter 7

Good afternoon, my Beloved Ante!

How are you? Thank you very much for your letter! Today, at the beginning of the working week, but at the end of the day I am very happy to receive your letter! you give me a smile and a sense of joy).
Thank you for your interest, I am very happy that we can continue our communication, because I really miss you, my dear Ante!

You said that you are planning a trip today, and I hope your trip will be successful, calm and pleasant for you. I hope you can solve all your questions, which you must decide during this business trip. I will not lie to you - I do not understand the things you are talking about (more precisely, about what issues you have to solve). But I'm interested in any thing and every detail that happens in your life!
Therefore, if you tell me a little more detailed - what exactly do you need to do during a business trip. As I understand it, you must conduct some negotiations and agree on the distribution of income between Norway and Sweden. Maybe I do not understand the details, but I understand the essence of these negotiations. And I hope everything will be fine and you will be able to solve all these issues.

My sweet Anders, for my visit to Sweden, I must have a biometric international passport. In June of this year, the EU and Ukraine signed a visa-free regime, so now citizens of Ukraine can come to the countries of the European Union without a visa, but with a biometric international passport. This is the main document that will allow us to meet! My dear Ante, you are right, after the outbreak of military conflict in our region, the airports in Lugansk and Donetsk were completely destroyed during the fighting. Therefore, I can use an airport for travel in Kharkov or Kiev. I have to find out if there are flights to Sweden from Kharkov. I just do not know this information. I know for sure that I can fly to you from Kiev, because there is an international airport in Kiev. But I do not have this information about Kharkov. I planned to get this information today, but so far I do not have this information, but I will certainly find out about it and tell you tomorrow. When the military conflict in my region began, then all state vehicles stopped working, so I can leave here either by bus or by taxi, but I can not do this on a trip, because the trains are canceled due to damage to the railroad during war. BUT I think I could use the bus, because it would be cheaper than a taxi. But I'm very grateful to you for taking care of me). My dear Anders, these are the real words of a true man). I'm pleased to hear about your care and your experiences). Thank you, my honey Anders! I have never been to the airport in Kiev, because I have never flown by plane, it will be my first experience).

My sweet Ante, I am very happy that soon we will finally be able to meet you! It will be true happiness for me! If you have the opportunity to meet me in the middle of December, then this will be the best time - the most romantic, happy, long-awaited, bright and emotional 6 days in my life. because we can immerse ourselves in our feelings - love, tenderness, affection, passion and desire. I really want to be in your hands! I dream of looking into your eyes, holding your hand, hugging and kissing you! I dream of you, my honey Ante, and I believe, soon we can be together! I'm really looking forward to this happy day).

My darling Anders, you intrigued me when I said about the surprise).
I'm a curious girl, and I'm really very interested))). You can create an intrigue for me)))).

My Beloved Ante, tomorrow I find out the missing information, and I'll tell you about it. I do not have a bank account, so it will be easier if we use Western Union.

I wish you a good day and a good mood. please take care of yourself. I look forward to your reply. I send you my sweetest kiss ... but I'm looking forward to the opportunity to kiss you in real life! Best wishes, your little girl Julia)

Letter 8

Good afternoon, my Honey Ante!

How are you? Thank you very much for your kind, gentle, romantic and interesting letter for me). I was looking forward to your reply, and I wanted to write a letter for you. But yesterday I had problems with the Internet connection, so I did not have the opportunity to do it.
And now, when I was able to check my mail - I can not help smiling, because I really missed you). and your letters are always a good incentive for a smile, a sense of joy and happiness for me!)

I am grateful to you for your compliments, it's so nice to hear. After all, every girl dreams of hearing words of admiration from her man!
This gives a feeling of tenderness, self-confidence, femininity! Thank you, my dear Anders, for all these feelings give me a great disposition in my heart).

I'm glad that your negotiations are over, and I hope everything will be decided in your favor! I am sure that all your expectations and dreams will be realized, and everything will be exactly as beneficial for you and your work). I wish you luck in this matter). I hope you will have time for rest, because after the trip, most likely, you need to rest and gain strength. I could do a massage for you, so that every cell of your body relax and relax. And make dinner for you so that you enjoy delicious food after the trip). I would be happy to take care of you and give you a good mood, tenderness and joy).

My Honey Ante, I received the information you asked me to find out.
So, I'll tell you everything in turn, so as not to miss any information. First, about the flight - I really can fly out of Kharkov, this is also an international airport, so I will have the opportunity to use this airport. I learned that the approximate cost of a flight to you and back is $ 400 - $ 781 - it all depends on the number of transfers and the comfort of the flight. To be honest, I do not really understand this, but I think we should not pay too much if there is an opportunity to save. Is not it? I want to attach a screen of value to my letter, so that you can see it yourself (the value is written in my state unit - the hryvnia). Secondly, the cost of a taxi to Kharkov is $ 155. And, as I told you earlier, the cost of an international passport depends on how quickly I receive it (within 1 month - $ 97, for 10-14 days - $ 160, for 2 days - $ 220). My Darling Anders, this is a very serious and responsible moment for me, and of course I want to start preparing for this important event as soon as possible!) It will be so cool when I overcome the distance between us and we will finally be together! ) I'm really looking forward to this happy day when we can look into each other's eyes, hold hands and just be together).

My sweet Ante, I constantly think about how our first meeting will happen. It's so exciting for me! When I think about it, my heart starts to pound at a frantic pace, and my hands begin to tremble).
This is a very welcome and exciting moment for me! I will not hide, probably the first couple of minutes I will be shy, because it's so exciting and touching for me! But, I'm sure, in a couple of minutes, when I understand that this is a reality, and not a dream - I'll finally be calm, because now it seems to me that I'm in a fairy tale).
I am very happy that fate has given us the opportunity to be together, and I want to be with you as soon as possible). I really miss you, my dear Ante!

I wish you a good day and a good mood. please take care of yourself.
I'm waiting for your answer. I send you my sweetest kiss ... but I'm looking forward to kissing you in real life. Best wishes, your Julia)

Letter 9

Good afternoon, my Dear Ante!

How are you? Thank you very much for your letters! Finally, my work day is almost over, and now I have time to calmly and carefully read your letters and answer them! You can not even imagine what is happening to me now). you stole not only my heart, but also my mind).
I became so diffused that the staff did not recognize me!) I can not think about work, domestic affairs, because I am completely immersed in the thought of you and about our upcoming meeting). I, as a child, who is waiting for his Christmas surprise and be in pleasant expectation))). It's so funny, because all my thoughts are only occupied by you).

This morning I woke up as usual, and I had an hour to tidy myself up, wash, have breakfast and go out to work. I drank tea and thought about how we would meet, how we would spend time together, how we would laugh and enjoy this time. Usually I have breakfast for 10-15 minutes, but this time I spent 45 minutes in my thoughts, so when I woke up, I realized that I was late for work. I do not even know how I could think so and not notice that it took so long. I was a little late for my work day and all day I smiled at it). Employees joke at me and say that I probably fell in love, because my eyes shine and sparkle, but I'm in some other reality. They concluded that I fell in love))). I keep a secret and just smile back). I have close friends with whom I am made my emotions, experiences, worries or joyful news. But I'm not used to discuss my life and my inner emotions with strangers to me, so I just mysteriously smile and urine on all their assumptions). This makes me even more amused, because they burn out of curiosity - what happens to me))).

My loving Stefan, I want to thank you for all the compliments that you tell me. They have incredible power for me, because seems like I have wings and how to fly a bird). Thank you for this, because to feel your interest, your desire to meet me, to hear your admiration is the best incentive for me. Thank you very much for this, I really appreciate and cherish every word of yours).

When I think about our meeting, I also can not believe that this is reality! Honestly, I'm afraid to wake up and realize that you are just a dream! If this is so - then I do not want to wake up! I want to always sleep! Because you give me incredible feelings, and I'm very happy that we found each other! I think this acquaintance was planned in heaven). This is the best gift that fate has given me in my entire life! You give me inspiration, an incentive, new strength, a wonderful mood, self-confidence! You are my source! The source of a new life and the source of my happiness! Thank you for that!)

My darling Ante, the time before our meeting was not so much, so I have to hurry. I'm glad that you understand this, and issuing a passport within 2 days is the best option for me, I think. So, let's see what I have to do - $ 220 the cost of the passport. In the last letter, I wrote you about the flights. My honey Ante, let's rationally implement all the expenses, because I know how hard it is to earn money. I do not want you to spend too much if you can save. My sweet Anders, I really appreciate your concern for me! This is a great joy for me! But still, I think, if we have the opportunity to save, then we can do it. Do you agree with me?) Of course, you are a man, and you are the head of our union, so the last word always remains with you. But anyway. I propose to buy a ticket for "average" cost - and this is $ 550, not $ 780. In any case, I will listen to you and do as you say. I just offered to be more economical. What do you think about it? Also the cost is $ 155. So if I make a passport for 2 days and buy an "average" ticket for a price, and taxi then I need to have $ 925, this amount will cover all the expenses that I wrote to you. My Sweet Ante, also I wanted to say that my dreaminess and thoughts about our upcoming meeting completely deprived me of my mind). In one of my previous letters, you asked for my name and address. I apparently was so immersed in the thought that instead of last name I wrote the old name of the street). This is really stupid, but a people in love badly reflects, because his thoughts are completely in another place)))). So, now I have three times checked the correctness of writing, in order not to make a mistake again). My full name is Julia Tokareva, my address is Gorlovka, Rudakova (Shevchenko) street 35/3, Ukraine, ZIP 84600. The fact is that the street where I live was changed - before it was called Shevchenko, and now Rudakova. My dear Anders, you stole not only my heart, but my mind)))). I understand, I should be more attentive, because absent-mindedness is a bad human factor, and can bring some problems. By the way, I forgot to tell you at once - today at work I accidentally threw out important documents.
I was saved only by the fact that one of my employees decided to check them and could not find in the place where he put it. We began to look for him together and found in a garbage box along with the unnecessary papers that I threw away. And I realized that I just took the papers from the table without looking - if there are any more documents. Now I try to be more attentive, but still I want to dream and imagine the happy time that awaits us in the future!

My dear Ante, I told you that my biggest dream is a relationship with a decent man who will never offend me. I had a bad experience in the past, and the man was very cruel, mean and unpleasant person. This relationship ended a long time ago, but it took me a while to forget this horror and get rid of the fear that every man mocks his woman. I really appreciate the care and respect in the relationship! and I think this is one of the main criteria by which you must choose your partner. I like the way you talk about our meeting, I'm pleased to feel your concern, and I'm sure you're the best man I've ever met. I'm sure you'll never offend and you will not hit me, and that's the main thing! I feel your good heart, and I believe our mutual kindness and tenderness will help us build a tender, kind and happy relationship.

My dear Anders, I always believed that between a man and a woman from the moment of acquaintance, there must be a "craving" for each other.
If two people experience such feelings, then this is a great success for the further development of their relationship. For me, intimacy and intimacy are something hidden, secret and mysterious. Only two people can be present here, and give each other tenderness or passion!
I really love kissing and touching! I'm going crazy about this! But I have not kissed so long, that maybe I forgot how to do it))). Will you teach me?) I have no prohibitions in bed with my man - I can dominate in bed or be an obedient and shy girl). What girl do you want to see me in my bed? I love experiments, so we can do exactly what we both want together! I want to admit to you, I have never had a sexual relationship with a man, if we were not in a relationship and I did not have feelings. I always made love only with the men with whom I was in a relationship. I do not condemn people who have sex without feelings - it's their right! But I can never do this, because for me sex is an opportunity to satisfy a man to whom I have feelings!
Therefore, for me the most important thing is that we are open to each other at this moment - I want to give pleasure to you and see your desire to give pleasure to me. I think this is the perfect tandem).
And what do you think about this?

My honey Ante, tomorrow I will have some business at work, but after dinner (from 13.00 to Ukrainian time) I will be at home, and you can call me so we can talk. I go to bed at 9 pm Ukrainian time, so you can call me from 13.00 to 21.00 I'll wait for your call). I hope you will have the opportunity to call me). my phone number is 380508288354.

I really like that we can be frank with each other and discuss any topic, because dialogue is the best way to get to know each other and get closer). I have some photos for you, which I planned to send you today). I'll try to record the video in the next couple of days, as soon as I have the opportunity - I will immediately do it). My dear Ante thanks for your photo. But, to be honest, I can hardly examine it. But soon, when we meet - I will have the opportunity to constantly admire you!) It will be happiness for me). I also want to thank you for the photo with the ring! It's incredible! I think even the Queen of England would have envied such beauty). I can not even choose words to express my happiness and joy, which is filled with every cell of my body! These are incredible feelings! I'm happy thanks to you, my loving Ante!

My sweet Anders, yes I had a black skirt. But for some reason I have not seen her in my closet for some time - I have to look for her. I will definitely take a white T-shirt and gin, as you like. I want you to look at me and smile for joy). I want to give you a good mood and make you a happy man).

My darling Ante, I wish you a good day and a great mood. please take care of yourself. I'm waiting for your answer. I send you my sweetest kiss ... but I'm looking forward to kissing you in real life. best wishes, your little and in love Julia)

Letter 10

Good afternoon, my honey Ante!

How are you? I really missed you, so now, when I have the opportunity to read your letter - I'm very happy! I had a crazy day yesterday.
Although I had a day off, I was engaged in household chores and I almost did not have time for rest. I just had time to take a shower and and after the electricity was off (((.This was due to some kind of interruption in work. Mobile communication immediately deteriorated, but I did not lose faith that we could still talk on the phone.
Unfortunately, when you called and I picked up the phone - I did not hear you. I do not know if you've heard my voice? I could not even talk to my parents yesterday, because it was exactly the same situation - they called me, but there was silence. I got your sms, but I did not have any money in my account, so I managed to no send a message. And I asked my neighbor Anna to send you a text message from her phone number. I do not know, maybe you did not get SMS, because I sent you 2 sms, but there was no answer (I was so upset because of this situation that I slept very badly at night.) I was very upset that we could talk to but because of this situation it was impossible to do (I'm still upset with this fact, and I'm very sad about this, but I hope that today the situation will be different - and we will still hear each other's voices). Because this morning the electricity was fixed, and mobile communications also recovered (in any case, in the morning, at work, I talked with my parents and call quality was good).

My dear Anders, I really like the kindness and tenderness that your heart is filled with. But, unfortunately, not all men are so decent, honest and affectionate with their women. Some men allow aggression to their woman and this is terrible! Many women suffer from domestic violence, but remain silent and try to save the family. But I think this is a big mistake. If a man constantly beats his woman - this situation will be repeated again and again! This will not end, because there are two categories of men: who will never hit a woman, and those who constantly beat women. I think when a man hits a woman - this is a manifestation of weakness, because a woman is in any case weaker than a man in physical terms, and she will not be able to answer him the same. This remains unpunished, so it is repeated again and again. This is very scary, because at one point it can end with sad consequences - when very serious physical injuries are inflicted. I'm not talking about the psychological and moral state in which the woman is after such situations. But I'm very happy that all people are different, and not all men think that it's possible to do this with your woman! This is the most important thing for me!

My honey Ante, now I understand when they say that "lovers are a little crazy", it really is so). After all, these people stop thinking about some everyday problems - they "sink" into their feelings, emotions and sensations! They are happy regardless of the circumstances and situations). They are simply in their thoughts.
Which bring them feelings of joy and happiness, and they do not need anything else!) Yesterday, when the electricity was turned off, I was forced to turn off my heater, which allows to keep the heat in the room (city heating is not too effective, unfortunately, so I have to include more and a heater to maintain the temperature). I want to note that in the morning I did not even notice how cold it was in the room, because I was puzzled by yesterday's events when we could not talk to you. This upset me so much that even a drop in the warm temperature in the room has already stopped worrying me, although I really love the warmth, and when the room is cold I feel utter discomfort. I noticed that the room is cold only in the morning when I put on socks - my legs were very cold. And only then did I experience a "cold snap". And then I remembered that because of the lack of electricity my heater did not work at night. Now I completely agree with the phrase that "lovers live in their own world")))).

My loving Ante, I hope time with your daughter will be pleasant and good for you. I hope you can talk, relax, share news. Tell about the plans and events that have already occurred in your lives, and of course enjoy your meal. You say so deliciously about it that I wanted to try it - I'm drooling)))). I hope when we meet - I can try it, because I'm very intrigued))). I would be glad if you prepared this for me). It would be a great honor))). I'm looking forward to trying this sauce ... mmmm ....

My Sweet Anders, I'm very pleased that you care about me! It's so cute!) I really appreciate your experiences and your care. I'm really happy, because I've never before received so much warmth and tenderness from another person. It's unbelievable for me. I did not even think that I want to eat or drink coffee during the flight). Yes, lovers are crazy people))). So, I have to check again the correctness of the information, because my absent-mindedness can bring problems.
My full name - Julia Tokareva, my address - Gorlovka city, Rudakova (Shevchenko) street 35/3, Ukraine, ZIP 84600. My dear Steffe, honestly, earlier I did not know that there is such a Russian gun - Tokarev. So I had to look for this information on the Internet - and really it's the way you wrote it). Although earlier I never knew about this).

I fully support you when you say that sex and love - these are two different concepts. Of course it is! Sometimes people love someone, but they do not have sex. Or they have sex, but do not feel to the partner. Situations are different! But the most beautiful thing is when people have sex with the person he loves! Is not it? I I think this is a complete merger of both soul and body! What could be better?
I I think this is a gift of fate, when a person is completely happy - in all meanings!

My dear Ante, I really like that we can be open to each other and frankly talk about what we like or dislike. I think sincerity is the best way to build a good relationship. I like your tenderness and sexuality! When I read about sexual preferences, I get excited. I really like how to talk about oral sex! I think I'll go crazy with pleasure and pleasure! And I want to give you this happiness and sexual pleasure in the way that you like it. My Ante, now I will think more about this)))) and these thoughts drive me crazy). Probably today I definitely will be a bad worker, because now I want to dream about our closeness, about the tenderness and passion that will overflow us when we are together! I'm sure we will be immensely happy together!

My sweet Anders, I send you some of my photos. I hope they like you).
I promise to send you a video tomorrow, because until I could not make it. I sent you a text message on the phone, but you have not answered yet. Did you get my message?

I wish you a good day and a good mood. please take care of yourself. I look forward to your reply. I send you my sweetest kiss ... but I'm looking forward to kissing you in real life. Best wishes, your Julia)))

Letter 11

And hello again, my Loverboy, my Ante , my Loving Jan!

I decided important working moments, and now I can continue my letter). I did not write to you about my dream in a previous letter, because I understood when I start to think about it - thoughts will turn my head, I will sit again smiling for a day and my brain will not work the way it should work during a working process). Therefore, I decided the main working tasks, and now I can "plunge" into reflections, dreams and fantasies ... I want to share with you my emotions, and I want to share with you my sleep. When I woke up in the morning, for a long time I could not understand where I was. My dream was so realistic that I did not immediately realize that these beautiful and happy events and actions were a dream, not a reality ...
But I'm really looking forward to the moment when I can realize every dream and fantasy! I want to be happy, and I want to give you positive emotions and give feelings of joy and happiness!

So, I dreamed that I was flying on an airplane to you. I thought a lot, and it was an exciting moment for me. My plane started to go on landing and the stewardess said that in a couple of minutes there will be a landing. After some time I was in the airport - I became confused and did not know where I was going. These moments were very welcome and exciting! I can not convey the feelings that were in my heart at that moment. But it seems to me that the knock of my heart was heard by all the visitors of the airport - it knocked very loudly and with furious speed. I was holding a small suitcase in which were my personal belongings. And suddenly I felt the touch of your strong hands in my shoulders! My body trembled with happiness and surprise. I became like a sculpture, and I could not move. The feeling of incredible happiness simply paralyzed my entire body. I think I even lost my breath. It was a stupor, but every cell of my body felt incredible happiness! It was a very exciting and happy moment. After a moment, I heard you tenderly and kindly say to my ear: "Dear Julia, I congratulate you on your arrival ... I've been waiting and miss you ... I'm glad to see you!" These words gave me incredible power, and I finally could inhale the air in full. The warmth and tenderness "enveloped" my body, but the excitement was present in me ... You took me my suitcase and took my hand and we went into a taxi ... I was very worried and nervous, because I could not believe that this is reality!
I was very worried, but my eyes radiated happiness and joy! We came to you. You suggested dinner together, but I said that we can eat later, because I'm not hungry. I felt my excitement gradually disappear, and the feeling of joy and awareness of my happiness completely seized me!
You said that tonight we have a homemade dinner planned, and you'll make Pepper Steak fillet for me. I thanked you for your concern for me, and we talked for a very long time. Towards evening we went together to the nearest supermarket, bought the necessary products and went home. I felt like the happiest girl on earth when we were together, because at last the distance between us disappeared and we had the opportunity to touch each other ... when we returned I offered to help you prepare. But you said that you will do everything yourself. You started cooking, and I just watched and we talked ... It was a very easy conversation - we talked about funny life situations, I told you about my life, you told me more about yourself - just a good and quiet conversation. We ate - and it was incredibly delicious!
Maybe it sounds funny, but I still remember this taste))). Of course, I understand, all this makes my imagination, because I've never tried Pepper Steak fillet before, but in my head now has this taste, and I can not describe what it looks like))). It's so interesting - what can a person's mind come up with))). After dinner, you suggested a little rest and lie on the bed. I went to take a shower, and after a while came to your room. You were lying on the bed, covered in a blanket. I walked slowly to the bed and looked intently into your eyes. You were smiling, and we both felt the heat of passion that flashed us to us! I walked slowly to the bed and sat on the edge. I was wrapped in a towel ... you gently took my hand and kissed it. I bent down to you and our lips joined in a passionate kiss. Your hands began to caress me, and the kiss became more passionate and frank. During the kiss, you took off my towel and I was completely naked in front of you. I began to press my body against your naked body. You kiss my lips, my nose, my cheeks, and your hands touch my hair. One hand gradually descends on my back, gently touching my fingers. And in one moment I feel how your hand starts to stroke my chest. We can not tear ourselves apart, and the kiss drives us both crazy. Your hands slide over my skin, gently touching my back, thighs, belly ... every touch you touch makes my body tremble with excitement. I press all my body to your body. And I feel the body of your naked skin. You feel that I'm thirsty for you, I want you, I dream of our closeness when you come into me! Your hand drops down the abdomen and starts playing with my pussy. I can feel your fingers sliding up and down my wet pussy. I can not help moaning.
And I feel how slowly your fingers come into me - first one finger, then the second ... I feel your hot breath, and your lips kiss my neck. I'm going crazy with pleasure and excitement, and I want to give you the same pleasure. Therefore, I begin to kiss your neck, your breasts, your nipples, your belly - sinking lower and lower. I reached the head of your penis, gently wrapping it around my lips and starting to play my tongue). I gradually began to lick all your trunk, swallowing deeper and deeper, increasing the tempo. You stroked my hair at this moment, I heard your quiet moaning with pleasure. But for a moment I stopped, because I could not restrain myself! I sat down and felt your instrument inside of me. You held my hips at this moment and started to set the rhythm of my movements. You get up and hug me, and I can not stop myself from moaning. You kiss my neck and chest, and I go crazy with pleasure. You drove me crazy every time with a kiss and a touch. You fell on my back, pushing my legs apart and slowly and teasingly you enter into me. My body wriggles with desire ... I feel like you completely enter me - to the last millimeter, I grab you with my legs to feel you deeper! I'm going crazy, because I feel every cell of your penis inside of you. you increase the pace of movements ... and in a moment you throw my feet on your shoulder ... I do not want to hold back the groan ... you move faster and faster ...
my body bends into different poses, because the enjoyment completely took possession of me. I felt the approach of the body and it was an incredible feeling, my body was shaking without stopping ... it was amazing ... a second later I felt your fluid fill me inside ... your breathing became more frequent and your body trembled as well as my body ... we experienced orgasm almost at the same time, and it was cool! as soon as you lay down beside me, I heard a strange sound. I could not understand what it was, and suddenly I opened my eyes and saw my room. I can not understand what is happening and where I am. It took me a while to realize that it was a dream. It was a magnificent, passionate, realistic and beautiful dream! I decided to lie down for a while before getting up and going to work, and suddenly I felt some strange sensations - my panties were completely wet. And I realized my dream was so real, that I got excited in a dream, and my panties got soaked. My dear Ante, I think, now you understand why I had to leave the story of my dream to a later date? Even now, when I told you about this - I was incredibly excited, and this will not allow my brain to work to the full!) I will think about this dream, and I really want to hurry to be in your arms, and feel such feelings in a dream, but in reality. I'm really looking forward to this moment very soon!)

My honey Jan, I wish you a good day and a great mood. please take care of yourself. I look forward to your reply. I send you my sweetest kiss ... but I will soon kiss you in real life. Best wishes, your Julia)



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