Scam letter(s) from Galina Mochalevska to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Good morning my dear friend! Not so long ago we communicated with you on the dating site. You were very pretty to me. You ask me a question why I did not answer you right away. I want to tell you that I'm new to online communication and a very indecisive girl, but still I had the courage to write to you. But I really would like to continue to communicate with you on the Internet. You will probably wonder, but I'm in Russian Federation. When I was at university, I had a schoolfellow. She communicated with a human on the Internet. Most recently, he invited her to her, and soon they were hitched. I asked myself a question, but how could I be worse? I'm forworn of going alone, into an empty apartment. Sitting, one by the TV. I just want a girl happiness, to be loved and necessary for her future person. Currently I live and work in the city of Saratov. I'm 33 years, but I'm still a single girl, and I've never been hitched. By nature I'm kind, sweet and sympathetic human. Maybe you will be surprised. But I've never been married. I was disillusioned in Russian men. And now I decided to follow the example of my friend who found his love on the Internet. I hope that you are just like I want to find my love. And you will understand my letter with insight. ps I take the best pics for you, I hope you like it. I will be happy to receive your pics from you, and I will be waiting for your answer. I'll wait for your quick reply. I hope you will not be greatly shocked by my message. Best regards Galinusya,
Letter 2
Hi, Jim. I am very glad that you answered my letter. For me, the form or age of a person is not so important, because his inner world is important. For me, these feelings are important and think about the person, about his character traits. I think that this is important. Your photo is very beautiful. A couple of years ago I went to USA in Minnesota. I studied at the institute and practiced English. I want to say that it was the best trip in my life! I was there in 2014. USA is an incredibly beautiful country, and the people there are kind and sympathetic than in Russia ... As for me, as I told you that I live in the Saratov region, it is a very beautiful and wonderful city. There are many interesting places, parks and museums. I'm used to living in the countryside, and now there will be my mother and my brother. The village is about 30 minutes drive from the city. Every weekend I go to my mother and visit her. I had to move to the city, because the city is better at studying and working. Now I live in a rented apartment with my girlfriend Sveta, her husband and two children. I forgot to tell you that I am writing to you from a working computer. Unfortunately, I do not have a home Internet. It is very expensive to have internet at home. In addition, I work all the time, and I do not have time to stay at home on the Internet. I can do it at work. Our beloved cat lives with us. His name is Simon. He is a very playful cat, the children of Light love him very much, sometimes it happens that Simon does not know where to hide. lol =) As I said, I really miss my mom and brother. Now my mother retired, she has a lot of free time, which she devotes to housekeeping. At the weekend, when I visit my mother, I help her around the house, and in the evenings we sit at the table with our whole family, drink tea and jam and talk about everything. I look forward to your response, and I hope that you will tell me more about your family and your hobbies. Sincerely, Galina.
Letter 3
Hello, Jim. Thank you for your letter. I'm interested in you and your life. Your photos are very beautiful. On your photos you can see that you are very fond of fish. I want to tell you that I also like fishing very much. When I visit my mother in the village, I go to the lake and fish. It seems to me that we are looking for the same things. By the way, I did not tell you about my work. I work as an administrator in the Beauty Salon. I really love my job, but sometimes I get very tired, because many clients are unhappy with the work, our employees. I have to listen to complaints every day, and from I'm really tired of all this .. But I really enjoy working in such a good position. Thanks to this I can rent an apartment with my girlfriend Sveta, to help my mother. I am grateful to my mother, because she gave me a happy childhood. And now I have to take care of my mother, just as she took care of me as a child. I did not know you that I graduated from Saratov State University named after NG Chernyshevsky, I got a wonderful education, so I was able to learn English lessons. At the institute, I studied, Lol, but I'm not proud of it, but still I'm happy with my education and knowledge of English. As a child, I had a dream, to be an English teacher at school. I really like working with children. After all, children are our future =) But now I'm happy with my work. But if I had a chance to realize my dream into reality. I would love to, I would not miss this chance. How do you feel about sport? Personally, I really love going to the gym, because at my job, I'm moving very little. And I want to keep myself in great shape! After all, every girl wants to be beautiful and slim =) And so I visit the gym several times a week. Jim, I hope that you will like my photos =) With best wishes, Galina.
Letter 4

Hello my friend, Jim. Today I woke up in a fine mood with thoughts of you. I really like how we communicate with you. But today with my phone there was an absurd situation. The daughter of my friend Sveta, played with my phone and dropped it on he the floor. Now my phone is broken and does not work. I'm very upset about this, and today I'm late for work. But still I found the time to write you a letter. I'm also very glad that you answered my letter =) Today I had a very busy day at work. There were a lot of clients, and I had a very difficult day. As you know, I work as an administrator in a beauty salon. And some customers who did not like the work of our makeup artists, complain to me. Because of this, I'm very upset, but it's not my fault at all! But I am an administrator, and my job is to solve these problems. When I write to you my letters, it allows me to plunge into our "little world" and be shielded from all these problems. I'm very glad that you appeared in my life and we can tell each other our experiences together with you. I am very happy about it! I have long wanted to ask you, Jim. Did you communicate with anyone on the internet before? After all, this is my first experience of communication on the Internet, and I hope that you understand me. When I told my girlfriend Sveta that I was talking to you, she was skeptical. She is my best friend and she is very worried about me, and wants everything to be fine in my life. But still, I understand that you are a good person, and I can talk to you heart under soul. You told anyone about our communication? Did you show my photos to anyone? But, now, it's time for me to go. I will look forward to your next letter with impatience. A friend of yours, Galina.
Letter 5
Hello, my, Jim, our correspondence brings a special meaning in my life. Now every day of my life is not just a daily concern. I'm waiting for your letter, kind words from you. It is so beautiful! Thank you for your charming compliments, I am very pleased to receive them from you.
Recently, my colleagues at work noticed that I became very cheerful and very positive. My colleagues ask me: "Have you fallen in love?" And then my cheeks begin to turn pink, and I try to get away from the answer to this question. Is it really so noticeable ?! Lol .... Sometimes I go to the mirror and look at myself and think. And maybe in the truth I change for the better, when I started to communicate with you ?! I think I'm beginning to feel for you, something very warm, which was not in my life before. Maybe I'm wrong or hurry?
But still I think that in our correspondence with you, there is something special, which I look forward to every day. Earlier, when I woke up, I did not have the mood to go to work. But now, when I return home late from work, I immediately begin to wait for tomorrow morning to hurry to work and read from you a beautiful letter. I hope that since the beginning of our communication with you, in your life, there have been changes for the better. And if this is so, then I will be happy to know what exactly has changed in your life. I'll look forward to your next letter with impatience. Always yours, Galina.
Letter 6
Hello, my, Jim. Your photos are very beautiful. You very much. You probably have a friendly team.
I hardly slept last night, I kept thinking about us with you, every letter you wrote to me. I did not even expect that I remember every line you wrote =) Each of your letters, became for me something special in my life.
Jim, every day I'm waiting for your letter, and you know this very well. I hope that we will not stop our communication with you, because you and I have much in common. To be honest, I imagined our perfect date with you. I think it would be very romantic to spend our date with you, walk under the moon holding hands and looking at the beautiful starry sky =) I think it would be very romantic, we could tell each other a lot about ourselves, and share their feelings for each other. How would you like to spend an ideal date? I hope that I'm not too I hasten and will not scare you with my feelings for you. I tell you this sincerely and with all my heart. I see no reason to keep it all in myself. I tell you unconditionally, all that I feel in my soul. Yours, Galina
Letter 7
Hello my Jim.
Recently, I talked with my mom about you. She was very glad that I finally met a man. With which we have much in common. I told my mother a little about you, she was very happy to hear such pleasant news. My mother was a little wary that you are from another country, and between us are several thousand kilometers. But I told my mother what a fine, kind and sympathetic man you were, and then my mother realized that there was nothing to worry about. I also told my mother that I have a wonderful relationship with you and you will not offend me, do you?
Jim, now I can represent your voice, but I definitely want to hear it in real life. I thought for a long time that I could hear your voice. I have no idea how I can call you abroad. I told you that my phone is broken, and while I do not have the opportunity to make you international calls. It would be great if you could give me your phone number. And, as soon as I find out a way to contact you, I'll tell you.
Jim, understand my feelings, I want, as best as possible for our relationship. I very much hope that you too very much want to hear my voice, because this will be a big step in the development of our relations. Your girlfriend Galina
Letter 8
Hello my love, Jim. Thank you for giving me your phone number. I will certainly write it in a notebook. You know that my phone is broken, and I can only call you from the service department. We have such a service in the city that you can make international calls.
Today is a wonderful wonderful sunny day. Today is the birthday, Nastia, this is daughter, my friend Sveta. I consider it my duty to make the most memorable and most joyful day in life, Nastia. To hear children's laughter is the most beautiful feeling. Maybe I did not tell you, but I'm a lovely and caring hostess. I really love cooking, and so I decided to make a festive dinner for all of us.
I'm sorry that you are not with me right now, on this beautiful day. I would very much like you to be with me at this holiday, and we could have fun together. I really want you and me to be able to cook delicious food in one's kitchen, and I'm sure that you would like my delicacies. When I'm alone in the kitchen, I do not even have anyone to help me
Jim, I want to tell you that I want to appear to you like an open book, I'm sure that you want the same. With love, yours is Galina
Letter 9
Hello my love, Jim.
As I told you, yesterday we celebrated the birthday, Nastia. The evening was very wonderful and cheerful. He was called his best friends, and our house was instantly filled with laughter, fun, and happy faces of the children. I was very glad that everyone was able to organize. I was baked a delicious cake, which everyone really liked, and especially, Nastia. I was happy to see the smiles on the children's faces. For me it was very important to make a wonderful birthday for, Nastia. I think that I had a wonderful holiday, and everyone liked everything. After such a wonderful birthday, I fell asleep with a sweet mood and thoughts about you.
Jim, today with the same fine mood, I went to work, and there was another wonderful news waiting for me. Today I talked with my boss, about the vacation. And my boss said I could take a vacation soon. I have not been on vacation for a very long time, and I think it would be great to spend this time together. How do you think? I was on the seventh heaven from happiness, having learned about such wonderful news. Where would you like to meet? In Russia or in USA? As I already told you, I was in USA, and I really enjoyed the time. I always dreamed of coming back, USA. Especially soon I will have a vacation, and I think it would be great to meet face to face. After all, when we meet, we will have more opportunities to learn about each other.
Maybe I'll be completely crazy to you, because I've been talking with you for weeks, and I'm very used to you. Jim, I do not want to miss such an excellent chance as meeting you. And I really hope that you want the same. After all, my heart belongs only to you! I will wait for your letter with impatience ... Your girlfriend, Galina.
Letter 10
Hello, my dear, Jim! As I said, yesterday I talked to my boss about my vacation. My vacation will begin on November 17, and it will last one month. I think it will be the most memorable time together. I will not let you be bored all this time. I have prepared a delicious meal for you, we will walk with you, holding hands. I think that in the first week we will not get out of bed =) I'll make you eat breakfast in bed, wake you up in the morning with a passionate kiss. I will try to make you the happiest person on earth. In the end, you know that my heart belongs only to you, and I very much would like to meet with you. Tomorrow I plan to visit a travel agency and find out all the details about the trip to Canada. I need the full name of your nearest airport. As you know, lately the dollar rate has more than doubled! I'm very ashamed to ask you for help. But if I need your financial help, can you help me? But I think that the travel agency will take for me the cheapest and optimal version of the flight. And, maybe, I can fully pay all expenses. Jim, I have never been to Canada. But I would really like to visit Canada. And I hope that I can do it. I love you, your Galina
Letter 11
Hello, my beloved, Jim! I can not wait to hug you ... this idea squeezes everything inside :) I'll catch myself thinking if now I feel such strong feelings for you, being so far away, I can not imagine what will happen when we meet? Only the spirit captures these thoughts, and the heart starts to beat more often ... My last name: Mochalevska Today I visited several travel agencies to learn more about the details and compare prices. It turns out that obtaining a visa is not easy, it may take about a month of waiting in Moscow, a lot of money, and there is no guarantee that I will be issued a visa! I think it will be better if I can use the services of travel agents, it does not take long, and they give me a 100% guarantee that I will receive my visa only if I sign a contract with them. The contract includes a full package of documents required for a visit to Canada: a visa in the amount of 104 Canadian dollars, insurance in the amount of 95 Canadian dollars, a medical card valued at 85 Canadian dollars and a travel agency service of 120 Canadian dollars, as well as bilateral flights to Moscow -Toronto-Moscow for 471 Canadian dollars. The total value of the contract is 875 Canadian dollars. These are all the necessary documents so that I can come to you. But for me it's a lot of money. If I take money from my mother or from my brother, I will have enough money to cover half the amount. I hope you will help me.
I really love you, and I really want to be with you. But I'm very ashamed to ask you for help. But I think it will be right if you too can participate in our meeting with you.
I need a couple of days to prepare the necessary documents for obtaining a visa (photographs, links from work, fill out all forms, copies of passports) and 3-4 days for a visa.
Here are a few options for regular economy-class flights. Let me know when it will be convenient for you to meet me at the airport. We can choose any date:
1. Departure from Moscow (SVO) - arrival of Toronto (YYZ) 14:29 PM 2. Departure from Moscow (SVO) - Arrival of Toronto (YYZ) 17:57 PM Tell me which flight is convenient for you. Jim, please do not leave me in such trouble. I really love you, and I really want to meet you. I'll be waiting for your letter today. I kiss you, yours, Galina
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